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1* AcceptableTargets: Generally "baby shows", villains from multiple works of fiction, and "[[{{Troll}} bad users]]" the [=GoAnimate=] community doesn't approve of.˛** There are some shows who have characters that will frequently get "Grounded" videos made out of them, but the show itself is generally free of {{Take That}}s. Examples of this include [[ReplacementScrappy Joe]] from ''WesternAnimation/BluesClues'' and [[TheScrappy Elmo]] from ''Series/SesameStreet''.˛** Alvin Hung, the website's founder, became one after the removal of [=GoPlus=] and some of the website's most popular themes and voices. This even crossed over into ''racist humor'' and '''''death threats.''''' It wasn't until other [=GoAnimate=] fans defended him that this really stopped.˛** Creator/HarryPartridge after giving the site a rather nasty ColbertBump in the form of his "Go Animate! An Animation Revolution" video.˛** Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are popular grounding targets, depending on the user. However, they actually avoid falling into AcceptablePoliticalTargets as most [=GoAnimate=] videos rarely delve into politics.˛* AlasPoorScrappy: Even those who dislike characters like WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} and [[WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer Dora]] can feel bad for them due to the insane and lethal punishments they often receive.˛* AllAnimationIsDisney: The focus of several "Warren Cook Gets Grounded" videos.˛* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Rampant, and varying with various users.˛** WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} is commonly depicted by African Vulture as a spoiled brat with a borderline sociopathic obsession with Chuck E. Cheese's. Issac Anderson then took Caillou ([[AbusiveParents and his father's]]) more psychotic tendencies [[UpToEleven and cranked them up to insane heights.]]˛*** Even within his videos, "Caillou Gets Grounded: The Movie" gives some light on Boris's character. Is he truly a [[AbusiveParents monstrous abuser]], or is he merely being [[HenpeckedHusband controlled by his]] [[LadyMacbeth much more abusive wife]]?[[labelnote:Further speculation]]Note the sequence where he [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone begins to regret punishing Caillou so harshly]], only for his wife to claim that "it's always the kid's fault all the time" and convinces him to ground him once more. This in itself is kind of iffy, since Caillou had just murdered someone and escaped - which, obviously, deserves severe punishment - but Boris wonders if his prior overreactions had led Caillou to act out to this extent. [[/labelnote]]˛** Calliou's Dad/Boris (and sometimes other parents characters as well, but especially him) is subject to being portrayed as a PsychoForHire by multiple users, in particular the already mentioned Isaac Anderson and [=OfficerPoop247=]. [[ This video]] from [=BrandaBob=] is the best example of this, where Boris is distilled into a masochistic torturer with a insatiable need to ground and irrational hatred for anything Chuck E. Cheese's, while trying to influence future parents into his grounding style.˛*** Lately coming into vogue is "Evil Boris" or "Teeth Boris" (nowadays known more as "Boris the Teeth Guy"), a version of Boris colored red and with [[VolumetricMouth his mouth enlarged 400%]] who has NoIndoorVoice, not even a modicum of kindness, and drops so many profanities and racial slurs it's unbelievable that no videomaker in real life hasn't been grounded yet for those videos.˛*** Something else that has been coming into vogue is turning Rosie into something akin to a psychopath. Creators such as Venomous Soup and [=RareYellowWUUTBee=] make Rosie worse than Caillou. Rosie has a heavy NeverMyFault attitude, seems to be anti-establishment (''any'' establishment) and is willing to murder her family if it means getting her way.˛** WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}} is frequently depicted by the user Matt [=TheGoAnimator=] as a foul-mouthed [[{{Jerkass}} jackass]] with a [[HairTriggerTemper nasty temper]] who is the SpoiledBrat of the Read family rather than D.W. (who is a total Boy Scout (er, Girl Scout) compared to him).˛** For the grounded videos as a whole, it's easy to interpret Caillou, Dora, and other trouble-making kids as an ensemble of [[JerkassWoobie Jerkass Woobies]] who simply act out [[FreudianExcuse because of the abuse from their bullying families]].˛** Carbon copies of the Mac and PC guys from the 2000's Apple commercials who look like Justin Long and John Hodgman exist in Comedy World as default characters, along with a muscle-bound blonde Secret Service bodyguard who should be taking bullets for the President. In the world of [=GoAnimate=] though, the Mac Guy is mainly known "fake VHS" creator Warren Cook, while PC Guy is the strict jerkass parent named Diesel Busters to the bodyguard character, who behaves like an immature teenager with the fandom name of Macusoper.˛** Speaking of Macusoper, it is common to see people who have differing views on him. Is he a short-tempered ButtMonkey whose misdoings are caused (and fueled further) by the actions of his peers and his father Diesel, who all treat him like a social outcast, or he is a complete {{Jerkass}} with a HairTriggerTemper worthy of his punishments? This has extended on to the point where Macusoper has become a BaseBreakingCharacter with several fans and non-fans alike.˛** Fred, of all characters, in [=samster5677=]'s ''Franchise/ScoobyDoo'' videos is portrayed as an egotistical, abusive, and violent {{jerkass}} with a HairTriggerTemper who constantly treats his friends like dirt, commits crimes [[KarmaHoudini without punishment]], repeatedly [[SensoryAbuse talks so loud his voice clips]], and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking makes cheap and unfunny fourth-wall jokes]].˛*** However, running with this trope, is Fred really this kind of person because of how he is or has Fred devolved into this madman due to Shaggy and Scooby's gluttony and Daphne's airheadedness?˛* AnimationAgeGhetto: A truly odd case in that it's mostly ''kids'' (rather than adults) believing any show on a network made ostensibly for younger children is a "baby show" and thus deserving of their wrath in the grounded videos. Even shows with [[PeripheryDemographic large followings]] such as ''WesternAnimation/{{Cyberchase}}'', ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'', and ''WesternAnimation/SofiaTheFirst'' are often hated by the fandom, simply by proxy of sharing network space with legitimately disliked shows such as ''Caillou''. This may be due to the fact that, at the age kids are at when they make these videos, it is usually "cool" to mock and disparage shows that, at another time, they would have loved. ˛* AssPull: As "Grounded" videos are usually made by younger kids, don't be surprised to see the guilty party's plans being stopped by just a simple phone call and demand for them to be punished. Even more, if there's no possible way for the guilty party to be caught, be prepared for crazy leaps of logic that leads to the guilty party's revelation or some sort of super-awesome hi-tech device capturing them in the act and telling everyone who it was. For instance, in [[ this video]], Dora pulls the fire alarm as an April Fools prank. When the alarm ends, the teacher asks what happened when [[AuthorAvatar Brendan Barney]] explains:˛-->'''Brendan Barney''': Somebody in this classroom has pulled the fire alarm. It could have been anyone. It could have even been Dora. In fact, it actually ''was'' Dora: she was the only one in the building when the fire alarm went off.˛** Another type is for elaborate characters or animals, to excuse the limitations of the software by inserting a line about said character getting "[[MagicPlasticSurgery plastic surgery]]" to allow them to appear in the videos, or even for a gag; one video series had Boris get surgery to become a lookalike of Music/{{Eminem}}.˛** [[ This video]] shows Caillou running away to Chicago because he loves the city and also so he doesn't have to go to school, with no one the wiser. Caillou is caught because [[ContrivedCoincidence Boris just so happens to be in Chicago himself]] and comes across Caillou. Cue grounding. While Boris hadn't shown up in the video beforehand, it's never stated that this was because he was in Chicago.˛** Often times creators attempt to HandWave this trope by lampshading it as "[=GoAnimate=] Logic". Often times, however, it leads to just outright lame and anti-climatic moments. For instance, in [[ this video]], Dora and Caillou set off a nuke that destroys Go City. When [[WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo Fred]] finds them and learns they used "[=GoAnimate=] Logic" to use the nuke, he decides to use it to reverse all of the damage done.˛* AuthorsSavingThrow: On the part of the users. If a character's punishment/treatment is extreme or cruel to the point of attracting backlash in the comments, the user may sometimes [[ThrowTheDogABone throw the character in question a bone]] in the next uploaded video. One example can be found in [[ this video]], where Caillou's parents are shown being apathetic towards Caillou to the point of not going out to search for him during a tornado. Caillou winds up sucked up by the tornado and gets thrown through a window of his house, landing in front of his parents and Rosie. Upon seeing their son lying unconscious and bleeding on the ground in front of them, Boris and the others' first reaction is to... [[ComedicSociopathy express relief that the tornado is gone and step over Caillou's body to go and watch TV]]. After outcry erupted from the comments, the user uploaded [[ this sequel video]], where LaserGuidedKarma hits Boris, Doris, and Rosie like a semi-truck when some police officers inspecting the neighborhood after the tornado step into the house to find the injured Caillou bleeding out on the ground as the rest of the family watches TV. Found out and facing arrest, Boris, Doris, and Rosie attempt to escape but are caught. Boris and Doris are thrown in the slammer for neglecting Caillou and impeding the officers and Rosie is sent to a foster family. Meanwhile, [[EarnYourHappyEnding Caillou eventually recovers from his injuries and is treated to some Chuck E. Cheese's by one of the police officers]].˛* BadassDecay: A very strange variation of this trope is in play with these videos - a person can perform any act, commit any crime, strike out against any person, but the moment someone else confronts the troublemaker and demands an explanation, they are forced to reveal the truth and sit there and take any and all punishments given to them. Very rarely will someone strike back against the person and usually doing so will cause the other to get ''angrier''.˛* BaseBreakingCharacter: ˛** While Boris is just a straight up [[TheScrappy Scrappy]] to the ironic fanbase, he's more along the lines of this to the non-ironic fanbase. If you check the comments of many of the Caillou Grounded videos, you'll probably see an equal amount of people who are either taking Boris's side (because they hate Caillou just as much as he does) or people saying that they wish they could ground Boris for going too far in his punishments or causing deliberate pain for Caillou.˛** As described above, Macusoper has gotten this treatment lately, thanks to his association with infamous user [=MacusoperAndLPSLover=], a user known for his tirade against the negative portrayal of the character in videos. While Macusoper's punishments and treatment by his peers borders on harsh, it is of common debate to see whether or not Macusoper's attitude has a role to play in his videos.˛** Gina can be this to some. She is intended to be a NiceGirl and generally [[OnlySaneMan the only level-headed person]] in "Dora Gets Grounded" videos. To others, however, she is presented as so perfect and beyond flawless that it can be quite agonizing and give her [[TastesLikeDiabetes the opposite effect]] to viewers instead.˛** Rosie could count for similar reasons to Gina above.˛* BetterThanCanon: Some could argue that the WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} in the "Grounded" videos is a great deal more entertaining than the original, thanks in part due to their SoBadItsGood nature as well as Caillou's seemingly godlike powers until karma catches up to him. Compare that to the original Caillou, who's considered by many to be much more annoying and an immature SpoiledBrat.