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1* AdaptationDisplacement: Subverted. Though the web manga came first, the published manga and its anime star a different Wagnaria staff, thus making it plausible that the audience wouldn't be familiar with the web manga's cast. It does, however, play MorePopularSpinoff straight.²* EarWorm:²** [[ The first opening song]] is pretty cute.²** [[ The opening for Season 2]] is pretty catchy as well.²** There's also [[ season 3's op]] as well.²** All of the ending themes are incredibly catchy, especially if you're into disco beats.²* FridgeLogic: In-show example.²-->'''Yachiyo:''' "But... Wouldn't have it been simpler for me or someone else to pretend to be [[spoiler:Takanashi]]?"\²''[[[ColorFailure shocked beat]]]''\²'''Jun:''' "[[BlatantLies Todoroki... A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.]]"\²'''Hiroomi:''' ''"[[ItAmusedMe You just realized it now, haven't you, Satou?]]"''²* LesYay: Yachiyo and Kyouko. Most of it coming from Yachiyo. Including one blatant scene in the yonkoma:²--> '''Yachiyo:''' "But you are right, if you don't break this habit of yours, you won't be able to fall in love."\²'''Inami:''' "Lo-!! Love..."\²''[Yachiyo sees Kyouko walk by in the background]''\²'''Yachiyo:''' "Ignore what I just said. It's okay if your partner is a woman."²** And then there's the scene in which Kyouko proclaims, "Yachiyo is ''mine''".²** Popura's admiration of Kotori is also slightly suspect, which even gets commented on by Jun.²** Kozue steadily ramps up towards Mitsuki, from accidentally following her instead of Youhei, to late night visits after nightmares, to straight-up propositions when Kozue's drunk. And Kozue [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl is often drunk.]]²* MemeticMutation: ²** Am I Poplar yet?!²** Not Poplar anymore?²** Still Poplar!²** [[EarWorm Sum wan wan!]]²** In-universe: Kawai-souma-san²* {{Moe}}: Popura, Aoi and Nazuna. In fact, Aoi even made the Top 8 during Saimoe 2010.²** Please Don't forget crossdressing, toddler Takanashi Souta.²* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: During the first season, Inami turned off a lot of people due to her preconditioned reflex to punch men if they get close to her. This was due to how overused the gag was. Come the third season, this had mostly vanished, mostly due to CharacterDevelopment.²* RomanticPlotTumor: During the first season some viewers felt that the events between Souta and Inami draw away too much attention from the other characters. Turned on its head during the GrandFinale ''Lord of Takanashi'', where Inami's love for Souta actually ''helps'' resolve a good deal of his family's problems (with a little nudge from Poplar, of course).²* TheScrappy: [[AbusiveParents Inami's dad]], full stop and more for being the reason why Inami is initially a [[TheScrappy Scrappy]]. Most people wonder why a [[HateSink character like him]] has any business being in a StatusQuoIsGod SliceOfLife {{Comedy}} series. A lot of people thought that even Takanashi's TheReasonYouSuckSpeech wasn't enough to deal with him. Some even see him as a half-assed way to make Inami seem more sympathetic.²* ValuesDissonance: Kozue accuses Mizuki of being a naughty girl for her lesbian attraction toward Yachiyo, and that she should stop her unproductive thoughts and finally fall in love with a man. Regardless of Mizuki's true feelings, this still shows that in Japan homosexuality is mostly seen as "just a phase."²----


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