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1* AccidentalInnuendo: Similar to [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic the show]], the comics are getting in on it too. Take a look at this one [[ scene from the comic]] without the rest of the page to put it in context.* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: ** While things in the show could always be a bit quirky with the pony population's [[HilarityEnsues antics]] and [[EasilyForgiven the general lack of consequences]], they come to a head in ''The Good, the Bad and the Ponies'', as Equestria can be seen here as a CrapsaccharineWorld whose cute exterior belies a horribly dysfunctional legal system that excuses things like assault, vandalism, extortion, arson, kidnapping, impersonation, false imprisonment, fraud and entrapment, but vandalizing a historical site, even one declared so under dubious circumstances, could get those just ''associated'' with you thrown in jail. Essentially valuing the letter of the law over innocent lives, and having no provisions to deal with dangerously violent criminals.** The Deer in the Root of the Problem arc. It's hard to tell if the forest is attacking Ponyville and Canterlot autonomously, or if the Deer deliberately steered the new growth towards who we know to be innocents. Combine this with FantasticRacism, and some interpret them as ecoterrorists at best, and militaristic warmongers looking for an excuse to invade at worst. * AngstWhatAngst: The Cutie Mark Crusaders don't seem to think being fillynapped by a monstrous Queen is a big deal. Also Fluttershy is gleefully fascinated by two creatures fighting over the right to eat her and her friends.* AntiClimaxBoss: Chrysalis gets taken down surprisingly easy, all things considered.* {{Anvilicious}}: "Root of the Problem" features just as heavy-handed a GreenAesop as any similar '90s kids film you could name, complete with the Mane Six being inexplicably eager to knock down trees to solve their problems so they can get lectured by the deer and a villain right out of ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanet''.* AuthorsSavingThrow: ** For those who thought Babs Seed was too EasilyForgiven in her debut episode, her portrayal in issue #22 as feeling like she has to constantly prove she's no longer a bully should go a long way.** After the 2014 Holiday special was heavily criticized for a controversial cyber-bulling plot that left little to do with the holidays, the 2015 one opted to focus entirely on LighterAndSofter Christmas fluff. ** "The Ponies of Dark Water" is a three issue arc about the Mane Six turning evil, possibly as a response to complaints about how little the Mirror Mane Six appeared in their arc. It also ([[ContinuitySnarl unclear if intentionally]]) undoes previous things fans took issue with: Nightmare Moon is again just Luna's dark side rather than a separate being possessing her, and the deer are on the level of any other non-pony animal.** Issue #51 onward promise to tie into Season 7 of the show looks to address the increasingly severe {{Continuity Snarl}}s and [[SeasonalRot decline in quality]] compared to the show.** "Tempest's Tale" addresses Celestia and Luna's poor showing in TheMovie by having Tempest outright admit she would have lost in a straight up fight and that the TakenForGranite bombs are implied to have been made ''specifically to take out ponies with their power level''.* SugarWiki/AwesomeArt: Artist Andy Price does some of the most gorgeous covers, as well as consistently beautiful interior art. His love of classical popular culture also sees him adding in countless small shout-outs and details in the background, causing every panel to be a treat.* BaseBreakingCharacter: ** Princess Celestia in the Reflections Arc (Issues #17-20). For some, her selfish and short-sighted actions in her younger years have driven away any amount of sympathy; for others, her [[TheAtoner deep regret]] over it and portrayal as TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask make her a far more interesting character.** Luna's characterization in the comics is very different from the show, an excitable GenkiGirl with a bit of a HairTriggerTemper and still slips into her antiquated linguistics as a sort of VerbalTic. Some prefer this alternate interpretation as it makes her more endearing and fun and contrasts sharply with the calm and straight-laced Celestia, others find it makes Luna look too childish and immature.** Radiant Hope was regarded as a fan favorite in Sombra's Fiendship and had some decent amount of fan art. Then, in the Crystal Empire invasion storyline, she starts recruiting villains of various shades of evil (including someone who ''isn't even a villain'') to invade the Crystal Empire and revive Sombra, [[WideEyedIdealist all under the assumption that he's still the good, kind-hearted pony he once was]]. While it's later shown [[UnwittingPawn she was being manipulated]], [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone horrifying her]] and leading her to redeem herself, there remains debate over how well it was handled and if it's too little too late. She's definitely suffered a net decrease in popularity, though.* BrokenBase: ** The quality of the comic; some enjoy it for its WorldBuilding and having stories and content the show itself wouldn't dare try to get away with, while others describe them as poorly written fanfiction. Numerous [[DependingOnTheWriter differences in characterization]], a different tone from the show, and the extremely heavy-handed references (both to the fandom and other media) don't help matters.