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1* AcceptableTargets: Nobody's portrayed all that sympathetically, but all the guys who aren't hunky and popular wind up being the biggest butt-monkeys.* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The cover of "Tainted Love" by Music/MarilynManson.** And the cover to "Don't You Forget About Me" by Sprung Monkey. You wouldn't expect to hear such passion in a song for a spoof movie.** The rest of the soundtrack counts, as it's full of '80s covers from bands such as Music/TheSmashingPumpkins ("Never Let Me Down Again" by Music/DepecheMode), Orgy ("Blue Monday" by Music/NewOrder--the cover was a radio hit a couple of years prior to this film), Music/SystemOfADown ("The Metro" by Berlin--the cover was previously featured on the soundtrack to ''Film/Dracula2000''), Saliva ("Message of Love" by Music/{{Pretenders}}) and {{Music/Muse}} ("Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" by Music/TheSmiths).* BestKnownForTheFanservice: Areola, the girl who appears naked in all her screentime. Oh, and Creator/ChrisEvans in [[Film/VarsityBlues a whipped cream bikini]]... with a banana [[AssShove near his posterior]].* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: The other Token Black Guy.* CrossesTheLineTwice: The White [[MeaningfulName WASPs]] performing what is [[BlatantLies definitely not]] their Black opponents' cheer... which identifies them ''as their opponent'', boasts that they are definitely not white, and includes the line "Break it down, niggas!"* FridgeLogic: The architecture of the school is a bit unusual. The girl's changing room and toilets are on the same floor as the basketball court, but there's at least one classroom beneath it. Unless the court has some ''very'' high foundations, this means that someone had the potentially life-threatening idea to put an arena-size room above several classrooms.* FunnyAneurysmMoment:** In a parody of ''Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou'', Jake tries serenading Janey with "[[Music/{{Aerosmith}} Janie's Got a Gun]]", and it predictably goes wrong. Nowadays, this seems more inappropriate, given the decade that followed had enough school shootings to force certain facilities to install metal detectors. ** Depending how you view it, the character Reggie Ray (The Fat-Guy), regarding his weight and ''especially'' health (particularly the RunningGag about his concussions) can either now be looked at as cringe-worthy or [[HarsherInHindsight worse than before]] now that Ron Lester has passed on. Also just in general, because of it parodies how little sports programs cared about concussion. It took until the mid-2010s before it started being taken as the very serious, long term problem that it is.* SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments:** When Janey's brother accuses her of acting like a lesbian, their father tells them that "if Janey wants to be a rugmuncher, that's ''her'' choice". He may be TheAlcoholic, but damn if he isn't supportive - when he remembers, anyway.** When the Siamese twins are crowned prom queen, Janey gives them the warmest smile.** Amidst the insanity of the rest of the film, Music/GoodCharlotte [[TheCameo performs]] a very sincere, very sweet cover of "[[ Put Your Head(s) On My Shoulder]]."* HilariousInHindsight: ** Pretty much everything about Jake since his actor is now world famous for playing Film/{{Captain America|The First Avenger}}, one of the most straight-laced characters in fiction. *** There is a banana in [[Film/AvengersEndgame America's ass]]. ** Creator/MollyRingwald [[Series/TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager saying that masturbation is healthy]].** We'd later get [[Series/PowerRangersJungleFury two]] [[Series/PowerRangersRPM more]] Yellow Rangers to take their clothes off.** The teen movie genre [[GenreKiller swiftly dried up shortly after the release of this film]], making its title even funnier.** Three years before ''Film/MeanGirls'', Creator/LaceyChabert played one of a three-girl, pink-wearing clique, following a blonde AlphaBitch.** In one scene, Janey's brother accuses of her being a lesbian. Janey's actress Creator/ChylerLeigh would later play openly lesbian Alex Danvers in ''Series/Supergirl2015'', fourteen years after the film came out. Even funnier, Chyler Leigh came out as LGBTQ in 2020. * HollywoodHomely: {{Parodied}}; when looking for a girl to turn into Prom Queen for their bet, Jake and Austin make the claim that [[ Chyler Leigh]] in glasses, a ponytail, and messy overalls is somehow uglier than a pair of ConjoinedTwins.* ManipulativeBastard: Austin, when he gets Jake to confess to making a bet over Janey using a pointlessly sneaky ruse. The next day, it's revealed that he managed to convince Janey to be his prom date despite his obvious jerkass attitude.* NauseaFuel: ** The girl-on-girl kiss.** There's also the scene where a girl takes a very long and loud dump that nearly floods a classroom.** Janey gets caught masturbating with a very large vibrator by her father, brother, a catholic priest and several orphans.** Jake's groupies throw him their underwear. One of them just so happens to be a guy who throws him a jockstrap.** Jake stuck a banana up his rectum.** [[DepravedBisexual Catherine]] talking about her sex-life is this in-universe to everyone except Ox.* OneSceneWonder:** The wise janitor... played by Creator/MrT!** Creator/MollyRingwald as the flight attendant who tears apart Jake's romantic speeches to Janey.** Paul Gleason reprises his role as [[Film/TheBreakfastClub Richard Vernon]] when Mitch and his friends are put in detention.* RetroactiveRecognition:** Jake is [[Film/FantasticFour2005 Johnny Storm]]! And Film/{{Captain America|The First Avenger}}! (this was actually Creator/ChrisEvans' first major role).** Why the hell does [[Film/InglouriousBasterds Private Hirschberg]] think he's Asian? And since when was he buddies with [[Film/SupermanReturns Jimmy Olsen]] and [[Film/Jungle2Jungle Mimi-Siku]]?** [[Series/TwentyFour Mandy]] apparently wasn't much better in high school...though maybe she did improve [[Series/StarTrekDiscovery after marrying Sarek]].** [[Series/TheOC Anna Stern]] was one of the conjoined twins.** Ah, so that's what [[Series/HowIMetYourMother Ted Mosby]] was like in high school.** The "Ferris Bueller"-type party thrower gained some facial hair and the ability to see the future, and now writes about Sam and Dean Winchester's ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' adventures.** Janey went on to be [[Series/GreysAnatomy Dr. Lexie Grey]] and [[Series/Supergirl2015 Alexandra "Alex" Danvers]].** Creator/JaimePressly was a bitch in this movie. [[Series/MyNameIsEarl Not that her most current role did any more justice to her, that is]].** Never knew that [[Series/NCISLosAngeles Marty Deeks]] was such an asshole.** Creator/HJonBenjamin is the football trainer, rather than [[{{WesternAnimation/Archer}} a superspy]] or [[WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers restaurant owner]].* VindicatedByHistory: It took a critical beatdown when it first came out, but after the increasing number of [[ShallowParody shallow parodies]] took over the genre in the mid/late-2000s, viewers have come to appreciate that ''NATM'' was making a sincere effort to be both funny and faithful to the genre and tropes it was skewering.----


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