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1[[AC:In every generation, spoilers are born. Don't open the below folders if you haven't seen/read/played the work in question.]]≤≤[[foldercontrol]]≤≤[[folder: The 1992 Film]]≤* AcceptableTargets:≤** [[WhiteAngloSaxonProtestant White Anglo-Saxon Protestants]]: Buffy's parents being the Reagan/Bush era variation on the old theme.≤** [[JerkJock Jocks]]. In this instance, basketball players.≤** British people. Buffy calls Merrick a "scone-head." (Joss attended Winchester College for two years, and recorded what he saw in the Watcher's Council.)≤** A character remarks that he thinks the soulless, cruel, evil vampires "were Young Republicans".≤* AccidentalInnuendo: "I was just saving your butt!... Well, there was an ''exchange'' of butts..."≤* AdaptationDisplacement: The film has faded into almost complete obscurity and is today remembered pretty much only for being adapted into the series (although it does have a bit of a [[CultClassic cult following]]). Some fans of the series probably weren't even aware that a movie was made. Whedon considers his script -- not the film that was actually made -- to be canon, making this one of the few ''intentional'' examples of this trope.≤* CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Lothos]] is an ancient vampire, famous and [[TheDreaded feared]] for [[HeroKiller killing numerous Slayers]] over the centuries. Arriving in Los Angeles, Lothos starts a new killing spree to track down Buffy and take over the city, having his follower Amilyn turn numerous people into his vampiric army for him and bring him new victims to feed on, even turning one of Buffy's friends to find her and killing another. During his first confrontation with Buffy, Lothos kills her watcher Merrick by turning his stake onto him, letting Buffy go at the time as he was expecting more of a challenge. Later, Lothos leads his minions on an attack at the school, killing several students. Lothos is [[LackOfEmpathy completely indifferent towards his followers and their deaths]], as seen when he refuses to save Amylin when Buffy stakes him, giving him an unsympathetic smile as he mockingly plays a fiddle. After Lothos fails to hypnotize and/or seduce Buffy, he stops his flirtatious advancements in favor of going in for the kill, putting his sadistic personality on full display as he notes to the rest of the students that he will kill them all himself once he's done with Buffy.≤* CultClassic: While the TV series is much more fondly remembered fans (To tho point most didn't even ''know'' there was a film at first), those who have seen the film like it as pretty much a rough draft to what would come later. Even then most just like it for what it is; a silly little action-horror comedy. Having some of that early [=90s=] cheese doesn't hurt either.≤* EnsembleDarkHorse: Amilyn, mostly for his death scene and for being played by Creator/PaulReubens.≤* HilariousInHindsight: The Music/{{Divinyls}} performed a cover of "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" for the soundtrack, originally performed in 1966 by the Young Rascals, but also covered in 1977 by ''Angel''.≤* HoYay: The scene where Amilyn watches over Lothos as he sleeps and ''kisses his hand'' makes you wonder...≤* IronWoobie: Buffy, due to the BittersweetEnding.≤* MemeticMutation: Amilyn's death scene is basically what most people remember from the film: "Ooooh, aaaaah, ooooh, aaaaah!"≤* OnlyTheCreatorDoesItRight: The planned Whedon-less reboot film got this reaction from a lot of people, which may have been part of the reason that it got staked.≤* RetroactiveRecognition: Creator/HilarySwank as Kimberley, one of Buffy's GirlPosse. Ben Affleck and Ricki Lake in bit parts, as a baseball player and a waitress respectively. Though his scene got left on the cutting room floor, Creator/SethGreen (Oz from the series) does appear on the tape, and DVD covers.≤* SeinfeldIsUnfunny: This movie did okay for a low-budget film in its theatrical release but proved to be a cult favorite on videotape. It was this cult status that ultimately inspired the TV series, which ironically now tends to make the movie look bad by comparison.≤* SoOkayItsAverage: It's not a masterpiece and looked on unfavorably by folks who only know the series from the TV show. But in it's own right, it's a decent horror/superhero origin film with some great bits of comedy and character development.≤* TearJerker: Merrick [[DiedInYourArmsTonight dying in Buffy's arms]].≤* VindicatedByCable: Got a much better reception on VHS and TV re-airings than it's initial release and it was because of that that Joss was able to try again and make a TV series out of it. A lot of fans are grateful for the movie because if it wasn't for the home releases, we likely wouldn't have the TV show in the first place.≤[[/folder]]≤≤[[folder: The Series (Tropes A - G)]]≤* AccidentalInnuendo: Before their relationship begins in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E9Smashed}} Smashed]]" ó a RunningGag is Buffy continuously mistaking something Spike says for innuendo e.g. "rough-and-tumble" or "grunt work" ó hinting that despite Buffy's denials she has begun thinking about Spike sexually. Later when she is secretly having sex with him, the Scoobies keep making comments that remind Buffy of what she's up to, e.g. "We know you've been all tied up." and "You've been going at it too hard, slinging the doublemeat and pounding the big evil."≤* ActorShipping: Creator/SarahMichelleGellar and Creator/DavidBoreanaz. It helps that Sarah is a hardcore Bangel shipper and has been known to call Angel Buffy's "one true love." When asked on a Reddit if she preferred Angel or Spike, her response was 'Angel', in all caps.≤* AlasPoorScrappy: Even for those who don't like Kendra, it was a shame to see [[spoiler:her taken out by Drusilla so easily.]] Especially when you remember that she spent her entire life training to be the Slayer and when she was finally chosen she lasted less than a year.≤* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Or rather, Alternate Episode Interpretation. The much maligned "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E5BeerBad}} Beer Bad]]" is actually a really funny and enjoyable episode if you approach it as just an amusing story than an {{anvilicious}} lecture.≤** Also, the ''infamous'' mental asylum episode in Season 6.≤** Creator/JossWhedon says to bring your own subtext and the way the characters act and are presented have led to a lot of discussions about them. Is Buffy still the nice girl she began as that's cracking from what's happened to her, or has she become a domineering bitch? Did Willow bring her BackFromTheDead simply because of how much she cares for her, or does Willow want to show off?≤** Is Buffy's jerkass behavior between Season 6 and most of Season 7 result in all the past trauma from the previous seasons, including being yanked from heaven in Season 6, taking it's toll on her?≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E7OnceMoreWithFeeling}} Once More, With Feeling]]", a sizable number of fans suspect [[spoiler:Dawn really did summon Sweet and Xander was covering for her. This would explain how Xander is able to sing about not knowing what's going on despite the songs forcing you to tell the truth.]]≤** Given Xander's behavior throughout Season 6, first insisting that his and Anya's engagement be kept secret from the gang, and continuing to have serious insecurities about it until finally he leaves Anya at the altar, it's easy to interpret as his ''never'' wanting to marry her, and only proposing because he thought the gang had no chance of beating Glory and he wanted to give Anya a bit of happiness before the end.≤* AndYouThoughtItWouldFail: None of the cast thought "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E7OnceMoreWithFeeling}} Once More, With Feeling]]" would work since Creator/JamesMarsters (Spike) and Creator/AnthonyStewartHead (Giles) were the only ones with any actual singing experience. Now? The episode is considered by ''many'' fans to be a series high point and a rare occurrence where a show's MusicalEpisode is not a sign of it having [[JumpingTheShark jumped the shark.]]≤* AngstWhatAngst: In the second episode Xander and Willow's so-called best friend Jesse gets turned into a vampire, and Xander is forced to slay him. Neither Xander nor Willow seem that affected by this event, especially over the long term, and he is never mentioned again. Xander does develop a deep seated hatred for vampires after this - which is reflected in his dislike of Angel - but he never even mentions Jesse.[[note]]There were plans to bring him back for "Conversations With Dead People" but Eric Balfour wasn't available.[[/note]]≤* AnticlimaxBoss: Played with in the premiere with [[PublicDomainCharacter Dracula]]. Though he demonstrates powers no other vampire in the series has, he's still treated like a bad joke by Spike, and easily defeated. [[spoiler: Subverted on his return in Season 8.]]≤* {{Anvilicious}}: ≤** "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E5BeerBad Beer Bad]]", in which a group of college students and Buffy are turned into Neanderthal-like cave people by spiked beer. Ironically, the episode was intended to have a clear moral, as the writers participated in a competition to write a storyline that (realistically) brought up the dangers of drinking... and were disqualified, because every complication is caused by supernatural influences rather than the beer itself. It at least had the decency to [[LampshadeHanging hang an amusing lampshade]] on that aspect of the episode:≤--->'''Xander''': And was there a lesson in all of this? What have we learned about beer?\≤'''Buffy''': Foamy!\≤'''Xander''': Good. Just so that's clear.≤** The drugs/magic episode, "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E10Wrecked}} Wrecked]]", is probably the most blatant metaphor in the whole show.≤** While pants-soilingly disturbing, the most heavy-handed part of "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E11Gingerbread}} Gingerbread]]" (about prejudice) was when Cordelia fire hosed down the brainwashed parents.≤** Buffy's speech in the finale is quite anvilicious about female empowerment - attributing the entire Slayer line to "a bunch of men", and then following it by saying of Willow "this woman is more powerful than all those men". Season 7 overall really hammered home the feminism to a degree not quite seen on the show before.≤* AwardSnub: Many think Creator/SarahMichelleGellar was legitimately deserving of awards for her work in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E16TheBody}} The Body]]".≤* BadassDecay: ≤** Formerly known as Spikeification, as Spike went from an intimidating presence who was [[EvilIsCool cool in his evil-doing]] and [[ManipulativeBastard clever enough]] to fool ''Angelus'', to a sort of ButtMonkey who lost most of his cool, and nearly ''all'' of his evil and cleverness. It's been argued that that's the price that had to be paid for keeping Spike around, as he was originally ''such'' a badass that Buffy could never have a conceivable excuse for ''not'' dusting him if she got the opportunity to, and badass Spike would of course kill Buffy if he could. That said, he got some of it back by Season 7 (though at the [[RedemptionEqualsDeath ultimate cost of his life]]), and completely inverted it when he was revived and moved to LA afterwards.≤* BaseBreakingCharacter:≤** Xander is quite possibly the biggest example of this in recent years; he is either the lovable ButtMonkey and [[TheHeart Heart of the Slayer Machine]], or a hypocritical jerk who is way too judgmental of Buffy whenever she screws up, especially in regards to Angel and Spike -- or any other guy she's interested in, for that matter, even when it's none of his business. There's also some debate as to whether his preoccupation with sex is just a normal teenage straight guy's disposition or a creepy lecherous quality[[note]]There were plans to make him gay before Joss decided to give that arc to Willow, so it may have been intended as {{Foreshadowing}}.[[/note]].≤** Buffy herself in the show's later seasons. Her [[spoiler:sleeping with Spike]], HolierThanThou attitude towards both the Scoobies and the Potentials, and taking an entire season to claw her way out of depression being some of the main points of contention. However, there are others who think these actions are justified, considering her friends [[spoiler:unwittingly yanked her out of Heaven.]] ≤** Surprisingly enough, [[BreakoutCharacter Spike]]. There are those who think he's hilarious and one of the best parts of the show, others think we saw [[SpotlightStealingSquad too much of him]] in the later seasons and can't put up with his constant [[{{Wangst}} wangsting]] about Buffy not returning his feelings.≤** Faith. Does she use all her misfortune as an excuse to be a heartless, violent bitch, or is she genuinely a victim who has been pushed off the rails and needs all the support she can get? There are also those who argue that she ''was'' offered support, but chose not to take it, preferring to resume her reckless lifestyle for her own selfish benefit. Or was she so unused to being offered friendship and understanding that she just couldn't process it?≤** Kendra. Either a narmy EthnicScrappy with a ridiculous accent who is especially boring when compared to her successor [[DarkActionGirl Faith]], or a genuinely interesting addition to the slayer mythos who had sufficient enough chemistry with Buffy to make for some great storylines. There's also a third party believing her to be a better character than Faith.