** The existence of the Nightmare Forces for some, who prefer the idea of Nightmare Moon being a corrupted Luna rather than a different entity possessing her, feeling it cheapens her StartOfDarkness. There's a HandWave that it's MoreThanMindControl, so Luna's fall to darkness [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation could still be in part because she was corrupted by her own dark emotions]], and thus leave the tragedy intact. Whether it does so or not is a matter of debate. ** The first Annual issue showing more of pre-redemption Sunset Shimmer also got this. While appreciated for giving her much-desired backstory, it showed her being just as unsympathetic as in ''Equestria Girls'', disappointing those who hoped she would be given a FreudianExcuse or reason to believe her HeelFaceTurn was real or deserved. The 2014 Holiday Specials focus on Sunset having to further prove her reformation [[AuthorsSavingThrow came off as an attempt to address that]], but created its own debate regarding whether or not her treatment during it was justified.** The Reflections Arc. On one side, you have those who think Celestia's romance with Mirror Sombra is cute, that the ending is beautifully tragic, and appreciate getting to see that Celestia has inner struggles and makes mistakes like anypony. On the other side, you have those who hate that Celestia and Mirror Sombra's relationship [[RomanticPlotTumor is the center of the plot]] or think romance shouldn't be in the series, cried that the ending was a DeusExMachina [[StatusQuoIsGod apparently to maintain the status quo]], and wish the alternate world got to be explored more.** Writer Ted Anderson became this due to a highly questionable cameo and some comments he did on some forums and tumblr following the 2014 Annual. The highly polarizing 2014 Holiday Special certainly didn't help. On the other hand, the Manehattan Mysteries arc and the Micro and Friends Forever issues he has written were generally liked.* CantUnhearIt:** Naturally, anyone who watches the show has claimed they can easily hear [[Creator/TaraStrong Tara]], [[Creator/AndreaLibman Andrea]], [[Creator/AshleighBall Ashleigh]], [[Creator/TabithaStGermain Tabitha]], [[Creator/CathyWeseluck Cathy]] and other voice actors from the show when reading their respective characters' lines.** In case you need help, [[ here]] is Creator/AndreaLibman reading the "Nature is so fascinating..." scene from Issue #3.** This can get awkward in the second Annual issue, where the Power Ponies have rather different personalities to the Mane Six.* CompleteMonster ([[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDWIssue75To78 "Cosmos" arc]]): [[AntagonistTitle Cosmos]] is an alien invader and the Spirit of Malice. Upon her arrival, she was the true entity that threw Equestria into chaos and disharmony rather than [[Characters/FriendshipIsMagicDiscord Discord]]. This included turning an orphanage full of [[WouldHurtAChild children]] into a literal towering inferno and nearly killing them all among other horrible things. When her boyfriend, Discord, [[EvenEvilHasStandards objected to this]], she would begin abusing him out of spite and ultimately goes on a rampage that threatens to destroy the fabric of reality and the planet along with it. In the present, she possesses several innocent ponies to use as her hosts and as weapons against their loved ones before finally merging them into her new body. All the while, she set about turning Equestria into a nightmarish hellscape and its inhabitants into things all sorts of random creatures, some of which could be fatal, all the while they are [[AndIMustScream completely aware]]. When finally confronted by Discord, Cosmos reveals she never loved him at all, seeing him more as a possession she's entitled to than a person.* ContinuityLockout: The later comics aren't really kind to newcomers, as it already assumes you're familiar with the characters of the TV show, thus it doesn't bother explaining canon material outside of small nods.* ContestedSequel: ** The Nightmare Arc (Issues 5-8) was this to the first arc for having more drama and action at the expense of humor and characterization, and the {{Retcon}} to Nightmare Moon's origins. If this makes it better or worse is largely a matter of personal taste.** The Siege of the Crystal Empire Arc is this to Fiendship is Magic: King Sombra. While it does [[spoiler:continue Sombra's storyline with Radiant Hope]] and many readers enjoy it for that, it also partakes in questionable interpretations of several members of the VillainTeamUp that turned off many other readers and even many who liked the story were left scratching their heads over. Whether it's good or bad seems to be up to how hard one finds the latter issues to swallow.* DesignatedHero:** King Aspen in Issues 27-28. He claims that the reason Ponyville is being torn up by vines from the forest is because a construction company of ponies and minotaurs are tearing down trees to build an amusement park, and they must replant the forest away from the development site to replace the many animal homes being lost; any pony homes destroyed in the process is simply LaserGuidedKarma. He's not in the right, but you can understand his position... until the final panels show the forest's vines have reached Canterlot, and tied up Celestia and Luna and hung them from a tower. At this point he passes DisproportionateRetribution and straight into self-righteous hypocrisy. The blatant FantasticRacism of the deer as a whole does not help. There's a reason some people interpret him as an ecoterrorist. And it doesn't help that there are comparisons to [[CantArgueWithElves elves]].