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1* HarsherInHindsight: This movie has not aged well at all. In fact, these days, it could be argued that the movie's premise feels like an argument used to justify hatred towards trans women.* IdiotPlot: Do they just assume that because it's the WNBA, that these women have ''no freaking clue'' who Jamal Jeffries is, even though he's a popular player? They really had no idea it was just him in a wig until the wig came off? That's like someone of Derrick Rose's magnitude putting on a wig and no one knowing it's him!* ValuesDissonance: These days, with the amount of representation trans people get, a character like Jamal who poses as a woman to get into the WNBA could very well perpetuate anti-trans stereotypes.** Plus Jamal's actions would not fly in today's post #MeToo environment.* WhyWouldAnyoneTakeHimBack: Wouldn't it be...kind of...''awkward'' to try to [[spoiler: romantically view]] someone who you previously thought was your best girlfriend? And how many people would give her crap for [[spoiler: dating]] this guy?* {{Woobie}}: Michelle. Playing a sport that either gets no attention or negative attention in comparison to it's male counterpart can be enough of an issue. On top of finding out that [[spoiler: Romeo has been cheating on her with groupies]], she also uncovers Jamal's secret. Imagine getting to know another woman and calling her your best friend for possibly months, telling her personal details about yourself and confiding in her, telling her things you probably can't or won't tell another man, only to find out they've been posing as a woman simply for employment. Michelle is a very good candidate for extensive therapy afterwards!


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