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1* {{Adorkable}}: Scarecrow in "Lego DC Supervillains", being a major fanboy of Sinestro and having moments of nervousness and awkwardness.≤* AnnoyingVideoGameHelper: Conan O'Brien will be around the non-planet hub areas in ''Batman 3''. However, his little speeches about each area constantly loop and never change, tiring the dialogue and making you want to murder him. He's an invulnerable NPC, however, and unlike Alfred in the previous game, ''he cannot be muted''. And if you're customizing characters, you'll hear the same speech a few times over.≤* AuthorsSavingThrow:≤** One of the biggest complaints against ''LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes'' is a perceived [[SpotlightStealingCrossover overuse of Batman and his various characters]], with Superman and other Justice League members not really getting involved until mid-game, as well as general lack of representation of DC's large universe. ''LEGO Batman 3'', showcases members of the Justice League in far more important roles, along with more representation of obscure or underused characters (it doesn't keep it from [[SpotlightStealingTitle still being named after]] ''[[SpotlightStealingTitle Batman]]'', however...)≤** Racing missions are much more manageable in ''LEGO Batman 3'' than they were in ''LEGO Marvel''.≤* BaseBreakingCharacter: Conan O'Brien's inclusion in ''LEGO Batman 3'' has been a little controversial. Some don't mind him being in it, since he's JustForFun/OneOfUs and a funny guy, whereas others think that his position as MissionControl shoehorns him in slightly. This changed when the game actually came out (see TheScrappy).≤* BrokenBase:≤** Several characters being recast in ''LEGO Batman 3'' has been divisive.≤** The fairly heavy presence of celebrities in ''Beyond Gotham'' has split the fanbase. While people are seemingly happy with Creator/AdamWest as the Citizen in Peril and Stephen Amell reprising his role from ''Series/{{Arrow}}'' (if perhaps being underused), Kevin Smith is more divisive (some fans find him funny, others think he is okay but unnecessary, some wish he wasn't in it at all). Seemingly the one thing that everyone ''can'' agree on is that Conan O'Brien is fairly annoying.≤* CrossesTheLineTwice: Killer Croc vomiting up Doctor Fate's helmet, after implying that he ate him.≤* EnsembleDarkhorse: Firefly has a fair number of fans despite having a more minor role in the plot of ''Beyond Gotham''.≤* EvenBetterSequel: ''LEGO Batman'' was a good game with some great starting points, but when 2 came along, we got a (slightly) widened ensemble cast complete with all the improvements that had been made since the first game, such as free roaming. Oh yeah, and actual voice acting allowed for a better plot.≤* FauxSymbolism: The Gotham City hub world in ''Batman 2'' has the hint of a sunrise or sunset in the background. Whether it means something or is there to look pretty is unknown.≤* GameBreaker: Superman can't be killed (by anything without SuperStrength, at least), can fly, destroys everything he touches in the overworld, and has four different abilities. Wonder Woman and several other Super Heroes count but Superman is unlocked while the main game is still in motion.≤* GoodBadBugs: A [[ bizarre glitch]] in ''Lego Batman 3'' causes planets to become fused at complete random, completely screwing up their appearance, collision detection, and physics in hilarious ways. Want to swim in midair on the moon or walk upside down on the Hall of Justice ceiling? Now you can! Certain fusions also result in impressive SceneryPorn; Oa, in particular, appears to have [[ColonyDrop collided]] with the planet it's fused to.≤* HilariousInHindsight:≤** In ''Lego Batman 2'', when you finish the first act (capture The Joker), Superman appears (late) to help and mentions that Batman should be more careful about destroying the city when he fights supervillains...then sometime later comes ''Film/{{Man of Steel}}'' and its infamous final battle...≤** ''Lego Batman 3'' has an EarlyBirdCameo of the ''Arkham Knight'' Batmobile, which only purpose in the game is to be destroyed to build the Burton Batmobile. The Arkham Knight Batmobile's negative reception turns its destroyable nature into this.