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1* AdaptationDisplacement : The series is far more popular than the original 2004 movie. * SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic : The [[ entire soundtrack]], by Music/{{Mogwai}}.* BrokenBase : Is this the poorman's ''Series/{{LOST}}'' or the French ''Series/TwinPeaks''? Are the writers [[WritingByTheSeatOfYourPants making it up as they go along]] or do they have precise answers planned out beforehand ? Will the second season be a great disappointment or not ? Is Victor [[TagalongKid cute]], [[CreepyChild terrifying]] or [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds both]] ?* FandomEnragingMisconception: Calling them "zombies" instead of revenants.* IdiotPlot: By the end of the first season, though revenants have been identified as such by a great many people [[spoiler: including the police]], nobody has attempted [[spoiler: to do a serious medical examination of one]] or [[spoiler: to notify the outside world of their existence]]. Other specific examples: not placing a camera in [[spoiler: the tunnel]]; not communicating in any meaningful way with [[spoiler: the horde]]; not turning [[spoiler: Victor]] over to the police [[spoiler: when he appeared to be a normal (if quiet) lost child, presumably with distraught parents somewhere]]; not warning the town of [[spoiler: an incoming long-term blackout]]. All decisions that should have been obvious to some or all of the people involved but [[IdiotBall somehow]] weren't, creating a lot of unnecessary mystery and suffering.** Of course, many also note that there are perfectly reasonable explanations why the characters acted those way- it's just that they don't follow the cold logic of someone who's outside the situation. [[spoiler: No one does a serious medical examination of a revenant because only a couple of people know about them, and for those people they're either loved ones or a sign of god, which means that experimenting on them or put them in any kind of jeopardy wouldn't ever cross their minds. They know about the horde for, what, two hours? And when they find them, they ''do'' try to communicate in a meaningful way- the horde just answers with 'we just want our dead people back'. Julie doesn't trust the police and, for her, trying to find out whether or not someone was looking for Victor was enough.]] As for not warning the town about the problems at the dam, that has happened so many times ''it isn't even funny''.* TheChrisCarterEffect : Depends on which side of the fandom you're asking, but even those who believe the writers to have a planned mythology are cautious about their chances to obtain all the answers they want.* ValuesDissonance : The sex scene int the first episode, between young Léna and Frederic caused some major [[{{Squick}} squick]] outside of France, regarding their age. The character is supposed to be 14, but looks much younger. That's why the twins will apparently get [[AgeLift age-lifted]] in the American remake.* {{Squick}} : [[spoiler: The rot which begins to infect the Revenants' bodies is bad enough to look at... But then Simon proceeds to EAT HIS OWN FLESH oh dear god...]]


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