** Twilight Sparkle in the Cattle Rustlers arc. She repeatedly refuses to help her friends and subjects due to a dumb moral code she never had before, even as they are being beaten up by Longhorn and his gang. She eventually does give in, but only after Longhorn destroys a historical landmark. Twilight thus comes off as caring more about historical landmarks then the well-being and safety of her friends and subjects, yet the story still treats her as the good guy.* DontShootTheMessage: The 2014 Equestria Girls Holiday Special is anything but subtle about the seriousness and dangers of cyber-bullying, which should be for the best. But those picking it up expecting a fluffy ChristmasEpisode weren't in the mood for something so grave, to say nothing of [[CluelessAesop the resulting execution]]. * DorkAge:** Entered one during the "Reflections" arc ([[BrokenBase where in it is debated]]), it and the stories since have ranged from average to criticized to the point [[FanonDiscontinuity fans reject its existence]]. Note that this was toward the end of Season 4, [[WinBACKTheCrowd which ended the shows own age]] it entered in Season 3, when the comics debuted, making its current shortcomings stand out more. ** Alternatively, some point to the Cattle Rustlers arc as the start of DorkAge as the issues between that arc and Reflections ranged from good to average, whereas every issue from the Cattle Rustlers arc onward have met much criticism.* EightDeadlyWords: Between the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive purely unlikeable villain]], the Deers' hypocrisy squandering what sympathy they had, and the Ponies [[CantArgueWithElves failing to call the latter out]] or do anything useful on their own, many wrote off "Root of the Problem" by part 1. While the finale had [[IdiotPlot significant criticisms]], it failed to cause the backlash the writers previous {{Story Arc}}s did, likely because readers had stopped caring one way or another.* EnsembleDarkhorse: ** While the {{Retcon}} to [[DemonicPossession the origins of Nightmare Moon]] were mixed to negative, the fandom heartilly embraced [[spoiler:her "reincarnation", Nightmare Rarity]]. Despite being a WalkingSpoiler and only appearing in the latter half of the arc she features in, she is massively popular thanks to her [[EvilIsCool cool]] and [[EvilIsSexy beautiful]] design, and just the idea of [[spoiler:Rarity being turned into a second Nightmare Moon]] is an awesome one.** Luna's pet opossum, Tiberius. Many have called for him to be a character in the actual show.** Likewise Kibitz has been fairly well-received and fans are open to seeing him become a CanonImmigrant, as it's natural that the Princesses would have someone like him around.** Mirror Sombra was generally well received for being TallDarkAndHandsome, having better development then most of the characters originating from the comic, plausible romantic chemistry with Celestia and [[spoiler:getting a emotional powerful HeroicSacrifice]].** Despite being an AdvertisedExtra, Mirror Chrysalis has gotten a lot of love for her [[GrannyClassic adorable]], and being comically/brilliantly opposite to her already darkhorse main universe self.* EsotericHappyEnding: The 2014 Holiday Special seemed to end happy, but between the HappyEndingOverride it pulled on ''Rainbow Rocks'', FridgeHorror at how fragile Sunset Shimmer's forgiveness was, and no evidence that this couldn't happen again, not many readers bought it.* EvilIsCool: Bronies seem to really like the idea of [[spoiler:Rarity going evil]] given all the fanart of Nightmare Moon II has gotten.* EvilIsSexy: [[spoiler:Nightmare Rarity]], as nicely detailed [[ here]] (major spoilers, of course). This was even lampshaded in the comic when [[spoiler:[[FanNickname Nightmarity]]]] says at one point, "I'm so hot, I should be on fire!"* FanficFuel: ** We're given ''just'' enough detail about the MirrorUniverse to get the fanfic authors going. ** The 2014 Holiday Special for the same reasons as ''A Canterlot Wedding'', [[spoiler:criticisms of the The Mane 5 abandoning their friend with little second thought and with hotly debated justification, and their lack of apology afterward.]] * FanonDiscontinuity: Some fans of the show view the comic as such for its discrepancies in tone, continuity, and characterization. Even those who accept it ([[BroadStrokes or parts of it]]) tend to be dismissive of the following:** The Reflections Arc for [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot wasting its potential]] MirrorUniverse conflict, [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter its characters,]] and Celestia's [[LoveMakesYouDumb characterization]] (that she ask the Mane 6 to [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain never let anypony know that this all took place]] helps). ** The 2014 Holiday Special for details that become questionable when placed alongside ''Rainbow Rocks'' and the human characters' [[spoiler:(especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders)]] characterization. And the 2013 Annual fell into this once fans realized [[FranchiseOriginalSin it has the same points of criticism]].