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1* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: ** The author's notes for Keita say that "Being young, he figured Tatsuki would be naive and easy to deal with." Does this mean that Keita wasn't prepared to deal with Tatsuki's personal issues, or that he wanted a girlfriend he could easily manipulate and boss around?** After breaking up with Keita, Tatsuki only hesitates a moment before deciding to quit her job at Keita's request. Is this because she's an ExtremeDoormat who can't bring herself to argue with her now ex-boyfriend? Does she care for him enough that she doesn't want to cause him trouble? Does she share his desire to avoid a potentially awkward situation at work? Or is it possible that she never liked her job, and may only have stuck around because of him? The fact that Tatsuki tells BlatantLies when explaining the situation to Aoi only makes things more vague.* FridgeHorror: The fact that Tatsuki frequently wears long sleeves to cover up her bruises, and that Keita beating her up isn't the immediate cause of their breakup, suggests that their relationship had ''always'' been abusive, and Tatsuki hadn't realized it. What's more, it's entirely possible that Tatsuki might find herself in another abusive relationship without realizing it.* SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments: Aoi accepts Tatsuki for who she is after hearing that she has Asperger's, and even tells "Friend A" off when she uses "aspie" on Tatsuki.* LesYay: While the story isn't a YuriGenre manga, the person closest to Tatsuki is her ChildhoodFriend, Aoi, who helps her when shes at her lowest point after her breakup, and even is a bit annoyed that Tatsuki told her boyfriend before her best friend. Acknowledged by the mangaka, who mentions that "The story took a bit of a yuri turn near the end. Hehe."* TheWoobie: Tatsuki. Having Asperger's causes her difficulty in social situation, thereby resulting in her being judged as a "problem child" and having few friends, as well as fearing that the few ones she has will abandon her if they find out about her. She's determined not to blame everything on her disability, which leads to her hating herself.


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