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1* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler:Jack, stabbed by Olivia, bled out in her room, all alone. Given his [[JerkassWoobie background]] and apparent belief that what he did all really was for the greater good, it's hard not to feel sad about him being gone for good. It also doesn't help that, especially for a villain, he died so very early in what's shaping up to be a long story.]] Already, despite the [[AvertedTrope aversion]] of NeverFoundTheBody, some people think...** HesJustHiding: ...that the corpse is a fake and they're still out there somewhere, somehow. [[spoiler:They were right.]]* LoveToHate: Those who don't just outright love Jack Porter tend to feel this way about him, since [[spoiler: he's such a cool, manipulative, villain. Hence why most were happy when he turned out to have not actually died.]]* NightmareFuel: [[ This page.]] Specifically, the bottom panel. [[spoiler:As if Jack wasn't creepy enough already!]]* ShipTease: There has been some for Jack/Olivia. She seems rather flustered at times when around him and, after [[spoiler:their first cleanup job together]], he takes her out to eat at a restaurant. Of course, this is just to cheer her up but he also [[spoiler:pretends that they're in a relationship when an outburst from Olivia draws too much attention to them. It seems like an interesting choice to make, given that he could have probably gotten people to ignore them some other way.]] Plus, there are Maya's ''[[EveryoneCanSeeIt interesting]]'' comments.** [[spoiler:MindGameShip]]** [[spoiler:ShipSinking]]: Well, now that [[spoiler:Jack's dead, this ship's been pretty solidly destroyed.]]*** [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]]. Since he faked his death, this ship might just set sail again.]]* TheWoobie: Olivia Kane, as of the second chapter at least. Her mother's relationship with her is [[MissingMom "nonexistent"]] and it is, in Chapter 2, revealed to her that [[spoiler:her own father has very little faith in her, which reduces her to [[TearJerker sobs]] as her insecurities start to really get to her. Plus, it is implied that she has had some experience with death and may have even just acquired a [[DeathSeeker death wish]] herself.]] The girl needs a ''huge'' hug.** Turns out [[spoiler:her relationship with her mother is currently nonexistent because she locked Olivia up in her room for days at a time, purely because she didn't have the patience to deal with her own child. The emotional neglect is one of the reasons for Olivia's shyness and quietness nowadays.]] Which just makes her even ''more'' [[TheWoobie Woobieriffic]].** JerkassWoobie: [[spoiler:Jack is one, if you look into his back story. He was a boy with a heart condition that meant he could die at any given moment, and spent most of his childhood in the hospital. He became a gatekeeper because he took a strong interest in the darker side of human nature. And then he died, bleeding out, alone. Despite his being a villain, it's hard not to [[AlasPoorVillain feel for him a little]].]]*** This was one of the reasons for why [[spoiler: when it turned out that he faked his death, a whole lot of people were very happy.]]


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