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1* CompleteMonster (PC version):˛** Nikola Gospić, born Dejan Blazevic, is the leader of the People's Social Nationalist Party (PSNP) who seeks to plunge the world into fascism. Previously a high-ranking member of the Nazi-sponsored [[LesCollaborateurs Ustaše Regime]] in Croatia during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, Blazevic was tasked to liquidate assets from countless [[UsefulNotes/TheHolocaust Holocaust]] victims. [[ArgentinaIsNaziland Escaping to South America]] after the war, Blazevic changed his name and started a new life as a successful businessman and philanthropist. Seeking to turn the world into a fascist regime after discovering he has liver cancer, Gospić plans to create an economic downturn that will tarnish South America's oil industry and allow him to swoop in with his own oil company and rise to power. Sending out his terrorists to kill anybody who knows of his identity, while also working with politician Alvaro Gutierrez for political protection, Gospić plans to [[TamperingWithFoodAndDrink use his meatpacking plants]] to send out a deadly nerve agent, preparing to kill millions of people to create terror, even attempting to deploy a nerve agent bomb in Rio de Janeiro with the goal of killing thousands.˛** [[CorruptPolitician Alvaro Gutierrez]], also in ''[[ExpansionPack Athena Sword]]'', is a far-right politician who works with [[BigBad Gospić]] to secure funding for his presidential campaign. An accomplice in Gospić's plans to kill millions of people to create a fascist empire, Gutierrez provides Gospić with the [[DeadlyGas VX]] nerve agent for his plan, and even launches several terrorist attacks to cover his tracks. Despite being arrested by Rainbow Six, Gutierrez still tries to complete the late Gospić's operation. Gutierrez commands his soldiers from within his prison cell to launch terrorist attacks in Italy and infect Athens with a deadly nerve agent to make up for Rio de Janeiro, fully anticipating the deaths of thousands.˛* SacredCow: Raven Shield is considered the last pure tactical shooter of the franchise and thus most old school fans will headshot you if you dare to say negative things about the game.˛* SurprisinglyImprovedSequel: While the first two Rainbow Six games were well-received, they were highly critized for their janky squad commands, outdated graphics and slow gameplay. Raven Shield on the other hand was praised for being both an improvement and refinement of the formula while maintaining the deep gameplay and tactical possibilities, and its considered the best game in the franchise by many.˛* VindicatedByHistory: Sort of happened with the PC version of Rainbow Six 3. While the game was very well received upon release, the Xbox version (released about seven months later) was much more popular and influential, with its online play being especially praised. However, thanks to the PC game's modding community and the shutdown of the original Xbox Live servers (meaning online play is now impossible with the Xbox version), many people retrospectively agree the PC version of 3 is the better game - as well as possibly the best tactical shooter ever made.


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