˛* BigLippedAlligatorMoment:˛** [[ Caillou gets a REALLY bad dream/escapes grounding]] is already one of the stranger played-straight grounded videos, but [[spoiler: the random cameo by [[Machinima/TheGmodIdiotBox Dr. Hax]] near the end]] is just the icing on the cake.˛** At one point during [[ this video]], the video randomly cuts to a picture of Caillou with a [[ADateWithRosiePalms stained hand]] protruding from his pelvis (and looking like something it shouldn't in the process) while a giggling noise plays. No one, not even Caillou, brings this up at any point during the rest of the video. [[spoiler: Not even during the GainaxEnding.]]˛** During [[ this Warren Cook video]], Warren goes to the movie theater to see ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy''. During the movie, a fight breaks out between a punk and a businessman for seemingly no reason. [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight No one reacts to the fight]], nor does it have any affect on the rest of the video.˛** [[ This run-of-the-mill Punishment Day video]] involving Literature/TheBerenstainBears [[note]] Nope, not even a family as wholesome as them is immune to [=GoAnimate=].[[/note]] has Sister Bear [[NonSequitur randomly yelling]] "Holy crap, holy crap, it's like a refrigerator in here because I'm [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys Foxy the Pirate]]!" while in an extremely cold shower. No attention is brought to this, nor is ''Five Nights At Freddy's'' mentioned after (or even before) this outburst.˛** In [[ "Bradley Tries To See Wreck It Ralph"]] after [[spoiler:Bradley's grandfather exorcises Bradley so he can possess his father]], the scene cuts to a television show showing an OffModel Caillou getting grounded by a {{gonk}}y Doris with the latter saying "Mother of God Kaylow I can't believe you blew up the whole of North Korea you are grounded grounded grounded until Hell freezes over.", with Bradley's father laughing. Neither Doris, Caillou or the show in question are mentioned before this scene, and are not brought up again after this.˛** [[ Caillou and Boris Go Out On A Date]] has Caillou and Boris [[MushroomSamba hallucinating]] after they eat a turkey with marijuana on it as a "decoration". This is never talked about again and had literally nothing to do with the plot.˛** In [[ Boris Gets Lung Cancer From Smoking Weed]], after Boris smokes, a devil shows up and takes him to Taco Bell. This is never brought up again.˛** In [[ Dora Kills Her Family/Punishment Day by Mrs. Christina]], Dora jumps out of her bedroom window and goes flying into the air. When she questions why, the [=GoAnimate=] logo flies by, declares it's because of him, then grounds her for life for forgetting him. [[EveryoneHasStandards Even Dora thinks it's random.]]˛* BizarroEpisode: Most Uolliac videos, particularly if the user who made it otherwise makes typical grounded videos.˛* BrokenBase: ˛** Are the [=HTML5=] themes a better replacement of the Flash themes, or are they an inferior ReplacementScrappy? For [=GoAnimate=] itself from a finance point of view, yes. The now-outdated Flash software, which had been on it's last legs for many years, prevented the site from being usable from portable devices such as tablets or smartphones, which are now used for animation as well. [=HTML5=], the replacement, is not only faster to use, but is readily usable on both devices, and i now the new regular animation standard for sites such as Website/YouTube. However, many fans are unhappy that the popular Flash themes (such as Comedy World) were not upgraded for [=HTML5=], as well as the complete overhaul of the site into a business-only site, which was seen as an attempt by the site to shed off it's "grounded videos" image. ˛** Alvin Hung has started to become this with the people who think of him either as a CorruptCorporateExecutive or a CEO attempting to modernize his site after the site's animation transition. While the community's feeling towards Alvin Hung has lightened up, it doesn't go without mention that many people accuse Alvin Hung's decisions as being "greedy" or an attempt to damage the fanbase.˛** Recent changes have caused a fracturing between the free and paid accounts.˛** After many fans of the site let down with the transition have used [=GoAnimate For Schools=], many former members of the site refused to believe that the old themes were back after such a big deal was made over their loss, which has led to feuds between tensed past fans and modern users.˛** It seems that Issac Anderson's fandom is starting to split between those who feel that his videos and the punishments featured go beyond comedy and are just mean-spirited for the sake of mean-spiritness and those who feel that it's still within the spirit of the other videos and that the person affected in the video was being done away with as his joke ran out. Issac has tried to explain that he knows that these punishments wouldn't fly and that he's just joking around, but some feel different.˛** [=OfficerPoop247=]'s videos have become this as well, for similar reasons to Isaac Anderson. Numerous fans (ironic and non-ironic alike) have started to dislike them on account of making [[DesignatedHero Boris]] too [[UnintentionallyUnsympathetic cruel]], [[AxCrazy psychotic]], and [[TheScrappy unlikable]] (on top of being a ''huge'' KarmaHoudini) while having Caillou [[UnintentionallySympathetic get the short end of the stick even when he doesn't do anything to deserve it]]. Most infamously shown with [[ this video]] (featuring an incredibly mean-spirited ending where Caillou does a good deed yet gets ''jailed for life'' for being a baby show character). Despite this, there are still those who don't have a problem with it, either because they hate Caillou or use the MST3KMantra in regards to the Grounded videos.˛** The comments sections of Grounded videos with WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}} as the trouble-maker often have people either objecting to the portrayal of such an {{Everyman}} as Arthur being so naughty (especially since D.W., who really is a SpoiledBrat, is portrayed in a better light as a result), people saying that he deserves it because he's a baby show character (or at least close enough to being one, being a Creator/PBSKids character), or [[TakeAThirdOption still others]] saying that canon personalities can be ignored in Grounded videos for the sake of RuleOfFunny. Other videos depicting normally well-behaved and/or heroic characters, often from shows with large [[PeripheryDemographic Periphery Demographics]] (such as ''WesternAnimation/{{Cyberchase}}'', for example), doing decidedly very un-heroic things and getting grounded/assaulted/whatever often fall under this as well.˛** [=GoAnimate=] cringe compilations. While most [=GoAnimate=] users seldom hold any grudges against their videos being featured in cringe compilations (see MisaimedFandom below), in some circles there is some debate over whether these compilations are acceptable or is actually a form of cyber-bullying. It's worth noting, though, that this issue has been addressed by some cringe compilation creators who put warnings in the description for people to ''not'' witch hunt the creators featured in the the video, and the ones that ''do'' explicitly slam actual users [[WhatTheHellPlayer tend to get called out by non-ironic and ironic fans of [=GoAnimate=] alike]]. It is also worth pointing out that a variety of people who do create cringe compilations tend to be former [=GoAnimate=] users who do put their videos in compilations for varying reasons (mainly OldShame). [[Administrivia/RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment This subject really needs no further elaboration beyond that]].˛** Amethyst Is Cutie's BlackComedy videos - Are his videos a decent attempt at adult humor in the fandom, or downright mean-spirited videos pandering to the adult animation demographic? It doesn't help after he started to take the raunchy content in his videos [[UpToEleven up an ante]], which turned many of his former fans off, [[Administrivia/RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment and that's all we'll say about his videos]].˛* CatharsisFactor: The intended point of many "Grounded Videos" involving "baby show" characters. However, there are [[DesignatedVillain many]] [[UnintentionallySympathetic reasons]] [[DesignatedHero why]] these backfire ''hard.''˛** Some viewers have taken satisfaction in watching the either the [[AbusiveParents parent]] or [[SadistTeacher teacher]] characters get either grounded, arrested, executed or killed. ˛* CreatorsPet: It's fairly easy to tell when a certain character is particularly favored by the user, usually by being the most frequent grounder or punishment-giver to a trouble-maker, treated as TheAce by all the other characters, being the "yes" character in a "[=(Something)Yes(Something Else)No=]" username or always having great things happen to them even if they are a KarmaHoudini, exhibit huge amounts of ProtagonistCenteredMorality, and/or get hate directed at them by users in the comments. Boris, Rosie, Gina, users' [[AuthorAvatar Author Avatars]], and many of [[ButtMonkey Macusoper's]] peers (particularly his dad Diesel Busters) tend to be the most frequent characters to fall under this.˛* CriticalResearchFailure: ˛** Caillou's favorite restaurant Chuck E. Cheese's usually has an opening time of 11 a.m., yet video makers usually never account for the three hours he has to burn waiting for the place to open when he skips school/daycare, or the immediate call to the authorities when an employee wonders why a four year-old is all alone in their store in the middle of the school day, nor how a four year-old is paying for tokens, pizza and soda (though a few do show Caillou swiping a credit card from Boris and Doris, but the quandary of a child paying with credit remains).˛** If a jury is seen in a [=GoAnimate=] video, often-times [[Series/JudgeJudy Judith Sheindlin]] is seen as one of the judges. While Judy herself was actually a judge for many years, she is actually an arbiter. Then again, this isn't an uncommon mistake.˛** In the "(Character) Kills the EAS Reporter and Gets Grounded" videos, the troublemaker of the day decides to [[DisproportionateRetribution kill the EAS Reporter]] because an emergency broadcast interrupted the TV while they were ''playing on a game console''--something currently impossible through the EAS standard, even though it's always a recording or mechanical voice delivering the EAS message automatically in real life. Ironically, [[HilariousInHindsight one of GoAnimate's text-to-speech voices is now being used for weather radio, which means that hearing a GoAnimate voice on the alert system is now plausible.]]˛** [[ This video]] seems to showcase a glaring lack of knowledge about what ''VideoGame/PokemonGo'' is (especially considering how wildly popular the game is, especially at the time the video was uploaded), depicting it as a multiplayer Pokemon RPG on a console rather than the mobile AR app that the game is known for being. ([[AuthorsSavingThrow To the user's credit, though,]] [[ the next grounded video they made]] that was centered around ''Go'' features a more accurate depiction of the game.)˛** [[ This video]] where a bully gets Macusoper into trouble by stealing his textbook, then using his 'ownership' of it to get him in trouble due to missing homework, seems to forget this simple issue has been solved since the early 1900's; students are usually advised to write their name on a blank on the inside front cover at the beginning of the school year to prevent a text from being lost or stolen. Any sane teacher would have taken three seconds to look in the textbook and cleared Macusoper immediately (though this is unlikely; the 'teacher' is basically the videomaker who has an entire series of videos where he punishes Macusoper in his position of power). Instead, the bully instigates and degrades the situation into profanity from all sides and an undeserved punishment by the cruel Diesel towards Macusoper.˛** Videos featuring tornadoes hitting the city generally have the Enhanced Fujita scale of the tornadoes immediately identified by onlookers and newscasters, oftentimes even as soon as the tornado develops and makes touchdown. However, most tornadoes don't receive EF designations until after they have passed as the Enhanced Fujita scale takes the level of damage caused by the tornado into account as well as the wind speed.