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1* AuthorsSavingThrow: The sympathetic Jewish characters in this book (especially Mr. Riah) are widely seen as Creator/CharlesDickens' way of apologizing to the British Jews for [[Literature/OliverTwist Fagin]] and showing he had no animosity towards them.* HilariousInHindsight:** Peter Vaughan (Mr. Boffin in 1998) previously played the villainous Mr. Tulkinghorn in the 1985 miniseries of ''Literature/BleakHouse''.** Pam Ferris plays the kindly Mrs Boffin in the 1998 miniseries. She went on to play in two other Dickens adaptations, as the vile Mrs. Squeers in ''Literature/NicholasNickleby'' (2001) and the prim and proper Mrs. General in ''Literature/LittleDorrit'' (2008).** Also from the 1998 miniseries, Timothy Spall (Mr. Venus) and David Bradley (Riderhood) would go on to play in the 2002 film of ''Literature/NicholasNickleby'', as Charles Cheeryble and Mr. Bray respectively.** David Morrissey (Bradley Headstone) and Linda Bassett (Abby Potterson) also play in ''Series/SenseAndSensibility'', as Colonel Brandon and Mrs. Jennings.* HoYay: Eugene and Mortimer. They live together and do (almost) everything together, so this is inevitable.* JerkassWoobie: Even after he nearly kills [[spoiler: Eugene]], it's hard not to sympathise with Bradley Headstone to some extent.* MoralEventHorizon: Bradley Headstone crosses it when he [[spoiler: attempts to murder Eugene]].* TheWoobie:** Jenny Wren is a disabled {{Cloudcuckoolander}}, living in poverty with an alcoholic father who she treats like her child. Her only real friends are Lizzie and Mr. Riah, and then Lizzie has to flee, and thanks to Fledgeby's schemes Jenny mistakenly believes that Mr. Riah is actually cruel and selfish. And ''then'' her father dies. Luckily she gets a happy ending.** Mr. Riah, who is really a generous, kind-hearted man, is forced to play the part of a GreedyJew, is constantly mocked and insulted by [[{{Jerkass}} Fledgeby]], and thanks to Fledgeby he ends up driving away Jenny. Finally he has enough of Fledgeby's behaviour, and he gets a happy ending too.----


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