≤** In ''Lego Batman 3'', when you visit Zameron, Green Loontern offers you a Gold Brick for helping him with his tour and remarks that maybe the next game will have Pink Bricks, referencing the pink color pallet. Then comes ''VideoGame/LEGOMarvelSuperHeroes2'', where the Red Bricks were replaced with Pink Bricks.≤* HoYay:≤** Joker is rather...''flirty'' with Luthor.≤--->'''Joker:''' Oh, Leeeeex? ''[holds up kryptonite]'' It's a boy!≤** Goes ''even further'' in ''Beyond Gotham'', when some of the heroes and villains get a particular emotion corresponding to that of a Lantern amplified. And Joker was hit by "love"...yeah, you know how this will turn out.≤** Robin [[ making a heart at Batman]] in the trailer for ''Beyond Gotham''.≤** One of Joker's random chatter lines in ''Batman 3'' could be applied to this context.≤--->'''Joker:''' It was the Batman who made me the happy soul I am today.≤* MagnificentBastard:≤** ComicBook/TheJoker is the zany but brilliant ArchEnemy of Batman. An expert schemer, the Joker regularly threatens Gotham City with his various crimes, from kidnapping Commissioner Gordon to gassing all of Gotham, often assisting his allies himself and accepting any help that he's offered. Teaming up with Lex Luthor in the second game, he uses his chemical skills to fabricate Kryptonite, using it to track down the Batcave and steal the real Kryptonite stashed there and uses his laughing gas to hypnotize the citizens into voting for Lex, the duo then putting up a prolonged fight with the Justice League. Later playing a big role in the LegionOfDoom breaking into the Watchtower, he happily assists the heroes in saving the world from Brainiac, even after forcibly becoming more affectionate in the process. During ''DC Super Villains'', he joins the Legion in fighting the Crime Syndicate, with him and Harley Quinn volunteering to recruit Black Adam, fighting off Shazam and Superwoman in the process. Eventually, after trashing Apokalypse upon arrival, he once again gleefully joins forces with the heroes to take out Darkseid.≤** ComicBook/{{Catwoman}} is the expert cat burglar who acts as TheDragon to the Penguin's plot to take over Gotham City with an army of machine powered penguins. Responsible for stealing a diamond to power the machine, she and Penguin evade the GCPD and steal the diamond, with Catwoman making her escape upon being cornered. Evading and pursuing Batman and Robin, she then distracts Batman by kissing him, using the moment to toss the Diamond to her cat. Upon being delivered the diamond in jail, she uses it to bribe Penguin and Killer Croc into freeing her, continuing to aid her boss in his scheme. Eventually managing to unleash the penguins, they proceed to fight the Dynamic Duo, with Catwoman doing the physical fighting. Later games would have her successfully break out of Arkham after a failed first attempt, and acting as the TeamMom to the LegionOfDoom, willingly helping Batman fight off the Parademon invasion.≤* MoralEventHorizon: Lex Luthor easily crosses it by [[spoiler:trying to murder everybody in Wayne Tower, because Wayne snubbed him at the Man of the Year Awards]].≤* NightmareFuel: When you finish the Hero side of the Jokerís chapter in the first game, a brief cutscene plays of Joker in his cell, putting a flag gun to his head before pulling the trigger. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Yes, a suicide joke is in a ''Lego'' game]].≤* TheScrappy: While Conan O'Brien was something of a BaseBreakingCharacter before launch, after the game came out fans and critics came to dislike his role, since the jokes got old fairly quickly and he was seen as shoehorned in.≤* ScrappyMechanic: The random but regular gang fights in ''Batman 2''. You can be walking around the Gotham open world, and a group of villains can spawn at any time, which will trigger another piece of music which quickly gets annoying. The music can be turned off and the fights can be avoided, but it's a pain nonetheless.≤* SpecialEffectsFailure:≤** In the first game, using Joker's joybuzzer on somebody will reveal their skeleton as they get shocked. Use it on a rat found in some levels, however, and it still shows a human skeleton.≤** The Joker-Copter in ''Batman 2''. Its blades don't even spin.