** The "Cattle Rustlers" arc for the massive MoralDissonance and Twilight's [[LawfulStupid characterization]].** "Root of the Problem" for its sheer IdiotPlot and the Deer's [[CantArgueWithElves characterization.]][[note]]See a pattern?[[/note]]** "Chaos Theory," for its sheer {{Worf Effect}} on everypony [[note]]Including the [[WorldHealingWave Elements of Harmony]], [[BeyondTheImpossible no less]].[[/note]] but [[BaseBreakingCharacter Starlight]] ('''''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS6E26ToWhereAndBackAgainPart2 again]]''''').** The idea that Cosmos was secretly responsible for ''everything'' that happened in Discord's initial rampage while Discord never actually ''hurt'' anyone and [[TheScapegoat even took the rap]] to [[UnPerson erase her from the history books]] which effectively rendered Discord's character arc in the show redundant as he was secretly GoodAllAlong. Not to mention, this revelation effectively contradicts his actions from Seasons 2 to 4, like his debut in Season 2, letting the Plunder Vines run rampant instead of stopping them if they were secretly Cosmos work in the Season 4 premiere and his FaceHeelTurn in the Season 4 finale. This is effectively the Nightmare Forces scenario all over again, where a comic-exclusive character is revealed to be the cause of a show villain's fall from grace and acts of terror while the show villain in question suddenly is absolved of all blame.* FranchiseOriginalSin:** The first story arc cause some BrokenBase over being DarkerAndEdgier, with the next arc [[ContestedSequel getting it worse for being more so]], but were both well received. Later stories were criticized for objectionable means (like having ''The Princess of Friendship'' unwilling to help ''when her friends were threatened'', foes arbitrarily immune to her magic when she was) to enable such conflict. Note that the LighterAndSofter issues and spinoffs have had less criticism. ** The Reflections Arc was criticized for a DeusExMachina ending. This was also present in the Nightmare Arc, but had the buildup for the story to live up to its potential and leave an [[EarnYourHappyEnding emotionally satisfying ending]]. Refections had it come more [[{{Asspull}} out of the blue]] and abruptly ended the story before it could do what fans hoped for.** Luna's characterization under writer Katie Cook was divisive over being at odds with canon, but was entertaining and funny enough to be enjoyed. Her take on Celestia in "Reflections" received greater criticism for this, but at least it [[LoveMakesYouDumb was given an explanation]], and she clearly regretted it and sought to fix the damage it caused. Such was ''not'' present with Twilight Sparkle in the "Cattle Rustlers" arc, at which point criticism of her writing began to outweigh praise.** Having different writers has led to [[SeriesContinuityError continuity discrepancies]] (like the [[RefugeeFromTVLand appearance of Daring Do]] clashing with [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS4E4DaringDont her being shown to be]] RealAfterAll) which were understandable and minor enough [[MST3KMantra as to not interfere with enjoyment]]. The 2014 Holiday Special seemed written pre ''Rainbow Rocks'', and had Sunset Shimmer mistreated in a way that would have been understandable [[TheBully given her past]], but a detail (Sunset's journal) showing it was post (when she's proven her reformation) made her persecutors UnintentionallyUnsympathetic and the story detested. It also gets criticized for plot points that were handled better in [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E25ACanterlotWeddingPart1 "A Canterlot]] [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E26ACanterlotWeddingPart2 Wedding"]] ([[spoiler:the Mane 5 abandoning their friend was paid off with an epic villain, action, and they realized their mistake]]) and [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS4E20ForWhomTheSweetieBelleToils "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils"]] ([[spoiler:one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders being a GreenEyedMonster, but was portrayed sympathetically enough that her forgiveness received no complaints]]).** One of the biggest complaints to Cosmos aside from being revealed to be TheManBehindTheMan for Discord, was that practically all of her villain tropes have already been done before by previous show and comic villains with less contrivances. Chaotic goddess related to Discord? Eris. [[GreaterScopeVillain Turning out to be the man behind the man to a canon villain?]] Rabia. Assimilate others into a hive mind? Accord. Take out the Princesses easily? Sadly common. Throw the world into chaos? Show canon Discord. Sealed in a celestial body? Nightmare Moon. Betrayed and sealed away by her second in command? Tirek. Meanwhile the things that did make her unique (her crush on Discord, being an alien and the FusionDance) weren't given enough fleshing out to make her stand out, resulting in her being poorly received in general. * GatewaySeries: There have been reports of people - not just bronies - getting into comics ''period'' thanks to this series. The first issue was one of top 100 best selling comics in 2012. An all-ages comic doing this is good news for the industry!* HarsherInHindsight: ** [[ This image]] since the first act!** Celestia's statement to Twilight in the season 3 finale that Star Swirl "did not understand friendship like you do" comes as rather callous with the Reflection Arc.