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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: [[ This Gun For Hire by the Sexy Swingin' Sisters]] is the music that plays during the entire time playing.* BrokenBase: Opinions are split on whether this game deserves a "definitive" Steam release.** The fact that this version was titled "Hatters Gonna Hat" seems to indicate Yahtzee's awareness of this.* GameBreaker: If you're looking to collect bonus hats to spend, your best bet is to get the gold desk every time you earn a gift. You get 20 hats for every question you answer "correctly", which means that even if you only get one, you're getting more than you probably would with most of the other minigames. Since the InterfaceScrew doesn't really start becoming a problem until the third and final question, good players can get at least 40 hats out of it each time.


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