≤** Drusilla. Sick, twisted psychopath who deserved everything that was coming to her? Or ultimately just another one of Angelus's victims, and not nearly lucid enough to fully understand or take responsibility for her actions? Even among her fanbase, there's some debate as to whether she should be enjoyed as a straight-up, gleefully wicked villain or a tragic example of what could've happened to Buffy without Slayer strength and a network of supportive friends.≤** Harmony. [[{{Pun}} Harm]]less comic relief character or annoying KarmaHoudini?≤** The same goes for Andrew. Some think his presence was much-needed in the dark final season and that he had some great one-liners and CharacterDevelopment. Others prefer Xander (who by this point in the show had matured quite a bit) or Anya dishing out the humor instead. There's also Andrew's [[spoiler:killing of Jonathan]]. Does he truly redeem himself, or does he get off way too easy? Oh, and does he deserve [[spoiler:to actually become a part of the Scooby Gang]] in the comics after essentially shoehorning himself into the group, when it really should have been [[spoiler:Jonathan]] all along?≤** Wood. His backstory is certainly interesting (he's the [[spoiler:son of a slayer Spike killed]]), but the fandom is split over whether he really needed to be introduced in the final season and if he served any actual purpose before or after "Lies My Parents Told Me" other than a LastMinuteHookup with [[spoiler:Faith]] (which is in itself a BrokenBase, for those who prefer [[spoiler:Faith]] without a love interest or with [[LesYay Buffy]]).≤** TheBigBad of Season 7, The First Evil. Either a legitimately frightening presence made cool because it can assume the form of anyone who has died, or a ridiculous final villain that only accomplishes anything through its [[TheDragon Dragon]], Caleb, and which did not require an ''entire season'' to defeat.≤** Molly the Potential doesn't attract the bile that the likes of [[TheScrappy Kennedy and Rona]]. But she isn't as well-liked as [[EnsembleDarkhorse Amanda or Vi]], putting her somewhere in the middle.≤** Glory when it comes to her status as a BigBad. Some love her and find Clare Kramer's ditziness endearing and entertaining. Some find her a tiresome villain who is too powerful to be interesting. Others liked her at first but feel that her storyline suffered ArcFatigue.≤* BestKnownForTheFanservice: Not the series itself, but some individual episodes experience this.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E20GoFish}} Go Fish]]" is remembered for the scene where Xander - going undercover on the swim team to investigate - walks out in a speedo. The {{Fanservice}}y shot of him in the speedo is used in the opening credits for the next two seasons.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E16Doppelgangland}} Doppelgangland]]"'s most famous scenes are Vampire!Willow hitting on regular Willow, with [[ScrewYourself seductive neck lick]] - and Willow in the SpyCatsuit remarking "gosh look at ''those''" re: her pushed up boobs.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E13DeadThings}} Dead Things]] " is infamous for the implied scene of Spike giving Buffy anal while at the Bronze.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E9Smashed}} Smashed]]" is remembered for the scene of Spike and Buffy having sex inside a house that's falling down. It lasts just a minute and they're fully clothed for it by the way.≤** Deliberately averted with "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E16TheBody}} The Body]]", which features Tara and Willow's first on-screen kiss. Joss chose to place it in the middle of a scene where they're [[spoiler: mourning Joyce's death]] to prevent it from being used in a GirlOnGirlIsHot sort of way.≤* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: ≤** After the opening theme rolls in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E16TheBody}} The Body]]" we see a five minute random flashback to Christmas dinner at Buffy's house that has nothing to do with the rest of the episode. WordOfGod has said the scene is there because they didn't want to have the opening credits playing over [[spoiler:Buffy trying to revive Joyce]].≤** TheMenInBlack subplot of "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E11OutOfMindOutOfSight}} Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight]]" which was never brought up or mentioned again, not even when the Initiative showed up or when the army went against the Slayers in Season 8.≤*** FridgeBrilliance and FridgeHorror on that: they're an army of invisible people. You WOULDN'T KNOW if they were onscreen or not.≤* BizarroEpisode: "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E22Restless}} Restless]]" certainly qualifies.≤* BrokenBase: ≤** The comics: good or bad? Canon or not?≤** Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike? Buffy/Riley fans are a bit harder to come by.≤** There are those who prefer the high school setting as opposed to the darker, more "grown up" atmosphere of later seasons (and vice versa).≤** Should the show have been {{uncancelled}} or were Seasons 6 and 7 a waste of time?≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E22BecomingPart2}} Becoming, Part 2]]": Xander telling Buffy to kick Angel's ass instead of telling her about the spell: Xander putting the world first, or Xander limiting Buffy's options in the battle because he hated Angel and he ultimately subverted the group for his own needs?≤** Spike becoming a BreakoutCharacter to such a degree that [[SpotlightStealingSquad some fans thought he was practically the main character by the end of the series.]] Was this a good thing (thanks to the compelling writing for him and James Marsters' magnetic performance), a bad thing (because of how much the other characters suffered in comparative screentime), or somewhere in between? ≤** There's Buffy's planned fate for Faith in "Graduation Day" - feeding her to Angel so her blood can cure the poison. Half the base finds this as Buffy going too far and becoming just as twisted as Faith, while the other half feels this a perfect karmic punishment for her. Whatever the opinion, Buffy doesn't get the chance and ends up using her own blood to cure Angel.≤** When did Spike move from {{Villain}} to AntiHero? It can be argued to be anytime from when he realized he could kill demons (even with his chip) in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E11Doomed}} Doomed]]" to as late as when [[spoiler:his soul was restored]] in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E22Grave}} Grave]]". ≤** Was Season 5 dull and Dawn a {{Wangst}}-y [[TheScrappy Scrappy character]] or was it a fitting end for the show and a nice attempt to get in touch with a newer generation of fans? In addition, did Dawn happen to [[CharacterDevelopment "grow up"]] in Season 7, or she is still her same annoying self?≤** Willow's relationship with Tara. Groundbreaking for its time and/or poorly written, poorly acted and too abrupt?≤** Was Willow truly a lesbian or was she secretly bisexual? Many people have argued that the show perpetuated biphobia by not even exploring the possibility that she could love men and women, whereas a similarly sized proportion of the fandom have pointed out that there are many lesbians *in real life* who used to date men before they realized they were gay, and that it's a little disrespectful to insinuate that these women don't exist or that lesbians are less valid if they don't have a perfect gold star. ≤*** The Willow-is-gay camp also bring up the issue of self-identification and how if someone says they're gay they should have the last word on that, to which the Willow-is-bi camp often reply that as Willow is ''fictional'' and not a real person, her 'self-identification' is in fact just a reflection of the writers. And of course, the writers were living in very biphobic times (not that long ago, it wasn't uncommon for people to think that bisexuality didn't ''really'' exist).≤** Good luck trying to leave unscathed if you happen to bring up the infamous mutiny at the end of "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E19EmptyPlaces}} Empty Places]]".≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E5Selfless}} Selfless]]" who was in the right: Buffy or Xander? The show doesn't take either person's side but that doesn't stop fans from trying.≤* CargoShip: Kendra and her favorite stake, Mr. Pointy. Actually, slayers and stakes in general, especially if you've played the ''Chaos Bleeds'' game and remember Faith quipping about the [[ADateWithRosiePalms alternative uses she's found for a stake.]]≤%%≤%% Do NOT add any villains without going to the cleanup thread first.≤%%≤* CompleteMonster: See [[Monster/{{Buffyverse}} here]].≤%%≤%% Do NOT add any villains without going to the cleanup thread first.≤%%≤* ContinuityLockOut:≤** The show could be somewhat guilty of this, especially during the fourth season and onwards. The most egregious example comes during "This Year's Girl"/"Who Are You", where Faith re-appears. It's assumed that the viewer knows her history, and despite this being lampshaded by newcomer Riley ("Who's Faith?"), very little explanation is given, and you'd better be watching the spin-off too, 'cos otherwise you won't see the end of this mini-arc or know what to make of Angel's appearance a few episodes later.≤** Interesting is that this trope functions in-universe too. The Scoobies are a very self-contained group with their own in-jokes and insider information that makes getting close to them very difficult and makes miscommunication practically a given.≤** And God help you if you pick up the Season Eight comics after a substantial time away from the show. [[spoiler:Why is Dawn a giant? Why does Xander only have one eye? Why is there an army of Slayers running around? How did they become a paramilitary organization?]]≤** Lampshaded again in a hilarious, fast-paced exchange between Buffy, Giles, and Principal Wood in season seven while discussing all the things that have happened to Spike.≤** Happens in-universe when Joyce has to learn what it means that her daughter's a slayer.≤** The resolution of the final episode also hinges significantly on a plot device that originated on an episode of Angel and only found its way to Buffy via a crossover episode on the other show. Good luck making sense of what was going on if you weren't watching both shows religiously.≤* CrazyAwesome: Drusilla, who's batshit insane, yet manages to be very effective in her evil-doing, pits Spike and Angelus against one another, and gets away unscathed ''every single time''.≤* CreatorsPet: ≤** Kennedy. The writers other than Joss knew how hated Kennedy was by the fans and often toyed with her almost getting killed. Joss, however, loved her, and so she stayed til the bitter end.≤** Hell, even Riley counts, for all the CharacterShilling he received from Xander, who described him as the "kind of guy that only comes around once in a lifetime" in spite of him being [[ borderline abusive towards Buffy.]]≤* CreepyAwesome:≤** Spike and Drusilla in Season 2, before Spike's BadassDecay.≤** Vamp!Willow succeeds in turning Creator/AlysonHannigan into {{Squick}}.≤** [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Angelus]]. When he's Angel he's the regular kind of awesome instead.≤** The Gentlemen may be some of the scariest monsters in the series, which is saying something, but they're so nicely dressed and friendly to each other it's hard not to admire them a little.≤* CriticalBacklash: Season 6 has experienced this in recent years. [[ This article]] points out why it's the most "important" season of the show, and the Trio as the villains resonate even more in TheNewTens than they did in the early 2000s.≤* CrossoverShip: Connor/Dawn has a surprisingly large army of supporters. Not so surprising if one stops to consider [[BirdsOfAFeather how different yet remarkably similar their circumstances are]], not to mention [[{{Angst}} how they deal with said circumstances]].≤* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: At times it seems like the show's moral is that nothing will ever work out for you, your life is just a long, hard slog through misery, and you might as well just kill yourself. Especially Season 6, explicitly described as "Life is the BigBad", and [[WordOfGod even Whedon admits]] was ([[DidntThinkThisThrough in retrospective]]) hitting the DramaBomb button too damn often and hard. The show also cements Creator/JossWhedon's belief that "[[TooHappyToLive happy people make boring television]]" and his typical "being the EnsembleDarkhorse equals painting a target on your back for becoming AnyoneCanDie fodder" action, which makes finding a character worth rooting for pretty damn hard. Joss has admitted he loved each individual idea for the season so much that he didn't stop to consider that maybe having them all happen ''at the same time'' wouldn't be the best idea. By the time [[spoiler: Xander leaves Anya at the altar]], viewers were just frustrated at unnecessary drama.≤* DesignatedHero: ≤** For many fans, Buffy is the DH for much of [[SeasonalRot Seasons 6 and 7.]] However, there were implications that Buffy wasn't exactly herself, being under even more massive pressure than usual, and having gone through several traumatic experiences in a short time.