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True Companions actually means this trope, has a lot of historical use.

Unshakable Fellowship Quick, memorable, and gets the point across very effectively.

Friends Like Family: Basically gives the trope definition in three words.

Trusted Comrades actually means this trope

Fellowship - Clear, concise, has Tolkien connotations but has other uses, describes the trope well

Thicker Than Blood - A phrase for a bond that goes beyond simple friendship and transcends even the relationship of blood relatives.

Stalwart Companions—Is in use, concise and clear, and "companions" doesn't have the connotations that "crew" can have.

Camaraderie Short and catchy, describes comradeship and a spirit of trust.

All For One - so well-recognised, it's used for the trope image and its caption, and I find it unlikely that there's a single person who sees this and doesn't immediately think "And One For All"


duplicate; the add crowner option is not the reply box

Like Family - Simple and accurate, already a redirect

The best new title would be "Band of Brothers", which already exists.

How many names for snow do you need?

Tight Knit Crew: Crew, because it denotes a group of people with a common goal, and tight knit because, well they are.

Family Of Friends — Simple but descriptive. The casual visitor should be able to pick up on the trope's meaning right away.

Constant Companions - alliterative appeal, "constant" suggests they're always around each other, also means steadfast and "to stand together" in Latin.

Merge with Band of Brothers.

Coterie- Group of people who identifiy closely, or an exclusive group. Describes the trope well, and has few other meanings.

Family of Choice — established term for "Those people I feel like family about but who I'm not related to by blood." fairly widespread use in Real Life.

The Them - A Good Omens reference, the name of a group of friends who stood together at the end of the world.

Kith has a definition encompassing both friends and family(and an etymology favoring the latter) and is out of use enough that a slight stretching of the connotations should go unnoticed. Should also be a nigh-perfect drop-in replacement.


How about the title "Family is More than Blood"

Friends Beyond Measure — Clear and concise. Demonstrates the concept well in only three words. Not attached to any particular fandom, and isn't a made-up word, nor an obscure word.

Closer Than Family - Implies staying together without blood relation.

The add crowner option is not the reply box.

Inseparable Comrades - Covers the entire meaning.

Ohana- Has mainstream recognization, keeps the format of the old trope while being less esoteric and fits the definition theme wise. Already an existing redirect for Nakama

Brothers From Another Mother — Comes from a ready-existing phrase usually detailing a good friend/friends as close to you as a brother (or sister), but not related to you in any way, which describes Nakama in a nutshell. The name itself is also quite memorable and catchy, mostly due to how well it rhymes.

In All But Blood: ElfQuest reference. Describes the trope effectively enough.

The add crowner option is not the reply box.

The N Musketeers: Since they're the best example of the trope, and anyone can put in a number for N...

I'd like to see a new title that has the word "brothers" or "brotherhood" included (for obvious reasons).

I never saw the movie or read the book, but would "Ya Ya Sisterhood" work, too?

Framily — Portmanteau of the two basic concepts of "friends" as "family." Concise and memorable. Shows up in buzzword and online dictionaries with the meaning we want.

Ohana - Already a redirect

The Fellowship: Same advantages as "fellowship", definite article removes at least some of the ambiguity.

Ka-Tet - exact same thing, but only exists in The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

Trusted Coterie- same as "Coterie" but with "Trusted" to give the reader a better idea of what the trope is if they don't know what "Coterie" means, and to emphasise trust in the group.

Tight Knit Friends: Describes the trope accurately

Mates/Mateship — Actually means this trope, is a single word, and Mates can be used exactly the same way as Nakama. Comes from Aussie slang.

Comradely Coterie- Has some Added Alliterative Appeal.

Chosen Family: Succinct.

Boon Companions — Has the bonus of actually meaning what the trope is about.

Inseparable Friends — To the point. Gets the idea across.

Nigh Inseparable Comrades: They do break up from time to time, after all

Ignore this.

