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1* BaseBreakingCharacter: Tasha. Some fans enjoy her sassy spirit and singing voice, others find her bossy and irritating.* BeamMeUpScotty: Pablo never actually says [[MemeticMutation "Why aren't we alive?"]] in the episode "It's Great to Be a Ghost".* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Halfway through "Ranch Hands from Outer Space", Uniqua and Pablo shrink Tasha's horses and play with them, singing a song about it. This is thoroughly irrelevant to the plot.* BizarroEpisode: "Ranch Hands from Outer Space", even by this show's standards.* BrokenBase: "Samurai Pie" is either the best or worst episode depending on who you ask.** There's the "ugh" running gag in "Cave Party" and Tyrone's SkywardScream in "Best Clowns in Town". Are these funny or annoying?* DesignatedHero: In "Samurai Pie", Pie Master Tyrone is presented as a good guy despite being a stuck up jerk to Austin and not getting any comeuppance for it.** Same with Empress Tasha, who spends the whole episode whining about how long it's taking for her pie to arrive. * EnsembleDarkhorse: Austin, whose popularity with the viewers (especially the PeripheryDemographic) is, strangely, in direct counterpoint to how often he appears on the show. [[note]] 80 episodes in total; he appears in 52. [[/note]] It may or may not be a coincidence that the much cuddlier Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua appear in nearly every episode ''and'' on most of the marketing.** Sherman the worman even more so. Despite appearing in only ''three'' episodes, he appears in a lot of fan art, mostly because of his [[{{Moe}} cuteness]].* EvilIsCool: Pablo as the Ping-Pong Bandit in "Blazing Paddles". Having an epic guitar riff as a leitmotif really helps.* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: The series is so popular in Latin America that it's easier to find fansites and videos of the show in Spanish than the original English (or at least until Treehouse Direct and the official Backyardigans account started uploading the full English episodes on Youtube). The show even has [[WesternAnimation/JellyJamm its own Spanish imitator]].* GrowingTheBeard: From the second season onwards, the animation was much improved, and the music became even better. The plots became more original too. For example, the first season had pirates looking for treasure, cowboys chasing a bandit, and knights delivering a message, whereas the third season had pirates attending summer camp, cowboys playing Ping-Pong, and knights protecting a dragon egg......and also a spy episode in season 2.* HarsherInHindsight: At the end of the season 4 episode, " The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon", the five heroes promise to come back later, as they normally do at the end of every single episode. This turned out to be the last episode ever.* HilariousInHindsight:** Austin's superhero persona in "Race to the Tower of Power" is named [[{{WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog}} Captain Hammer]].** There is a book for the series featuring the characters as superheroes with powers based on the five senses. In 2009, [[Creator/CookieJarEntertainment Nelvana's competing company]] came out with [[Animation/NoonboryAndTheSuper7 a (short-lived) show]] with that exact same premise.** In "Into the Deep", Pablo and Tyrone search for rare aquatic animals and wear orange beanies. [[WesternAnimation/PAWPatrol Where else have we seen that?]]* JerkassWoobie: The Soccer Monster.* MagnificentBastard:** "[[Recap/TheBackyardigansS3E10LeMasterOfDisguise Le Master of Disguise]]": The titular antagonist, Le Master of Disguise, is a scheming trickster able to change his appearance with masterful skill. On the run from Paris police Inspector Austin, Le Master disguises himself as the Orient Express's conductor to escape the Inspector before changing his persona to that of a waiter. Further fooling Austin and playing him against the train's passengers, Le Master rounds out the story by pulling off his most ingenious plan yet, disguising himself as Austin and nearly tricking bystanders long enough for him to make his escape in Istanbul.** "[[Recap/TheBackyardigansS4E1RobotRampage Robot Rampage]]": Professor Bug is a self-proclaimed EvilGenius who seeks to take control of every last robot in Mega City. Stealthily infecting various robots with his "bugs" to distract local robot repairman Austin, Bug uses the opportunity to infect all Mega City robots with his bugs and bend them to his will. Cheerfully singing about his newfound power while still avoiding giving Austin any clues to his villainy, Bug--refusing to let even one robot possibly thwart him--focuses all his attention on tracking down uninfected robot Rosco, and sics the powerful Rex Robot onto Austin and his friends when he infiltrates Bug's lair. Even when beaten, Bug simply prompts to assist the heroes in repairing all the corrupting robots, noting that he now has plenty of free time on his hands since his scheme was foiled.