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Humble Comics BundlePosts: 2Oct 2nd 2015 at 1:22:02 PM
Which Supervillains Could Benefit From a Lighter/Darker Take?Posts: 43Sep 10th 2015 at 10:23:20 AM
Bloom CountyPosts: 12Sep 7th 2015 at 10:54:27 AM
Wonder Woman: Amazon Misandry is LogicalPosts: 8Sep 6th 2015 at 12:48:05 PM
Why do superheores still use secret identities? Posts: 47Sep 1st 2015 at 8:16:08 AM
Calvin And HobbesPosts: 25Aug 24th 2015 at 4:57:32 PM
Threadworlds, a Graphic Novel series from Brian KonietzkoPosts: 12Aug 21st 2015 at 4:08:00 AM
Worlds Unite: Sonic and Mega Man crossover. Again,Posts: 92Aug 20th 2015 at 10:23:55 PM
That one era that defines a Superhero character/TeamPosts: 11Aug 15th 2015 at 6:41:54 AM
Director Osborn or President LuthorPosts: 35Aug 8th 2015 at 10:42:41 AM
So here's a crazy idea: Why not do an actual "Batman goes Rogue" storyPosts: 26Aug 1st 2015 at 12:33:19 PM
What is the difference between story arcs in comics and manga?Posts: 17Jul 31st 2015 at 8:48:33 AM
Why are comic books so niche?Posts: 67Jul 26th 2015 at 9:13:26 AM
Street Fighter X G.I. JoePosts: 10Jul 24th 2015 at 3:48:50 PM
We Are Robin (DC Comics)Posts: 26Jul 19th 2015 at 2:28:18 AM
B.P.R.D.Posts: 7Jul 18th 2015 at 5:25:09 PM
The real problem I have with Superman
Posts: 188Jul 14th 2015 at 2:24:18 PM
Craziest Superhero OriginPosts: 31Jul 7th 2015 at 6:29:11 PM
"The Star Wars"; an 8-issue comic of the original 1974 SW scriptPosts: 20Jul 6th 2015 at 2:23:48 AM
Irredeemable (Mark Waid)Posts: 12Jul 6th 2015 at 1:29:08 AM
Thoughts On Max Lord's Turn To EvilPosts: 14Jul 4th 2015 at 8:12:14 PM
Harley x Batman?Posts: 48Jun 25th 2015 at 6:36:47 PM
Superheroes as CelebritiesPosts: 5Jun 24th 2015 at 9:00:02 AM
My Team of Magic HeroesPosts: 3Jun 23rd 2015 at 3:54:54 PM
Who Wants To Be A Sidekick Anyway?Posts: 23Jun 21st 2015 at 3:07:48 PM
Warren Ellis Experiences Blood Pressure-Related Health ScarePosts: 1Jun 15th 2015 at 10:52:50 AM
Human Augmentation In Superhero StoriesPosts: 7Jun 12th 2015 at 3:59:07 PM
DC ConvergencePosts: 115Jun 8th 2015 at 7:20:35 AM
A Contract With GodPosts: 2May 28th 2015 at 1:42:51 PM
Am I the only on who thinks the DC Animated movies have declined in qu Posts: 3May 28th 2015 at 6:45:00 AM
How about "Reign of the Wonder Women/Battle for the Lasso?"Posts: 2May 26th 2015 at 6:51:02 PM
Garfield drawing stylePosts: 1May 24th 2015 at 10:03:43 PM
Should There Be A Newspaper Comic and Cartooning History page?Posts: 3May 22nd 2015 at 7:43:55 AM
Manifest: A New Sci-Fi Superhero E-ComicPosts: 1May 21st 2015 at 6:20:10 PM
Any EC Comics Fans here?Posts: 3May 16th 2015 at 10:25:23 AM
Ghost Rider General DiscussionPosts: 4Apr 28th 2015 at 7:44:28 AM
Should anime and manga be integrated into comicsPosts: 18Apr 23rd 2015 at 4:31:42 PM
Take Away The World Of BadassPosts: 16Apr 22nd 2015 at 11:08:20 PM
Should superheroes agePosts: 5Apr 21st 2015 at 10:52:06 PM
Justice League Threats EstimatesPosts: 2Apr 21st 2015 at 5:58:37 PM
Marvel UnlimitedPosts: 4Apr 20th 2015 at 4:25:34 PM
Narritive DevicesPosts: 6Apr 16th 2015 at 11:02:54 PM
Batman: A Marvel character in the DC universe?Posts: 113Apr 13th 2015 at 6:21:45 PM
HellblazerPosts: 19Apr 10th 2015 at 5:09:53 AM
No One Stays Dead...Posts: 109Apr 9th 2015 at 6:55:35 PM
Recommended reading for TV and movies threadPosts: 4Apr 3rd 2015 at 10:51:38 AM
Superhero CategorisationPosts: 10Mar 29th 2015 at 10:25:37 AM
Disney Kingdoms: Theme Park Rides Become ComicsPosts: 6Mar 27th 2015 at 7:32:11 PM
Hail Hydra: The ComicPosts: 2Mar 27th 2015 at 11:25:21 AM
