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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: [[ The end credits song]], sung by John Joyce. ²* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: The scene where Rip and Samantha go to the diner, and Rip foils a robbery there. The robbers escape but none of this is ever mentioned again.²* CultClassic: Amongst wrestling fans.²* HamAndCheese: Having fun, Creator/TinyLister?²** Brell is almost as over the top as Zeus.²* HilariousInHindsight: In the movie, a rich media mogul attempts to sign Hulk Hogan, which fails. In real life, Hulk Hogan would later sign with a rich media mogul that also happened to own WCW.²** Admit it, it's hard to see Zeus's defeat and not exclaim [[Film/{{Friday}} "You got knocked the]] ''[[PotHole fuck]]'' [[Film/{{Friday}} out!"]].²** The rules of ''Battle of the Tough Guys'' are ''the exact same'' as the ones used by the ''UsefulNotes/UltimateFightingChampionship''. And this film came ''4 years'' before that sport was created.²* MoralEventHorizon: If Brell didn't cross it when he [[AttemptedRape tries to have Samantha raped]], he's utterly, irredeemably over it when [[KickTheDog he sics Zeus on Rip's brother, beating him so badly he needs a wheelchair afterward]]. ²* {{Narm}}: Quite possibly one of the Narmiest movies ever made. Pretty much the only reason to watch it is for the NarmCharm.²** Zeus' constant screaming²** Rip managing to burst through the top of a limo like an explosion (leading to the infamous "dookie" scene) ²** The ridiculously over-the-top final fight.²** Hogan's never been the best actor in the world, but his snarling and grunting in some parts of the movie border on cartoonish.²** "''[[BringMyBrownPants ...Dookie?]]''"²* OneSceneWonder: Stan Hansen AKA the guy who makes fun of Brell's minion's "teenie weenies".²* RetroactiveRecognition: While Zeus' actor, Tom Lister was reasonably well-known as a wrestler at the time, younger fans might know him as [[OneSceneWonder the prisoner]] who [[spoiler: refused to take part in The Joker's "social experiment"]] in ''Film/TheDarkKnight.'' ²* SoBadItsGood: It's ''really'' hard to take this movie seriously, especially in today's more postmodern ProfessionalWrestling circles.²----


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