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1[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Manga]]²* AngstWhatAngst: ²** Tatsumi is surprisingly cool with the fact that [[spoiler: he's become a Danger Beast as a result of his over usage of Incursio, and may never be able to be a human again.]]²** The prequel series really love to play up DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnFemale, despite the main series using RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil and averting DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale. During the Merraid Oarburgh arc, Chelsea (who was a part of the Oarburgh clan at the time) and later Akame were sexually assaulted and apparently were forced into orgies by Merraid and her subordinates. Despite the implied rape, neither Akame or Chelsea seem to see what they went through as traumatic. Chelsea at least decides to leave the Oarburgh Clan and [[{{Gayngst}} sees her new-found bisexuality as unnatural]], although the latter is PlayedForLaughs. Akame, on other hand, who had it even worse than Chelsea, doesn't view Merraid and her subordinates as bad people, despite all the sexual harassment, and even sees Merraid as a WorthyOpponent.²* AlasPoorScrappy:²** A few readers actually felt sad about the death of [[spoiler: Wild Hunt's Izou. A few chapters beforehand he garnered some dislike from fans for killing off fan favorite Lubbock. Seeing him get separated from his beloved sword Kotetsu and Akame declining his offer to pass the torch was a bit saddening for some readers. The fact that he was the only member of Wild Hunt that wasn't completely deplorable also played a part in why some fans were saddened to see him go.]]²%%** Despite the [[TheScrappy massive hate she gets]], [[spoiler:Seryu's death for some was certainly this. After setting off the bomb in her head [[TakingYouWithMe to kill Mine]], she finally breaks down as Koro drags himself over to her and tries to comfort her in her last moments, resting next to her as she weeps tears about how she couldn't keep punishing evildoers. Even if she was a psychotic hypocrite, this moment manages to [[AlasPoorVillain humanize her in a way most antagonists rarely get]].]]²** [[spoiler:Chelsea]] gained some hate after [[spoiler:killing off fan favorite Bols]], but the [[CruelAndUnusualDeath absolutely brutal and horrendous]] nature behind [[spoiler:her]] death garnered [[spoiler:her]] some of said-haters' sympathies.²* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Honest's reaction to [[spoiler: Syura's death]]. Was his moment of sorrow before quickly getting over it an attempt to make himself seem human to his underlings, or was he genuinely distraught and acted like he didn't care to maintain his fearsome image?²* AntiClimaxBoss:²** Holimace: Despite having some build-up as a user of a scythe-like teigu, as well as being Bolic's bodyguard, he was quickly defeated by Akame before he even got a chance to show off what his teigu can do.²** Wild Hunt in general (except arguably Dorothea), is this. They were hyped as the Jaegers' substitutes and as a hard opponents for Night Raid, but they received very cheap deaths; [[spoiler: Champ and Enshin died with easy in the same chapter in their first serious battle onscreen, Syura dies by a cheap trick, Izou is dispatched in seconds by Akame and Cosmina was killed by Tatsumi without many problems.]]²** For many, [[spoiler: Kurome can be considered this during her final battle with Akame]]. Despite the fact that this fight had an '''entire series''' worth of build up, it only really just lasted for 2 chapters, with most of it being put OutOfFocus during the second chapter, in favor of [[spoiler: Wave's fight with Tatsumi]]. Not only that, many fans felt that the fight was really one-sided [[spoiler: with Akame holding the advantage for the majority of fight and was able to one-shot all of Kurome's puppets, including Run]]. Ultimately, the fight ends with [[spoiler: Wave putting a stop to it and convincing Kurome to leave the Empire with him]].²** In chapter 70, Akame and Leone face off against one of Honest's followers who is in possession of a Teigu. Before the final battle had begun Najenda mentioned that there is a possibility one of his followers could have a Teigu and that this one in particular was connected to the assassination squads lead by Gozuki and the Group of Terror Leader. He appears troublesome at first even causing Leone to withdraw and chase after the other assassination targets. [[spoiler: However, despite being built up as a major threat he gets sliced down by Murasame very easily, his Teigu is never revealed, and while Akame mentions that he is in possession of a poison due to "past experience" it had no effect on her and Leone.]] ²* AssPull: ²** During the Three Beast mini arc, Nyau deciding not kill