≤* ThatOneLevel:≤** "Zoo's Company". Lily-Pad Bouncing Segment. That is all.≤** "An Icy Reception". Almost the entire level is situated on catwalks over a precarious BottomlessPit, and some of the platforms have rather dodgy hit detection. Filling up the Super Hero Bar is more or less impossible in story mode due to the ''incredibly'' strict amount of studs you need. It certainly doesn't help that Mr. Freeze is ThatOneBoss who can kill both players in less than one second. To top it all off, it's the ''second level''.≤** In the first two ''LEGO Batman'' games, there are several chase levels. Be assured that, if there is flying involved -- whether you're piloting an aircraft or playing as Superman -- you ''will'' be intensely frustrated.≤* ThatOneSidequest: Arctic World's minikit canisters on the ice slide, where you have to pass through five or so gates. You only get one try, and if you mess up, you have to restart the lengthy level again.≤* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter:≤** Firefly doesn't play as big a role in the story for ''Beyond Gotham'' as the rest of the LegionOfDoom do, and thus feels a bit wasted. The scenes he ''is'' in are generally considered to be good.≤** In ''2'', you can't buy Supergirl until you've collected 250 gold bricks, which basically means 100% completion. With no more challenges, levels or side missions to play, most players won't be using Supergirl at all.≤* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot:≤** ''LEGO Batman 2'' was promoted with having other heroes from the DCU available, but, in the story, only Superman and his supporting cast get any focus. The rest of the Justice League only show up near the end. However, their late appearance is only due to the message of Batman needing to trust others, and they're the focus from the beginning of ''Beyond Gotham'', so it's actually pretty well played.≤** They implement the traditional Kryptonite weakness in ''LEGO Batman 2'', but don't utilize Metallo as a boss fight nor do they include the character in the game. Metallo ''is'' included in ''LEGO Batman 3'', but only as an unlockable character with no plot importance. Finally rectified in ''LEGO DC Super-Villains'' where Metallo does go up against Superman.≤** The [[Film/TheDarkKnightTrilogy Dark Knight DLC]] for ''LEGO Batman 3'' takes place in the car chase sequence from the second film, but the famous truck flip stunt from that film was just relegated to a comic panel cutscene. Who wouldn't have wanted to see that reproduced in LEGO?≤** The end of Bizarro's DLC for ''Beyond Gotham'' ends with Darkseid [[spoiler:being beaten offscreen]].≤* UncannyValley: The Joker Robot in ''LEGO Batman 2'' is freaky because of its face. It has a large jaw with red "lips" and the way it flaps when it "laughs" is pretty creepy. The jaw is just a ring, too, and the synthesized laughs are unsettling. When destroying it, the head spins around and falls off, leaving the jaw attached to the body. It's eerily similar to the appearance of the Joker's disembodied face in the New 52. Given the Joker, this is probably intentional.≤* UnexpectedCharacter: ≤** Due to the first game being predominantly based upon ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', with music and locations from the films utilized, Hush, a character who had no presence outside comics media at the time, was a surprise. The same also applies to Killer Moth, who, compared to the vast majority of the villains featured, is much less well known.≤** Among the massive cast of characters, ''LEGO Batman 3'' includes;≤*** Obscure silly characters (Detective Chimp and Condiment King).≤*** Un-superpowerd celebrities (Creator/KevinSmith and Creator/ConanOBrien).≤*** WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck with a ComicBook/GreenLantern ring (named "Green Loontern"), as seen in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/DuckDodgers''.≤*** Terry [=McGinnis=], along with some of his ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' co-stars, can also be purchased and unlocked. ≤* VideoGameMoviesSuck: Inverted depending on your opinion regarding ''LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Superheroes Unite''.


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