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1* AuthorsSavingThrow: Attempted in issue 12 when the reasons for Laura's behavior is explained. However [[FanDislikedExplanation X-23 fans aren't biting]], and if anything Hopeless' efforts just made the situation ''worse'' by framing it as her pretending to be something she's not entirely for Warren's benefit. To say nothing of this effectively being a {{Retcon}} of the popular Marjorie Liu ''X-23'' book.* BrokenBase:** Even before volume two bowed fans were split on Dennis Hopeless, primarily based on how much readers enjoyed his previous work. It wasn't helped by BrokenBase over ''Avengers Arena'' and ''Undercover''.*** The first couple issues have done little to resolve the situation, with opinions remaining decidedly split. Particularly over his characterization of Wolverine.** Pickles in volume 2 is either a cute addition to the cast in the book that's not meant to take itself too seriously, or an irritating RidiculouslyCuteCritter worthy [[Film/StarWarsEpisodeIThePhantomMenace Jar-Jar Binks]] levels of backlash, ''especially'' as Hopeless has already said that he's his [[CreatorsPet favorite member of the cast]]. The fact that if his sole purpose on the team is to act as the team teleporter, despite fan-favorite characters with that power set such as Pixie not being used by the other books, has only added fuel to hate.* CreatorsPet:** Pickles in volume 2 is Hopeless's self-admitted favorite member of the cast, with his presence in the book earning backlash particularly with other teleporters like Pixie available, but unused a mere ''four issues in''.** While fans wanted to see Madelyne Pryor appear after her resurrection during ''Comicbook/AdjectivelessXMen'', the Maddie who ''did'' get used was instead the alternate universe version Hopeless created for ''Comicbook/{{Secret Wars|2015}}: Inferno''. That he chose to use ''his'' Maddie rather than Prime!Maddie didn't exactly please many fans.* FanDislikedExplanation: Even ''before'' the explanation for Laura's out-of character behavior[[note]]especially that Laura has been unusually reckless, rushing into situations without consideration of the consequences even though she's traditionally been presented as very deliberate and calculating, and a careful strategist[[/note]] was revealed, fans were rejecting it as there being nothing plausible enough to explain it. That Hopeless has ''also'' been trolling X-23 fans' reaction only exacerbates it further. The actual explanation that Laura has been a StepfordSmiler who continues to struggle with her [[HatesBeingTouched discomfort letting people get close]] the entire time, is acting out because she doesn't want to be seen as the EmotionlessGirl, and thinks this is a way to be perceived as normal for ''Warren's'' benefit hasn't been particularly well-received, either. ''Especially'' because fans view it as a {{Retcon}} of all of her CharacterDevelopment in the very well-received series by Marjorie Liu.* FanPreferredCouple: As above, the preference for Laura and Scott continues into the second volume. While [[PortmanteauCoupleName Larren]] has a few fans, the overwhelming preference for matching her with Scott prevents it from becoming outright ShipToShipCombat. Their reasoning is especially highlighted in issue 12, when Laura's own private thoughts muse that Scott is one of the only people who ''actually'' understands her, while it's made abundantly clear that Warren ''doesn't''.* InformedWrongness: After being relaunched as part of the ''ComicBook/AllNewAllDifferentMarvel'' initiative, the 'Cyclops is a villain' theme has been re-affirmed as, following a timeskip, Cyclops did ''[[NoodleIncident something]]'' that has made him become regarded as one of the worst monsters in the Marvel Universe after the reveal about Terrigen Mist's effect on mutants were revealed. As we've not actually been told ''what'' it is that Scott did, and the fact that he did said act in response to the fact that mutants are being ''killed and sterilized'' by the Terrigen Mist cloud, which was released by Black Bolt without checking if it would harm anyone first, makes it hard for fans to accept him in the wrong. It doesn't help that Teen!Cyclops' description of his adult counterpart's actions leading up to it don't gel with how he ''actually'' acted, making him look like, at best, an UnreliableNarrator. And the fact it turns out he didn't even do what was said he did.* StrangledByTheRedString: As bad as the fan reaction was under Bendis, readers have objected even ''more'' strongly to Hopeless' use of X-23 and Warren's relationship, to the point that the conflict between them has virtually overwhelmed their presence on the book. Everything is about their relationship, with accusations that the characters (''especially'' X) are being twisted grossly out of character just to make the entire thing work.* {{Wangst}}: Warren's attempt to show Laura he understands her in issue 12 because of his own inner darkness he struggles to control falls flat considering that ''his'' inner darkness was entirely self-inflicted: While Laura was tortured, abused, and forced to kill against her will, Warren willfully grabbed the Black Vortex without hesitation in an attempt to prevent his future from coming to pass.* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: The handling of the relationship between Laura and Warren. Many fans felt that Laura's background of abuse (and the fact she was a victim of statutory, if not ''actual'', rape during her time as a prostitute) would have made for a much more interesting source of conflict in her relationship with Warren, particularly as difficulties maintaining healthy relationships are very much TruthInTelevision for real life abuse and rape victims. The actual cause became a FanDislikedExplanation even ''before'' it was fully revealed.----


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