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1* CompleteMonster: ''Waking the Dead'' was one of the darkest British detective shows, and DSI (Detective Superintendent) Peter Boyd and his team faced many a vile villain over the course of their investigations. There were these special few who did their best to be the worst:** "Breaking Glass": [[WouldHurtAChild "Papa Doc"]], real name Oliver Gill, poses as a respectable social worker but uses his position to [[SerialRapist sexually abuse]] boys under his care. After an orphanage is founded by his colleague, Dr. Hugh Cullen, Gill uses his access to the building to [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil rape dozens of vulnerable boys]], some of whom are physically and mentally disabled. When he accidentally kills two of the boys he is abusing, Gill strings up their bodies to make it look like suicide. As rumors begin to circulate regarding his abuse at the home, Gill frames the innocent Dr. Cullen and stirs up a media campaign against him until Cullen is struck off the register, ruining his entire life. When another colleague, Peter Murdoch, raises questions about Gill's conduct, Gill throws him in front of a train and forges a fake suicide note [[FalseConfession stating that Murdoch is Papa Doc]], staining an innocent man's family with his own sexual crimes. In the present day, Gill lures innocent young boys, both off the internet and from the street, into his studio flat where he films himself raping and torturing them. After being confronted by the twin brother of one of the boys he killed, Gill's first response is to [[KickTheDog mock him for the abuse he subjected him to.]] When his victim attempts to kill him but is thwarted by Boyd and his team, he hurls himself out of a window while Gill looks on emotionlessly, uncaring that his abuse has claimed a final victim.** "Pieta": Radovan Sredinic is a Serbian war criminal and avid genocidaire. In collaboration with several others, Radovan poses as a [[EngineeredHeroics jihadi fighter to lure innocent Muslim women, children and men in with the promise of safety]] before taking them deep into the woods and massacring them. Being tasked with rescuing friends of his commander, Radovan fulfills his end of the bargain but leads more Muslims to their deaths while doing so. When the boy he rescued attempts to save several of his Muslim friends and is shot dead by the Serbs, Radovan, in an attempt to cover his tracks, massacres many of the Muslims he "rescued" and then attempts [[LeaveNoWitnesses to murder the boy's mother]]. Escaping the war with his collaborators, Radovan sets up a cafe with the money he amassed from his genocidal campaign and then decides to sell pure heroin on the street in order to make more cash. When the plan fails and he comes under suspicion from the police, Radovan sells out all of his former comrades and holds them at gunpoint in his cafe, fully intending to kill them should they try to escape, despite the fact they were attempting [[UngratefulBastard to save him from the police]]. Even after being arrested and charged, Radovan continues to [[NeverMyFault deny all responsibility for his crimes]].** "Waterloo": [[SerialKiller Martin Barlow]] is the sadistic son of local crime lord George. Discovering that he has a deep love of torture after raping an innocent schoolboy, Martin decides to further explore his nightmarish sexual fantasies by kidnapping young homeless boys, [[DisposableVagrant knowing that no one will miss them]]. To that end, he purchases an abandoned pub and constructs his [[TortureTechnician own personal torture chamber]], using it to [[SerialRapist sexually assault]] and torment his victims for months]], but hints that he will let them go should they entertain him enough, whilst never intending to do so. When Martin is done using them, he kills them by strapping them to a chair and pointing a gun in their face whilst masturbating, finishing when his victims realize [[HopeCrusher they now have no hope of escaping]]. After their death, he keeps their heads as [[CreepySouvenir macabre trophies]]. When his sixteenth victim escapes and is run over by a car, Martin becomes enraged and immediately attempts to abduct another homeless boy and when stopped by his adopted brother, Nicholson, Martin retaliates by beating him bloody and then escaping. Knowing that the police are closing in, George, Nicholson and Martin all agree that Martin will move to a farm in Zimbabwe to evade the police. But instead of stopping his activities as he promised, Martin instead rebuilds his torture den and abducts, tortures and murders over 50 children, only stopped when Nicholson executes him in order to prevent further investigation.


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