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1* CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Lord Ozunu]] is the ruthless leader of the Ozunu clan, a clan which takes in orphaned children and raises them as ChildSoldiers by putting them through [[TrainingFromHell intense training regimes]], where he [[WouldHurtAChild routinely abuses them]]. Such abuse includes [[ATasteOfTheLash whipping them]] to the point of leaving scars on their bodies and forcing them to compete in brutal sparring matches where they beat each other to a bloody pulp, [[TykeBomb all for the purpose of making them]] the perfect [[ProfessionalKiller ninja assassins]]. These assassins would go after their targets via black sand in a letter as a calling card, striking in the dark or dimly lit places killing not only the targets but anyone allied or unfortunate enough to be in the same room as the target as to leave no witnesses. Years prior to the film, when Kiriko had tried to leave the clan Ozunu had her captured and killed and nearly does the same to [[TheProtagonist Raizo]] when he betrays him as well. During his final confrontation with Raizo, Ozunu he nearly kills Mika by stabbing her [[HeartInTheWrongPlace where her heart is supposed to be]], with a [[LackOfEmpathy cold, apathetic look on his face]].* CriticalDissonance: Professional critics panned the film with a 26% in Website/RottenTomatoes (though most of them conceded that the fight scenes were ''at least'' good), but perhaps as usual, Internet Movie Database gave it a solid 6,4/10 and many good reviews.* DirectorDisplacement: As with ''Film/VForVendetta'', Creator/TheWachowskis wrote the script, yet Creator/JamesMcTeigue directed. * FridgeBrilliance: Casting Music/{{Rain}} as a Ninja. Ninjas are supposed to look like anything ''but'' killing machines, so that they can approach their target and flee more easily afterwards.* SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome: "The first breath I take after I kill you will be the first breath of my life."* NarmCharm: The movie at no time tries to be anything other than what it is: a nice over the top kung-fu action flick.* OneSceneWonder: Raizo's first target, an overweight cigar-smoking LondonGangster, is MadeOfIron and kicks the crap out of him bare-handed, all after getting ''knifed in the neck'' in the first moment of the fight.-----


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