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1* CompleteMonster: [[VillainProtagonist Mr. Henry Phage]] is a sophisticated, sadistic, and megalomaniacal [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent dinosaur]] with a [[SoulEating sweet tooth for souls]]. Having been born an evolution called a "Teknophage" to his Tyrannosaurus Rex parents, Phage soon gained sapience and the ability to not only devour the souls of his kills, but also travel through time and space with his telekinetic abilities. Using these and his godlike intelligence, Phage began cultivating civilization on various worlds, bringing their native species to great achievements through his influence, only to tear it all down and turn the worlds into hellholes of tyranny. Under Phage's rule, innocents are tortured and taken apart both physically and psychologically, turned into food for [[IAteWhat unsuspecting citizens]], worked to death as slaves, and chemically dissolved, with their souls being turned into Phage's obedient soldiers. Phage himself indulges in eating people then leaving them alive to be slowly digested inside him, slaughtering his own henchmen for the pettiest of slights, and ultimately plans to traverse the universe and [[OmnicidalManiac turn it all into his own buffet of meat and souls]]. The devourer of thousands of worlds, the slayer of billions of innocents, and [[FauxAffablyEvil a master of manipulation and charm]], Henry Phage was truly a monster both inside and out.


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