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1----* InformedWrongness: Played for laughs in later episodes. James was asked where he plays with his UsefulNotes/GameBoy Colour. Whatever he answered, the announcer always told him he was wrong.* TheyChangedItNowItSucks:** The "two-key rule" of earlier seasons giving way to the "one-side rule" of Season 4. Some fans thought this made the challenge of running the Maze in the Key Run easier.** The Season 4 Maze revamp got rid of most of the original maze favourites like the green stairs, Pirates Cove, and Ice Slide were replaced by a castle, a dungeon, a pet shop, a large piece of cheese (complete with puppet bird and rat respectively), and a row of toilets hooked up to smoke machines. The Maze was also significantly larger, and the players on the right side now entered on the far side and exited in the centre at roughly the same location as the other team.----


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