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1* AwesomeEgo: The Amazing Alexandria definitely classifies as this. Despite [[spoiler: being an intentional joke character that was eliminated in the very first episode of Total Drama Colors]], the fans love her.²** Starr also qualifies; not only is she enjoyed among the fans, but has appeared in both TDHS and RR:NAT with what seem to be major roles.²* AntiClimax:²** Season 2's Finale has been seen as this, if only because the girlfriend of Will-mun won TDC, while Will himself won TDT.²* BrokenBase: Oooooh boy, there's a ton of it. Due to the context of the series, names will not be given on this subject as most of it relies on character hate. However, special mention goes to:²** Season 1: Was it a genuinely fun time for all the parties involved, or was it just an experiment that, not only aged poorly, but has a drastic drop in quality from the other four seasons?²** The Cancellations of season 3 and 5: some consider them rightly justified to the stress those seasons placed on the writers, and others feel that the writers just lost interest during those seasons and shouldn't have written them in the first place. And then there's a vocal, rude minority that especially have something against Season 5.²** Some people feel that Season 4 has taken far too long to get out, while others feel that the writers should keep taking their time to avoid an overbearing work load.²** The Confessional. Dear god, the confessional. Some people feel it's a great way to talk about your characters and react to the episodes of Total Drama Tumblr without clogging up the main pages. A vast majority, however, hate that it turned into nothing but a breeding ground for Drama where people talked trash about characters and even the muns of characters on anonymous. In fact, it god so bad it has resulted in actual Panic Attacks in several muns.²* CrackPairing: Oh boy, there are a ton of them throughout the five seasons.²** One particular pairing, Jinta from season 3 and Adelia from season 2, has recently became canon in a regard.²* CreepyAwesome: Adelia from season 2 and Ry from season 4.²* CreepyCute: Jasten from Season 5, Eli from Season 6²* DesignatedVillain: Ry (In Universe).²** Starr and Midori (at least in their feud.))²* EnsembleDarkhorse:²** FET is one of the more popular characters from season 1 due to having a completely unfair elimination and mutation that resulted in a lot of fan sympathy. ²** Malina²** Clyde²** Gabe²** The Amazing Alexandria is an incredibly hilarious one off joke character from season 4 that, despite the intended reaction being that she was a joke character who was eliminated so that none of the others could have been voted off that episode, is incredibly loved by the fans.²** Todd is the meme king himself and is adored by pretty much everyone, especially after getting some great character interaction with Jillian and being eliminated in [[spoiler: Episode 2 of his respective season.]]²** Recently, Mika had a surge of popularity due to her kiss with Mallory and the fact she's one of the few that have [[spoiler: found out Alice's true malice.]]²** Riley due to being a total bad ass with genuinely hilarious quips and having a soft side you might not have expected from her.²** Erin from Season 6, due to almost every line that comes out of his mouth being pure gold.²** Lexi and Natalia from North American Tour, despite being the first team eliminated and only making it two episodes, they're considered one of the funniest teams in the race.²* EvilIsCool²** Malina²** Delilah²** Ashley²** Alice²** Lavender²** Starr²** Cain²** Addison²** Midori²* EvilIsSexy: ²** Delilah ²** Lavender²** Starr²** Cain²** Midori²* FirstInstallmentWins: Averted; City and Colors, Seasons 2 and 4 respectively, receive much more acclaim than Season 1.²* LauncherOfAThousandShips: Quite a few of the contestants, but special mention goes to Ry.²* LoveToHate: All the antagonists, but special mention goes to Delilah from season 3, Ashley from season 4, and The Internet Junkies from Season 6.²* MagnificentBastard:²** The Two Peas in a Pod Duo, who manage to get away with [[spoiler: pushing the Mothman Statue onto Hoss and Erin without anyone suspecting them.]]²** Midori²* MemeticMutation: Not in universe wise, but the muns behind the series have created some...interesting memes to say the least.²** I mus sav me nip nop.²** Mango Porn.²** GOD DAMN IT MYLES PUT AWAY YOUR NIP NOPS!²** Literally any word with the letters "ry" in it, in context to Ry himself.²** Attack on Eddie.²** Oh My Pepe!²* Moe²** Hollie in season 1²** Felix in Season 2²** Tanya, Yami, and Oliver in season 3²** Dakota, T, Jillian, and Derby in Season 4²** Jasten, Rosemary, Phoenix, Calliope, and Quinn in Season 5²** Ronnel, Rosamie, and Cleo in Season 6²* NeverLiveItDown²** Ry and Dakota's Pocky Kiss.²** Gaile and Dakota betraying Ashley.