≤** There's also Spike in Season 7. For some reason, Buffy (and the writers) seem to believe Spike is in the right when he tells Robin Wood that he doesn't regret killing his mother, and that she never loved him. And frankly, that's only the worst time by a small degree. The Angel Season Five writers tried to do an AuthorsSavingThrow for all this, giving Spike more than one episode where he actually has to confront bad he's done, and how self serving he's been even post-soul.≤** We're supposed to think Riley is Buffy's "real shot at love" and everyone treats him like he's the nicest guy ever. Despite the fact that he's a teaching assistant dating one of his students, thinks it's A-OK to torture demons, or "animals" as he calls them (demons are evil, but kill them quickly, don't experiment on them), and whines and complains like a two-year-old when he thinks Buffy isn't giving him enough attention... when she's distracted by her ''mother being in the hospital due to a '''brain tumor'''''. His way of dealing with the latter is going to a vampire "whorehouse" (to get off on getting bitten by them), [[NeverMyFault thinks Buffy is entirely to blame for his behavior]], and gives her an ultimatum: he's leaving if she doesn't forgive him. What's worse is that, from how it's written, we're supposed to be taking ''Riley's'' side, not to mention that Xander calls Buffy out on letting Riley go and Buffy is led to believe that she ''was'' in the wrong. Sickening doesn't even begin to describe this, and the fact that the writers utterly failed to see the implications (and instead blamed fans for liking the vampires Angel and Spike too much) just makes things worse. Then, when he returns in season 6, he goes around believing his opinion is better than everyone else's, everyone loves him again despite what he did, has married someone below his rank (which is a no-no in the US army) and he makes Buffy (who's suffering from depression, struggling with money and raising a teenager) feel terrible... but she listens to him anyway. It's kind of obvious that the writers wanted to make us think "look what you made Buffy throw away!" but instead made him look like an even bigger jerk than before. ≤** Xander can often come across as very hypocritical and judgmental - he wants Angel to be punished and held accountable for crimes he did as Angelus but then in Season 7 objects to Buffy wanting to do the same to Anya, and his only defence is "you don't love her like I do" (not caring about the twelve people she killed). The show never seems to frame his pettier actions as wrong or anything more than 'bad but justified'.≤* DesignatedMonkey: [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Faith]], again -- the writers have thing after bad thing happen to her, and every time she gets closer to happiness they YankTheDogsChain.≤* DieForOurShip: A mix of this and ReplacementScrappy can be traced as the source for a good deal of hate for Kennedy. Granted, the character seemed to be a less successful attempt to recreate a morally neutral "Faith" type who was also a lesbian, but mostly there were cries of TooSoon. Kennedy's level of SatelliteLoveInterest was almost lampshaded by Willow asking why Kennedy liked her -- Kennedy isn't able to come up with any real reasons besides Willow's cuteness and gender preferences. Yet, by the next episode, they're in a committed relationship. Even more shocking, they share just as many on-screen kisses in the show's final few episodes than FanPreferredCouple Willow and Tara do in almost ''three seasons''.≤** Also, poor Riley, who had the misfortune of being introduced right after Angel and Buffy's devastating breakup and right as Spike/Buffy was really taking off. ≤* DorkAge: ≤** Season 4 is sometimes mentioned as a Dork Age, given the awkward [[GovernmentAgencyOfFiction Initiative]] storyline, the introduction of the [[TheScrappy widely unpopular]] Riley as Buffy's rebound love-interest, and above all the episode about [[{{Anvilicious}} a beer that turns people into primitive savages]], although at least that episode has the excuse of being a failed grab at government money. On the other hand, this season also produced the Emmy-nominated "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E10Hush Hush]]" episode.≤** The UPN years are agreed to be a Dork Age by fans:≤*** The [[SeasonalRot infamous sixth season]] is frequently regarded as a DorkAge for the titular heroine, in which her [[spoiler:traumatic resurrection from Heaven]] is explored so realistically that she loses all her (previously characteristic) warmth, passion, sense of humor and interest in the world around her, becoming a pale and often unwatchable imitation of her former self. The supporting cast doesn't get it much better, either: Willow's magic addiction metaphor is simultaneously {{anvilicious}} and a lore trainwreck given that it was never portrayed as such in prior episodes, the blatant [[DisposableWoman fridging of Tara]], Dawn's constant complaining got really annoying, the dissolution of Xander and Anya's marriage was forced, and Spike reached the depths of his BadassDecay, and the Trio's actions were just... stupid. At least Buffy had an excuse. In the season's favor, it did give fans "Once More with Feeling,'' widely considered the show's best episode. ≤*** Season 7, considering the change of Buffy into a full-fledged KnightTemplar, Willow's [[BadassDecay inability to use magic]] for the better part of the season, Xander, Dawn, Anya ''and'' Giles getting virtually no [[TheArtifact character direction,]] having a textbook GenericDoomsdayVillain as the BigBad, the arrival of the [[TheScrappy insufferable]] Potentials, and Spike's total [[SpotlightStealingSquad eclipse of the whole show]]. Creator/JossWhedon has admitted that everyone working on the show was exhausted by that point, and it shows.≤** Some also see the Season 8 and Season 9 comics as a continuation of the Season 7 Dork Age, as Buffy, while a bit more sane than in Six or Seven, is also more alienated from everyone, and in addition to this, the Slayer army is just irritating. ≤* DracoInLeatherPants: ≤** Spike is a standout example. He's one of the worst vampires in recorded history, second only to Angelus, with two Slayer kills to his name, but he's so pretty, and his accent and his comical attitude, the fans just ate him up.≤** Faith. Those pants are personally responsible for some sympathetic views of Faith in fanfic. And lots of {{Freudian Excuse}}s, a well executed HeelRealization, and a HeelFaceTurn works to excuse, well, most of her actions.≤** Caleb. Unlike Spike and Faith, he has ''zero'' redeeming qualities and no redemption... but he's played by Creator/NathanFillion! ≤* EnsembleDarkhorse: ≤** Faith. Originally supposed to last five episodes, she quickly became a fan favorite and lasted right until the end. She would have even gotten her own show if Eliza Dushku hadn't declined in order to work on other projects. ≤** Jenny Calendar was supposedly meant to [[spoiler:die in Season 1, but kept alive for another season because her character was so popular.]] To this day, [[spoiler:many fans are still upset that she was killed off.]]≤** Jonathan in the early seasons when he was the go-to victim at Sunnydale High for anything non-lethal. Later, he was a MonsterOfTheWeek in Season 4, a reluctant [[spoiler:BigBad]] for Season 6, and [[spoiler:had a tragic and pivotal death]] in Season 7.≤** The Gentlemen only appeared in [[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E10Hush one episode]], but their creepy designs and bone-chilling acting performances (including beloved future cult icon Creator/DougJones) made them some of the scariest and most memorable monsters in the show's history.≤** Ethan Rayne has a massively disproportionate fandom and fanfic representation for a character who only appeared in four episodes, thanks to his importance to Giles's past and the HoYay between them. It also might have something to do with the fact that any time Ethan shows up, [[HilarityEnsues wacky chaos abounds]].≤** Spike's demon pal Clem was a NiceGuy who gloriously subverted BeautyEqualsGoodness that he quickly became endearing in the eyes of fans.≤** Vampire Willow, an alternate universe VillainOfTheWeek. Joss liked the character so much that he wrote an entire episode ("Doppelgangland") about her.≤** [[EnigmaticMinion Whistler]], an EvilMentor of sorts to Angel who was popular enough that Joss Whedon [[WhatCouldHaveBeen once considered]] bringing him over to ''Series/{{Angel}}'', thanks to his cool personality and great taste in [[NiceHat headgear.]]≤** Vi and Amanda are easily the most well-liked of the Potentials. Vi for [[TookALevelInBadass taking a level in badass]] during the final battle and for [[RetroactiveRecognition being played by]] Creator/FeliciaDay; Amanda for being among the nicest and most competent of the bunch.≤** The Mayor's henchman Mr. Trick was one of the most memorable vampires in the series for being so damn charismatic and funny, yet also intimidating.≤* EvilIsCool:≤** Spike. Before he was turned into a vampire, he was laughed at and wrote "poncy poetry", whereas when he was sired, won over Drusilla, killed two slayers, and managed to pose a threat to even the mighty Angelus.≤** In an alternate universe, Xander and Willow got rid of their geeky sides after vampirization, instead opting for black leather and a smooth demeanor.≤* EvilIsSexy:≤** Vampires in general, for [[VampiresAreSexGods obvious reasons]]. The most infamous examples being Angelus, Spike, Darla, Drusilla, and Vamp Willow.≤** Faith is Buffy's EvilCounterpart, wears skimpier clothes, and is unabashedly promiscuous and seductive. In Season 4, Willow describes Faith as a "cleavagey slut-bomb walking around going, 'Oh, check me out, I'm wicked cool, I'm [[CatchPhrase five by five]].'"≤** Glory, a.k.a. [[PhysicalGod Glorificus]]. She may want to [[spoiler:destroy the world]], but that doesn't keep her from being pleasurable to look at!≤** It's not played up, but [[spoiler: Amy Madison season 6 and onward, after she does a FaceHeelTurn.]]≤* FairForItsDay: Willow and Tara's relationship early on reeked of HideYourLesbians. The network was so strict on what they were allowed to be shown doing that the writers were forced to use magic as a metaphor for lesbianism. And of course it involved a previously straight character suddenly discovering [[SuddenlySexuality she was gay]] rather than [[NoBisexuals bisexual]]. That doesn't change the fact that the romance was hugely groundbreaking for lesbians on TV. Tara eventually developed into her own character separate from just being Willow's girlfriend. They were also treated as simply another couple on the show, with their own problems and issues. Once the show moved to UPN, they were shown kissing a lot more and sharing a bed. This too was shocking because it wasn't too long ago that it was assumed that lesbians merely wanted emotional fulfillment rather than sex.≤* FanPreferredCouple: ≤** Buffy/Spike was this soon after Spike's introduction. [[spoiler:It eventually [[PanderingToTheBase became canon]] by Season 6.]]≤** [[LesYay Buffy/Faith]], which the writers have acknowledged as subtext and which many, many fans consider canon.≤** As mentioned in CrossoverShip above, Dawn and Connor are most commonly paired with each other.≤* FandomRivalry: With ''{{Series/Charmed 1998}}'' due to TheyCopiedItNowItSucks and the perceived idea that it was created to follow ''Buffy's'' success.[[note]]''Charmed'' creator Constance M Burge said that the networks felt the opposite and the supernatural element wasn't going to sell until she made the protagonists sisters. ''Buffy'' likewise wasn't expected to grow out of its SciFiGhetto demographic.[[/note]]≤* FansPreferTheNewHer: In "The Gift" Dawn has to take part in the ritual while wearing a sacrificial gown. Despite the TearJerker that it is for the scene where she puts it on - symbolising that she's accepted her impending death - the gown itself is quite cute.≤* FauxSymbolism: The Cheese Man that appears in everyone's dreams in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E22Restless}} Restless]]", who Creator/JossWhedon has said means absolutely nothing.≤* FightSceneFailure: Happened a few times in the first season. The other seasons aren't exempt from this. Notably the second season finale where the stunt man for Creator/DavidBoreanaz has a much thinner hairline than David, or "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E15Consequences}} Consequences]]", where SMG's stunt doubles face is shown front and center several times in the fight at the end.≤* FirstInstallmentWins: Both averted and played straight. The TV show is much more popular than the film, but the TV show also massively trumps the canonical comic continuation for mainstream attention, despite as of 2015 being in print ''longer'' than it was on the air.≤* FoeYay:≤** Buffy and Spike (which later becomes DatingCatwoman), Buffy and Faith, the torture scene with Drusilla and Angel in Season 2, Drusilla and Kendra, Giles and Ethan, Glory and Dawn, Xander and Spike, Buffy and Sunday, Angelus and everyone (especially Buffy), Willow and Faith, Buffy and Dracula.≤** Willow has this with ''herself'' in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E16Doppelgangland}} Doppelgangland]]" when her vampire self from an alternate timeline blatantly hits on her. This was before the real Willow had come out, but was the first hint that she was gay, a full season before she came out.