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1* AuthorsSavingThrow: The reason the show was created in the first place. A group of black militants had approached Norman Lear and criticized him for portraying blacks as [[Series/SanfordAndSon junkyard owners]] or [[Series/GoodTimes living in poverty, struggling to make ends meet]]. They wanted him to show their people in better living situations. Thus, Lear decided to spin off George and Weezy from ''Series/AllInTheFamily'' and move them on up to higher society.≤* EnsembleDarkhorse: Zara Cully as Ma Jefferson, and Marla Gibbs as Florence. The latter got her own {{Spinoff}} and later [[Series/TwoTwoSeven her own show]].≤* HilariousInHindsight: In "Not So Dearly Beloved", George has to give the eulogy at the funeral of a spiteful employee. During which the attendees silently reflect on how the deceased wronged them during his life. Years later, Sherman Hemsley would play "Judge Robertson" on ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'', a character who also dies and has a funeral full of mourners who reflect negatively upon him.≤* ReplacementScrappy: Some viewers didnít take well to Damon Evans' portrayal as Lionel. Even Damon himself stated that he didnít really enjoy his time on the show, and it often showed in his later episodes. This could be the reason they brought Mike Evans back, as he was much more well received.≤* ValuesResonance: With all the problems of the rich getting overstuffed [=McMansions=] and worsening the urban sprawl of suburbia, the Jeffersons are content to relatively simply live in a "De-luxe apartment in the sky." No doubt Louise put her foot down with George for them to stay in the city and not get themselves in an unnecessarily expensive home.


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