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1* EnsembleDarkhorse: Klinsy, enough for her to return as a regular boss in the sequel and to be added to the Nintendo Switch version of ''Brave Dungeon''.* GameBreaker / GoodBadBug: In the North American 3DS version, attempting to use Dia Missile while there are no enemies in range ''increases'' the Enforcement Slot gauge instead of lowering it.* ThatOneAttack: Klinsy's Dia Missile, which summons five needles around the player that simultaneously converge on them. Unless interrupted with her weakness weapon, she will perform the attack ''four times in a row''. Of course, it shows up again in the BossRush, where the player has a much smaller margin of error. [[spoiler:And the second character gets to deal with it a ''third'' time, with Zizou tossing in a [[HyperDestructiveBouncingBall Bound Ring]] for extra fun.]]* ThatOneBoss: The second character/[[spoiler:Riva]]'s final boss: [[spoiler:Zizou. Her first phase has her jumping occasionally firing a fast projectile every so often. And it gets worse in her second stage where she'll start using a number of boss weapons against you, sometimes in combinations. While they can be canceled with a superior sub weapon, she has no weakness in either form and you don't get the regenerating tres perk in the 2nd phase. And should you bite it with an empty tres guage? You get to try fighting her with Riva's nigh-zero range attacks.]]* ThatOneLevel: [[spoiler:Verri]]'s stage. GoddamnBats, {{Mook Maker}}s, [[FakeDifficulty an offscreen drop that leads to a bottomless pit unless a specific wall is pushed against]], an enemy that seems deliberately placed to take advantage of the game's [[AntiFrustrationFeature offscreen-threat warnings]], and more await. And that's just for Zizou; the opening switch puzzle was obviously not designed with the second character in mind.* {{Woolseyism}}: In the Japanese version, the characters are listed in katakana using big ''kana'' and are romanized in small letters. In the English version, the game lists the characters in big letters and, instead of leaving it at that, came up with short BossSubtitles to fill in the small text. This would become a recurring thing in future games.----


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