** Rainbow Dash criticizing the Kelpie for [[KarmaHoudini getting off scot free]] for nearly destroying Ponyville because she was trying to help her friends becomes hypocritical after [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E5TanksForTheMemories "Tanks for the Memories"]].*** [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E23PonyvilleConfidential "Ponyville Confidential"]] after said Holiday Special due to the reversal of who got the SympatheticPOV.** One that happens in the same issue in fact. During one scene in said issue, the Mane Six put all their belief in Twilight Sparkle ([[ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve in the most cheesiest way ever]]). Next scene we see the group, Twilight possesses full KillingIntent and winds up [[NiceJobBreakingItHero performing]] a HeelFaceDoorSlam on Sombra by [[DivingSave unintentionally]] injuring Radiant Hope and prompting Sombra to tell her "ThenLetMeBeEvil".** In My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Comic Book [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDWIssue74 Issue 74]], when Zephyr Breeze appears, he and Fluttershy's relationship seems to be much better than it was previously, with the two having affectionate nicknames for each other and playfully joking around. She even calmly helps pull him out of a panic attack. Come Season 9 episode "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS9E4SparklesSeven Sparkle's Seven]]" when Fluttershy mentions him to Spike, she says that he (Zephyr) could learn a lot from Spike about being a good little brother.* HilariousInHindsight:** [[ This article]], posted before the comic series was announced, showing fanart of the (humanized) Mane Six as pin-up superheroines, mentioning "Somewhere 'bad girl artist' J. Scott Campbell is smiling". Campbell ''did'' do a [[ variant cover]], with no {{Fanservice}} in sight!** In ''VideoGame/DiabloIII'', a unique unicorn monster found in [[JokeLevel Whimsyshire]] was named "[[PunnyName Nightmarity]]". [[spoiler:The name isn't used in the comic, but Rarity becomes the second Nightmare Moon]].** The many "What If [[spoiler: Rarity]] Were Evil?" fan-remixes, ''especially'' [[ this one]], are all very much this now.** The two Doctor Whooves in #7 is quite prophetic, since the Series/DoctorWho 50th anniversary special had them together some time later.** Remember the [[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E18TheShowStoppers hilariously bad rock performance the CMC performed to try and find their cutie marks?]] Shining Armor's rock ballad in #11 managed to help Vinyl Scratch gain her cutie mark just by watching it!** The fandom has had a knack for publishing fanart of Rarity battling giant crabs. The cliffhanger to #13 has the Mane Six being attacked by a giant crab, and Rarity in particular seems to be really panicky about it.*** There was also an [[Blog/AskAPony Ask Blog]] about Pirate Rainbow Dash. Guess which canon pony is the most eager to get her sea legs?** In chapter #7, Applejack and Rainbow Dash wished that Daring Do was there to rescue them and the others from jail. In season 4, Daring Do is revealed to be real and Rainbow Dash rescues her.*** Same issue, the Nightmare Forces speculate that Fluttershy would be most susceptible [[CorruptTheCutie to their influence]]. The season 5 opener has the Mane 6 ''exploit'' her seeming susceptibility to best the BigBad, as if they weren't [[UnderestimatingBadassery underestimating her enough]].** In issue 17, Celestia and Starswirl travel to an alternate universe where dinosaurs still roam and they encounter Fluttershy's tyrannosaurus rex counterpart. [[ This fan comic]] was made a year before issue 17 was released.** Remember Twilight nearly blasting Chrysalis to atoms in the finale of the first four issues? Cue the season four finale where we really see what she can do when she cuts loose.** Issue #23, the pets-only story, introduces a kelpie that has the ability to command sentient beings with the power of song, though she is apologetic for these actions once the spell is broken. This came out within the month of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirlsRainbowRocks'' where the main villains also appear to be kelpies, able to coerce humans to enter into conflict with their siren-like song.** The portrayal of the deer in "Root of the Problem" is remarkably similar to how they were in the highly popular fanfic ''FanFic/ItsADangerousBusinessGoingOutYourDoor''. And they were just as unpopular there, too.*** Related to the deer is their role as rulers of the Everfree Forest. People have drawn comparisons to the 4th season premiere where the Forest attacked before, and that episode's own [=HiH=] has comparisons to [[Series/KamenRiderGaim a show airing at the time the episode premiered]]. With this, comparisons to [[spoiler:The Overlords]] can be made.** Issue #33 opens with a crazed Fluttershy restrained à la [[Literature/TheSilenceOfThelambs Hannibal Lecter]], [[WebAnimation/PonyDotMov stay out of her shed, anyone]]?** Twilight Sparkle's name has been compared to [[Literature/{{Twilight}} a certain vampire series]]; WordOfGod on the matter being "It passed legal." The above issue has her turn into the vampire "Twilight Sparkling". So there's no doubt it's intentional...--->'''Apple:''' Who are you?\'''Twilight:''' Twilight. Sparkling. Vampire. Hmmm. [[ShoutOut Those sound good together]].