˛*** A specific example pertaining to [=GoAnimate=] tornadoes is [[ this video]]. Unless the tornado was intended to be some sort of magic tornado, the video showcases a lack of knowledge of how tornadoes work: Doris comments that the family could be stuck in their basement for ''weeks''. Currently, no tornado has lasted longer than 3 and a half hours. (The famous Tri-State Tornado of 1925 is the one that lasted that long in case you're curious.)˛* CrossesTheLineTwice: Children being executed and condemned to Hell for petty slights is horrifying. However, [[ this video of Caillou and Dora]] being ''[[UpToEleven lowered into lava]]'' ''[[SpecialEffectsFailure being burned into skeletons]]'' ''[[DullSurprise still going "wawawawawawawawawa,"]]'' going to Hell, ''[[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu mocking and grounding the devil]]'' (who's a ninja for some reason), and '''[[EscapedFromHell casually escaping Hell]]''' manages to be hilarious.˛** The final epilogue to [[ Shinji Gets Grounded]] is defined by this trope, involving [[spoiler: Shinji's family and friends tricking him into committing suicide and then laughing at a recording of his death.]]˛** '''Anything''' by Issac Anderson is guaranteed to be as [[BlackComedy messed up as it is utterly hilarious.]]˛** Most "[[HumiliationConga Punishment Day]]" sequences or videos are ''loaded'' with this.˛* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: As you can see from a number of these tropes listed here, the "grounded" videos are often '''drowning''' in this trope. ˛** [=Samster5677=]'s Dora and Caillou videos are pretty much the worst with this trope, and the constant [[WereStillRelevantDammit meme references]], suicide jokes and [[SensoryAbuse constant ear rape]] don't help either.˛* DesignatedHero: Generally speaking:˛** [[AbusiveParents Parents in grounded videos]] can hand out punishments to their kids which go above and beyond what anyone would deem necessary, including humiliating, torturing, and even killing their children over petty slights such as breaking something or pushing someone over. Despite all this, they're almost always held in the right purely because they're punishing a "baby show character".˛** Anyone in the execution videos. Even if the person being executed really does deserve it, it's hard to root for the people who rub the fact that the sentenced person is going to die in the sentenced person's face, tell the person that they hope they suffer and go to Hell when they die, and celebrate and have parties when the person dies. Especially when the sentenced person is a ''kid''. The endings where the parents literally '''dance on their graves''' (which are marked with "burn in hell"; good luck having ''any'' monument maker engrave that on a headstone) also seem downright tacky and mean-spirited in any humane manner.˛** Specific examples:˛*** Boris is the best example of this. Caillou's parents in particular often fall under this, but none more so than his dad. Boris [[KarmaHoudini gets away with murder]] (both [[AxCrazy literally]] and [[ProtagonistCenteredMorality figuratively]]) yet is treated as the hero for putting [[DesignatedVillain Caillou]] in his place. \˛\˛A good example of this is Issac Anderson's second "Caillou Gets Grounded" [[TheMovie movie]], "A Tale of Two Dimensions". The movie starts with Boris attempting to run down Caillou as his punishment, then acts indignant that he's trying to stay alive. When they're asked to save the world from an alternate dimension Caillou, Boris decides to murder survivors of this dimension, including the UsefulNotes/BarackObama of that dimension either because they aren't helping him or, in Obama's case, because he has enough help. He blames Caillou for the evil Caillou's existence, leading to his FaceHeelTurn and when his parents find out, Boris is angry because Caillou isn't being "mature" by accepting the idea that Boris' attacks are ''good''.˛*** Caillou's mom, Doris, isn't exempt from this, either, as she is shown being a enabler to Boris and anyone else's mistreatment of Caillou and is a {{Jerkass}} to Caillou when he acts up albeit not usually to AxCrazy levels like Boris. Like before, her behavior is rarely portrayed as wrong.\˛\˛Like Boris above, a good example of Doris' actions comes from "A Tale of Two Dimensions" where her first and only suggestion to deal with Caillou is to "legally kick him out of the house" (remember, Caillou is only ''four''). When she calls the "government" to make this happen [[WhatTheHellHero she is rightfully called out for this]], only to have it negated when she bribes the official with $5000. After that, she essentially spends the rest of the movie as Boris' YesMan.˛*** Dora's parents, to put it bluntly, are complete and utter ''scumbags'' who verbally and physically abuse Dora whenever she acts up in quite a few videos. This gets to the point where they repeatedly tell Dora ''to her face'' how much they hate her and wish she were never born. Some videos even have them being outright ''racist'' towards Dora. ([[BoomerangBigot Despite being Hispanic like their daughter themselves.]]) Like Caillou's parents, though, the fact that they're punishing Dora supposedly makes their often downright disturbing behavior acceptable.˛*** Abuela, Dora's grandmother, isn't much better, and much like Doris, she seems to be the enabler of the actions of Dora's parent. In other videos, she is even joining on on abusing Dora.˛*** Alan Cook, [[DesignatedVillain Warren Cook]]'s fictional father as depicted in several videos (but most notably [=SlippyV=]'s videos), is a ''total'' {{Jerkass}} who not only punishes Warren for asinine reasons such as making a fake VHS opening or buying a Disney movie, but is also depicted as calling people over to harass Warren just to make him feel bad for his actions, including having him wear diapers. It really honestly makes Warren an instant [[TheWoobie Woobie]] the moment these events happen. However, Alan will ''almost'' always win ([[ but like other parents, it doesn't always come out right for Alan...]])˛*** WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'s dad sometimes comes off as a short-tempered {{Jerkass}} in the videos by [=MattTheGoAnimator=], wherein he seemingly can't stand the sight of Arthur having anything positive happen to him and will ground Arthur the instant Arthur does something he doesn't like. (Or even having other people doing positive things for Arthur, as he will often alert their parents for having done so and get them grounded.)˛*** The default character Macusoper has an absolute jerk-ass of a father in Diesel Busters in the videos of [=D-Future2K17=] (formerly [=SuperMarioFan1999=]). Nearly every single video has Diesel calling his son a "bitch" as he punishes him. More often than not, Diesel also swears much more at his son and keeps wondering why he gets blowback for his cruel punishments and Macusoper never reforms because of his long grounding terms. You could pretty much throw all of the adult figures in this user's videos under this as well, as they all have an unstated grudge against Macusoper and will absolutely ''refuse'' to hear him out.˛*** In [[ this video]], [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Gerald Broflovski]] [[MoralEventHorizon sinks to the ultimate low]] by cruelly trolling WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer and causing her to ''[[DrivenToSuicide commit suicide]]''. What would normally be considered a horrible act is instead portrayed as a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome for Gerald, and Kyle says that he's happy Dora died, and that she deserved it.˛*** Not even the non-parent characters are exempt from this trope, as [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Princess Peach]] proves in [[ this video]]. If any sympathy for her is left after she [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech insults]] [[WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}} Susie Carmichael]] [[{{Hypocrite}} right back for insulting]] ''[[NotSoDifferent her]]'', it is most certainly all gone when Peach states that one of the reasons she hates Susie is because she's ''black''. Instead of being portrayed as the PoliticallyIncorrectVillain of this piece and getting grounded, she's the hero, and her [[CanonForeigner sisters]] are shown taking her side and un-grounding her for her angry tirade against Susie (and insulting Susie themselves, to boot).˛*** In [[ this video]] and other videos by the same video, [[Franchise/{{ScoobyDoo}} Fred]], the main character, is treated as being an AxCrazy {{Jerkass}} with a HairTriggerTemper, who will easily snap at his own crew at even the slightly provocation. As shown in the video, he smacks Daphne to the ground for talking back to him, threatening a ticket booth operator to let Scooby into the carnival after the operator mentions the ban on dogs in the premises, and giving the ''entirety'' of the three [[ButtMonkey (including Velma, who had done nothing wrong)]] concussions. It gets so bad that in [[ this video]] of the series, he is sent to anger management classes, though you have to wonder why three people unrelated to Fred and a dog just don't tell him off or let his parents know how he's acting.˛*** [[SternTeacher Mrs. Christina]], of all people, falls into this trope in [[ this video]]. While [[HumiliationConga a barrage of "punishments"]] is par for the course in a [=GoAnimate=] video, what puts her squarely into this territory (perhaps more so than even [[AxCrazy Boris]] or [[AbusiveParents Dora's parents]]) is the fact that she overheard Dora getting [[NoIndoorVoice loudly chewed out by a police officer]], [[TrespassingHero immediately ran to and entered Dora's house]] and ordered her to come to school as she was being arrested by the cops (one of whom even tries to reassure her that Dora would be arrested but makes no further attempt to stop her other than that). Not helping matters is how utterly ''[[SadisticTeacher sadistic]]'' she is (complete with many a SlasherSmile). She even claims that, [[SelfMadeOrphan because Dora had murdered her parents and Abuela earlier]], this horrific treatment doesn't constitute child abuse. Whereas the parent characters are at least informed by authorities or witness the troublemakers' misbehavior themselves, Mrs. Christina poked her nose into someone else's business and [[WouldHurtAChild mercilessly tortured a kid]] who hadn't even done anything to ''her'' in the video but, as always, is portrayed as someone giving a troublemaker their just desserts.˛* DesignatedMonkey: It's not hard to find yourself feeling more sorry for Caillou, Dora, and the other kids who get grounded for trivial reasons than their asshole-ish families and friends: ˛** Sometimes characters have little to no involvement in ruining someone's day and get grounded for it anyway. For example, [[ in this video]], the movie that Caillou's parents were taking Rosie to for her birthday was abruptly cancelled, and when they ask the attendant there why this happened, [[{{Jerkass}} she rudely blows them off and won't even explain why]]. [[TheScapegoat They then angrily blame Caillou for making them miss their movie]] and ruining Rosie's birthday, even though (despite trying everything he could to make them miss the movie) he clearly isn't to blame for pulling the movie. ˛** Then we have the times when characters, usually "baby show" characters, actually ''help'' people or right their wrong-doings...[[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished and still get grounded away]], because...[[ForTheEvulz well, just because]]. When the groundee is Caillou or Dora, one could simply chalk it up to them being [[AcceptableTargets baby show characters]].˛** Macusoper, particularly in videos by the user [=D-Future2K17=] as mentioned above, where Macusoper's groundings come by way of bad luck more often than from his own wrong-doings, despite everyone and everything including the titles and descriptions of some videos [[note]] such as [[ this one]] which suggests that Macusoper is trying to pin the blame on another student for losing his homework when the other student actually ''stole'' Macusoper's homework and [[AuthorAvatar the teacher]] doesn't bother to investigate [[CassandraTruth Macusoper's claims]] and immediately pins him as a liar trying to pass the blame on his star student and sends him to the principal[[/note]] suggesting otherwise. Many times, Macusoper just comes off as a big time Woobie who is having his life being made an utter hell by willfully blind adults and his {{Jerkass}} friends and father.˛* DesignatedVillain: Generally speaking:˛** It's very common for characters to be grounded for absurdly long periods of time even if the mishap they caused was by pure accident, wasn't done out of malice, or even was something beyond their control.