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Add/remove/change a letter to a trope titlePosts: 286Feb 22nd 2020 at 9:46:53 AM
The Above Avatar Becomes a Tactical DollPosts: 12Feb 22nd 2020 at 9:20:24 AM
Would you want to BE the above avatar?Posts: 372Feb 22nd 2020 at 6:57:11 AM
Which one of your avatars is reacting to the statement above?Posts: 560Feb 22nd 2020 at 4:13:03 AM
Is the above avatar a guy or girl?Posts: 1,056Feb 22nd 2020 at 3:54:33 AM
What Items Would You Use To Summon the Above Troper?Posts: 58Feb 22nd 2020 at 3:42:14 AM
HGS Convergence Discussion Thread
Posts: 139Feb 22nd 2020 at 3:40:53 AM
How is the above avatar offensive? Posts: 1,005Feb 22nd 2020 at 3:04:30 AM
Epic Failure GamePosts: 345Feb 21st 2020 at 10:09:59 PM
Reply the Above Question With Your ElbowsPosts: 35Feb 21st 2020 at 5:26:30 PM
Wold you agree for the above avatar to babysit your children?Posts: 10,939Feb 21st 2020 at 3:58:42 PM
Guess About The Next PosterPosts: 71,216Feb 21st 2020 at 11:50:55 AM
What chess piece would the above avatar be?Posts: 1,268Feb 21st 2020 at 6:47:00 AM
Flanderize yourself.Posts: 875Feb 21st 2020 at 6:34:14 AM
Act like the Previous Troper.Posts: 11,740Feb 21st 2020 at 6:32:42 AM
Our Avatars Are In A Room Together: Classic EditionPosts: 61Feb 21st 2020 at 5:30:10 AM
Kill, Sex, MarryPosts: 1,181Feb 21st 2020 at 5:12:15 AM
Take a third option!Posts: 17,211Feb 21st 2020 at 2:39:08 AM
Classy up a memePosts: 1,509Feb 20th 2020 at 8:25:19 PM
Post what you have copied and add "here? In the middle of this Olive Garden?"Posts: 21Feb 20th 2020 at 5:01:20 PM
Spoil the ending... BadlyPosts: 2,576Feb 20th 2020 at 3:37:43 PM
Your Avatar's Intro Quote For The Above AvatarPosts: 125Feb 20th 2020 at 2:38:09 PM
The Above Avatar Just Told Your Avatar That They're Just Like ThemPosts: 10Feb 20th 2020 at 2:31:02 PM
What do you know about the work above?Posts: 328Feb 20th 2020 at 9:06:32 AM
ITT: You're reading slash of your avatar and the above avatarPosts: 19,183Feb 20th 2020 at 7:54:10 AM
ITT: Your Avatar Wrote a Slash of the Above Two Avatars and You're Reading ItPosts: 760Feb 20th 2020 at 6:40:51 AM
Turning the Tide RebootPosts: 72Feb 19th 2020 at 10:46:18 PM
Would You Date The Above Avatar?Posts: 3,613Feb 19th 2020 at 6:32:10 PM
The above avatar looks at you and smiles Posts: 1,590Feb 19th 2020 at 6:28:43 PM
How does the above contributor's title relate to their avatar?Posts: 8,550Feb 19th 2020 at 6:28:05 PM
What was the first avatar you've ever seen the above poster use?Posts: 286Feb 19th 2020 at 1:26:43 PM
Make a Chinese Zodiac Chart out of the above avatar gallery.Posts: 9Feb 19th 2020 at 12:15:38 AM
Your Avatar Reacts To Being Compared To The Below Character/ThingPosts: 14Feb 18th 2020 at 10:21:14 PM
You and the random avatar from your gallery...Posts: 573Feb 18th 2020 at 7:24:19 PM
Comment on the above troper's contributor pagePosts: 6,634Feb 18th 2020 at 5:03:33 PM
ITT: We Are Monsters Attending SchoolPosts: 407Feb 18th 2020 at 12:55:32 PM
The Avatar BingoPosts: 72Feb 18th 2020 at 9:57:39 AM
The song name game.Posts: 24Feb 18th 2020 at 3:25:08 AM
The rapper name game.Posts: 23Feb 18th 2020 at 1:31:24 AM
The band name game!Posts: 56Feb 18th 2020 at 12:37:24 AM
"We're in a fantasy adventure" Discussion ThreadPosts: 90Feb 17th 2020 at 11:16:19 PM
ITT: We're in a fantasy adventure
Posts: 189Feb 17th 2020 at 10:03:03 PM
You Bed The Avatar That The Below Poster Selects From Their Gallery:Posts: 1,388Feb 17th 2020 at 9:16:04 PM
You Bed The Avatar That The Below Poster Selects From Your GalleryPosts: 4,994Feb 17th 2020 at 8:49:57 PM
Compliment the Above TroperPosts: 24,739Feb 17th 2020 at 7:40:37 PM
ITT: We're Somewhere Posts: 3Feb 17th 2020 at 3:24:26 PM
ITT: We're Emergent HumansPosts: 3Feb 17th 2020 at 3:22:52 PM
"We're Emergent Humans" DiscussionPosts: 6Feb 17th 2020 at 3:22:36 PM
Destroy The Godmodder 2: SalvationPosts: 3,628Feb 17th 2020 at 10:30:16 AM
The 12 Song Album GamePosts: 5,340Feb 16th 2020 at 11:12:39 PM
"We are In an Anime" DiscussionPosts: 597Feb 16th 2020 at 8:58:11 PM
The Troper Superhero LeaguePosts: 8Feb 16th 2020 at 4:38:52 PM
Would You Let The Above Avatar Watch Over Your Home?Posts: 527Feb 16th 2020 at 12:27:19 AM
The above avatar just cuddled you...
