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1* AcceptableTargets: ˛** Newark, which is compared to {{Hell}} in "I of Newton".˛** In "Time and Teresa Golowitz", the Prince of Darkness tells Bluestone that some people think that Hell's outer celestials are "rather like Queens."˛* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: There's a surprising amount for the end of "The Shadow Man".˛** [[spoiler: Either Danny had been mistaken the whole episode and The Shadow Man who had been attacking people was different than the one living under his bed]]˛** [[spoiler: Or there is more than one Shadow Man attacking people]].˛** [[spoiler: Or Danny's Shadow Man turned on him for his AcquiredSituationalNarcissism]].˛** [[spoiler: Or a combination; Danny's Shadow Man wanted Danny to pay for betraying his friends and knowingly letting people get attacked so he got another Shadow Man to attack]].˛* HilariousInHindsight: ˛** It's amazing that, within the span of one decade, [[ Lisa Jane Persky]][[note]]Sandra in "The Once and Future King"[[/note]] would take part in a story where a time traveler takes the place of Music/ElvisPresley the day before he cuts his first record... ''[[Series/QuantumLeap twice]]''[[note]]she's Marion in "Memphis Melody"[[/note]].˛** The plot of "[[Recap/TheTwilightZone1985S1E20 Button, Button]]" is nearly identical to the game "Will You Press the Button?".˛** The plot of "Dead Run" sees a trucker named Johnny Davis getting a job ferrying souls to Main/{{Hell}}, only to start chatting with some of his passengers and realizing that they're not evil in the slightest. It turns out that Main/{{Heaven}} has fallen under the control of a CelestialBureaucracy that's using a literal translation of the Bible to damn nearly everyone that dies. Over thirty years later, this ''exact same plot device''--right down to Heaven being run by well-meaning but horribly inefficient people-- would be used on [[Series/TheGoodPlace another series about the afterlife]] as a major twist in the show.˛*** Likewise, two particular characters in the episode? The dispatcher (Creator/JohnDeLancie) dictating who is put in the truck, and a Vietnam draft dodger (Creator/BrentSpiner). In other words, [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Q almost sent Data to Hell]].˛** Ron Glass playing a demon in "I of Newton" is particularly funny in hindsight considering [[{{Series/Firefly}} Shepherd Book]] had a colorful backstory. ˛** Creator/JMichaelStraczynski wrote "Special Service", which features a TrumanShowPlot nine years before ''Film/TheTrumanShow'' was released. ''The Truman Show'' won the 1999 [[UsefulNotes/HugoAward Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation]], beating the ''Series/BabylonFive'' SeriesFinale "[[Recap/BabylonFiveS05E22SleepingInLight Sleeping in Light]]", also written by Straczynski.˛** "Room 2426" ends with [[Creator/DeanStockwell Martin Decker]] vanishing in a flash of light, and winding up in a completely different location as a result of, as the Narrator puts it, "[stepping] out of the confines of logic and [taking] [[Series/QuantumLeap a leap of faith]]".[[note]]Thus making this ''[[Recap/TheTwilightZoneS3E80AQualityOfMercy the second time]]'' an episode of ''The Twilight Zone'' predicted Dean Stockwell's involvement in ''Series/QuantumLeap''.[[/note]]˛*** Furthermore, this episode aired in February of 1989, '''one month''' prior to the series premiere of ''Series/QuantumLeap''.˛* RetroactiveRecognition: ˛** Creator/BruceWillis played Peter Jay Novins in "[[Recap/TheTwilightZone1985S1E1ShatterdayALittlePeaceAndQuiet Shatterday]]".˛** Creator/JudithBarsi played Bertie in "[[Recap/TheTwilightZone1985S1E1ShatterdayALittlePeaceAndQuiet A Little Peace and Quiet]]".˛** Creator/TerryOQuinn (credited as Terrance O'Quinn) played Dr. Curt Lockridge in "Chameleon".˛** Creator/ArlissHoward played the stranger in "Kentucky Rye".˛** Tim Russ played a cop in "Kentucky Rye" and Archer in "Voices in the Earth".˛** Creator/ScottGrimes played Kenny in "Little Boy Lost".˛** Creator/AndreaBarber played Cathy Marano in "If She Dies".˛** Musician Music/JennyLewis played Sarah in "If She Dies".