˛** Additionally, any grounding victim ("baby show" character or not) can become this if the punishment is [[DisproportionateRetribution disproportionate]] enough. In [[ this video]] for example, a girl is suspended from school and grounded by her parents just because she ''came in last place in a swimming race''.˛** Caillou in Issac Anderson's videos, especially as of late. While Caillou is certainly no saint, the level of cruelty portrayed in the videos makes it hard to laugh at his misfortunes. Boris is shown to be something of a violent psychopath, willing to murder anyone who disagrees with him at the drop of a hat and tortures Caillou at the slightest provocation. Doris, in videos where she isn't absent or dead, helps foster Boris' attitude, turning it into a NeverMyFault way of thinking. Even other people are against him - videos have shown his teacher collaborating with Boris to kill Caillou and government officials are willing to turn a blind eye to all of this.˛** [=OfficerPoop247=]'s interpretation of Caillou is this for similar reasons to Isaac Anderson's Caillou. Caillou still is a troublesome character, but Officer Poop's videos also have the added caveat that ''everyone'' hates Caillou (and other baby show characters), including people who Caillou hasn't even met. Boris is frequently an AxCrazy lunatic here, Caillou's "[[WithFriendsLikeThese friends]]" hate his guts, his teacher has been known to laugh at him when he screws up at school, the police have even arrested him just because he's a baby show character ([[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished despite him foiling Boris' attempt to rob the bank]]), and all parties have screwed Caillou over when he did nothing to deserve it. Given how much the world hates him for a rather petty reason, it kinda comes as no surprise that [=OfficerPoop!Caillou=] acts out so much.˛** Dora in the videos by the user adamkleinschmidt2003 comes off as this sometimes as well. Like Caillou, she isn't exactly an angel, but her parents, while not AxCrazy like Caillou's parents, sometimes are just downright ''evil'' to her, often leading to unfunny situations in some videos, as well. Often they beat Dora up, tell her to her face that they wish she were dead, or deny her basic necessities over incidents that she didn't even cause on purpose or highly regrets afterwards. ˛** Dora is treated even worse in the videos of [=GoAnimater101Animations2003=], where her exploring is done against her parents' wishes and they pretty much wish she was never born, calling her by the cruel name "Dora the Motherf***ing Explorer". Other awful names are substituted, and by the time the video ends it's not hard to support Dora running away from home to anywhere else.˛** As far as example of this trope in the Grounded videos go, Dora in the videos by Alan the Cartoon Maker[=/=]Thomas Fan is probably the biggest example of them all. She still isn't a complete angel, but many videos show her invoking the explosive wrath of her family and friends simply by making honest mistakes or being her normal self. One video even shows Dora's parents getting her arrested for simply even having a show about her. Her parents also hate it when she explores like in [=GoAnimater101=]'s videos and often refer to her by the derogatory name "Dora the Mexican Explorer", and insult her for being Mexican [[BoomerangBigot despite also]] [[{{Hypocrite}} being Mexican]]. [[EtTuBrute Even Boots is often against her,]] and one video shows all of her friends turning against her and beating her up for the simple mistake of [[DisproportionateRetribution forgetting to bring a dish to the picnic]]. Given that she's probably one of the more innocent versions of Dora in the Grounded videos (and that's saying a lot), one could easily get the desire to get her out of this terrible situation.˛** Little Bill in several videos. Although he is commonly depicted as having an attitude, all of his [[DysfunctionalFamily family seem to hate his guts]], even downright blaming him for minor incidents and things that are caused by the family. [[ In this video]], for example, Little Bill is blamed for causing a car crash that hospitalizes a woman, when it was Brenda's fault for not even focusing on the road. Little Bill points this out and mentions that it was his mom's actions that caused the crash, but he earns a grounding time of 10,0000 years for doing so. Another video even has him get his grounding time extended for three weeks (and having to do chores) for simply eating a burger and being caught doing so by Big Bill.˛** Specific examples:˛*** [[ Here, Dora sets off a security buzzer at the airport]] with a large water bottle and gets kicked out of the airport by the [[JerkAss security guard]]. And, [[OncePerEpisode of course]], she gets grounded by her parents, who, truth to tell, likely bought it for her, let her go through security with it, and brought the ruined vacation upon themselves. Dora is still portrayed as wrong here and everywhere else as she's a "[[AcceptableTargets baby show]]" character, and thus deserves it....somehow.˛*** Caillou couldn't fall under this more than he does in [[ this video]], where he foils a bank robbery being pulled by his dad...and not only does Caillou gets arrested anyway just because he's a baby show character, he gets the rawest end of the deal even though he didn't even do anything wrong for once. Yet Caillou apparently deserved it and it's a victory for Boris (a KarmaHoudini despite being in jail, too) and [[PoliceAreUseless the police]].˛*** Alvin Hung is often seen in videos being grounded simply because [[DisproportionateRetribution he removed popular GoAnimate themes]].˛*** [[TeachersPet Gina Delgado]], commonly seen in "Dora Gets Grounded" videos, is treated as this by Dora, simply for being the favored student of Ms. Christina and for having better grades than her. However, most videos show that Gina is actually one of the [[OnlySaneMan more neutral]] characters in these videos, and often does not associate with the troublemakers at all (although she does fall under NotSoAboveItAll every now and then, and is TheChewToy when it comes to "(Character) Kills (Character)" videos).˛* DracoInLeatherPants: Many of the characters, but to narrow down a few examples:˛** The characters that get grounded are often treated as innocent victims of abuse, but they're actually a downplayed case, as while they often (but not always) bring their punishments on themselves, it's easy to feel sorry for them, due to everyone (including their families) bullying them.˛** DW could also fall under this trope. In the [=GoAnimate videos=] she is portrayed as non-troublesome and kind, even though she acts like a BrattyHalfPint in her home series.˛** Not even the [[DesignatedHero par]][[AbusiveParents ents]] are immune, [[NoSympathy Do]][[IceQueen ris]] for instance, will often be turned into a saint in Deconstruction videos while [[RonTheDeathEater Boris will have his negative qualities cranked up.]]˛* EarWorm: Nearly all of the stock music used in the program is this in some way, especially the [[ rock tune used during tantrums]] and the [[ upbeat tune used when characters are having fun]].˛* EndingFatigue: ˛** Some Punishment Day videos can become this depending on the amount of punishments. After the trouble-maker's initial misdemeanor, up to five minutes of the remainder of the video can be dedicated to the parade of punishments they receive in a Punishment Day.˛** In a similar vein, videos that end with a number of characters coming over to the trouble-maker's house to introduce themselves and express their disgust with the troublemaker over whatever they did. One at a time. Depending on the amount of characters, scenes like this can take up two-thirds of the videos ending. It's worse when combined with the aforementioned Punishment Days.˛** "[[ Dora Gets Gina Expelled/Grounded BIG TIME]]", after Dora is grounded with heavy amounts of SensoryAbuse to go along with it, ends with a segment between Gina and her mom that seemingly only exists to hammer in the fact that she is perfect and better than Dora.˛* EnsembleDarkhorse: ˛** WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} and WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer are far and away the most popular subjects of mockery.˛** Eric, a red-haired and bespectacled Comedy World character who is often seen with [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Latios]] accompanying him also sees frequent usage across many users' videos. (Usually as either a bystander or as a [[MonsterOfTheWeek Troublemaker-of-the-Day]].) ˛** Latios himself is arguably an example of this trope as well, as he frequently appears with or without Eric in other videos.˛** Warren Cook is actually a rather popular character among those who don't hate him. Many videos where he isn't being grounded see him [[ThrowTheDogABone getting the last laugh]] or simply being a RecurringExtra gag character defined by his love for making fake VHS openings.˛** Ms. Christina, an African-American teacher most commonly seen wearing a strapless red dress with "Mrs. Claus"-like fluff at the hem and gray boots, is commonly seen as the main teacher in several Comedy World-oriented grounded videos (but most frequently videos featuring Dora as the troublemaker). ˛* EsotericHappyEnding: Numerous videos often wind up being this way, especially when the video ends with the trouble-maker severely injured or dead. For example, the "Gets Executed" videos end with a bratty baby show character or a "bad user" getting executed and ending with everyone celebrating their death. This is supposed to be seen as a good ending, but, consider the facts: The characters just ''brutally murdered a child'' and are dancing on their grave (which often reads "BIH (Burn in Hell)". Rather than being a happy ending for the "good guys", it comes off as [[NightmareFuel immensely unsettling]].˛* {{Fanon}}: "Anderson" being the family name of Caillou's family. (Presumably after Isaac Anderson)˛** Mami and Papi Marquez's first names being Miguel, Cole, Elena or Veena.˛** Mr. Hinkle's first name being "[[UnfortunateNames Cockfucker]]". [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Your guess is as good as ours.]]˛* FanonDiscontinuity: Strangely, some former [=GoAnimate=] users reportedly became upset over the discovery of [=GoAnimate=] For Schools (where Comedy World and other favorite themes lived on until they were removed from there) and took to harassing people using that version of the software, apparently refusing to believe that the beloved themes were back after making such as big deal over them being discontinued in the standard software. Now that the themes have been removed from there, it seems that they got the last laugh.˛* FetishRetardant: ˛** "Fetish videos", a series of vore and inflation videos ''highly'' looked down in the [=GoAnimate=] community, especially for their abuse of circle props.˛** Any and all sex scenes tend to wind up as this, as it's impossible to have the characters actually be naked (only have NudeColoredClothes) and most attempts to get around that tend to come off as [[SpecialEffectsFailure laughable]].˛* FridgeHorror: ˛** Really, the premise of many Grounding videos (particularly those of the users mentioned in DesignatedVillain above) can get [[NightmareFuel downright horrific]] when you think about it too hard.˛** The fact that the troublemaker in [[ this video]] is apparently not potty-trained and constantly has to be reminded to not soil himself (or anything else) despite being a teenager. Just how have his parents treated him throughout his life?˛** Videos such as [[ this one]] depicting [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Elsa]] getting grounded and run out of town by [[TookALevelInJerkass Anna and Kristoff]]. And if one remembers what happens when Elsa gets upset or scared, [[InferredHolocaust this implies that anything that happens to GoAnimate-Verse!Arendelle now]] [[NiceJobBreakingItHero is Kristoff and Anna's own fault]].˛** [[ This video]] depicts Dora using an item from ''VideoGame/{{Roblox}}'' to turn her teacher into a roast turkey. When her parents find out, they smash Dora's Roblox item... but apparently [[AndIMustScream forget to turn the teacher back to normal before doing so]].˛** [[ This video]] depicts Little Bill giving out to his brother Robert and threatening to kill him for asking him to play a game while grounded, causing Robert to rat out Little Bill to Big Bill, which is followed by him receiving a [[HumiliationConga punishment day]]. It seems normal at first, but then Little Bill's backside is cut off, then forced to eat his pet hamster, and is then hanged for his actions. To think of it, it really shows how AbusiveParents are in the [=GoAnimate=] universe.