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1* AngstWhatAngst: Chiaki gets over being raped early in the manga very easily. The fact this is adapted out in the anime is generally well-received as it's generally considered GratuitousRape, not even really adding anything to the plot.* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The intro, "Bomb A Head", is so obnoxious yet catchy. It can be heard [[ here]].** Referenced in ''VisualNovel/{{Clannad}}'', in which the song is a favorite of one of the characters.* CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Sohaku Kago]] is a power-hungry sociopath who delights in ruining people's lives. Two of his favorite pastimes are engaging in ColdBloodedTorture and watching one of his subordinates MindControl helpless victims into fighting and killing each other. He has spent hundreds of years spreading his influence in order to [[ManipulativeBastard manipulate]], use, or kill hundreds of powerful martial artists as well as all the people around them. A few years before the beginning of the story, he experimented on his wife, using her PowerParasite abilities to steal the abilities--and in most cases, lives--of the most powerful martial artists in Japan, before judging her too weak, [[AnArmAndALeg cutting off her arm]], and [[EyeScream ripping out her eye]], which contained the powers she had collected and giving it to his henchman. In the present, he sets his full plan into motion, indirectly {{Mind Rap|e}}ing his son, [[spoiler: Souichiro]], who has the same powers as his ex-wife, into letting his powers turn him into a god-like being whose only purpose is to go on a rampage, killing any powerful martial artists it comes across and stealing their powers. Once this happens, his son goes around the world, killing thousands of people, just as Sohaku planned, before his friends can stop him.* EnsembleDarkhorse: ** Bunshichi Tawara is this amongst most the fandom. Though beliefs that he was the strongest fighter in the school turned out to be false, his devil-may-care attitude and fighting skill has made him particularly memorable.** Masataka Takayanagi is well liked among the fandom (due to generally being more sympathetic than DesignatedHero Souichirou), despite being DemotedToExtra amongst the main cast for some time. He returns to prominence near the manga's final arcs, [[spoiler: defeating Mitsuomi in a brutal fight]] and culminating in [[spoiler: a battle against Souichiro that buys enough time for Maya to remove Souichiro's Red Feather abilities for good.]]** Despite her role decreasing as the story goes on, Emi Isuzu is probably the most widely known character from the series. This is because of her {{Tsundere}} personality, her interesting design and, most notably of all, her ability to switch between being skinny and obese. Likewise, her fight with Maya is the most well known one in the anime, having much higher views on Website/YouTube than the other fights from the series. What's more, you can find ''plenty'' of fan art of her on Website/DeviantArt. Not surprising, since a surprisingly high number of people on the site are {{fat admirer}}s and view her as a BigBeautifulWoman, whether the author intended it or not.* FashionVictimVillain: Mitsuomi. He without a doubt has the worst sense of style in the series. He thinks his outfits look awesome when everybody else insults them. It's {{lampshaded}} by Masataka when Mitsuomi wants him to wear battle-clothes passed down through the Takayanagi family. These clothes are little better than the clothes Mitsuomi wears, and Masataka wonders if a bad sense of style is hereditary.* RelationshipWritingFumble: It's almost sad, really, how Aya's Yuri scene with Chiaki went way further than she ever did with Souichiro. That scene was, of course, meant to appease [[YuriFan certain viewers]] but to be fair even Chiaki [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] how even she is more aware of what to do with Aya than Souichiro ever was.* RetroactiveRecognition: The anime version had Aya being voiced by Creator/MinoriChihara in her debut role. Give her a few years to explode in popularity as [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Yuki Nagato]], which defined her TypeCasting as the super [[TheStoic stoic]] EmotionlessGirl and a ''far'' cry from Aya, who's normally being [[TheDitz a sweet ditz.]]* {{Squick}}: Alongside lovingly-rendered breasts and lovingly-rendered machinery, there are plenty of lovingly-rendered horrific injuries in this comic. Oh! Great seems to particularly enjoy showing someone throw a punch and then have their outstretched arm ''destroyed'' by a counterattack.* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: As the buildup to the last battle came along, one of the Takayanagi brothers, likely Masataka, was hinted to be the Tsukuyomi to match [[spoiler: Souichiro, the Susano'o, meaning that there may have been some sort of power-up for Masataka waiting in the wings]], but in the end, [[spoiler:Masataka just fought Souichiro all out, losing a hand in the process, and it was left up to Maya to free Souichiro from the power.]] However, as there wasn't anything explicitly stating that the entire thing was more than symbolism, this may just be an example of reading too much into the situation.* UnpopularPopularCharacter: As the story progresses the less seriously it seems to take Masataka, which is odd as he is shown to be one of the best fighters in the series, second only to Maya Natsume, the top ranking Enforcers and his brother Mitsuomi. His prowess is such that he can take on 80 men in one fight and his fight against Souichiro early on in the anime is one of the most brutal depicted. As explained in EnsembleDarkhorse above, this is eventually averted.* TheWoobie: ** Shin, just Shin. Poor guy is completely under surveillance by the Takayanagis to oversee his power development, and they even recruit Mana Kuzunoha as his fake girlfriend to help them do it. Maya's relationship with another guy ends up sending him over the edge from jealousy, and when he tells Dogen that he is happy with the way he and the school are currently, finally trying to make a fresh start after his brutal fight with Bunshichi Tawara, he is manipulated into activating his Dragon's Eye and going berserk again. It is no wonder he eventually decides to commit suicide with Mana's help.** Jushi Mataza's story is rather heartbreaking as well, if only because his brother was a massively abusive and hateful prick.----


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