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1* DemonicSpiders: The ghosts. They float around unpredictably, dash at the player upon seeing them, [[TakingYouWithMe leave behind a second invincible ghost upon dying]], that ''also'' dashes at the player]], and are generally found in corridor-like areas where it's difficult to out-maneuver them. Fire is the easiest way to deal with them [[spoiler:but when the dragon loses the ability to breathe fire,]] ghosts become a lot more frustrating to kill.* DifficultySpike: Most of the game you fly from platform to platform, kill mobs with 1-2 hits... [[spoiler: And then final battle happens, where you must dodge knights sword attack, shockwave attack, his arrows and ghosts, all the while trying to hit him. And THEN knight transforms into a ghost that starts to actively chase you!]]----


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