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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: While [[spoiler: Lord Gaga]]'s third fight can be giant a ThatOneBoss moment to some, the music that plays during the fight, [[ Dancing to the Beating]] is both a fitting song for the boss and a fun beat to listen to on it's own, easily being the most memorable song outside of the AnimeThemeSong.* GameBreaker: The Scout skill ''Biinon's Invisibility'' is both this and GoodBadBugs; it puts the Scout in stealth, heals 30% of their Health, and gives them 100% to attack... but with how it's worded, the stealth bonus and attack bonus only break when the Scout does a weaponless PHYSICAL attack. With enough Skill Regen to get Biinon's to 1 Turn CD, you can stack up to -three- instances of +100% Damage at a time, which also calculates incorrectly with the Season 5 Scout skill that has 200% scaling, ''Shockwave''... two stacks of Biinon's can result in Scout with a 5x3 attack skill that does 3000+ damage ''TO ALL ENEMIES INSIDE''. Even Lightning Attack(Free Action) benefits from the Biinon's damage miscalculation, meaning Scout becomes the de facto best damage dealer on the team... add in Lead's Shout of Courage for another [[UptoEleven +30% Attack Bonus]]... * MisBlamed: Many blame Saban for the change in the cover art from more Super Sentai oriented gear to cheap bucket helmets. Behold Studios has stated this was due to the story being about a fledgling sentai studio with very little money. A lot of the early costumes are made out of cheap material. An early MonsterOfTheWeek is a cardboard box monster...made out of a cardboard box. Behold thought this was what the core of the game was about and changed the cover art. Better costumes can be unlocked later. The misunderstanding comes from this coinciding with Behold adding "inspired by Saban's Power Rangers" to the logo at the same time as the art change.* HoYay: Gaga is...pretty friendly towards Lead, even if Lead is a guy. [[spoiler:When he reveals his true colors, he seems all too happy [[FoeYay Lead's under his control]]. Lead themself calls him [[NoYay "master"]].]]* LesYay: Techie has a pretty obvious crush on the SixthRanger [[spoiler: Tammy]]. [[PurelyAestheticGender Even if Techie is a girl]].* OvershadowedByControversy: The game got more attention for having copyright issues than to it's own merits.* SpiritualLicensee: Intentionally so, to Franchise/PowerRangers. [[spoiler:[[RealAfterAll Later plot revelations]] bring [[Series/HikoninSentaiAkibaranger a certain unofficial Sentai to mind]].]]* {{Woolseyism}}: The English and Portuguese versions of the game have very different texts, the English version has much more puns and memes while the Portuguese version uses more slang.** The English version also has many glaring typos and mistakes. Those are intentional to give the feeling of BlindIdiotTranslation that old Sentai shows had.** Taken to it's maximum extreme when one of the bosses, Ironing Man says in the Brazilian version: [[BreakingTheFourthWall "I was going to make a pun now but i don't think it works in Portuguese."]]*** Taken UpToEleven level when in the Portuguese version, the last boss says [[ShoutOut "Welcome to die!"]] ''[[GratuitousEnglish in English]]'', then Techie complains to [[BreakingTheFourthWall the localization team that no one will get the joke]].* ThatOneBoss: [[spoiler:Gaga]]'s third fight involves [[GetBackHereBoss chasing him around the room as he teleports,]] dealing with bosses summoned from previous levels, and dodging all their attacks with minimum healing or revival skills. Oh, and the bosses summon mooks, too.


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