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1* HarsherInHindsight: Ashley's scathing review of the cheer squad includes a line about how she could barely hear over the [[HollywoodPudgy flapping of the captain's thighs]]. Nowadays, what with the worry about the thigh gap and eating disorders, this has become very irresponsible.˛** Doesn't help that Mary-Kate in real life dealt with an eating disorder years after the show.˛* HilariousInHindsight: Since the actor who played Kevin is gay, this line from 'When a Man Leaves a Woman':˛-->'''Kevin:''' (unenthused) Well, I guess it's time to go pick up Nancy.˛-->'''Carrie:''' Wow, you were more excited when you were going to your prostate exam.˛* RetroactiveRecognition: ˛** Brian is a young [[Series/EightSimpleRules Rory Hennessy]].˛** Max is a young [[Series/ThatsSoRaven Eddie Thomas]].˛** [[Series/{{Supernatural}} Mary Winchester]] was once Kevin Burke’s girlfriend Nancy.


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