≤* FranchiseOriginalSin: Some of the major events that most polarized fandom in Seasons 6 and 7, including Buffy and Spike hooking up in a relationship and Willow's witch powers spiraling out-of-control following her relationship ending, are (coincidentally or not) foreshadowed in Season 4's "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E9Something Blue}} Something Blue]]", to the point of the whole episode seeming HarsherInHindsight. Heck, it even brought Amy back! (Albeit for only two seconds on-screen.) ≤* FunnyAneurysmMoment: A line in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E1TheFreshman}} The Freshman]]" [[TropeNamers provides the trope's name]]. For other examples, see [[FunnyAneurysmMoment/BuffyTheVampireSlayer the series' Funny Aneurysm page]].≤* GeniusBonus: ≤** At one point you can see Oz wearing a name tag with "God" written on it. That is precisely what the root Os- means.≤** Speaking of Oz, he's in a band called Dingos Ate My Baby, referring to the Lindey Chamberlain case. One of Buffy's old school friends is named Ford, and later we are introduced to another one, Holden. All are symbolic of Oz, as in UsefulNotes/{{Australia}}.≤* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: The show was successful in the US but enjoys massive popularity in Europe, where the stigma of science fiction/fantasy isn't as pronounced. Of course, now Chiller, Oxygen, Logo, and Teen Nick are all showing it in the States.≤* GrowingTheBeard: ≤** Spike and Drusilla's arrival in Sunnydale proved a noticeable upswing, but the true beard-growing moment was probably the resurgence of Angelus, cementing the shift from MonsterOfTheWeek episodes to a darkly comedic, character-driven series. TrueArtIsAngsty after all, right?≤** One of the first near perfect episodes was "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E17Passion}} Passion]]", which proved that Angel wasn't coming back any time soon because Angelus was responsible for the first major character death of the series. The series later became famous for them.≤** Others would argue the show at least grew some stubble in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E12ProphecyGirl}} Prophecy Girl]]", the first episode to really deal with bravery and explore the impact such a great destiny had on what was essentially a scared teenage girl.≤[[/folder]]≤≤[[folder: The Series (Tropes H - O)]]≤* HarsherInHindsight: ≤** In "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E16WhoAreYou Who Are You?]]", [[TheHero Buffy]] and [[DarkActionGirl Faith]] switch bodies, with the former appearing a complete and total {{Jerkass}} and the latter desperately trying to gain acceptance. Compare and contrast Season 7. Especially if one looks at the comics- Buffy's atoning for her past actions in Season 8 while Faith assumes the role as the more responsible Slayer.≤** Also, in Season 2's "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E6Halloween}} Halloween]]", Spike is about to kill Buffy, who is weak due to taking on the personality of a colonial-era proper lady. The comment Spike makes about her and her situation before he makes the attempt sounds a lot like he's about to rape her. Way later, there's the infamous incident in Season 6...≤** Angel has mentioned several times that vampires can't have children. Now, go watch Season 3 of ''Series/{{Angel}}''≤** On an out-of-universe basis, the Season 2 episode "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E19IOnlyHaveEyesForYou}} I Only Have Eyes For You]]", which concerns an affair between a (young) teacher and a student that ends in a fatal shooting. Depictions of guns in schools have become quite unsettling after Columbine, and the PaedoHunt of the past decade turns what was supposed to be a tragic love story into Squick for many people.≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E8TheDarkAge}} The Dark Age]]", Jenny Calendar is possessed by a demon that jumps between dead or unconscious bodies. Willow realizes vampires, being dead, would attract the demon. Watch "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E17Passion}} Passion]]" and then go back and watch Giles fret "he's killing her" while Angel chokes Jenny into unconsciousness.≤** Similarly, in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E13Surprise}} Surprise]]", Drusilla freaks out over some flower decorations, mumbling that ''they're wrong, they're wrong, they're all wrong''. Those flowers? Red roses. Given the events of "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E17Passion}} Passion]]", this is almost certainly not an accident.≤** Another depressing real life example: in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E16HellsBells}} Hell's Bells]]" Xander is shown a vision of himself in the future, in which he loses his temper and attacks Anya with a frying pan. In 2015, Nicholas Brendan was arrested for choking his girlfriend during an argument. ≤** Faith's never again mentioned sexual assault of Xander got even more uncomfortable when Eliza Dushku revealed in 2018 that at age 12, she was sexually abused by the stunt coordinator of ''Film/TrueLies'', who even sabotaged a stunt and caused her to break a couple ribs as a threat of what would happen if she told anyone. This also casts the common fan assumption that Faith's mental issues might be related to childhood sex abuse in a darker light.≤*** And if that wasn't bad enough, [[ Nicholas Brendon is himself a]] [[ survivor of childhood sexual abuse]].≤** [[ Joss Whedons' ex-wife Kai Cole claiming]] that he confessed to committing adultery on the set of ''Buffy'' and other shows he ran with his excuse being [[AllMenArePerverts he's a guy who found himself surrounded by beautiful women]], leaving one to guess which actresses he was having sex with.≤* [[SugarWiki/HeReallyCanAct He/She Really Can Act]]: ≤** While ''never'' considered a bad actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar has received some particular praise at some points. Highlights include Buffy's reaction to [[spoiler: her mother's death]] in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E16TheBody}} The Body]]", Buffy's breakdown in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E12ProphecyGirl}} Prophecy Girl]]" after learning she's destined to die fighting the Master, and her convincing performance as Faith-In-Buffy's body in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E16WhoAreYou}} Who Are You?]]" Not to mention her performances in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E22BecomingPart2}} Becoming, Part 2]]" and "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E11Ted}} Ted]]", to name a few others.≤** [[Creator/JossWhedon Joss]] first realized Creator/DavidBoreanaz could carry [[Series/{{Angel}} his own show]] after being wowed by his performance in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E19IOnlyHaveEyesForYou}} I Only Have Eyes For You]]". In addition, fans who were still skeptical about Boreanaz's acting ability up to that point also changed their minds after seeing him play [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Angelus]], which was a complete 180 from the brooding, lover-boy Angel they were used to.≤** Creator/AlysonHannigan really put people on notice during Season 3. "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E16Doppelgangland}} Doppelgangland]]" has her easily play regular Willow and vampire!Willow in the same scene, as well as extra scenes of them pretending to be the other one. In a more straightforward version of this trope, the bathroom scene in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E15Consequences}} Consequences]]" where Willow cries after realising Xander lost his virginity to Faith showed how well she could turn her characters from {{Adorkable}} into TheWoobie.≤** Emma Caulfield made a seemingly mundane speech into the ultimate TearJerker in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E16TheBody}} The Body]] ". She was also a revelation in "Once More, With Feeling" - as she was not known as a professional singer like some of the more accomplished members of the cast - but is held up as one of the strongest singers in the episode. They even got her to sing again in "Selfless"!≤** While many people detest her character Dawn, the same cannot be said about Michelle Trachtenberg's acting in numerous episodes, with "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E16TheBody}} The Body]] ", "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E22TheGift}} The Gift]]", and "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E7ConversationsWithDeadPeople}} Conversations With Dead People]]" being major highlights of her acting prowess.≤* HilariousInHindsight:≤** When Buffy first learns of vampires in Sunnydale? She confronts Giles and demands [[WesternAnimation/KimPossible "What's the sitch?"]]≤** During career day, Willow questions out loud if she likes [tress or shrubs (another word for bushes) more. Xander replies, "That's between you and your god." and that he definitely likes shrubs, while Buffy says "No shrubs for me!" Willow turns out to be a lesbian.≤** At one point, Willow questions if she's the only one who reads ''Series/DoogieHowserMD'' FanFic. Guess [[Creator/NeilPatrickHarris who]] stars alongside Willow's actress on ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', and played the lead in another Joss Whedon [[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog project]]?≤** Although no viewer could have known it at the time, the whole plot where if Angel experienced one moment of true happiness, he would lose his soul turns out to be a pretty good metaphor for any fan of anything Joss Whedon has written since ever. (Although most of us tend to be more "constantly depressed" than "irredeemably evil.")≤** Season 8's BigBad was named "Twilight" before Joss learned about [[Literature/{{Twilight}} a popular new vampire series by the same name]] which is considered by some to be [[ BtVS's polar opposite]]. This gives a double meaning to some of the comics' dialogue.≤--> [[spoiler:'''Spike''']]: You wanna put these demons down and end this Twilight crap once and for all?≤** Another ''Twilight'' example comes from the first season when Angel is in Buffy's room (ItMakesSenseInContext) he mentions how great she would look when she sleeps. It gets even better when all he does is sleep on her floor.≤** ''Twilight'' is so RICH for this. The first episode of Season 2 has Buffy telling Angel that girls don't think stalking is sexy. Apparently, Buffy is very atypical. And forgetting her own romantic history of indeed finding Angel's stalking sexy.≤** And one of the final issues of Season 8 aped [[ ''Twilight: New Moon'']].≤** One more, ''Breaking Dawn.'' [[BreakTheCutie This was like,]] standard operating procedure for [[TheWoobie Buffy's sister.]]≤** "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSalyerS4E11Doomed Doomed]]" had a scene where Xander said this to a freeloading Spike:≤--->"You're a waste of space! ''Website/MySpace''!≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E10Nightmares}} Nightmares]]", when Willow says they're facing their dreams. Giles corrects her that it's nightmares. "Dreams would be a musical comedy version of this." This of course gets a ShoutOut in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E7OnceMoreWithFeeling}} Once More, With Feeling]]", when Willow sings "I've got a theory, some kid is dreaming, and we're all trapped inside his whacky Broadway nightmare."≤** A somewhat unfortunate one in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E16TheBody}} The Body]] " that kills the mood when Xander says something that reminds of [[Film/TheAvengers2012 something else Joss has done recently.]]≤--->'''Xander''': The Avengers gotta get with the assembling.≤** Another Avengers-related thing comes from one of Xander's lines in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E4TeachersPet}} Teacher's Pet]]".≤--->'''Xander''': Do you like Greek food? I'm exempting shawarma, of course, I mean, what's that all about? It's a big meat hive.≤** Yet another Avengers-related thing is the plot of "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E8IRobotYouJane}} I Robot, You Jane]]", which involves a villain who controls the internet and makes a metal body for himself. [[Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron Sound familiar]]?≤** The show had a RunningGag where Xander would keep accidentally making sexual or romantic comments about Dawn. It just seems like a way to poke fun at Xander and Dawn's crush on him. Of course, after Season 8... ≤** After she first meets Angel, Buffy says she really didn't like him. Over eight seasons the two had enough UST to detonate a sun and she is still obsessed with him in Season 9, some thirteen years later, where the mere mention of his names makes her all warm and gooey.≤** The Gentlemen from "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E10Hush}} Hush]]" are considered to be influential to Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos, and, on their own, can be considered Hilarious In Hindsight in that they sort of predicted the phenomenon. However, what's ''really'' interesting is that the person who played the 'Lead' Gentleman [[ will be playing the Slender Man himself]] in the ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'' movie.≤** In the comics Faith suggests there is little that she can be taught in the wonderful world of wetworks. Then we get ''VideoGame/{{Wet}}'' which not only has Creator/ElizaDushku the character she plays could easily be Faith with even more bad language. Conducting wetworks.≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E18Earshot}} Earshot]]", Buffy is frustrated that her telepathy doesn't allow her to read Angel's mind. That's pretty much the exact opposite of [[Literature/TheSookieStackhouseMysteries Sookie]] [[Series/TrueBlood Stackhouse's]] opinion.≤** ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' features a major character named Spike, and a recurring one named Angel. They despise each other.≤** Spike being a fan of Manchester United in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E22BecomingPart2}} Becoming, Part 2]]", but supposedly being a Cockney, puzzled many British fans. The later revelation that he was actually a middle-class mummy's boy from London pretending to be working class made him fit perfectly into a common derogatory British stereotype of Man United fans.≤** Buffy and co had the FanNickname of the "Scooby Gang"... then Creator/SarahMichelleGellar played Daphne in ''Film/ScoobyDoo''. She even had to miss the ''Buffy'' wrap party because she was busy filming said movie.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E9TheWish}} The Wish]]" is Anya's debut episode and features her trying to get Cordelia to wish vengeance upon Xander. Anyone who has seen the two of them as a long-running couple will find those lines hilarious. What's more is that one of Cordelia's wishes at the end is for Xander "to never again know the touch of a woman". Not only does she say this to his future fiancee, but he loses his virginity only a couple of episodes later.≤** A younger Creator/MichaelCudlitz guest stars in "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E13TheZeppo The Zeppo]]" as one of Jack's friends, a zombie who is first shown rising from the grave and who is killed by Xander when his head is crushed. Years later, Cudlitz played Abraham on ''Series/TheWalkingDead'', who fights zombies [[spoiler:and dies when his head is crushed, though given the circumstances of his death he does not reanimate as a zombie.]]≤** The series referencing ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' in "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E12Potential Potential]]" is particularly funny in light of Creator/JamesMarsters' involvement with [[Anime/DragonBallSuper the franchise]]. Especially since the one who makes the reference is Andrew, who crushes on[=/=]idolizes Spike.≤*** Trunks kills Merged Zamasu in the exact same way as Buffy kills Caleb: By slicing him in half from the groin up.≤** ''Christianity Today'' has [[ an article]] saying "Don't let your kids watch Buffy". Come Season 3 of ''Series/LazyTown'', "Don't let your kids watch it" became a major meme after Robbie Rotten said not to let your kids watch [=LazyTown=].≤** During the Scooby Gang's argument in "The Yoko Factor," Xander refers to Giles as "crusty old Alfred." Almost twenty years later, Creator/AnthonyHead voiced Alfred in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanGothamByGaslight''.≤** Dracula's attempt at seducing Buffy becomes this to ''Series/AllMyChildren'' fans, given that Dracula is played by Rudolf Martin, who played Anton Marrick, the husband and major love interest of the obsessive Kendall Hart, aka. Sarah Michelle Gellar.≤* HollywoodHomely:≤** The show tried to present Willow as being unattractive early on. She was definitely conceived that way, with the casting of Riff Regan in the un-aired pilot in mind. And oddly enough it was ExecutiveMeddling asking for Willow to become "more hip, like Buffy" - even though Alyson Hannigan was already quite cute. ≤** Xander was an even bigger victim of this than Willow. In this case it's his personality that makes him unattractive to others, but it's still a bit hard to swallow that he's considered a loser. WordOfGod is that they told Nicholas Brendon to stop working out so that Xander wouldn't look too buffed. ≤* HollywoodPudgy: Amber Benson found herself attacked by fans over her weight - particularly around the time [[DieForOurShip Willow chose her over Oz]]. She has never been anything resembling fat, but sharing the screen with the very waify Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan made her look bigger by comparison. In fact, Amber was nearly turned down for the role because producers thought she was too voluptuous for a character imagined as very dainty (as she needed to take Willow's place as TheWoobie since the latter was getting too powerful to keep putting in danger). ≤* IdiotPlot: The only reason the First Evil is able to be anywhere near as effective as it is in Season 7 is because the Scoobies inexplicably never come up with the idea of a handshake system to make sure the person they're talking to is really them.≤** Heck, they could have used a ''literal handshake'', since the First Evil is non-corporeal≤** In Season 5, it was shown that a) Glory is stuck in this dimension until she gets "The Key" that is Dawn, b) Glory is a PhysicalGod and can effortlessly smash Buffy, c) Glory hates being limited to this plane and will do anything to get Dawn and will NEVER stop hunting for her until she either captures Dawn and "unlocks" the binding that keeps Glory on this plane or Dawn dies (as if she dies, Glory's stuck on Earth forever), d) Rather than fight a battle they can't win, Buffy and Co. decide to run away in a RV, presumably for the rest of their lives, and e) '''''Willow has the ability to send people to other dimensions'''''. All she had to do is send Dawn (and anyone else who wants to come along) to any other dimension, and Glory's plans are foiled forever.≤* IronWoobie: Buffy. In no particular order, her mother's dead, her dad hit the road years ago, her love-life is largely limited to the undead, her role as the Slayer prevents steady employment, there's always some BigBad or other gunning for her. Just for starters. She keeps a stiff upper lip and rarely lets it all get her down.≤* JerkassDissonance: Creator/JossWhedon hated the idea of another vampire romance for Buffy (he never wanted the first one either) and wanted Spike to get killed despite his popularity, as he was determined for vampires to remain villains.≤* JerkassWoobie: Faith and Spike. Faith is implied to have had a horrible childhood with a neglectful mother -- and her FaceHeelTurn is prompted by the fact that the mayor genuinely loves and cares for her. He's essentially the first proper father figure she had. Spike meanwhile was looked down on for his sensitivity during Victorian times and his turn to vampirism was an attempt to overcome that. Despite this, he still ends up losing each woman he loves and being constantly told he is beneath them. What's more is that he turned his mother into a vampire to stop her dying from illness -- which sadly didn't end well.≤* LauncherOfAThousandShips: Faith. And Wishverse Willow. And FanFic writers seem to love making Xander's FatalAttractor status go UpToEleven, especially in {{Crossover}} fiction.≤* LoveToHate:≤** Glory. She's just so mean and so ''awesome''.≤** The Master. He's so hilariously [[LargeHam hammy]].≤** The Mayor, in all his AffablyEvil greatness.≤** Angelus. Almost no one can inflict as much emotional trauma on Buffy, and yet he is ''so'' fascinating to watch.≤** Principal Snyder. Especially after you see [[UsedToBeASweetKid him]] in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E6Band Candy}} Band Candy]]".≤** Pre-HeelFaceTurn Spike, who mixed coolness with being a genuine threat, so much so that his arrival helped with GrowingTheBeard.≤** Faith, who [[spoiler:before her return to good]], provided the perfect EvilCounterpart and {{Foil}} to Buffy.≤* MagnificentBastard: BigBad of season 3, [[MayorPain Mayor Richard Wilkins]], was the founder of Sunnydale and the [[GreaterScopeVillain architect of much of the evil in the show]] to that point. Having created the town as a place for demons to gather, Wilkins manipulates the town and demons alike to empower himself for his Ascension into a pure-blooded demon. Wilkins frequently stays ahead of Buffy and the Scooby Gang and manages to become invulnerable, even allowing the rogue slayer Faith to join his team. Forming a genuinely loving father-daughter bond with her, the Mayor manages to complete his plans to Ascend, with only a fullscale war at Sunnydale High managing to stop him. Even post-mortem, Wilkins leaves behind a way for Faith to prosper and possibly destroy Buffy. Despite his clear evil, Wilkins manages to remain [[AffablyEvil a very pleasant and intelligent]] man, always ready with a smile and a joke who proves to be one of Buffy's most dangerous enemies.≤* MemeticBadass: Buffy's plan in Season 7 involves Spike becoming this. Results vary.≤-->'''Buffy''': They're trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast, and there's nothing they can do but wait. That's all they've been doing for days. Waiting to be picked off. Having nightmares about monsters that can't be killed. But I don't believe in that. I always find a way. I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now, you and me are gonna show 'em why. It's time. [[Film/MadMaxBeyondThunderdome Welcome to Thunderdome.]]≤** Also, in a more unusual example, Xander. By any RealLife standards, Xander is badass simply by merit of the fact that he's still alive after ''seven years'' of fighting the Good Fight (or more, depending on whether you count the Season 8 comics as canon). In many a FanFic, this is taken UpToEleven, and Xander effectively becomes the merciless god of his universe.≤* MemeticMutation: The line "Dawn's in trouble, must be Tuesday" had been used advertising for the show, adapted [[VideoGame/MassEffect3 in other media]] and around the web, and the comics themselves.≤* MoralEventHorizon:≤** Whenever a villain tortured a member of the Scooby Gang, they tended to be seen as having gone just plain too far. Such as [[spoiler: when Angelus tortured Giles to get information]], and when in ''Angel'', [[spoiler: Faith tortured Wesley, in an attempt to get Angel to [[SuicideByCop murder her because she could no longer live with herself.]]]] ≤** For the first half Season 6, The Trio is presented as little more than incapable comic relief, posing no real threat to The Scoobies or society. The murder of Katrina however, cements Warren as a full-blown misogynist with no care for anyone (including his lackeys) and no chance for redemption.≤** WordOfGod says that Angelus's murder of [[spoiler: Jenny Calender]] in S2's "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E17Passion}} Passion]]" was important for the purpose of displaying how evil Angelus had become. Before that act, Angelus had murdered at least 4 people since being turned, but had not yet committed an offense so grievious to the audience (and the Scoobies) that it became a serious question as to whether or not it was even possible to redeem Angel, and if it was would anyone (besides Buffy) want to do it? As an added layer, Angelus was purposely in his vampire face during the murder so that Angel (Angelus with a soul) could still have some form of positive reputation following his return.≤** If it wasn't the AttemptedRape and murder of Xander, Faith trying to kill Angel is an InUniverse example, motivating Buffy to feed her to him or kill her trying to do so. When she recovers Faith also essentially rapes both Buffy and Riley [[GrandTheftMe (she uses Buffy's body to try and get Riley to sleep with her.)]] Buffy is so furious she is willing to go through Angel in her attempt to kill her, but Angel defied this trope by claiming that despite all this, Faith still wasn't too far gone.≤** D'Hoffryn was once AffablyEvil amusing albeit demonic office boss. Then comes "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E5Selfless}} Selfless]]" where he [[spoiler:kills Anya's best friend when she was expecting to be able to sacrifice herself to bring the people she killed back to life]], and making a casual pimp like comment that he "has plenty of girls".≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E6Family}} Family]]": "Tara, if you don't get in that car I swear by God I'm gonna beat you down."≤* MorePopularSpinoff: ''Angel and Faith'' compared to the ''Season 9'' issues.≤* {{Narm}}: The occasional instance of FightSceneFailure in the early seasons. Also, the SpecialEffectFailure with the Mayor's Ascension in the Season 3 finale, though the high stakes and buildup to the scene make it NarmCharm in a way.≤** The very first Bronze scene in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E1WelcomeToTheHellmouth}} Welcome to the Hellmouth]]". It's... pretty obvious that the band aren't actually playing their instruments, particularly the drummer.≤** The utterly ridiculous ease with which some Mooks and [[MonsterOfTheWeek Monsters of the Week]] are killed. One of the vampires in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E3SchoolHard}} School Hard]]" seems to purposely swerve into the path of a cart kicked in his general direction.≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E12ProphecyGirl}} Prophecy Girl]]" when Angel tells Xander that he can't give Buffy CPR because he has no breath, Creator/DavidBoreanaz delivers the line while winded and panting for breath. ≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E11Showtime}} Showtime]]" when Buffy prepares to fight the Turok-Han in front of the Potentials, Andrew says "two men enter, one man leaves". The problem is that he says this while there's dramatic music playing, making it seem like the show is trying to play the line straight - instead of for comedy like Andrew's usual nerdy references.