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1* AlasPoorVillain: Lillian, from the episode "Life Source". At first, she's a standard MonsterOfTheWeek, draining Earthmen for their life force. Then we find out [[spoiler:that she was picked by Ming to drain the life from others to keep ''him'' alive, and at the end, he drains her completely and she crumbles into a pile of dust.]]* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic:** The commercials for the show featured a great cover of Queen's theme song done by indy band Louis XIV. Unfortunately, said cover never made it into the show.** The show in general had excellent music, "Til Death" had Aura enter in all her bad girl glory to Tv/Tv's [[ Indie Rock Girl.]]* GrowingTheBeard: It was getting better by episode 13 "Sorrow".* OneSceneWonder: Ty Olsson as Vultan.* PoorMansSubstitute: Jonathan Lloyd Walker as Rankol is the poor man's Gary Oldman.----


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