˛** [[ This video]] (amongst many other "execution" videos) has the Doppelgangers of Joyce and Jane get killed. It seems like a normal illogical video, until the moment of the funeral... where the ''real'' Joyce and Jane, alongside other characters, are shown [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing celebrating the death]]. What's worse is that their tombstone says "B.I.H." (Burn in Hell) on it. A disgusted [=YouTube=] user [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] this in the comment section.˛-->'''Alex Pearce''': This is horrible.Not to mention bizarre.Why the hell would someone make this?˛* HarsherInHindsight:˛** Some of the parent characters' actions toward their respective children sometimes comes disturbingly close to realistic depictions of child abuse, rather than comically exaggerated cases of HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood. For one example, many of the early grounded videos by the user adamkleinschmidt2003 depict Dora's parents beating Dora up and insulting her when she screws up or causes trouble at school or abroad, even if it was an accident or Dora was remorseful for her actions. Considering that there have almost certainly been cases of kids receiving physical and emotional abuse for not behaving or doing well at school, it was small wonder that Adam's interpretation of Dora was considered one of the "grounded" genre's biggest [[JerkassWoobie Jerkass Woobies]] and likely led to his later videos becoming much DenserAndWackier.˛** [[ Caillou gets a dog]] is very [[TearJerker depressing]], and it becomes harsher due to being the final non-satirical Caillou video Smirks has created.˛** Infamous "prank" channel [=DaddyOFive=] is basically a real-life version of "X Gets Grounded" videos, and ''[[ not in a good way.]]''˛** [[ This video where Caillou asks for beer and gets grounded]] can be a bit harder to watch in light of the Caillou Christmas Carol episode where it turns out that Boris acts the way he does because his friend and his cousin had died in a drunk driving accident.˛** Caillou repeatedly dying in many videos can become uncomfortable when you remember that [[ his first voice actress]] was killed in a car accident. ˛* HilariousInHindsight: ˛** In "Eric's Dad Discovers The Truth", after the titular character claims that the voices inside of his head keep telling him to do bad things for others, his wife claims that he got the idea from a cheesy movie plot. A year after that video was made, [[WesternAnimation/InsideOut a movie with the exact premise got released to theaters.]]˛** [[ This video]] involves WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}} getting in trouble for sounding like the New York Yankees home run siren. In response, David Read grounds him until the Chicago Cubs (who notably never won a World Series for over 100 years when the video was made) win the World Series. A cruel punishment then, now hilarious as the Cubs finally won the World Series the year after the video was uploaded.˛** [[ This Dark Day]] is a creepypasta SuckECheeses video revolving around a Chuck E. Cheeses restaurant that becomes "Deadl E. Cheeses" and kills of kids who unfortunately stay past the opening time. [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys Guess what came out a year later]].˛** A ''Literature/TheBerenstainBears'' book from the mid-90s contains some oddly prescient dialogue:˛-->"That's right!" roared Papa. "[You are] Grounded! Grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded! There'll be no more TV, no more video games, no more movies, no more skateboarding, no more rollerblading, no more soccer, no more sports of any kind. And furthermore-"˛* IdiotPlot:˛** The "(Character) turns School into (Place that is not school) and Gets Grounded" videos. Apparently, all it takes to convince people that your school is, say, Chuck E. Cheese's is to put Chuck E. Cheese signs over the school ones and people will come flooding in thinking they're really at a Chuck E. Cheese's, and have to be ''told'' that it's not Chuck E. Cheese's as well. Averted in [[ this]] video where they actually make the school look like a KFC restraunt.˛** The "(Troublemaker) Traps People and Gets Grounded" videos. In these videos, the troublemaker places a big hole in the middle of the sidewalk in order to trap people who walk by. None of the characters who walk by notice the big hole in front of them and fall for this obvious trap.˛** Some "(Character) Misbehaves at (Indoor Water Park or Place That Has One)" ([[ like this one]]) sometimes have the misbehaving character claim that there are dangerous animals (such as sharks, stingrays, or octopi) in the wave pool or somewhere. Everyone believes the trouble-maker and panics, even though one has to wonder why someone would think that there would be sealife in an indoor water park in the first place.˛*** Many of these types of videos also include a bit where several characters get stuck on a water-slide behind some slow-moving riders, leading to the impatient trouble-maker forcing them down and often [[MadeOfPlasticine killing them in the process]]. Despite the fact that the trouble-maker just killed people, no one seems to notice, and the trouble-maker's friends simply chastise them and carry on with their day.˛*** Finally, most videos end with the main character inadvertently starting a fire in the arcade room, usually from lightly [[MadeOfExplodium punching an arcade game, which makes it burst into flames]]. Everyone's first reaction is to panic and/or run out of the building as they let the fire spread and burn the building down, when the more logical solution would be to try and put the fire out. (In fact, these videos could still end that way while still having the troublemaker get in trouble for it.) No one ever questions why a supposedly-safe venue would still use electrical appliances that dangerous in spite of the risks, nor does anyone consider the fact that anyone could have been the unlucky soul who could be there when the particular machine caught fire.˛** As mentioned under CriticalResearchFailure, no one seems to find it out of the ordinary whenever kids visit Chuck E. Cheese's or other places when they should be at school, nor do they bat an eye when the kids use credit cards or other things they should be too young to have or use. One particularly facepalm-worthy instance of this is in one of the (no longer uploaded) "[=GoAnimate=]: The Movie" videos where Caillou (along with Dora and Barney) runs away to Las Vegas and checks into a fancy hotel. Caillou ''specifically'' tells the clerk that he's using Boris's credit card and the clerk checks them in anyway without sensing that there's something suspicious about this at all.˛** Some people use the "(Character) Misbehaves on the Way to (Movie)" plot several times, with the families falling for the trouble-maker's same tricks every time (including getting the trouble-maker a hamburger that the troublemaker will immediately crash the car with by tossing ahead of the car) no matter how savvy they act.˛** [[ This video]] involves Caillou sneaking into a news station, [[LatexPerfection disguising himself as an anchor]], and announcing that there is a tornado warning for the entire city. (When there isn't one.) The whole city is immediately thrown into a panic, even though you'd think that everyone would check the sky to or, if it was indeed stormy outside, (which it doesn't appear to be [[SpecialEffectsFailure thanks to the stock backgrounds]]) check to see if other weather stations or the weather alert system was reporting on it to verify Caillou's claims before taking action.˛** In [[ this video]], Caillou ditches his school and takes a flight to Minnesota. He is there for ''two weeks'' before Ms. Martin (who has been sitting there in the classroom waiting that long along with Caillou's classmates) suspects that something is up and goes to ask the principal if she knows where Caillou is. It turns out that she knows ''exactly'' where Caillou has been all this time, yet she elected to sit there for two weeks and not make a peep about it to anyone until Ms. Martin finally came in and asked her.˛** The infamous two-part "School Shooting: Naughty Edition" video comes off as completely laughable in spite of trying to be a serious depiction of a school shooting, and this trope is one of the main reasons. The kid who is going to shoot up her old school in the videos steals an AK-47 and escapes her military school without anyone trying to stop her. When she reaches her old school, she opens fire, and the students/teachers in class barely even react to the gun going off or try to escape the building. The police don't even actually get called until halfway through the ''second'' video when you would have expected that someone would have done so the moment the girl opened fire. And on top of that, none of the teachers even attempt to stop the girl beyond telling her that she's "very naughty" (as though she had did something minor instead of shooting up students) and telling the girl not to shoot them. ([[TooDumbToLive Which she does anyway]].) THEN she sets a classroom on fire with a Nickel Pickle 69 curse, thus breaking the realism of the scenario. But the kicker is the fact she only gets 15 years in prison when she's finally caught, whereas in real-life, she'd either get life in prison or lethal injection.˛* InformedWrongness: The kids can do literally anything (even do something nice or behave) only for their parents to still ground them for no stated reason whatsoever even when the kids weren't misbehaving or otherwise weren't at fault. There's a perfectly good reason why the DesignatedVillain section on this page is as big as it is.˛** The "bad guy" in [[ this]] and other videos by the same user is made out by Caillou and all the other characters to be an unhinged {{Jerkass}} who is liable to "[[AxCrazy go crazy all of the time]]". However, the "bad guy" is usually shown to mostly be a somewhat ditzy MotorMouth who spends more time standing in one spot going on long-winded tangents about the bad things he supposedly does ([[ImmediateSelfContradiction or does not do]]) than he does actually doing these bad things everybody ([[UnreliableNarrator including the bad guy himself]]) claims he does. Caillou also counts in this video, as when the bad guy says he is stupid, Caillou calls him stupid, and he gets expelled and grounded by Boris for it.˛* InferredHolocaust: The end of the [[ Gina Gets Taken Away]] mini series may not seem as happy, given that a ChildMage had killed the corrupt social worker that took Gina away from her Dad and the police will likely believe that Gina's Dad may have killed her.˛* MemeticMutation: ˛** "You are grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for [insert insanely large number here] years."˛** "OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH."˛** "That's it!"˛** "ENGAGE ME. ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME ENGAGE ME."˛** "[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment I'm going on the Internet because I love the Internet.]]"˛** It's also quite popular to make [[WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer Dora]] and WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} misbehave.˛** It's also gained massive recognition among Creator/HarryPartridge fans due to [[ this video]].˛** Much of the preloaded music that comes with [=GoAnimate=].˛** The male Comedy World characters' dancing animation, which is often used for when characters are throwing tantrums.˛** [[ "I'm Chuck E.]] [[BrokenRecord I'm Chuck E. I'm Chuck E."]][[labelnote:Explanation]]An infamous segment of [[ this video]] where Chuck E. Cheese "sings" a song... that is just him repeatedly saying "I'm Chuck E." in a deadpan voice while stock acid jazz music plays, without any attempt to harmonize the two elements.[[/labelnote]]˛** BAD USER ALERT! BAD USER ALERT! BAD USER ALERT! BAD USER ALERT! ˛** "My Feelings Right Now" or "Stop Disliking My Videos" video trends, particularly for their UnintentionallyUnsympathetic status.˛** "AND THE UOLLIAC AND THE UOLLIAC AND THE UOLLIAC AND THE UOLLIAC AND THE UOLLIAC AND THE UOLLIAC AND THE UOLLIAC WE-EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AYA"˛*** "HI MI NAME IS KI-YU AND MI VOICE IS JENNIFER WE-EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AYA"˛** Boris the Teeth Guy, particularly:˛*** "FACE MY TEETH! FACE IT! WE-EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AYA!"