≤** Xander tries to reassure Willow about the urn of Osiris. It's been broken before they could finish the resurrection spell (or so they think) and there's some sad music playing. Xander suggests patching it together with duct tape and crazy glue... completely serious, as if he genuinely thinks that will work.≤** In Season 7, after Buffy and Xander get back from their dates and people start joking about Xander's penchant for hooking up with demon women, Giles gets angry at everybody and chides them quite loudly about their unseriousness. Then he uses the flash cards he made for Chao-Ahn to make his point.≤** Season 6 is like this for some: [[spoiler:Dawn is an attention seeking kleptomaniac, Giles walks out, Xander leaves Anya at the altar because he's afraid they'll end up like his parents, Anya sleeps with Spike after she returns to being a demon, Spike takes off after trying to rape Buffy, Buffy is near-fatally shot, and Tara is killed immediately after reuniting with Willow, who had just kicked her addiction to dark magic.]] All of these twists and drama bombs occur in such rapid succession that looking back, it's almost hilarious, in the same way an overwrought soap opera is. The writers themselves seemed to realize this in the last episode, when Buffy tells Giles everything that has happened in his absence and he bursts out laughing. After a moment's pause, so does Buffy.≤** The entire episode "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E8IRobotYouJane}} I Robot, You Jane]]" was pretty bad even at the time, and has only grown worse with how dated all the references to the state of the Internet at the time have become. This is especially clear in the climax, where the villain's robot body deliberately looks ridiculous to illustrate how out of place he is in modern times, but it's now almost impossible to pick this out from all the unintentional silliness it's surrounded by.≤** The entire fact that Season 7 is all about "Potentials" being killed is such a perfect metaphor for how many fans see the season that it's hard to believe it wasn't intentional on some level.≤* NeverLiveItDown: Dawn was originally meant to be a preteen, but then Joss was so impressed with Michelle Trachtenberg's audition that she was changed to a teenager. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to rewrite the first few episodes she appeared in, meaning she ended up looking quite annoyingly immature in them, which many had a hard time getting past even when the crew did start writing with the casting in mind. Another aspect that stuck around despite being abandoned very early in the shows run was the identification of Buffy as a cheerleader. This was indeed a prominent part of the movie but only came up once in the series in Season 1 after which Buffy never shows the slightest interest in cheerleading again. ≤* OlderThanTheyThink: "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E17NormalAgain}} Normal Again]]" seems to be a WholePlotReference to the "Masks" two-parter of the ''Legends of the Dark Knight'' Franchise/{{Batman}} comic. Both involve the main character undergoing a situation where they're made to believe that all of their adventures are just the product of their delusional minds, and they've been institutionalized the whole time. [[spoiler: They even have the same ending, leaving it unclear if they were really crazy after all.]]≤** A lot of the show's original set-up seems to take inspiration from the original pilot film of ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch''. Both Sabrina and Buffy are transfer students. Xander and Willow have a bit in common with Harvey (shy, nerdy black-haired boy whose secretly pines for the heroine, although Harvey succeeds) and Marnie (nerdy red-haired girl who is even bigger outcast than heroine). The bad girls (Katie's friends/the Cordettes) originally aspire to convince the heroine to join them.≤* OneTrueThreesome: ≤** Buffy/Angel/Spike; between her fantasies of the two vampires oil wrestling and another fantasy of her in a nurse outfit chained to them naked, is officially canon. Even today no matter how much of a sweetheart Spike is Buffy gets all squiggly at the merest mention of Angel.≤** Buffy/Angel/Faith is another big one, what with Buffy and Faith having LesYay out the wazoo and Angel and Faith having enough chemistry to get a spin-off comic series out of it.≤** Willow/Tara/Oz is this for some who love how both of the latter two supported and encouraged Willow while in a relationship with her. ≤* OnlyTheCreatorDoesItRight: Creator/JossWhedon was largely absent from season six, as he was working on ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. The result was a season that was disliked by a lot of fans, with the exception of the beloved "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E7OnceMoreWithFeeling Once More With Feeling]]", which, funnily enough, was Joss' sole contribution to that season.≤[[/folder]]≤≤[[folder: The Series (Tropes P - Z)]]≤* RelationshipWritingFumble:≤** Writers realized they were writing way too much SlapSlapKiss into Cordelia and Xander's interactions, so they just went with it and made them a couple.≤** During an early Season 4 episode Riley is seen comforting a depressed Willow at a party. Riley's sensitivity here and the chemistry between the two actors in this scene (arguably more than Riley had had with Buffy) led many viewers to believe the show was heading for a love triangle, with Willow stealing Buffy's not-yet-boyfriend.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E9Something Blue}} Something Blue]]": Buffy and Spike getting married was supposed to be a joke, but there was so much chemistry between them that the Spuffy pairing just took off.≤** Additionally, Willow and Tara's relationship was merely platonic. WordOfGod has said that he was considering making Xander turn out to be gay. But the chemistry between Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson proved astonishing -- so they made them a couple.≤* ReplacementScrappy:≤** Kennedy was both the Replacement for and the Antithesis of Tara. Tara was quiet and shy, helped ease Willow more into the world of magic, showed genuine love for Willow, and was accepted as a member of the Scoobies in her own right eventually. Kennedy, in contrast, was direct, blunt (not in an endearing Anya-like fashion), insulted the idea of magic to Willow's face, and basically come on to Willow very strongly simply because she managed to recognize her as a fellow lesbian, with the relationship having pretty much zero buildup and the two characters having nothing in common apart from a mutual friend in Buffy. You can see why the fanbase reacted so violently to her, especially as Tara's replacement only several months (in-story) after her death, which caused Willow to go on a murderous rampage. Some fans had even said how bad Kennedy would look if she was male and make the comparison to being a sexual predator.≤** Riley, who spent so much time being "the other guy" after Angel (actually lampshaded by Xander) that they forgot to make him into an interesting character.≤* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap:≤** When Tara was first picked as Willow's SuddenlySexuality love interest, fans wrote such viciously nasty things about her all over the net that Amber Benson nearly left the show. Fast forward to [[spoiler:her death]] two seasons later, and Joss Whedon actually received ''death threats'' for letting her go.≤** Dawn actually achieved this for some in Season 7. With a bit of CharacterDevelopment, less emphasis on the DistressBall and contributing more to the group -- the hate towards her lessened. Season 7 is divisive but people who don't like the season do list Dawn's character as having improved.≤** [[BrokenBase Depending on who you ask]], Kennedy achieves this in Season 9, where she suddenly becomes cool. She sets up a bodyguard agency and offers Buffy work, her personality is less about how gay and selfish she is and with Willow gone for the time acts the way she thinks her ex would. [[CrazyPrepared Loading up on guns, grenades and a sword for corporate terrorism doesn't hurt either.]]≤* RetroactiveRecognition: ≤** [[Series/{{CSI NY}} Carmine Giovinazzo]] being bitten by Darla in the pilot, almost a decade before he started as Danny Messer.≤** Creator/CleaDuvall played antagonist of the week Marcie Ross in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E11OutOfMindOutOfSight}} Out of Mind, Out of Sight]]".≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E5Reptile Boy}} Reptile Boy]]", Machida, underneath the scales, is actually Robin Atkin Downes, a.k.a. [[Series/BabylonFive Byron]].≤*** In the same episode, Delta Zetta Kappa's newest inductee is Coby Bell, who gained success by playing Jesse Porter on ''Series/BurnNotice''. ≤** Billy Fordham from "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E7LieToMe}} Lie To Me]]". ''Series/{{Roswell}}'' fans know him as Max, but seven years later, Jason Behr & SMG would be reunited for ''Film/TheGrudge''.≤** While ''Buffy'' helped bring Creator/SethGreen fame in and of itself, he gained even more recognition as Scott Evil in the ''Film/AustinPowers'' series (particularly as he gained larger roles in the sequels). ≤** Saverio Guerra, who played Willy the Snitch, is best known as Bob from ''Series/{{Becker}}''.≤** George the Janitor from "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E19IOnlyHaveEyesForYou}} I Only Have Eyes For You]]" was played by none other than [[Film/WintersBone John]] [[{{Series/Deadwood}} Hawkes]].≤*** James from the same episode played by Christopher Gorham aka Henry from ''Series/UglyBetty''.≤** One of the members of the school swim team in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E20GoFish}} Go Fish]]" is Creator/WentworthMiller.≤*** Shane West also guest-starred in the episode as Sean, a few years before starring roles in ''Film/AWalkToRemember'', ''Series/OnceAndAgain'', and ''Series/{{ER}}''. ≤** Scott Hope is played by Fab Fillipo, who went on to star in ''Series/QueerAsFolk''. It should as no surprise, then, that Scott [[RealitySubtext came out of the closet]] in passing.≤** [[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E7Revelations Gwendolyn Post]] is Dr. Molly Warmflash in ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough''. ≤** Cordette #1 (the girl who is drained by The Master's blood machine in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E9TheWish}} The Wish]]"), Nicole Bilderback, played opposite Creator/SethGreen in the 1998 movie ''Film/CantHardlyWait''. She also appeared in ''Film/BringItOn'' with Clare Kramer (Glory) and Creator/ElizaDushku.≤** Dominic Keeting, who would go on to play Malcolm Reed on ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'', played a Watcher's Council guard turned vampire {{Mook}} in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E12Helpless}} Helpless]]".≤** Creator/MichaelCudlitz had a role as Bob in "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E13TheZeppo The Zeppo]]". He would gain critical acclaim with his work on ''Series/{{Southland}}'' and greater fame on ''Series/TheWalkingDead''. ≤** Creator/PedroPascal i.e. MemeticBadass [[Series/GameOfThrones Oberyn Martell]] once played the adorable campus dweeb Eddie in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E1TheFreshman}} The Freshman]]".≤** Creator/KalPenn, more well known as [[Film/HaroldAndKumarGoToWhiteCastle Kumar]] and [[{{House}} Kutner]] shows up as a random college student in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E5BeerBad}} Beer Bad]]".≤** Medical student Ben, the mortal who shares a body with Glory in Season 5 was played by Charlie Weber, who's become famous now as [[Series/HowToGetAwayWithMurder Frank Delfino]].≤** Creator/AmyAdams appears as Tara's bitchy cousin Beth in "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E6Family Family]]".≤** [[Series/ZNation Keith Allan]] had a small role in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E9ListeningToFear}} Listening To Fear]]".≤** By this point, D.B. Woodside, who played Robin Wood in the final season, is likely far more recognizable as Wayne Palmer from ''Series/TwentyFour'' (Woodside actually joined the cast of the series in Fall 2003, the following television season after Buffy's finale).≤** Brandon Keener played Lance in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E6Him}} Him]]" and would go on to co-star with Seth Green in the ''Franchise/MassEffect'' series as Garrus Vakarian. ≤** Courtnee Draper played Annabelle, one of the Potentials, but she's known now for playing [[{{VideoGame/BioshockInfinite}} a different teenage girl with powers]].≤** Creator/NathanFillion was fresh from ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. Whatever fan glee existed surrounding his arrival was crushed after Caleb's true colors were revealed five minutes in. People watching the show for the first time now, will likely recognise him as ''Series/{{Castle}}''.≤* RonTheDeathEater: Read a Buffy/Angel fic that takes place sometime during Seasons 4 or 5, and watch as poor Riley is transformed from good-hearted albeit milquetoast boyfriend to girlfriend beating rapist≤* SavedByTheFans: [[EnsembleDarkhorse Spike, Faith, and Oz]] were only supposed to appear for a couple of episodes and die, but made such a strong impression on fans that the writers kept them alive.