** ''Siege of the Crystal Empire'' was criticized for the excessively evil characterizations of Flim and Flam. Come the Season 5 finale, it's revealed they caused a BadFuture ''worse'' than Sombra's or Chrysalis', [[NotSoHarmlessVillain causing one to second guess if it wasn't on to something]].** Fanworks that have the Princesses (usually Celestia disguising herself as a ordinary white-coated pony with a pink mane) [[KingIncognito assume secret alter egos]] to see Equestria as a common citizen to see what the place is like when they aren't watching have existed since the beginning of the show. Come Issue #65 where Princess Celestia does just that. On an annual basis no less!!* HoYay: In issue #25, Rarity is quite taken with Sheriff Tumbleweed's hat, which Applejack quickly points out is the same as hers. Particularly fun is that you can interpret it in two distinct ways: either Rarity is ObliviousToLove from Applejack, or they're together and Applejack suspects her eye is wandering.* IdiotPlot:** "Root of the Problem" would be over in one page, if it ever happened at all, if any of the characters acted intelligent for just a moment. King Aspen could have sent an envoy to meet with Celestia and Luna in person; Celestia and Luna themselves could visit in person; Twilight could have used her powers and authority as Princess. Instead the ponies are completely useless to do anything while the deer jump straight to eco-terrorism without any regard for the chaos they cause. Further, the resolution of the conflict (the deer just invade the construction site and kick Well-To-Do and his workers out) could have been done at the start of it all without the need to attack Ponyville.** The 2014 holiday special would have been wrapped up with vastly less heartbreak had someone realized that Sunset had nothing to gain from what she was accused of doing, and would basically be shooting herself in the foot out of spite. Unfortunately, even Sunset herself seems blind to this.* IronWoobie: In main series #21, it's revealed that while Trixie's reputation was already pretty bad after ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E6BoastBusters Boast Busters]]'', after ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS3E5MagicDuel Magic Duel]]'' everyone thinks she's evil. Despite this, she is determined to continue performing and prove that she can be a good pony.** The Citizens of Wuvy-Dovey Land can be considered this. They never lose their happy and loving nature, continuing to be nice people [[spoiler: even ''after'' the changelings destroy their town.]]* ItsShortSoItSucks: ** Some feel that Manehatten Mysteries (#21-#22) could have stood to be longer to flesh out its story and the character interactions.** Many feel the real reason the Kelpie got off so absurdly easily in issue #23 is because there wasn't enough pages left in the story to deal with her better. The following issue, while lacking stand out criticism, wasn't long enough to give Discord's time-travel shenanigans what fans felt was justice.* MemeticMutation: Several have become part of the fandom's image macro core image set:** Fluttershy's "Nature is so fascinating" line from Issue #3 has [[ picked up a lot of mileage]]. The circular panel with her has been also used to create "Bad Advice Fluttershy" macros.** Pinkie's reaction to opening the door with the giant eyeball in #4 (replacing the eyeball with anything else)** Rainbow Dash's "Two Words!" at the end of #5** Several reaction shots from the arc of #11-12, including "Cadance laughing at your misery", "Cadance tearing up", "Cadance slyly contemplating", and "Shining trying to say 'Hello'".** Twilight pointing out why Cassie is EasilyForgiven to Rainbow Dash turned into a rather malicious meme where she tries to justify the actions of various villains akin to "X Did Nothing Wrong".* {{Misblamed}}: Much of the problems people had with the ''Siege of the Crystal Empire'' arc were not entirely Jeremy Whitley's fault; the arc underwent heavy ExecutiveMeddling from both Hasbro (who gave him an extremely small list of villains he could use for the VillainTeamUp, forcing him to complete rewrite things several times) and higher-ups at IDW (doing a VillainTeamUp to begin with, and forcing the arc to be only 4 issues, leading to rushed pacing and several parts with members of the VillainTeamUp getting cut from the final issue). That doesn't excuse some of the other problems people had with it, but Whitley was hardly the only one responsible.* MST3KMantra: ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS5E12AmendingFences Amending Fences]]'' shows Twilight Sparkle was friends with the same five ponies Sunset Shimmer rejected in her origin story, furthering the noted FridgeBrilliance in its {{foreshadowing}} their different fates. The five have an age discrepancy between the stories that can only be explained by {{retcon}}, but why let that stop you from enjoying the thematic brilliance? Especially since the show {{retcon}}s its ''own'' continuity (their ages shown in flashbacks in ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS1E23TheCutieMarkChronicles The Cuite Mark Chronicles]]'') to make it work. However, it's still very likely that the portal simply has bizarre space-time effects.* NeverLiveItDown:** Twilight Sparkle's {{Lawful Stupid}}ity in the "Cattle Rustlers" arc, despite being a one-off thing that the comic otherwise manages to avoid.** [[spoiler:The human Cutie Mark Crusaders nearly destroying Sunset Shimmer's reputation]] in the 2014 Holiday Special. That they regretted their actions such they confessed without prompt, and the six months of detention they received being the harshest any remorseful character has received in the MLP franchise proving all too easy to overlook.