˛*** "WHAT DO YOU THINK I'LL DO NEXT?! TO BE CONTINUED ON WE-EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AYA!"˛** "It's execution time!"˛** Many of the stock TTS voices. In particular, Eric (Boris' default voice), Jennifer (Uolliac's default voice), Kidaroo (the voice generally used for when characters are shouting or are angry), Paul, and Wiseguy.˛** "43 CHARS", a nonsensical expression with seemingly [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext no real meaning]] that is often used in Uolliac videos.˛** "[=GoAnimate=] logic", the HandWave explanation as to how just about anything works in these videos, up to and including people dying in one video and coming back the next.˛** Getting sent to the audience.˛** Among the ironic fandom of the videos, Warren Cook's obsession with [[FelonyMisdemeanor fake VHS openings]].˛* MemeticPsychopath:˛** While Canon![[WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} Boris]] is for the most part a [[GoodParents good and friendly father,]] in [=GoAnimate=] he's portrayed as a psychotic child abuser who gives [[DisproportionateRetribution extreme punishments for minor things]], as you can see from the rest of the tropes on this page.˛** Caillou himself is no better. While in canon he's an occasionally bratty child, in [=GoAnimate=] he is willing to physically harm or even kill people just to get his way.˛** In most WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo, Fred is often portrayed as a stoic, good-natured if occasionally dimwitted leader, in [=GoAnimate=] he is a psychotic ControlFreak who punishes his [[WithFriendsLikeThese "friends"]] by or anyone who wronged him by giving them concussions.˛* MisaimedFandom: ˛** Non-ironic [=GoAnimate=] users have been known to ''ask'' people to put their [=GoAnimate=] videos into [=GoAnimate=] cringe compilations. (Whether it's to get their videos to a wider audience or they just don't realize that cringe compilations are [[PointAndLaughShow Point And Laugh Shows]] for all intents and purposes is anyone's guess.) On the opposite end of the spectrum, sometimes videos that are [[StylisticSuck clearly satirical]] or [[{{Deconstruction}} deconstructive parodies]] sometimes get featured in cringe compilations as well despite the video maker and the cringe video maker often sharing the same opinion on the grounded videos. (In that case, however, it's possible that the latter may not have realized the video was a parody.)˛** The very reason some of the weirder Grounded video elements (such as Uolliac, 43 Chars, and the Jennifer voice setting) underwent MemeticMutation is because of this, as many of the memes were made by satirical video makers such as [=NotSmirks=] to ''poke fun'' at the Grounded fandom. [[PoesLaw Much of the fandom didn't realize the gags made in these satirical videos were mocking them]] [[SpringtimeForHitler and instead found them hilarious and incorporated them (especially Uolliac) into their normal non-ironic grounded videos]].˛* {{Misblamed}}: ˛** Alvin Hung is often accused of having a grudge against the fandom and going through drastic measures to stop any access of the former pre-business themes. In reality, Hung's decisions to change the site's demographic to business is due to the increased usage of drag-and-drop animation for businesses and the decline of Adobe Flash software in place of the new HTML 5 system.˛** Some characters voices eventually became unavailable to use with the [=GoAnimate=] interface, (forcing users to find alternate ways to use them) including "David", the standard voice for Caillou beside "Ivy", and the infamous "Kidaroo" voice ([[RefrainFromAssuming aka. the "WHYAYAYAYAYAYOLODAD" voice]] used when characters are angry). The non-ironic Grounded fanbase [[FelonyMisdemeanor took this as another attack against them]] via Alvin Hung, but the truth is that the licensing on the voices expired and Alvin simply chose not to renew them.˛* {{Mondegreen}}: If someone makes a character say a bunch of "H"es, it may sound like "Jay jay jay jay jay jay jay jay jay".˛** The Spanish voice actors (e.g. Soledad) are often used for Dora's family. As these voices are intended for the Spanish language, they will often turn out unintelligible when English words are spoken, and as a result, users often caption these to compensate for it.˛** Caillou's name (which comes from the French word for pebbles, "Cailloux") is frequently mispronounced by text-to-speech voices as either "WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}" or "Kay-I-U". A RunningGag in some videos has Boris pronounce his name correctly, only to correct himself for the audience.˛* MoralEventHorizon:˛** Many of the parents' actions in the "Gets Grounded" videos.˛*** One specific example would be [[ this video]] where Caillou's dad [[spoiler: impersonates his own son and gets him into all sorts of trouble just because "[[ForTheEvulz he (Caillou) sucks]]", during which he ''[[OffingTheOffspring puts his daughter Rosie in the microwave]]'' just to make Caillou look bad]]. [[KarmaHoudini He gets away with this, too]].˛** Many of the kids' actions in the videos are treated as this in-universe, no matter how minor of an offense it was.˛** The community itself seems to treat making fake VHS openings and watching "baby shows" as some sort of unforgivable sin.˛** Watching films from a certain studio or of a certain type is treated the same way as if you associated with a person from another race or sexual orientation that everyone shows a prejudice against, or are committing blasphemy against Our Blessed Lady of The Cinema of The New Line. This is the case with most Warren Cook videos involving Disney.˛** Fred is enough of a [[HairTriggerTemper short-tempered]] {{Jerkass}} in samster5677's videos, but [[ The Scooby Gang Goes to Universal Studios!]] has him hijack a plane and '''crash it into the middle of Ride/UniversalStudios''' [[DisproportionateRetribution all because]] [[EvilIsPetty he hated the theme park and wanted to get back at the Scooby Gang for taking him on vacation]]. However, for once, Fred is actually acknowledged as having crossed a major line InUniverse.˛* {{Mondegreen}}: Sometimes the screaming of the [[SyntheticVoiceActor text-to-speech voices]], specifically Eric, comes off as "ALLAH OH".˛* MST3KMantra: Some of the more inexplicable or illogical things that happen in the Grounded videos can be excused by RuleOfFunny or what the ironic fanbase calls "[=GoAnimate=] Logic".˛* NeverLiveItDown: Alvin Hung can distance himself and his animation program from the Grounded fandom as much as he can, but that isn't going to keep people from thinking of grounded videos, which has quickly become what the site is best known for.˛* NightmareRetardant: [[NightmareFuel/GoAnimate With a few exceptions]], most attempts made to scare people in [=GoAnimate=] usually come off as ineffectual, and almost painfully so at that.˛* {{Padding}}: ˛** "[Character] Gets in Dead Meat" videos will have dozens of characters receiving behaviour cards, before the character in question gets in trouble and gets punished. There seems to be some kind of contest among the community to create the "longest behaviour card day."˛*** The longest known one so far is [[ this one]] which clocks in at approximately ''90 minutes'' and features more than a hundred characters.˛** Warren Cook punishment videos are about 2 minutes plot, six minutes character introductions and TheReasonYouSuck speeches.˛** [[ This video]] is one particularly insane version of this trope, as a trouble-making [[WesternAnimation/TheBackyardigans Tyrone]] faces the "Guardians of the Land of [=Make-Believe=]" for his crimes. About four-fifths of the 12-and-a-half minute long video is taken up by the ''30+'' characters introducing themselves and briefly expressing their disgust with Tyrone and his actions.˛** [[ This 12-minute long video]], where Warren Cook goes to the movie theaters to see ''Disney/WreckItRalph'', is an exaggerated version of this trope. Excluding the introduction, it takes Warren around '''11 minutes''' to actually see the movie, since most of the ten minutes feature [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros different]] [[AuthorAppeal characters from other franchises]] lining up to receive their tickets. By the time Warren gets punished, there's barely more than a minute of it left.˛** [[ This]] [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji]] Gets Grounded video seems to want to list as many artists or songs that the author could think of, as the ending is nothing more than 5 minutes of what songs/artists Shinji is no longer allowed to listen to after his Walkman gets taken away by his parents.˛* PeripheryDemographic: There are two of them: The website is intended for businesses to easily make animations for their company, but the website is more often used by little kids who just want to make their own cartoons... most of said cartoons are about people getting grounded or behavior cards, or poorly-made remakes of HBO[=/=]Noggin[=/=]Disney Channel sign-off bumpers. Then said cartoons gained their own periphery demographic of older people who find them funny [[SoBadItsGood for all the wrong reasons]]. It's for this reason that the creator of [=GoAnimate=] is doing everything he can to stop the misuse of the service, up to and including removing any feature that doesn't relate to business, and removing every theme that isn't the "Business" theme. These changes, thus far, have been poorly received, and will likely mean the end of the "Grounded" videos.˛** Then it comes around again, as some of the older ironic [=GoAnimate=] fans start making their own [=GoAnimate=] videos, and get subscribers and fans from the actual [=GoAnimate=] community who [[MisaimedFandom don't realize they're being made fun of]].˛** And then it comes back around again with users like [=NotSmirks=], who also deconstruct [=GoAnimate=] by taking Grounded Video tropes and cranking the weirdness (and [[SensoryAbuse audio levels]]) UpToEleven, yet gain followings from real [=GoAnimate=] users.˛* PutOnABus: The removal of several commonly-used voices such as Alan, Julie, David, Veena, Grace, Kidaroo, Allison and Bridget (due to expired licensing) caused several characters to be removed from "(character) Gets Grounded" series. This is either through being KilledOffscreen, not appearing in the videos, or by simply remaining speechless in cameos. However, this has since been rectified with the discovery of [=Oddcast=] and [=VoiceForge=], the websites that provide the voices for these characters, and even without that solution, [[AvertedTrope some users forego even removing them at all]] and simply [[TheOtherDarrin use another voice for the character]].˛* ReplacementScrappy: In time, the business themes for the program have become this for Comedy World and other popular non-business themes. This is an interesting case as the business themes were already present in the program long before the non-business themes were removed (and were regularly used along with the other themes in a lot of Grounded videos). However, after the non-business themes were removed in favor of only the business themes[[note]] (especially after they were removed from [=GoAnimate=] For Schools even though that version was made for kids)[[/note]]...well, suffice it to say that you can probably count the amount of Grounded video makers who don't have a grudge against the business themes on one hand.˛* RonTheDeathEater:˛** The portrayal of child characters such as Caillou, Dora, Little Bill, and others is intended to be this, and indeed, many portrayals of them have their flaws [[{{Flanderization}} cranked up to ridiculous heights]] or are just made huge [[{{Jerkass}} assholes]] for the sake of it. Caillou, in particular, has his behavior issues cranked up to the point where he is a borderline psychotic EnfantTerrible who explodes at the slightest provocation. (When in canon he is a fairly nice if slightly bratty kid.)˛** One could argue that this is ([[UnintentionallyUnSympathetic possibly unintentionally]]) in effect for all the existing parent characters as well, at least DependingOnTheWriter. Even parents who are very nice in the canon of their respective shows tend to become absurdly {{abusive|Parents}} if not downright sociopathic at their worst. For example, Caillou's dad sometimes is portrayed as an AxCrazy and possibly mentally unstable individual while Caillou's mom is a manipulative [[NoSympathy unsympathetic]] {{Jerkass}}. ˛*** It also winds back around to the parents' characters in the grounded videos themselves, where they are sometimes depicted as insane madmen who live for nothing but tormenting their children whether the kids deserve it or not when, in earlier videos, their groundings (while over-the-top) at least had a little more justification.