≤* ScapegoatCreator: Marti Noxon. As Joss Whedon was busy working on ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' during Season 6, many fans hold her responsible for the SeasonalRot. ≤* TheScrappy:≤** Dawn, thanks to her constant [[{{Wangst}} whining]] and ungrateful attitude, as well as how [[TheLoad useless]] and [[DamselScrappy even detrimental]] she is to the Scoobies. It doesn't help that Buffy sacrifices herself for her in the Season 5 finale, something quite a few fans felt was unearned on Dawn's behalf. She also has a [[BuffySpeak teenage-ry]] selfish attitude and often lacks empathy. She matures in the final season, so that by the end of the series, while still disliked by many, she has gained a certain level of respect from the fandom. Well that, and the fact Kennedy turns up in that season, who is generally ''even more'' despised than Dawn, making Dawn look much better in comparison. ≤** Riley receives a good deal of hate from the fanbase, whether they belong to the Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike camps. It's not too surprising: Riley was introduced during a season considered to be one of the show's [[SeasonalRot weakest]], [[SatelliteLoveInterest never had much of an identity established]] and was an integral part of the loathed Initiative. He also managed to enrage fans in Season 5, when he becomes insecure over Buffy's attraction to darkness and resents her for "not spending enough time with him" when Buffy had to look after her mother (who was suffering from a life threatening and ultimately fatal brain aneurysm). When she gets upset about it he tries to blame Buffy for how he feels, and we're ''supposed to side with Riley''. That and the ridiculous amount of CharacterShilling he received from Xander in his last episode helps cement him as one of the most annoying Buffyverse characters. Doesn't help that his return in S6 could be seen as telling Buffy what she had missed (now he has a great marriage), despite him demanding her help while she's working at the Doublemeat Palace to support her sister and herself.≤** Scrappy is not a strong enough word to describe the burning hatred fans have towards Kennedy. First off, introducing a new love interest for Willow so soon after [[spoiler:Tara's death]]. Bratty, egotistical, and selfish: lies to get Willow to date her, insensitive, helped cause [[spoiler:the suicide of one of the Potentials]] with her DrillSergeantNasty act, ect. In the Season 8 comics, the writers finally wised up and had Willow break up with her, though not without putting the heels to her character further and even the motion comics adding lines to make her look like an utter bitch, as well as portray the other characters loath her. She was actually voted the most annoying TV character of 2002-2003 in a couple polls and was included on the list of most annoying TV characters ever by EW, and no matter what the writers try with Kennedy, she may well be regarded as the most hated TV character ever.≤** ''Many'' find the Potentials as a whole pretty annoying; however, some are hated less than others, with Kennedy (mentioned above) and Rona (take Kennedy, subtract her good points or at least the writer's attempts at them, and add a dose of EthnicScrappy) typically being the most loathed.≤* SeasonalRot: ≤** Season 4 is a popular candidate, losing the high school element and most of the popular characters, with Angel and Cordelia having disappeared off onto another show, Oz departing early in the season for parts unknown, and Xander and Giles [[DemotedToExtra not being as integrated into the college setting]]. Buffy's relationship with Riley was not well received and the introduction of a demon-hunting military unit was too much of a departure from the show's norm. The season also took far too long to get to the point, waiting until over halfway through before introducing BigBad Adam and then hardly doing anything with him (only his first full episode and the two-parter that wrapped up his storyline give him any real screen time, with the intervening episodes trying to keep the arc moving by having characters go "[[ShooOutTheNewGuy We must do something to stop Adam]]" during unrelated problems), leaving it feeling rather directionless at times. Main plus points were Spike's emerging EnsembleDarkhorse status, the return of Faith in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E15ThisYearsGirl}} This Year's Girl]][=/=][[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E16WhoAreYou}} Who Are You?]]", and a few decent individual episodes like "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E4FearItself}} Fear Itself]]", "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E10Hush}} Hush]]" and "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E22Restless}} Restless]]".≤** Season 6 in particular is a case of divisiveness; many revile it for levels of gloom bordering on {{Wangst}}, the pathetic-ness of the Trio of as BigBad, plot elements such as the widely-detested "[[{{Anvilicious}} magic]] [[DrugsAreBad addiction]]" arc and an inconsistently written romance between Spike and Buffy. On the other hand, some praise it for the attempts at emotional depth and character development, a change of pace from the relentless SortingAlgorithmOfEvil, and individually beloved episodes like "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E7OnceMoreWithFeeling}} Once More, With Feeling]]" and "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E8TabulaRasa}} Tabula Rasa]]". Lampshaded in this scene:≤--->'''Buffy''': Giles, everything's just been so... Xander left Anya at the altar, and Anya's a vengeance demon again... Dawn's a total klepto... money's been so tight that I've been slinging burgers at the Doublemeat Palace... And I've been sleeping with Spike.\≤''Giles starts to laugh''≤** Season 7 likewise gets a lot of flak when compared to what came before. While it doesn't have as much in it that ''angered'' fans like Season 6 did (what with the dissolution of Xander/Anya, Willow's addiction to magic, and the near-rape of Buffy), it also lacks a lot of the highs that Season 6 managed ("Once More, With Feeling", "Tabula Rasa", the final arc with Willow's HeelFaceTurn). Season 7's greatest offering is "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E7ConversationsWithDeadPeople}} Conversations With Dead People]]", but other than that, the entire run of episodes is spent preparing for a fight with the BigBad. This provides the season with a lot of weariness, as there are far fewer lighthearted episodes to offer levity, and the BigBad itself was rather uninteresting (being little more than an incarnation of evil). Its [[TheDragon Dragon]] Caleb had potential but is introduced far too late and killed off far too quickly to be among the show's most memorable villains. The Potentials had a mixed reaction: Individual characters were liked by some and hated by others, but either way giving Buffy a mostly non-speaking RedShirtArmy resulted in long-standing characters being pushed to the sidelines. There are, however, a number of decent episodes like "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E3SameTimeSamePlace}} Same Time, Same Place]]", "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E14FirstDate}} First Date]]" and the Spike character piece "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E17LiesMyParentsToldMe}} Lies My Parents Told Me]]".≤* SequelDisplacement: Not many people know of the film.≤* ShipToShipCombat:≤** If you suggest that Angel is Buffy's true love and their relationship is tragic and believable compared to the [[TheMasochismTango Masochism Tango]] of Spike and Buffy, the Spuffy shippers will hit you. If you suggest that Spike is Buffy's true love and their relationship was gritty and realistic compared to the hopeless and boring idealism of Buffy/Angel, the Bangel shippers will hit you.≤** If you suggest that Angel and Spike had no interest in Buffy at all except for fighting over her because they're really in love with each other, the het shippers will hit you. If you suggest that neither Spike nor Angel had interest in each other and they both love Buffy more than anything else in the universe, the slashers will hit you.≤** If admit that your ship is Buffy/Faith, most people in the fandom will shrug, say "I can kinda see that" and move on.≤** If you admit to shipping anyone with [[TheScrappy Riley Finn]], everyone will hit you, with the obvious exception of Riley/Xander, which is just common sense -- in the comics Xander even admits to being a Team Riley shipper, which makes sense for his character.≤** Funnily enough, averted with Willow/Tara vs Willow/Oz shippers who generally tend to get along just fine. In their mutual hate of the Willow/Kennedy shippers, that is. There's also the fact that [[EnsembleDarkhorse Oz and Tara]] are among the least hated characters in the fandom. Granted, both received their fair share of vitriol in the early days ([[ReplacementGoldfish especially]] [[SuddenlySexuality Tara]]), but nowadays they are almost universally-adored by all fans.≤* ShockingMoments:≤** Buffy vs. [[spoiler:Angelus]] in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E22BecomingPart2}} Becoming, Part 2]] ", culminating in [[spoiler:him getting his soul back and Buffy stabbing him and sending him to hell for all eternity.]]≤** Anytime Buffy and Faith fight, which usually ends in some kind of tragedy or development.≤** Glory's a [[PhysicalGod what now?]]≤** Awww... Buffy and Xander sharing a FriendshipMoment and Willow and Tara are back together. Wait, what's Warren doing here with a gun...?≤** The ending of "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E1Lessons}} Lessons]]", where [[spoiler:The First torments Spike by merging into all the previous [[BigBad Big Bads]] as well as Buffy herself]]. Not only is this ParanoiaFuel, but the impact of the scene is even greater if you don't remember "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E10Amends}} Amends]]" because you have no freaking idea what this new BigBad could be.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E7ConversationsWithDeadPeople}} Conversations With Dead People]]".≤** The final battle in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E22Chosen}} Chosen]]", but especially the [[spoiler:deaths of Anya and Spike.]] Oh yeah, and [[spoiler:Buffy and Willow making every girl on the planet who has the potential to be a Slayer into a fully-fledged Slayer.]] Joss Whedon really outdid himself with that one.≤* SignatureScene:≤** Buffy using a [[spoiler:rocket launcher]] to kill [[spoiler:The Judge]] doubles as both this and a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome.≤** Giles discovering the body of [[spoiler:Jenny Calendar]].≤** Buffy [[spoiler:sends Angel to Hell]] and [[spoiler:leaves Sunnydale.]]≤** Buffy finally gets her perfect high school moment and wins the Class Protector Award.≤** Buffy vs. Faith.≤** [[spoiler:The high school blows up.]]≤** Buffy comes home to find [[spoiler:her mother dead of a brain aneurysm.]]≤** [[spoiler:Buffy's sacrifice and final goodbye to Dawn.]]≤** Buffy and Spike [[spoiler:literally bringing the house down as they have sex for the first time.]]≤** [[spoiler:Tara's death.]]≤** Xander's "yellow crayon" speech.≤** Caleb gouging out [[spoiler:Xander's]] eye.≤** The Final Fight and Willow [[spoiler:making all the Potentials around the world into Slayers.]]≤* SpecialEffectFailure:≤** The costume used for Oz's werewolf form for most of the show. When ''Angel'', in its final season, did a werewolf story, the note given to the costume designer was allegedly "don't make it look like a gay possum".≤** The fight between Buffy and the giant enchanted snake in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E8Shadow}} Shadow]]" consists of long shots in which both Buffy and the snake are rendered in really bad CGI, and close-up shots of Gellar wrestling with a huge, virtually immobile, obviously plastic snake head and [[WhenPropsAttack doing her best]] to make it look as if it is fighting back. ≤** The CGI explosion for the destruction of the Watchers' Council headquarters in the final season was so bad that it was reduced to an almost subliminal length on-screen.≤* SpiritualAdaptation: While it was meant chiefly as an adaptation of the 1992 movie, Whedon has also acknowledged the influence of ''Film/TheLostBoys'' on the show, specifically citing Spike and the vampires' GameFace as having been inspired by that film. The plot descriptions of both (horror-comedies about teenagers moving to a California beach town only to find it crawling with vampires) are also remarkably similar.≤* SpoiledByTheFormat: Angelís return in Season 3 wouldíve been a great twist if David Boreanaz hadnít appeared in the main credits and shown off the fact that he was coming back.≤* StrangledByTheRedString: Two big examples.≤** Buffy and Riley. Granted, the writers ''tried'', but they tried so badly to make Riley "not Angel" that they forgot to give him any interesting character traits of his own -- or any that would make him even the slightest bit compatible with Buffy.≤** Willow and Kennedy. Literally the only reason they start a relationship is because Kennedy is also a lesbian, and Kennedy seems determined to not have any likable traits whatsoever. It's a huge letdown after Willow and Tara's relationship, which out of the whole show had arguably the most build-up and most development.≤* StrawmanHasAPoint: ≤** Willow's first meeting with the Wiccan group where she meets Tara. The Wiccans dismiss Willow for suggesting they try actual magic, as they would do in any real life school. They're portrayed as being close-minded posers, despite the fact that The Masquerade is in effect and as far as they're concerned, Willow's suggestion is no more valid than it would be in real life.