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1* FoeYay: Opposing sides of the balance occasionally have romantic subtext, and even if they don't, shipping them is quite common.²* HarsherInHindsight²** Humility's insistence about still being a virtue when under a magic anon that made him human makes more sense when it is later explained that [[spoiler: the angels' have told him that if he is not a virtue of heaven then he is useless]].²* HilariousInHindsight²** Temperance essentially having a [[FlatWhat Flat What]] reaction when an Anonymous states that he is the [[ third most likely to be corrupted]] (behind a tie between Chastity and Charity) and adds that him and Chastity were the least likely to corrupt. In reality, out of the three he's the ''first'' to corrupt (at [[ August 2012]]), a few months before Chastity had done so ([[ October 2012]], but to be fair he wasn't the one to cause the shift in the balance) and a ''year and a half'' before Charity does so ([[ January 2013]]).²* IncestYayShipping: The romantic feelings between two Virtues or two Sins could be considered this if one looks at it too hard.²* StrangledByTheRedString: Some of the romances feel like this.²* TheWoobie: Every character has at least one moment of woobieness; some more than others.²** Humility might win the {{Woobie}} prom though.²* UglyCute: Gluttony's [[ kitten form]].


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