˛** Alvin Hung (who, unlike most examples, is a ''real life person'') is usually depicted in Grounded videos as a {{Jerkass}} CorruptCorporateExecutive who removes features from [=GoAnimate=] solely just to spite the Grounded fanbase and/or is also mean to those who like or are rendered in the Comedy World theme.˛* RootingForTheEmpire: Caillou, Dora, and other baby show characters. [[DesignatedHero Their parents]] are clearly physically and emotionally abusive buttwipes who make Casey Anthony look like an amazing parent in comparison (or, in the case of Boris, an AxCrazy lunatic). Caillou and Dora are often tortured and killed by them over the slightest offenses, or sometimes even for no reason. As such, it's easier to feel sorry for them rather than their parents, even if they do over-the-top things. It's gotten to the point where there are videos where it's [[InvokedTrope invok]][[IntendedAudienceReaction ed]].˛* SacredCow: While several baby shows earn the vitriol of the [=GoAnimate=] community, there are several shows that said community will attack you for not liking. These shows include, but are not limited to ''Series/HenryDanger'', ''Series/GameShakers'', ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls2016'', and even shows that share channel space with "baby shows" such as ''WesternAnimation/NatureCat'' and ''WesternAnimation/ReadyJetGo''˛* ScapegoatCreator: Alvin Hung, the creator, has been reprimanded whenever shocking changes were made to the website, such as removing certain voices because their licenses expired, removing themes such as Comedy World as part of [[TechnologyMarchesOn the transition from Flash to HTML5]], and even making it mostly business-related and segregating the rest of the website to [=GoAnimate4Schools=].˛* TheScrappy: ˛** The parent characters tend to not be very well liked by the fanbase (including some factions of the non-ironic fanbase) for [[AbusiveParents many]] [[DisproportionateRetribution different]] [[MoralDissonance reasons]], but Caillou's Dad/Boris (and Caillou's Mom/Doris to a lesser extent) tends to the most disliked out of all of them, thanks to him taking (or even creating) any opportunity to ground or torture Caillou for any reason, and being an AxCrazy nutcase who is expected to be the hero because he punishes Caillou (probably because the creators assume no one could feel sympathy for a baby show character like Caillou). It's gotten to the point where [[ numerous]] [[ videos]] [[ have]] been made where Boris [[TakeThatScrappy gets grounded or otherwise gets his just desserts]].˛** Really, nearly every character in a lot of the grounded videos could count, [[WithFriendsLikeThese Leo, Clementine and Sarah]] for being terrible friends towards Caillou, [[SadistTeacher Miss Martin]] for being a horrible teacher, [[EtTuBrute Boots]] for betraying Dora at the drop of a hat.˛** Warren Cook is this to the non-ironic fanbase, seemingly for no other reason other than the fact that [[FelonyMisdemeanor he makes fake VHS videos]], AndThatsTerrible, apparently. A number of the videos where Warren gets punished are startlingly vitriolic, and you begin to the get the sense that [=SlippyV=] and the Anime/TaiChiChasers need to find something else to do besides policing the incredibly harmless Internet activities of one person at all times.˛** Dark Boomboxer seems to be disliked for some reason by the non-ironic fanbase, though it's probably because they want him to DieForOurShip in the case of [[CrackPairing Sky x Boomboxer]].˛** Fred Jones has entered this trope, due to the fact that, unlike Caillou's parents or Dora's parents, Fred has always gotten away with attacking and abusing the rest of Mystery Inc. It doesn't help that any and all attempts to get back at Fred are negated by the usual BadassDecay that strikes once a character starts the "OHOHOHOHOHOHOH!" cry. For example, in [[ this video]], Daphne is able to steal Fred's money and the Mystery Machine and take the others to Disney World, getting back at Fred's abuse and penny-pinching. When Fred finds out, he steals a car and is able to go so fast that he reaches the amusement park in an instant so he can deliver Concussion Times. It doesn't help that one person requesting for a video with Fred getting arrested was shot down by creator [=Samster5677=] with "If I do that, the series'll end"˛** To many fans, Alvin Hung is this [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks after he had removed the fan-favorite Flash themes and started to market his site towards the working-class demographic]]. While most of the hatred has faded away thanks to the discovery of getting the old themes back, Alvin's decisions are still [[BrokenBase debatable to the fanbase]].˛* ShockingSwerve: ˛** [[ This video]], the culmination of various {{Deconstruction}} videos has Boris jailed for his grounding crimes and Doris and the kids ready to live a better life without him [[spoiler:only for the judge to reveal that [=GoAnimate=] was getting rid of the animation styles and, thus, was the end of the world. Then, the world blows up.]]˛** In [[ this video]], Caillou befriends a "meme police" officer after being caught using [[DiscreditedMeme discredited memes]] by her and they seem ready to set off to find fresher memes when they discover that all of their memes are outdated. Near the end of the video, however, out of nowhere [[EvilAllAlong the woman reveals herself to be a spy for Boris and Doris]] and gets Caillou (and Rosie, who broke her legs with a mallet) grounded.˛* SignatureScene: The living room background, where grounded videos usually end so that the parents will [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin ground]] their kids. Caillou is perhaps the most popular troublemaker, while Boris and Doris (usually the former) are the most well-known punishers.˛* SoBadItsGood[=/=]SnarkBait[=/=]BileFascination: The limited animation and bizarre subject matter have attracted a rather devoted following who love to watch the videos completely ironically.˛* StrawmanHasAPoint: ˛** Crossing over with an unintentional BlackComedy version of HypocriticalHumor, [[ In this video]], Dora mouths off to the Miss Christina and calls her psychotic. The video obviously treats this as a terrible thing for Dora to say...but the fact that Dora's teacher tears up the classroom when Dora tells her this and gives her a "detention" that is really just the teacher torturing Dora in Dora's parents' room, it kinda makes you wonder how wrong Dora actually is.˛*** Two [[ later]] [[ videos]] from the same creator basically take a common situation (Dora falling asleep in class and Dora refusing to do her math problems) and instead of Miss Christina gently waking her up and asking if she sleeps well or needs math help, have her command her do her work or be punished, then get in Dora's face by calling her "little girl" in the manner of a fire and brimstone preacher with an animation of her literally spitting angry. Both situations end up with Dora beyond annoyed at the teacher and beginning to toss things around in the classroom, or her waiting until Miss Christina leaves the classroom and steals her wallet, then her getting in trouble.˛*** Finally, [[ this video]] from that same creator casts Dora as frustrated when she only knocks down one pin in the first roll of her first frame '''ever''' of ten-pin bowling. Instead of doing the responsible thing of reminding Dora that there are 22 other rolls and 9 frames coming up for her to do well and encouraging her (and that they paid for three games; and for her age why they wouldn't consider bumper bowling to help her learn the game), they catch on her cursing and antagonize her for her slip of the tongue, then whine about her being a 'big baby, spoiled brat, spoiled loser with a bad attitude'. It's no wonder she tosses a bowling ball at an employee in annoyance about her 'b***h-ass family'.˛** While a number of "(Character) Gets a Job at (Place)" videos show that the central character brings their termination from their jobs upon themselves, some videos show the characters losing their jobs when one or more customers make ridiculous orders (such as ordering two billion cheeseburgers from a [=McDonald's=] or asking for a Whopper at a Wendy's) or when one or more of the customers tries to buy something they don't have enough money for; when the central character understandably questions their impossible order or tells them they don't have enough money, the customer gets pissed off and causes a scene, usually leading to the main character making them leave the store like anyone would do. (If the customer doesn't leave for a competing establishment in a huff themselves.) When the manager/boss finds out about what happened they side with the customer(s) one hundred percent and fire the main character despite their protests. While the intention is for the viewer to agree that the employed character deserved it and was harming the business, the character's protests that the customers were being unreasonable, that they couldn't possibly fill out the customer's absurd orders, and/or the customer not having enough money for what they were trying to buy aren't entirely invalid.˛** Little Bill in [[ this video]] (''language warning''). Granted, Little Bill was being a bit of a git, but the car accident caused in the video was entirely his mother's fault thanks to her losing her temper and turning to yell at Little Bill instead of paying attention to the road. (Upon which the car crash happens.) Little Bill actually points this out, but the video treats him as being insubordinate and [[NeverMyFault trying to pass the blame]] for saying this even though, in a way, he is actually right.˛** Silly though the rant videos may be, some of the things that the ranters complain about regarding whatever they're ranting about are actually legitimate.˛* {{Squick}}: Some of the more gross-out situations really do sound and/or look disgusting in spite of the rampant SpecialEffectsFailure: ˛** [[ This video]] [[PottyFailure really takes the cake]].˛** Sometimes the punishments in the "Grounded" videos come off as rather gruesome or disgusting. [[ In this "Punishment Day" video]], for example, Caillou gets grounded [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment for being grounded]], and Boris punishes him by [[EyeScream licking Caillou's eyeballs]], force-feeding him dirt, pulling Caillou's teeth out and ''eating them'', forcing Caillou to drink out of an 50-years-unflushed toilet, [[TongueTrauma cutting off his tongue]], then ''biting off all of the skin on Caillou's face''.˛---> '''Caillou''': Stop it. It's disgusting. [=WaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ah=].˛** The video for Dora babysits Abuela. While seemingly normal, Dora is forced by Abuela (depicted as a heavyset woman in a yellow outfit) to give her a bath (and, to make matters worse, [[CrossesTheLineTwice clean her backside]]). Somehow, Dora's unclothed grandmother manages to be [[FanDisservice utterly disgusting]] in spite of the usual [=GoAnimate=] quality, especially since the user makes little effort to censor everything. [[ Watch it here, if you dare]].˛** [[ This video]] depicts Caillou turning himself into a [[GenderBender hot lady]] because...he apparently had nothing better to do? He goes to the mall...and gets hit on by his own dad. It's not so much that Boris ([[YourCheatingHeart a married man]]) is hitting on a lady, it's that he's hitting on a lady who (unbeknownst to him) ''[[ParentalIncest is really his own son]]''. Fortunately, once Boris realizes what happened, he quickly stops and seems disgusted. (And as expected grounds Caillou for turning himself into a grown woman.)˛** The [[SmashCut Smash Cuts]] to actual fatalities from Franchise/MortalKombat in [[ Caillou Re-Enacts Mortal Kombat]] whenever Caillou attacks somebody.˛** In [[ Fat Caillou Poops On The World]], the title character... [[PottyFailure well]], [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin it speaks for itself really.]]˛** [[ This video]] really is disgusting from Backpack's point of view. ˛** [[ This video]] really takes the cake, especially with the depictions of near-coprophilia, rape that isn't PlayedForLaughs, and the fact that the maker of the video (and their AuthorAvatar) is implied to be prepubescent.˛* TakeThatScrappy: ˛** The very premise of the "(preschool show character) Gets Grounded" videos are this, as kids who dislike the lead characters for being baby show characters are venting their frustrations on them with these videos.