²** With Ronnel, the Bear Incident in San Francisco ((It's never fully explained, although it's hinted at that it's not the cause of his actual phobia of Bears))²* OneSceneWonder²** The Amazing Alexandria, despite only being in the first episode of Season 4, is highly regarded as a fan favorite due to her hilarious interactions with the majority of the contestants. ²*** In fact, she was so popular [[spoiler: she got a cameo in season 5.]]²* ShockingElimination²** [[spoiler: Matt, in Total Drama Colors.]]²** [[spoiler: Katie, in Total Drama High School.]]²** [[spoiler: Babe and Hoss in North American Tour, as they had just won a first place victory in the previous challenge.]] They were eliminated, not because the challenge gave them trouble, but because [[spoiler: Alan, Candi, and Ulyssa all threw them under the bus with the former dropping a statue on them and the latter pushing an injured Hoss into Babe in their race for last place.]]²** After Erin and Irene's somewhat bad luck over the course of two legs, [[spoiler: Ronnel and Rosamie's]] elimination was a huge shock, especially when their elimination was caused by in-fighting rather than doing badly on the challenge.²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Due to the nature of the rps, especially if a character's mun is inactive, a lot of the time this is sadly the case.²** FET in season 1 is by far the worst offender; she was eliminated by the fans despite having actually been active during the challenge and being one of the more well characterized characters. It doesn't help that she never got a chance to have come back, and instead under went a transformation.²** Amethyst from season 2 is regarded as this; she definitely had the potential to be a major antagonistic force yet didn't even make it past [[spoiler: episode 2 of her respective season.]]²** In similar light to Amethyst, Buzz also applies. [[spoiler: he only made it to episode 3.]]²** Malina. Malina was eliminated from her team only because [[spoiler: she was openly antagonistic to her team, who consisted of mostly lawful or good orientated characters.]] What makes this trope even more insulting to her is that [[spoiler: she got eliminated the very episode she was brought back, pissing off a lot of her fans.]]²** Due to it's cancellation, literally every character in season 3. Every. Single. One of them [[spoiler: except for Katie, who returns in season 5.]]²** Todd in season 4, but that possibly was the intended audience reaction.²** Add in every contestant of Season 5 minus Starr ((Who's competing on North American Tour)), due to the fact it was placed on indefinite hiatus as well.²* WhatAnIdiot: ²** Lexi and Natalia in Episode 1 of North American Tour, where they just barely manage a 13th place finish after choosing the less physical 'Portrait' Option of the Either/Or challenge.²*** '''What You'd Expect''': They simply run to the airport and board the flight.²*** '''What Actually Happens:''' They hang around and decide to give an interview, allowing Ulyssa and Dylan to steal their spot.²** Lexi in Episode 2 of North American Tour, Decides to Check her phone '''''while skiing down a mountain'''''. Needless to say, she promptly crashed and her team was eliminated that episode.²** Candi in Episode 2 of North American Tour, plans on sabotaging Babe in the skiing challenge.²*** '''What You'd Expect''': She repeats what she did earlier and attacks Babe with a rock.²*** '''What Actually Happens:''' She throws a lit ''firework'' at Babe and, because she's coated in a layer of oil and grease, the firework explodes and, although she catches on fire, she gets boosted ahead towards the bottom of the mountain, nails the landing, gets her team a first place win, and causes Candi to fall over and have to start the challenge all over again.²** Erin and Irene in Episode 4 of North American Tour, spent most of the episode exploring Baltimore and relaxing rather than trying to make any progress on the challenge until ''after'' they get a massage ((granted, they arguably have the easiest time with the challenge, catching their raven mere minutes after beginning the challenge. After they catch it, they had to race on foot towards a location they had no clue existed, let alone where it was despite exploring the city.²*** '''What You'd Expect''': They ask for directions and book it, earning themselves, at the very least, a 9th place victory.²*** '''What Actually Happens:''' They ignore the travel tip mentioning they can't use a vehicle to get to the Chill Zone and call for a Taxi, not only causing the thing to crash once at the Carpet of Completion, but dropping down from 9th to nearly being eliminated at 13th, only being saved by Midori's attempt at sabotaging Frank and Helen.²** Helen in Episode 4 of North American Tour, give their crow away to Ulyssa after she got pepper sprayed by an old lady, then accepting obvious she-devil Midori's crow under the assumption that it was a raven (In which neither Helen or Frank could tell the difference). [[spoiler: They're saved by the sheer luck that this was a non-elimination leg.]]


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