The Wolfpack — "Four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine. So tonight, I make a toast!"

Stalwart Crew - common phrase, means exactly this

Were Family No Relation (We're Family, No Relation) — sums it up pretty well

Band of Brothers. - (The current name of a different trope Band of Brothers) How has that not been suggested before now?

Duplicate, ignore.

Non-Family Family sounds okay.

With You Till The End — emphasizes the unbreakable nature

The Ties That Bind — Also refers to WHAT keeps these people together.

Kindred - Pros: Refers to a group that is either family or like family, as in "kindred spirits." Pros: Easily to search and recognizable. Cons: Maybe too much emphasis on family.

Nevermind, vote down.

Wolfpack — Alternative to The Wolfpack that fits with the common usage of Nakama.

Tight- often used to describe the relationship by those within or outside of

Real Friends. Real friends are like faniliy

Coterie of Comradely Companions — Clever, witty sounding, gets the idea across, and has the Added Alliterative Appeal effect.

To The Bitter End — What many of the examples sadly result in

Crew - Face it, that's what Nakama means.

Mistake. Ignore.

What Do You Mean They Arent Family: Conveys the collective nature and inherent emotional bonds

N-Man Band

Shoulder Buddies — different take on "bosom buddies" highlighting the "stand side by side on the line" nature of the trope.

Shoulder Soldiers — catchy (if not hard to say), and explains it pretty well

You Mess With Me You Mess With All Of Us, because it shows how deeply the people in this trope care about each other.

True Trusted Unshakable Framrademigohanakamadiereesh beyond Measure -

PRO: it's a little bit of everything. Tons of prior use. See Google Results here

CON: looks like someone fell asleep of the keyboard. CON: and a pain in the ass to type

Nothing's Able to Kill A Mateship-Alliance - the Just for Fun (with acronyms) equivalent. I'll admit, I screwed up with the last two letters, but still. (The last was supposed to be "Alliance", with the "M" standing for an adjective for the last "A")

More Than Friends — Well, they are. Additional connotation is a plus.

Ka-Tet: Reference to Stephen King's The Dark Tower; the definition is this trope.

Love Is Required Like Is Optional — Not all of them LIKE each other...

Because Youre Us — Explains the basics of the trope right up front.

Ducks Fly Together — Referential

Brohana—Well, if Friendmigo is on here, we might as well give its cooler cousin a chance! (For what it's worth, "ohana" means "family" in Hawaiian and was used to describe this trope in Lilo And Stitch, and is currently a redirect.)

Friendmigo - Just made it up a few days ago. Sounds awesome but doesn't clearly describe trope.

One of Us — honestly fits this trope better than the one that already inhabits it.

You Can Pick Your Family - based on a well-known idiom. Describes friendship close as or closer than family.

Risk Re Ward (would be "Risk, re: Ward") — in it together, taking ridiculous risks why? Because.

Bloodier Brothers — Takes "I'd take a bullet for you" to a new level, implies a connection stronger than blood brothers.

Fremily — Similar to Framily, but sounds slightly better. Name comes from "Friend-Family", like "Framily".

Wolfpacked — Alternative to The Wolfpack

Going Down With The Crew — variant on the common phrase "going down with the ship", with emphasis on the crew/togetherness

Welcome To The Crew — Pretty straightforward.

Camaradarie Of Comrades Covers the meaning, but is the definition of redundant

Super Homies accurately describes the concept and has bonus humor value

True Framily helps avoid the common "friends and family" meaning of Framily

Jaynes — (reference to Jayne in Firefly, who despite an offer he couldn't refuse to betray the rest of the crew, refused)

Jeesh word from the very popular Enders Game which exactly describes this trope, but is somewhat obscure

Our Friends Are Different Then use any word we feel like.

Friend pretty accurate if you ask me.

Bosom Buddies accurate description of the trope, plus it has "bosom" in it, heh-heh