* OvershadowedByControversy: Bring up the 2014 annual, and all you'll hear about is the entire mess involving the issue's writer and his choice of fan OC to include in the background. This also has applied to any issue following this that Anderson is the writer on, with some readers simply refusing to acknowledge the issue due to Anderson's writing, despite the praise others might give it.* PanderingToTheBase: The comics are obviously aimed at the older brony fandom than the kid audience the show is intended for. The stories are darker and more mature, as well as featuring elements the fandom loves over the SliceOfLife plots of the show, references to death are not uncommon, and there are many nods to the fans in the background scenery.* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Angel saves the whole town, which he'll never get any recognition for. We can probably consider his Scrappy moments paid back in full after this.* RomanticPlotTumor: In the "Reflections" arc. The premise of an alternate universe with evil versions of the cast and good versions of the villains quickly takes a backseat to Celestia's relationship with an alt version of Sombra.* RootingForTheEmpire: Given all the criticism the Deer received in "Root of the Problem", many readers wound up rooting for the villain, Well-To-Do, if for no other reason then [[ScrewYouElves to screw them over]]. They wonder why the ponies didn't, given the Deer proved no better and they would have gotten an AmusementPark out of the deal otherwise.* TheScrappy: Cassie the Kelpie, starting from how [[StoryBreakerPower overpowered]] her ability to brainwash all of Ponyville (including the Mane 6) was, and ending with her [[KarmaHoudini getting away scot-free after being "defeated"]] and explaining her motives, without getting called out for not doing so sooner. That she debuted around the same time as [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirlsRainbowRocks the Dazzlings]], whom had the same, but weaker, powers, and proved more likable in spite of [[LoveToHate (or because of)]] their being eviler made Cassie come off as shallow and undeserving of how well off the story put her.* SeasonalRot: Katie Cook's later story arcs haven't been as well received as ''The Return of Queen Chrysalis'' or her SliceOfLife stories. However one has to keep in mind that in the middle of these, she recently had a child plus is still drawing her own series, ''Webcomic/{{Gronk}}'' (which likewise has recently started publication in comics) and thus likely was not able to focus on her storylines like she used to. The quality in general seems to have dropped once Heather Nuhfer left to work on other projects.* SeinfeldIsUnfunny: When they were first coming out, the comics were given much praise for expansive world building, something that the show, especially at the time Season 3 started, was criticized for lacking. As both series went on and the show slowly stared incorporating more world and lore building, many newcomers to the comics find it hard to fully grasp what made the earlier stories so innovative at the time.* TaintedByThePreview: ** The "Siege of the Crystal Empire" Arc got this for some because of the preview showing Iron Will being part of the VillainTeamUp, something many consider completely out of character for someone who, until now, has never once had an actual negative confrontation with the mane six or any villainous status at all, as well as his reason (ponies not fearing Minotaurs anymore) having never been a factor with his character in any of his previous appearances. However, it's downplayed as he manages to be something of the TokenGoodTeammate, especially when rather gently subduing Applejack.** Issues #75-78 with Cosmos got this from the mere ''announcement'' due to describing Cosmos as 'making Discord look like Harley Quinn compared to the Joker' and other such things. It doesn't help that it's similar to how bad fanfics like to hype up villains. Then the Issue #75 preview reveals that Cosmos was secretly responsible for ''everything'' that happened in Discord's initial rampage while Discord never actually ''hurt'' anyone and [[TheScapegoat even took the rap]] to [[UnPerson erase her from the history books]] turned off even more readers. * TakeThatScrappy: In the climax of "The Root of the Problem", Well-to-Do uses Bramble as leverage to force Aspen to become a humiliating mascot at the amusement park.* TastesLikeDiabetes: PlayedForLaughs with Wuvy-Dovey Land.* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: ** The "Reflections" arc. A lot of fans were really excited at the prospect of getting to see a mirror universe with evil versions of the mane cast and good versions of the bad guys. Unfortunately, the bulk of the arc ended up revolving around [[RomanticPlotTumor Celestia's relationship with Mirror Sombra]]. The alternate versions of the Mane Six get very little screentime, leading a lot of readers to feel that the alternate universe premise was wasted even among those who genuinely liked parts of the arc.