˛** Robert Duncan [=McNeill=] (credited as Duncan [=McNeil=]) played Peter Wood in "A Message from Charity".˛** Creator/MorganFreeman played Tony in "Dealer's Choice".˛** Creator/NanaVisitor played Lori in "Dead Woman's Shoes".˛** Creator/GiovanniRibisi played Teddy in "The Beacon".˛** Creator/GaryCole played Daniel Gaddis in "Her Pilgrim Soul".˛** Creator/DanicaMcKellar played the 10-year-old Nola Granville in "Her Pilgrim Soul" and Deidre Dobbs in "Shelter Skelter".˛** Creator/RonGlass played a demon in "I of Newton".˛** Benji Gregory played a homeless boy in "[[Recap/TheTwilightZoneS2E47TheNightOfTheMeek Night of the Meek]]".˛** Creator/JeffKober played a cop in "[[Recap/TheTwilightZoneS2E47TheNightOfTheMeek Night of the Meek]]".˛** Creator/JonathanFrakes played a single guy named Steve in "But Can She Type?".˛** Creator/AdamArkin played Michael Wright in "A Matter of Minutes".˛** Danny Nucci played Buddy in "The Leprechaun-Artist".˛** Creator/JohnDeLancie and Creator/BrentSpiner, who later appeared together in ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', played the afterlife's dispatcher and a [[DraftDodging draft dodger]] respectively in "Dead Run".˛** Creator/WilliamPetersen played Edward Sayers in "Need to Know".˛** Lori Petty played Lori Pendleton in "The Library".˛** Creator/VictorGarber played Dr. Kevin Carlson in "A Day in Beaumont".˛** John Cameron Mitchell played Tom in "The Last Defender of Camelot".˛** Creator/AnthonyLaPaglia played a punk in "The Last Defender of Camelot".˛** Creator/FredSavage played Jeff Mattingly in "What Are Friends For?".˛** Creator/MarkPaulGosselaar played Tim Conrad in "What Are Friends For?".˛** Creator/ChristopherMcDonald played a delivery man in "Aqua Vita".˛** David Faustino played Micah Frost in "The Storyteller".˛** Creator/TerryFarrell played Marsha Cole in "The After Hours".˛** Richard Biggs played Dr. Tomson in "The Toys of Caliban".˛** Creator/RobertKnepper (credited as Rob Knepper) played Alonzo in "Joy Ride".˛** Creator/GinaGershon played Laura Schuppe in "Time and Teresa Golowitz". ˛** Wallace Langham played Nelson Baxley in "Time and Teresa Golowitz". ˛** Dennis Haskins played Bledsoe in "Voices in the Earth".˛** R.H. Thomson played Dr. Burrell in "Our Selena is Dying".˛** Lisa Jakub played Lisa Cranston in "Street of Shadows".˛** Lally Cadeau played Becky Robb in "Something in the Walls".˛** Gwynyth Walsh played Elaine in "Cat and Mouse".˛** Creator/GeorgeBuza played Gus in "Crazy as a Soup Sandwich".˛* TheScrappy: The three teenage boys (Buddy, J.P. and Richie) from "The Leprechaun-Artist". Although they're supposedly the heroes of the story, their behavior is [[SpoiledBrat bratty]] and [[ManipulativeBastard manipulative]] at best. Plus, many fans were angry that they got away with their crimes at the end of the episode.˛* SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped: As mentioned below, "Dead Run" outright stated that gay people ''weren't'' inherently evil, and that the Bible's teaching that they are inherently doomed to {{Hell}} is wrong. This was in ''1986'', when the AIDS crisis was rampant and largely viewed as the "punishment of {{God}}" on homosexuals. The writers aren't subtle about it, but it works.˛* StrawmanHasAPoint: In "Extra Innings", Cindy Hamner tells her husband Ed that he has to move on with his life instead of spending all of his time looking back on the [[CareerEndingInjury knee injury that ended his baseball career]]. She also says that he is being unfair to her as his reluctance to try and get a job means that there is a great deal of financial pressure on her.˛* ValuesDissonance: "The Toys of Caliban" casually uses the word "retarded", nowadays they couldn't get away with that word even if Toby Ross fit the medical definition of the word.˛* ValuesResonance: "Dead Run" sympathetically portrayed homosexuality when they condemned a man for sending someone to {{Hell}} for being gay. For an episode from 1986, that was a pretty big step.˛** "Lost And Found" had a black woman as the main character who was established as being a powerful leader who establishes a bright future for the country and the world˛----


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