≤** The child services worker in the episode "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E11Gone}} Gone]]". She's portrayed as your standard DepartmentOfChildDisservices worker, but her points about Buffy taking care of Dawn really were quite valid considering, well, Buffy was having a great deal of difficulty caring for Dawn.≤** Kennedy and the Potentials in regards to Buffy's attitude. The main characters were too close to see how horrid she really was, then one by one realized she was the problem.≤** Xander's misogynistic co-workers at the construction site. They're cowardly jerks who end up blaming Buffy for attacking them rather than admit to her having saved them from a gang of demons. Still, the fact that they made the assumption that a woman of Buffy's size and stature with no visible musculature would not have the physical strength to do the job at the same level as everyone else on the construction site wasn't actually unreasonable (even if it was, obviously, completely inaccurate).≤* TakeThatScrappy: Willow reams out Dawn for being a whiny crybaby in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E21TwoToGo}} Two to Go]]". And in the comics, she [[spoiler:breaks up with Kennedy.]]≤** There was also when Buffy snarked about Dawn's position as a DamselScrappy.≤** Buffy gives Kennedy a well-deserved punch to the face in ''Season 9''.≤** While it may have not been intentional, "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS4E20TheYokoFactor}} The Yoko Factor]]" comes off as this when Angel and Riley get into a fight. [[CurbStompBattle It goes about as well for Riley as one would think.]]≤** Also possibly unintentional, Dawn starts singing an angsty song for "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E7OnceMoreWithFeeling}} Once More, With Feeling]]" and is promptly interrupted. ≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E20Touched}} Touched]]", Faith finally puts Kennedy in her place by telling her to back the hell off.≤* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter:≤** Whistler, the mysterious agent of the PowersThatBe, who was originally supposed to ''be'' Doyle on ''Series/{{Angel}}'', but the actor was busy with other projects and they created the character of Doyle instead.≤** In "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E11OutOfMindOutOfSight}} Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight]]", an episode was about a student Marcie Ross who can turn invisible and by the end of this episode was taken by F.B.I agents to be trained in assassination and espionage. [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse She never appeared again.]] Then again, it's debatable to see whether she [[ObligatoryJoke "appeared"]] at all.≤** Dracula. A famous vampire with mysterious powers[[note]]including the ability to survive even being staked, making him a tough vampire to beat[[/note]], has history with both Spike and Anya and is able to ''really'' get under Buffy's skin. [[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E1BuffyVsDracula}} His single episode]] ends with him being mocked and leaving, most of the episode really more focused on foreshadowing things about the main characters. The comics at least make more use of him.≤* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: Many candidates. Spike's chip is possibly the worst of them.≤** A particularly strange example (given the show's love of putting characters through the emotional wringer) is the lack of fallout from Faith sexually assaulting Xander in Season 3. The act is interrupted almost at once but the episode never gets raised again even after Faith is redeemed and joins the Scoobies. Then again, it's not like most shows of the time (or even today) [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale ever acknowledge that for what it is.]]≤** Many fans still argue that the big redemption story of Season 7 was given to the wrong character. Jonathan had been part of the show from the beginning, so it would have been great to see him repent for his being part of the Trio and finally become a hero in his own right. But instead he's abruptly killed off, and the redemption story goes to Andrew, who we'd only just met last season and hadn't done nearly as much to earn it.≤** Hell, all of Season 7 was a huge load of wasted [[JustForPun potential]]. Particularly the First Evil.≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS7E7ConversationsWithDeadPeople}} Conversations With Dead People]]". We could have had an Anya/Halfrek conversation, or Xander/Jesse (remember Xander's best friend?). Or especially actual [[spoiler:Willow/Tara]] would have been amazing. Instead we got odd Dawn haunted house scenes that seemed like it would be a major plot point for the season, but never went anywhere.≤*** Apparently they did try for Xander/Jesse and [[spoiler:Willow/Tara]] stories but their actors were either, for Eric Balfour (Jesse) unavailable or, in [[spoiler:Amber Benson's]] case, were clever enough to realise that Whedon was going to write them in as evil and did not want to leave the fans with a bad taste in their mouth.≤** Professor Walsh was shaping up to be an interesting arc villain in Season 4 - a human WellIntentionedExtremist who shared many of Buffy's goals, had personal relationships with Buffy, Willow and Riley, and at one point even eclipsed Giles as a mentor figure for Buffy. Alas, she was killed halfway through the season and replaced by her own creation, the far less relatable human-demon-cyborg hybrid Adam, who barely interacted with the main cast.≤* UglyCute: The Gentlemen are scary as hell, but they're so [[AffablyEvil friendly and polite with one another]] that it's almost endearing, especially when they [[VillainousFriendship politely applaud each others' work.]]≤* UnintentionallySympathetic: ≤** Whether Spike deserved the audience sympathy he got after being chipped, whipped, and generally getting his ass kicked by characters, writers, and the universe alike is still highly debatable. Some do stick with the writers' interpretation (and intended response) that it was karmic retribution, deserved or brought on himself. Others think of him as a JerkassWoobie whose ongoing HumiliationConga made the heroes look like bigger assholes than him!≤** Doris the social worker is made to look as though she's going mad just because she dropped around Buffy's house at the worst possible time. Buffy's behaviour in the episode is shown to be immature but a lot of people felt sorry for Doris - given that her job was to report if Dawn was being treated well at home.≤* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic: ≤** Buffy in "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E22TheGift}} The Gift]]" is portrayed as heroic for wanting to protect Dawn at all costs, even though she knows it means unimaginable suffering and probable death for herself -- never mind that she knows that it also means [[spoiler:unimaginable suffering and probable death for everyone and everything else in existence, including Dawn, meaning that she basically just wants to end the world for no reason.]] The fact that she [[spoiler: eventually sacrifices herself]] is arguably not heroic either -- she's the Slayer, and Season 6 shows how fast Sunnydale could be overrun without her. The most noble and selfless choice for the good of everyone would've arguably been if she had sacrificed Dawn. The fans, after all [[TheScrappy wouldn't have minded that much.]] Her death was probably due to meta reasons of wanting an excuse to end the show once the 5 year contract was up and the writers didn't know if anyone would renew them.≤** Giles' departure in Season 6 was intended to show him realizing that Buffy's constant reliance on him was stagnating her own growth and he had to withdraw for her own good. But the way it was written comes off more like Giles coldly washing his hands of his beloved student right when she needs him the most. Many fans still argue that his absence due to Anthony Stewart Head wanting to spend more time with his family should have been something involuntary, like the Watcher's Council sending him abroad or getting trapped in another dimension, so he wouldn't look like a jerk.≤** Subverted in real life and played straight in-universe with Angelus. When Angelus kills Jenny Calendar, Joss purposely had him in his vamp face to make the audience hate Angelusís face, not Angelís, the variant with a soul and a human face. This showcased that Angel as we knew him was not there anymore and that he was a threat that needed to be taken seriously. It worked for the fan base and Angel remains one of the most popular characters in the Buffyverse. Xander, however, constantly use this act to justify his dislike for Angel even when he has his soul back despite the fact that he was not in control of his actions at this point.≤* UnpopularPopularCharacter: Xander's definitely the ButtMonkey, but he's also the well-loved [[TheHeart Heart]] of the Scooby Machine and a staple member of the group.≤* ValuesDissonance:≤** A big one in regards to Willow hunting down and executing Warren Mears. Andrew and Jonathan some fans give a pass as they were in jail at the time, and there is a split between those horrified by her actions as the show supported and those cheering her on. At about the same time [[Series/TwentyFour Jack Bauer]] was torturing and killing in cold blood over harm coming to friends and loved ones, later on games with a KarmaMeter would present cold blooded executions on those like Warren as the right moral choice, ''Series/OnceUponATime'' from some of the same writers would have the good pure characters subscribe to ''An eye for an eye'' and even Disney's ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' would get in on the act and beat down and even try to murder those irredeemably evil. Suddenly Buffy looks like a whiner for being against Willow trying to kill Warren.≤** It's pretty hard to imagine a character like Andrew flying these days, with a whole RunningGag of "He's clearly gay, but we'll never actually say that out loud, let alone play it for anything but cheap laughs."≤** "[[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E4IncaMummyGirl}} Inca Mummy Girl]]" has a sequence to fit with the foreign exchange students plot - where all the students are dressed in [[CultureEqualsCostume various cultures from around the world]]. While the theme is culture sharing, it would spark a lot of complaints about cultural appropriation today.≤** Spike's attempted rape of Buffy is portrayed as a horrifying thing. But earlier in the season, Buffy had pretty much forced Spike to have sex with her while she was invisible. While the whole episode does show that Buffy is acting immaturely from going invisible, this part is PlayedForLaughs. People simply weren't aware of the DoubleStandard involved at the time.≤** The same episode ("Gone") from Season 6 has a moment where the social worker hears Willow upstairs and remarks "you live here with another woman?" - as if the idea that Buffy and Willow could be in a relationship is another thing to count against her. Then again, Spike clearly comes across as a boyfriend sleeping over, so Doris could be assuming that it's some kind of strange poly-amorous relationship.≤* TheWoobie: Pick a character in this series who is ''not'' a woobie. The biggest ones, though, are probably Buffy herself, Angel, Willow, Faith, and Spike. ''Series/{{Angel}}'' was an entire show devoted to making its titular character the Woobiest Woobie of them all. Buffy, Faith, and Spike (the former two as guest stars, the latter as a main cast member in the final season) don't fare much better whenever they cross over.≤[[/folder]]≤≤[[folder: The Video Games]]≤* DemonicSpiders: Actual demonic spiders at that. They're quick, knock Buffy down in one hit (instakill on low health) and can not be punched.≤* GoodBadBugs: When certain enemies are killing Buffy it's easy to go to the inventory and heal.≤* HarsherInHindsight: In the first video game, The Master possesses Angel. Then in the Season 8 comic [[spoiler:Angel also gets possessed in an arc involving The Master (though he doesn't have anything directly to do with it this time), and while under possession Angel ends up killing Giles.]]≤* HilariousInHindsight: In a bid to be resurrected, The Master possesses Angel. In the first episode of Season 2, The Master was not played by Mark Metcalf, but David Boreanaz.≤* LesYay: Willow keeps referring to Tara as sweetie, and makes comment on playing doctors and nurses with her. As an alternate world vampire, Tara says Willow is a domme.≤* SugarWiki/NoProblemWithLicensedGames: The first Buffy game on XBOX is pretty much regarded as a must have title, even if you've never watched the show. ''VideoGame/BuffyTheVampireSlayerChaosBleeds'' is pretty good as well. ''Sacrifice'' and the UsefulNotes/GameBoy versions would be closer to the trope below.≤* TheProblemWithLicensedGames: Strongly averted in the first game, which nails the right tone of when the story's set and hits all the right notes. The [[VideoGame/BuffyTheVampireSlayerChaosBleeds second game]] is roughly [[DamningWithFaintPraise on par with Season 6]]. The UsefulNotes/GameBoy versions on the other hand follow the trope to the letter, and the DS ''Sacrifice'' to a lesser extent.≤[[/folder]]≤----


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