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1* FandomRivalry: With Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn. Though many writers do cross-post on both sites, there's a strong rivalry between the two because they're the two most popular fanfiction archives and have differing aims (FFN is dependent on ad revenue and has more content restrictions, while [=AO3=] is a nonprofit organization with much looser content guidelines). Some fandoms also seem to lean towards one site over the other (for example, [=AO3=] has a bigger ''Anime/YuriOnIce'' section while [=FFN=] has a bigger ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' section). Interesting enough, {{Crossover}} fics tend to be more heavy leaning towards FFN, despite it being more limited than [=AO3=] (FFN only lets users categorize a crossover between two series, while [=AO3=] allows users to tag as many series as they like).* MemeticMutation: ** "There are no FF.N Mods". This is because the Mods are almost non-existent, and there's no real way to contact a specific one directly. Even if somebody does contact one, they rarely respond to what the other person's contacting them about. Naturally, most of FF.N rules (such as no {{Alternate Reality Game}}s, {{MST}}s, {{Lemon Fic}}s, or fics with real people in them) are pretty much ''never'' enforced, and the rule-breaking fics can stay up for ''years''.** Korean adbots. For some ''bizarre'' reason, FF.N Forums tend to get flooded with the adbots, with the worst cases resulting in the front pages of Forums reading like a Korean website. It's so infamous that the site admins had to remove links from Forums... and the adbots ''still'' keep flooding the Forums. * ScrappyMechanic: ** As of June 2015, links outside the site no longer show up in forum posts, and any outside links that were on a profile page and didn't link to Fictionpress (FF.N's sister site) link back to the original profile page. To say site-goers weren't pleased would be an ''understatement''.** The site uses the robots exclusion standard (robots.txt) in its programming, which prevented archival sites such as the Website/WaybackMachine from working with the site for a long time.[[note]]The Internet Archive no longer follows the standard unless they are specifically requested by a site's webmaster to continue doing so for their site.[[/note]] As a result, this rendered a ''lot'' of forums, {{fanfic}}s, and [=RPs=] {{Missing Episode}}s. This is especially infamous because the higher ups like to periodically purge forums, threads, and fics that haven't been touched after a certain point to save on space, even if said threads were unable to be reactivated or the fan fiction was already completed. Naturally, bringing up robots.txt is a good way to ignite a bonfire that can be seen from space.----


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