Archie meets PredatorPosts: 10Mar 22nd 2015 at 7:09:17 AM
Comic: Home StoryPosts: 1Mar 16th 2015 at 11:47:27 PM
Is actually Loki a Squishy Wizard?Posts: 16Mar 14th 2015 at 10:59:17 PM
Has "The Modern Age of Comic Books" ended? Posts: 71Mar 11th 2015 at 7:50:51 PM
Why has it taken so long for us to get a proper Deadpool movie?Posts: 4Mar 10th 2015 at 7:14:04 PM
RorkPosts: 2Mar 9th 2015 at 3:41:07 PM
Why does everyone hate Onslaught arc (XMen)?Posts: 8Feb 27th 2015 at 9:19:18 AM
Idea I had for a thing: Metalocalypse meets Rob LiefeldPosts: 4Feb 23rd 2015 at 4:55:52 PM
Things in the real world that would be lost in a superhero universe.Posts: 19Feb 20th 2015 at 9:47:45 PM
IDW Samurai Jack comicPosts: 7Feb 17th 2015 at 5:26:44 PM
Why hasn't DC done an elseworld where Sherlock Holmes is Batman?Posts: 17Feb 16th 2015 at 7:45:03 AM
Super Secret Crisis Wars: Cartoon Network Crossover by IDWPosts: 28Feb 1st 2015 at 3:35:35 PM
How come most relationships in Marvel and DC don't last long?Posts: 51Jan 30th 2015 at 10:12:10 AM
Why do Badass Normals get more leeway than Superheroes?Posts: 70Jan 29th 2015 at 10:04:11 PM
John Byrne's Next MenPosts: 3Jan 25th 2015 at 7:39:45 AM
Analysis of the JokerPosts: 22Jan 25th 2015 at 5:54:56 AM
Mark Millar
Posts: 136Jan 21st 2015 at 6:21:04 PM
Atomic RoboPosts: 16Jan 20th 2015 at 9:05:34 AM
Superman VS Batman
Posts: 139Jan 17th 2015 at 12:44:06 PM
Does anyone else dislike the way Marvel and DC handle continuity?Posts: 29Jan 16th 2015 at 4:41:48 AM
Sadly forgotten comic stripsPosts: 4Jan 13th 2015 at 4:00:19 PM
Character Derailment - Comic BooksPosts: 37Jan 11th 2015 at 5:01:05 AM
Intercompany CrossoversPosts: 7Jan 5th 2015 at 3:01:12 PM
Capture CreaturesPosts: 7Jan 3rd 2015 at 6:26:26 PM
The Last ZombiePosts: 1Dec 26th 2014 at 3:09:08 PM
Li'l Abner Posts: 7Dec 24th 2014 at 3:54:21 PM
Favourite comic book artistsPosts: 30Dec 22nd 2014 at 10:57:07 AM
Ultimate Spider-ManPosts: 1Dec 22nd 2014 at 3:21:20 AM
Should we really Beware the Superman?Posts: 87Dec 21st 2014 at 11:05:25 PM
Posts: 192Dec 14th 2014 at 3:08:50 PM
Your perfect ''League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'' teamPosts: 70Dec 11th 2014 at 7:19:11 PM
American Vampire QuestionPosts: 2Dec 1st 2014 at 2:31:55 PM
Superboy PrimePosts: 63Nov 25th 2014 at 8:12:04 PM
"Attack On Marvel?": Attack On Titan/Marvel Crossover
Posts: 155Nov 20th 2014 at 10:06:01 AM
Mister MiraclePosts: 2Nov 6th 2014 at 10:24:30 PM
No real argument for Thou Shalt Not Kill?Posts: 122Nov 5th 2014 at 12:20:42 AM
Downtime Issues of Superhero ComicsPosts: 10Oct 28th 2014 at 3:30:19 PM
Skylanders Comic by IDWPosts: 4Oct 24th 2014 at 2:27:44 PM
Krazy KatPosts: 4Oct 24th 2014 at 1:36:14 PM
DC Rebooting UniversePosts: 8,908Oct 13th 2014 at 1:37:28 PM
Police in the comic book worldsPosts: 18Oct 10th 2014 at 6:36:46 PM
fables...Posts: 28Oct 1st 2014 at 11:02:29 AM
Cartoons in Periodicals and the LikePosts: 1Sep 30th 2014 at 1:14:17 PM
The He-Man comicsPosts: 4Sep 25th 2014 at 7:46:41 AM
Valiant Comics relaunch in 2012, Thoughts??Posts: 28Sep 19th 2014 at 8:19:05 PM
Who would win? (Comic book edition)
Posts: 157Sep 19th 2014 at 11:06:17 AM
Sandman Vs. American GodsPosts: 3Sep 18th 2014 at 8:22:26 PM
Swap a Marvel Character and a DC CharacterPosts: 1Sep 9th 2014 at 7:45:41 PM
90's anti-hero done right?Posts: 39Sep 7th 2014 at 5:18:28 AM
The Horror of the Healing FactorPosts: 31Aug 21st 2014 at 10:06:31 PM
The comics that inspired Arrow (or Green Arrow in general)Posts: 35Aug 20th 2014 at 10:31:38 AM
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