** "[[Recap/TheBackyardigansS4E6FlowerPower Flower Power]]": The Gloom Meister is Flower Girl's ArchEnemy, a cackling, well-dressed supervillain with a hatred for all things pretty and flowery thanks to a fear of them. Causing chaos throughout Garden City to gain Flower Girl's attention, the Meister lures her into a trap that leaves her powerless, with the heroine only escaping thanks to a split-second window of opportunity. The Meister plans to use his Gloomsday machine to plunge Garden City into perpetual gloom, yet quickly turns the machine into a weapon to help him overpower and fight off Flower Girl. After his plan is thwarted, the Gloom Meister overcomes his fear of flowers with Flower Girl's help and rechristens himself the Bloom Meister, becoming a new hero to Garden City in the process to atone for his mistakes.* MemeticMutation: ** SOCCER!!!** YETI, YETI, YETI!** "WHO'S THE MOST POWERFUL BACKYARDIGAN!?"** "MY NAME'S TYRONE!" Especially in the fourth season's intro. Tyrone ''in general'' is a meme.** "HO DADDY!"** "[[ Why aren't we alive?]]"** [[ Nelvana Wars]]. [[note]] This is a test animation made by a Nelvana animator. [[/note]]** '''''[[SkywardScream CLOWNS!!!]]'''''** "What's a fellow gotta do around here to get some [[FrothyMugsOfWater apple juice]]?"* NightmareFuel: In "Escape from Fairytale Village", Tyrone thinks Austin, Uniqua, and Pablo want to eat him, which is a bit dark for a preschool show.* NightmareRetardant: "Scared of You" is based around this trope. The episode features a skeptical Austin meeting Tyrone (as The Mummy King), Uniqua (as a rather cute werewolf), and Pablo (as a vampire), all of whom are far more scared of ''each other''. It ends with all five of the kids having a big monster dance party.* PeripheryDemographic: Because those songs are damn catchy. Also, the animation is beautiful and the writing is smart and funny.* RetroactiveRecognition:** Pablo in the first season is [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Aang]].** Tyrone in the last season is [[Series/LabRats Leo]].* {{Sequelitis}}: "The Tale of the Mighty Knights" is regarded as a highlight of the series, an hour-long special with amazing visuals and a hardcore arena-rock soundtrack. The kids revisited that setting in the show's only SequelEpisode, "The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon", which was a fairly average episode. Among other things, the original's dynamic "hair and makeup" effects were replaced by the characters' usual appearances, and the episode's musical genre, Broadway show tunes, was much less catchy.* SignatureScene:** The five (or four or three, depending on the episode) heroes dancing together at the end of every episode, before entering someone's house to have a snack.** The "Lady in Pink" [[DisneyAcidSequence sequence]] from "International Super Spy".* SugarWiki/SweetDreamsFuel: A cute show that is loved by all ages.* ToughActToFollow: The second ChristmasEpisode, "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve", to the first such episode, "The Secret of Snow". The latter episode is considered one of the show's finest episodes, due to its [[SomethingCompletelyDifferent unusual format]] and [[TearJerker emotional]] [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments ending]]. The former episode is just average.* ToyShip: Loads. The most common ship is Auniqua (Austin×Uniqua). Other ships include Tyniqua (Tyrone×Uniqua), Austone (Austin×Tyrone), and Tyrasha (Tyrone×Tasha).* TheUntwist:** Frequent, in the course of finding ways around their inability to actually hurt or arrest anyone. During "Whodunit?", for instance, it turns out that [[spoiler:Tyrone was the thief, but he didn't really steal the jewels; Tasha gave them to him. It was all a plot by Tasha to liven up a rainy day]].** Any episode with a mystery or disguise element, naturally, as there are only five characters and they all look so unlike each other that the audience can never be the slightest bit in the dark about what's really going on.* UncannyValley: One scene from "The Funnyman Boogeyman" has Uniqua and Pablo blinded by camera flashes. Their eyes in the said scene make them look oddly eerie.* ViewerGenderConfusion: Remember Boinga, the baby alien from "Mission to Mars"? You might be surprised to learn that she's a girl.* WeirdAlEffect: Many songs ([[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness especially from season 1]]) are ToTheTuneOf earlier songs, including a few to the tune of songs that were popular when the target audience's ''grandparents'' were children, but are quite obscure today. Most people do not know this, but the song "Please and Thank You" is to the tune of [[ such a song]].* WhatAnIdiot: From 'Who Goes There?': Uniqua jumps out of a painting and pretends she's a statue.** '''You'd Expect''': Tyrone would have noticed something's amiss since he saw her in the painting earlier.** '''Instead''': He not only falls for it but doesn't notice she's missing from the painting.** '''But Then''': [[TruthInTelevision In real life, moose have terrible eyesight.]]* TheWoobie: If you think about it, all five of them are. Each character has a moment of Woobie-ness but Austin is the biggest contender, especially in "Race Around the World" where he keeps losing the race. ----


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