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1* ArchivePanic: Oh dear lord. If you are foolish enough to start ANY of these, but particularly ''Homestuck'', '''only''' start it early in the morning on a Saturday. Do '''not''', under any circumstances, let ''Homestuck'''s slow start lull you into a false sense of security about your ability to put it down.* ItsPopularNowItSucks: Not the comics themselves, but the suggestion boxes, originally one of the core ideas for the comics, have ended up like this. As ''[=MSPA=]'''s popularity increased, the huge pool of suggestions basically led to Andrew doing what he was going to do anyway, only much slower that he could if he didn't have suggestion boxes. Now they're shut indefinitely except for naming new player characters (i.e. the Trolls) - and every time they are opened for that, they crash the site. The story's a lot tighter and quicker paced without them, but it's still sad to see popularity kill a neat idea.--> '''Andrew on Formspring:''' At this point I pretty much despise the suggestion box.* [[ScrewedByTheNetwork Screwed By The Creator]]: ''Bard Quest'' ended before it was finished, primarily due to the fact that the story's oddly-updated ChooseYourOwnAdventure paths would not only be hard for viewers to keep up with, but it would inevitably [[{{Railroading}} end up following a single one]], defeating the purpose of keeping a story in that genre.* ToughActToFollow: Andrew has confirmed he will continue to make material long after ''[=MSPA=]'' is forgotten. ''Homestuck'' is going to be '''quite''' the act to top.


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