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1* AccidentalInnuendo: Sometimes seen in Colemanballs / Commentatorballs, and they also occasionally publish examples of this from newspaper articles (this used to be a much more prevalent feature, back when manual typesetting meant that amusing typos were more common in newspapers).* BrokenBase: Their treatment of Julian Assange is unrelentingly negative - as far as the ''Eye'' is concerned, he is a shifty, anti-Semitic, irresponsible, vain sex offender. This has fractured the base into people who agree with this treatment and people who think that the ''Eye'' and Assange are natural allies.* LifeImitatesArt: Following [[ the abduction and murder of Sarah Payne in 2000]], the ''News of the World'' ran a name and shame campaign against alleged paedophiles. An ''Eye'' cartoon showed a hate mob chasing a paediatrician, mistaking him for a paedophile. Whilst the issue was ''on sale'', a paediatrician in South Wales had her house vandalised by people who had taken her job title to mean she was a paedophile.* MemeticMutation: The Eye's nicknames for newspapers are regularly used by people who have never read and have barely heard of ''Magazine/PrivateEye''. For a more narrow, political audience, their euphemisms such as "tired and emotional" and "discussing Uganda" are well known.* WeirdAlEffect: Some phrases the ''Eye'' has kept going are now more associated with it than their original progenitors, such as "as any fule kno", which comes from ''Literature/{{Molesworth}}''.


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