˛** It's more common with the ironic fanbase, but there are many videos where the [[TheScrappy widely disliked]] [[AbusiveParents parent characters]]' KarmaHoudiniWarranty runs out, often via the kid characters [[CallingTheOldManOut calling them out]] or getting them grounded or arrested. As mentioned under TheScrappy, Boris (who is one of, if not ''the'' most hated out of all the parent characters) is the most common recipient of these types of videos.˛* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: ˛** The removal of the Comedy World and Lil' Peepz video makers in August 2015 hasn't gotten a positive reception from fans. Granted, assets from the two themes could still be used in videos until the website switched to [=HTML 5=]--it's that it was hidden on the website that it could be easily misconstrued as removed. Once people started abusing this, [[WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings eventually this was wiped clean permanently]]. Eventually, [[LoopholeAbuse GoAnimate 4 Schools and Wix were discovered as containing the older themes, before being switched to HTML 5 permanently]], causing another uproar from fans. Hence, the community threatens to kill Alvin Hung for something petty like this. However, with the Google Chrome extension device Requestly, you can still access these two themes... that is, until this method is patched too.˛** The licensing for several voices in the program (including "David", one of Caillou's most popular voices) expired and it was chosen not to renew them. Several users found ways around this, but others saw this as another reason to complain to (and make Grounded videos out of) Alvin Hung.˛** The removal of social features such as the Community Library, Dashboard, Forums and Feedback was not treated well with fans, who saw this as Alvin Hung being once again greedy. Truth is, however, that the removal was most likely due to the fact that social features were becoming misused as a way to post grief and cyber-bullying.˛** Many people who have made Grounded videos in the past have now seemed to stray away from this concept, either due to OldShame, the amount of hate "baby shows" get or due to a loss of interest. However, it seems to be very common for former users to also leave due to the DenserAndWackier cross DarkerAndEdgier Grounded videos.˛* ToyShip: It's not uncommon for video makers to put Caillou and Dora together.˛* UncannyValley: This is what happens when a user tries to make a character super accurate to their real counterpart, including changing their eyes, often resulting in them looking creepy and unemotional.˛* UnintentionallySympathetic: A problem with the "Grounded" videos as a video maker takes the DisproportionateRetribution of the punishment way too far. Being grounded for a ridiculously long time because you beat up your teacher is silly yet funny, depending on the number. Being assaulted and killed for failing a test, however, is just disturbing and cruel.˛** For a specific example of this involving Caillou, we have [[ this video]] where Caillou goes downstairs to open his birthday presents... only to be tricked into receiving a Punishment Day from his family. While normally Caillou does something terrible to deserve it, here he does absolutely nothing to warrant such a Punishment Day from his parents and Rosie. Add the fact that this occurs on his birthday, Caillou comes off as a big time {{woobie}}; having his birthday ruined and subsequently being bullied by his own family for a petty reason.˛** Another video (which is probably now deleted) had Caillou's family go to Chuck E. Cheese's and Caillou behaves at there, but Chuck E. scares Rosie. Then, seemingly for no reason, [[NeverMyFault Caillou gets blamed for scaring Rosie]]. What makes Caillou a {{woobie}} is that he ''tries'' to explain he was behaving, only for Doris to say "We don't care!" and ground him.˛* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic:˛** In general: ˛*** The parent characters and some of the troublesome kids' friends, teachers, and family members. While this could arguably be in affect for all grounding videos (considering the ridiculously long grounding times), some videos depict these characters as being massive [[{{Jerkass}} Jerkasses]] towards the trouble-making kids by going out of their way to make them miserable, excluding them from parties or trips seemingly just to be mean, or even trash-talking them to their face. Oftentimes this is before the trouble-maker has even done anything wrong. Combine this with their treatment of the trouble-makers when they ''do'' cause trouble, and you can see why many of the trouble-makers are seen as UnintentionallySympathetic.˛*** Caillou's family and [[WithFriendsLikeThese friends]] (particularly Boris) most frequently fall under this trope, to name a specific example. Any sympathy that is attempted to be given to them often falls flat when previous videos (or even the very same video) show them to regularly physically and verbally abuse Caillou. ˛*** Videos such as "Stop disliking my videos" or "My feelings right now" are this, mainly because the users who do these events seem to bring it on themselves (especially VGCP/UTTP users). "Destroy" videos, on the other hand, are clearly [[UpToEleven taking this up a notch too far]].˛** Specific examples:˛*** [[ To name one example]], here, Caillou pranks Rosie by putting a shark tank in her room. When he gets busted by his parents, Caillou seems genuinely remorseful over this and apologizes to Rosie. Rosie, however, refuses the (actually reasonable) apology and Caillou is sent to his room as the others celebrate. The intention is like all the other videos, namely that Caillou has gone beyond their apologies. However, the context of the situation (Caillou actually realized what he did was wrong and clearly tried to apologize) makes Rosie come off as an unreasonable {{Jerkass}}. (As well as Boris and Doris, by extent, as they side with Rosie without a beat when she shrugs off Caillou's apology.)˛*** The ''WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine'' characters in [[ this video]]. The basic plot is that Dora's friend, a blue train named Azul, challenges Gordon to a race around the Island of Sodor. While Dora, Boots, and Azul are rude characters in the video (as intended), so is everyone else: After Azul cheats by having Boots stand in Gordon's way on the tracks, Gordon and the other trains secure Gordon's victory by having James block Azul at a train station, i.e. ''[[ProtagonistCenteredMorality the exact same thing Azul did]]''. Between the the morality of this action not being questioned at any point and the engines and Sir Topham Hatt rubbing Gordon's victory in Dora, Boots, and Azul's faces later ([[KickTheDog even calling Azul a "fake train" while they're at it]]), the ''Thomas'' characters really are no better than Dora and friends here.˛* VindicatedByHistory: The "Business Friendly" theme, once the most loathed theme of the website for killing off the Flash-era animations, has become more popular with users due to having more effects, the [[LoopholeAbuse many ways people use to access the Flash themes]], and because the other two [=HTML=] 5 themes are seen as lacking and complicated in comparison, whereas Business Friendly can be used casually too.˛* SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome: ˛** Yes, even ''[=GoAnimate=]'' has its share of [=VEoA=] moments. [[ Exhibit A]].˛** Not Smirks managed to create a 3D water effect that is pretty impressive by ''[=GoAnimate=]'' standards as [[ shown here]].˛** Animators such as African Vulture and Issac Anderson has been able to, with a little bit of work, make highly animated sequences with what little Comedy World has given them.˛* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids: Some videos will feature child characters from television series being sexualized and doing things an average kid their age wouldn't even know about.˛* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs: Some Grounded videos have the kids getting grounded over things that are ''physically impossible'', such as changing their school's name to that of a restaurant. Additionally, some Grounded videos involve ''[[UpToEleven human]]'' [[UpToEleven parents having]] ''[[UpToEleven logos]]'' [[UpToEleven as their children.]]˛* {{Wimpification}}: A dire example of this trope in many grounded videos - A character can do anything they want, no matter how dangerous or destructive it is, yet still be defeated by a witness calling their parents or friends to ground them. It's rather shocking to see someone like [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji]] or [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Jessie and James]] be left crying and running to their room after doing something such as destroying a building.˛* TheWoobie: ˛** Really, just about nearly every single target of the "Grounded" videos.˛** Alvin Hung is a meta example, just because of [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks a (reasonable, but) very controversial update]], fans have turned against him and even started harassing him with '''''death threats'''''. Plus, with such a good concept and ambition-turned-laughing stock of the whole internet with such a rabid fraction of the fanbase's behavior making its reputation worse, it isn't that hard to feel bad for him.˛*** Ditto with Warren Cook, who just about gets nothing but "grounded" videos centering around him for the so-called heinous crime of making fake VHS openings.˛** Daillou in [[ Caillou's Teenhood.]] He was phsyically abused to point of being [[WheelchairWoobie crippled]] [[BodyHorror and his head shaped abnormally,]] and [[spoiler:eventually killed]] by Boris. Even worse, he [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness doesn't act sexy and/or goofy like he usually does, and is much more serious than normal.]]˛** Ballad in [[ Ballad's Embarrassment]] after she gets laughed at by her class.˛** Rosie. She's constantly getting tormented, bossed around, and/or killed by Caillou, plus her [[ABirthdayNotABreak birthdays]] are always ruined by him too. And being is the TokenGoodTeammate of a {{dysfunctional family}} just adds to her woobiness factor.˛** Gina, due to getting constantly pranked by Dora, despite Dora having little reason to hate her besides being Ms. Christina's favorite student.˛** Macusoper. He always gets in trouble at school for things that aren't even his fault.˛** Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne and Velma. They are always getting concussions from Fred, even for doing things that any sane person would consider harmless and to top all that, any attempts at revenge on Fred always end in tears for them.˛* YouLookFamiliar: Since the Flash era had a subset of real-life politicians being parodied known as "White Houserz", it was common sight to see Sarah Palin being Dora's teacher, Hillary Clinton as a news anchor and Newt Gingrich generally portrayed as a grumpy authority figure (and because kids might not know who these people are or what their views are, the vast majority of these videos are [[TropesAreTools pretty light on political attacks]], unlike grown-ups on the Internet). It's usually the troublemakers that are causing all the issues that politicians need to solve in this world.˛** In mid-2016, the voice of Paul was licensed to [[ the National Weather Service's radio service]], meaning inevitably we'll have a dangerous blizzard or small craft advisory that will be [[RunningGag grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded]].˛*** The Paul voice is also used in certain scam pop-ups that claim that the computer that the Internet browser is running on has a virus on it.˛** The Wiseguy voice setting was heard in various [=GoAnimate=] videos before being used in the infamous "[[ComicStrip/{{Garfield}} Garfielf]]" video and as the voice of Music/SiIvaGunner.˛** You might be able to recognize the song that plays during news reports as the same one used by Keemstar for his ''Drama Alert'' videos.˛** The interactive doll ''My Friend Cayla'' uses the Ivy voice setting. Coincidentally, there's another [=GoAnimate=] voice called '''K'''ayla (best known as the main voice used for Dora the Explorer).˛** The voice most often used for Boris (Eric) was used for [[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius Hugh Neutron]] in ''WebAnimation/JimmyNeutronHappyFamilyHappyHour''.˛** Some of the [=VoiceForge=] voices were featured as announcers in ''VideoGame/{{Loadout}}''.˛----


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