** Given the [[WhatTheHellHero calling out Twilight Sparkle got]] over her {{lawful stupid}}ity, it looked like the "Cattle Rustlers" arc would pay it off by forcing her to make a ToBeLawfulOrGood decision. [[WriterCopOut Instead]], she resorted to tricking the villains into breaking a law [[LoopholeAbuse that would let her act against them]], through [[MoralDissonance morally contradictory methods]] that ruined its theoretical credibility. The story itself could have been half-decent if not for Twilight's actions {{overshadow|ed By Controversy}}ing it.** "Root of the Problem" could have been a good arc had it focused on the Everfree Forest or the deer. Instead, we get a [[StrawCharacter straw villain]] that could make the villains of ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers'' cringe in embarrassment that still [[DesignatedHero failed to make the Deer the good guys in comparison]], and a conflict [[IdiotPlot that should have been resolved before the ponies got involved.]]** The Equestria Girls Holiday Special also falls under this, as after ''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirlsRainbowRocks Rainbow Rocks]]'' fans were looking forward to a nice, fluffy further developing Sunset Shimmer and her friends; they got a rehash of "Ponyville Confidential" which lacked what left the episode "merely" controversial. [[spoiler:Also, the potential that could have come from Sunset being subjected to the same bullying she subjected others to, looking into how fragile her forgiveness was, or give her friends guilt over this, never shows up.]] By taking place after ''Rainbow Rocks'', the chance to give everyone a justifiable reason for Sunset's treatment (she had yet to prove her reformation) and explore why she became so [[ShrinkingViolet emotionally vulnerable]], is likewise wasted.* UglyCute:** Jim the Cave Troll. Sure he's a hulking brute who could easily crush a pony if he wanted to, but he's so innocent and carefree it's hard not to see him as anything other than the softie he really is. And he genuinely did love the Mane Six's company.** The uncorrupted moon bunny in Issue #7. Fluttershy certainly thinks so.* UncannyValley:** Issue #1's [[ SUB]] cover by Jill Thompson. The mouths just look wrong.** The costumes that Pinkie carries around.* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic:** Many readers wound up agreeing with Rainbow Dash's objection to how EasilyForgiven Cassie the Kelpie was, since her "helping her friends" involved brainwashing the town into nearly destroying itself without showing remorse for or explaining why she didn't just ask for their help.** [[spoiler:Despite solid-looking evidence of her wrongdoing, the Humane 5 turning on Sunset Shimmer makes them this for not questioning why she'd do it (it's post "Rainbow Rocks", so there's no more room for doubt she's reformed). That they forgave the human Cutie Mark Crusaders after they confessed to framing her out of jealousy as opposed to apologize to Sunset sunk what remained. Worse is that many found the CMC to also be this in spite of their guilt, since they continued to act against Sunset after breaking them up for no clear reason, lacked what made their pony selfs sympathetic in similar situations, and only faced consequences offscreen compared to what Sunset was shown to have gone through due to their actions.]]** What sympathy the deer had for having their forest home demolished, they squandered by invading Ponyville and Canterlot despite their having nothing to do with and being sympathetic to their plight, plus their [[FantasticRacism thinking too little of ponykind to care much]].* VindicatedByHistory: ** The Nightmare Arc (Issues 5-8) was [[ContestedSequel controversial when it came out]], but future issues were even more so, with criticisms this arc [[FranchiseOriginalSin adequately contained]], meaning it's now viewed as one of the comic's best stories. Helping is that its biggest criticism ([[FanDislikedExplanation the nature of the Nightmare Forces and their relation to Nightmare Moon]]) was [[AuthorsSavingThrow retconned into something more palatable]] in ''Fiendship Is Magic''.** "Siege of the Crystal Empire" (issues 34 to 37) has also been getting this after Sombra made his return to the show in the season 9 premiere. It's generally agreed that, for all its flaws, the comics gave a far more interesting portrayal of Sombra than the BigBadWannabe CardCarryingVillain he was ultimately portrayed as in that finale.* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids: It's promoted as an all-ages comic, though the series thus far has been a little darker than one would expect from a series where most of the covers feature cute, colorful ponies.* TheWoobie: ** Luna on [[ Andy Price's variant of #8]].** Rarity is very sympathetic in the Nightmares arc, especially when it's revealed that [[spoiler:she has self-esteem issues because she fears that her friends will abandon her because they find her useless. Fortunately, her friends convince her otherwise at the end.]]** Spike during [[spoiler: Nightmare Rarity's dream sequence]] at the end of #7.** Princess Celestia, as a result of the Sunset Shimmer short. And she's either this or JerkassWoobie in the "Reflection" arc [[spoiler: where she ignores Starswirl's warning to see her lover, the alternate universe King Sombra which ultimately causes her to be separated from her mentor and then her lover.]]** Sunset Shimmer in the Holiday Special [[spoiler:where she gets framed for being Anon-a-Miss, a person posting secrets on MyStable, gets rejected by the Humane Five and once again becomes the most hated student in Canterlot High. Post-heel-face-turn Sunset Shimmer can't catch a break!]]


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