Posts: 152Feb 15th 2020 at 5:28:55 PM
Create a character alignment chart from the above poster's gallery.Posts: 300Feb 15th 2020 at 4:41:45 PM
Assign the Above Avatar Gallery With Individual Elemental Powers.Posts: 45Feb 15th 2020 at 3:10:39 PM
Scenes from a Hat: TVTropes EditionPosts: 2,082Feb 15th 2020 at 1:46:53 PM
Country Elimination GamePosts: 18,413Feb 15th 2020 at 11:37:33 AM
Which of the Above Troper's Avatars Should They Switch to?Posts: 3,210Feb 15th 2020 at 10:53:34 AM
The above avatar is in the shower with youPosts: 4,877Feb 15th 2020 at 9:27:06 AM
Guess that Show!Posts: 22Feb 15th 2020 at 1:39:52 AM
How do we make "Springtime for Hitler" bad?Posts: 57Feb 13th 2020 at 10:17:37 PM
Welcome to the Salty SpittoonPosts: 2,168Feb 13th 2020 at 3:33:23 PM
The Above Avatar Attempts To Take Over The WorldPosts: 15Feb 12th 2020 at 11:59:02 PM
We're a League of Heroes Discussion ThreadPosts: 18Feb 12th 2020 at 8:31:40 PM
Attempt to Explain the Above AvatarPosts: 1,576Feb 12th 2020 at 8:24:18 PM
What would the above troper's memoirs be named?Posts: 9Feb 11th 2020 at 8:41:25 PM
What offends you about the previous post?Posts: 16,913Feb 11th 2020 at 5:33:57 PM
Don't Go Into the ForestPosts: 107Feb 11th 2020 at 6:03:04 AM
Avatar Alphabet GamePosts: 728Feb 11th 2020 at 4:45:41 AM
The Above Avatar Becomes a Mecha PilotPosts: 8Feb 10th 2020 at 4:43:12 PM
3 things two avatars from the above gallery have/don't have in common
Posts: 135Feb 10th 2020 at 1:05:13 PM
ITT: We Are Living In A Steampunk TownPosts: 39Feb 10th 2020 at 6:18:33 AM
Tropefy The Above SignaturePosts: 4,343Feb 10th 2020 at 2:20:25 AM
Describe the above troper in four words.Posts: 1,220Feb 10th 2020 at 1:59:34 AM
Your avatar reacts to the above insult Posts: 18Feb 9th 2020 at 10:39:48 PM
What is the above avatar's theme song?
Posts: 146Feb 9th 2020 at 8:58:32 PM
The Above Avatar Is In Your House, Eating Your CerealPosts: 3,118Feb 9th 2020 at 8:50:31 PM
You're Throwing a Surprise Party for the Above Troper. What's the Theme?Posts: 88Feb 9th 2020 at 8:15:36 PM
Assign a Voice Actor for the Above Avatar (The Remake!)Posts: 17Feb 9th 2020 at 2:15:28 PM
Two Truths and a Lie: Avatar Edition
Posts: 150Feb 9th 2020 at 10:01:38 AM
You witness the above two avatars fightingPosts: 595Feb 9th 2020 at 4:51:28 AM
On a scale of 1 to 10 how possible is the above ship.Posts: 37Feb 9th 2020 at 3:16:42 AM
Guess which avatar the above troper is roleplaying asPosts: 350Feb 9th 2020 at 12:27:29 AM
How Will You Spend The Day With The Above Avatar? (Seconds Game)Posts: 13,345Feb 8th 2020 at 7:05:50 PM
Which avatar is the odd one out in the above Troper's avatar theme?Posts: 528Feb 8th 2020 at 5:40:16 PM
Friend, Marry, KillPosts: 27Feb 8th 2020 at 5:32:04 PM
Think of alternate names for tropesPosts: 37Feb 8th 2020 at 10:53:51 AM
Different Media CounterpartsPosts: 16Feb 8th 2020 at 2:58:53 AM
Make a Villain Team out of the above Troper's Avatar Gallery!
Posts: 154Feb 7th 2020 at 4:16:28 AM
Make a Superhero Team out of the Above Troper's Avatar Gallery!
Posts: 187Feb 7th 2020 at 4:03:40 AM
Troper CuddlepilePosts: 296,847Feb 6th 2020 at 8:43:47 PM
Roses are red, violets are blue.Posts: 401Feb 6th 2020 at 5:36:36 AM
You get an achievement for killing the above avatarPosts: 4,704Feb 5th 2020 at 9:12:39 PM
Which of the above poster's avatars is the most cursed?Posts: 318Feb 5th 2020 at 6:06:10 PM
The Above Avatar Is Looking Through Your Bedroom WindowPosts: 883Feb 5th 2020 at 5:57:50 PM
Ship your avatar and the one abovePosts: 733Feb 5th 2020 at 7:05:10 AM
Which avatar from the above gallery is most similar to you, personality-wise?Posts: 66Feb 4th 2020 at 5:15:16 PM
Convince the troper below they should hug your avatarPosts: 48Feb 4th 2020 at 4:11:41 PM
Explain the Noodle Incident above!Posts: 9Feb 4th 2020 at 1:46:33 PM
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