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1* GrowingTheBeard: The introduction of the Third Doctor coincided with the show's change to both colour production and a noticeable upward shift in its production value, as well as the introduction of more adult storylines.* HilariousInHindsight: ** The ringing sound emitted by the meteorite which the poacher digs up sounds ''exactly'' like somebody's mobile phone.** Something about the Combat Auton from its first appearance eerily foreshadows [[Film/Halloween1978 Michael Myers]].* {{Narm}}: The final attack of the Nestene on the Doctor. After the very effective Auton attack, somehow the Doctor being unconvincingly strangled by fake tentacles (and hamming it up as he is) just seems anticlimactic.* ParanoiaFuel[=/=]FridgeHorror: The Nestene Consciousness' plans were to subvert world governments by creating realistic Auton replicas of world leaders and military staff. Absent a cut line (in which the Doctor coordinated with The BBC to broadcast the high-power UHF frequency that kills Autons), how do we know that all the Autons were reliably snapped up? And could there have been other meteor strikes in, say, the United States? Or the USSR? or Communist China?* SignatureScene: The mannequins coming to life and rampaging through the town, which [[UncannyValley terrified]] a generation of children.* SpecialEffectsFailure: In the wax museum, several of the Autons sway and move ''just'' slightly long before they actually come to life. (Although one could consider this an unintentional form of FiveSecondForeshadowing, in a sense)* SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome:** The whole serial looks unusually good due to being shot on film and being a (relatively) big-budget season opener.** The lovely matte painting of the Earth hanging in a deep canvas of stars at the beginning, especially on the Blu-Ray version.** The Autons mark one of the times where the inability to create a realistic monster was exploited to create something pants-shittingly scary. 1970s shop window dummies actually did look that creepy.----


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