Tatsumi and Bulat right way, and allowing Tatsumi to activate Incursio, simply because Nyau thought Tatsumi would be killed if he tried to use Bulat's teigu. Not only is this BondVillainStupidity at its finest, but it almost seem out of character for Nyau to do this, [[WeHardlyKnewYe from what little we seen of his personality]]. Nyau is sadist that likes to torture his opponents to death, painfully and slowly. He even kept Tatsumi alive during their battle just so he can have the pleasure of skinning him alive after the fight. So it would seem out of place for Nyau to stand aside allowing Tatsumi to either power up, or die a far more quicker death than the one he intended and losing a possible "candidate" for his collection.²** [[spoiler: Mine stating that her Teigu uses the power of her feelings to charge in her battle with Seryu instead of the danger she feels is this, as Mine found the way to Seryu's defeat, this nothing but a lack of a proper reason.]]²** During the fight with Esdeath in Bolic's arc, she reveals her new technique, [[spoiler: who consists in "freeze" (stop) the time. When Devil's Extract has the ability to manipulate and create ice, this is simply ridiculous, as this ability has nothing to do with the creation of ice and only serves to make Esdeath more powerful than she was before.]]²** In chapter 60, Leone and Dorothea fight and the Dorothea uses a [[spoiler: paralyzer gas that immobilizes Leone and then drinks her blood. Later, Leone appears without a scratch and tells Dorothea that she had recovered eating herbivore animals in the forest. During the fight the forest didn't show a single animal and Leone's state after Dorothea's blood meal was very bad. How did she manage to eat an animal in a forest that didn't seem to have any and in that poor state?]]²** For a couple fans, Kurome being able to survive [[spoiler: the fatal injury she received from Chelsea]]. While the initial concept of Kurome having the ability to survive nearly all injuries, unless her hearts is destroy or her head cut off, due to the drugs she was taking wasn't so bad when it was introduced, later on this ability feels like a DiabolusExMachina as it was ever again utilized or mentioned. It was only used in that one instance so that [[spoiler: Kurome would survive and be able to kill Chelsea]]. Even before the ability was introduced, it was only hinted at within 2 chapters. There is also the fact that Akame was conveniently unaware of Kurome's new abilities, as the Empire switched out the drugs ''shortly'' after Akame left. Furthermore, Kylie and the Dark Squad didn't seem to display this ability despite taking the same drugs as Kurome.²** During the final battle, Akame was forced to [[spoiler: MercyKill Tatsumi since the Tyrant is about to take full control of his body]], and in doing so, she was able to activate her Trump Card, since it require the wielder to discard their humanity and embrace their inner demon. However, Akame was somehow able to [[spoiler: kill the consciousness of the Tyrant and spare Tatsumi]]. The manga's reasoning for Akame being able to do this can be summed up as "she is just that good of a killer". This feels like a pretty convenient way to let [[spoiler: Tatsumi lives and gets rid of the risk of losing himself to the Tyrant]]. ²** Leone [[spoiler: ChoosingDeath instead of seeing if the rebellion doctor can heal her injuries during the final chapter]] came out of nowhere and made no sense. The series has established that Dr. Stylish's Perfector allows him to "heal any injury short of death", so it wouldn't be a stretch to think that the current owner could do the same. Akame even pointed out that the doctor was able to heal Tatsumi, who was pretty much in the same situation as Leone. Both Leone and Tatsumi were [[spoiler: gravely injured during their final fights]. However, both were able to survive their injuries due to absorbing the the power of their teigu and turning into danger beasts with a HealingFactor, but Tatsumi still need the doctor to heal him]]. So it's very likely he would have been able to do the same for Leone. Additionally, Leone gave no indication of being a [[spoiler: DeathSeeker]] and stated she wanted to travel the world with Akame when the war was over, which completely contradicts her [[spoiler: decision to go off and die without at first checking with the doctor]]. This is made even worse by the fact Leone seemly was able to stay [[spoiler: alive for what seems to be several hours, meaning she had plenty of time see if she can be healed]]. Ultimately, it just make the whole thing feels like an extremely forced way to [[spoiler: kill Leone off]].²%%** further asspulls involve [[spoilers: Leone coming back after getting shoot and thrown off a roof by Honest.]] while what brought her back was mentioned as possible in previous chapter avoid this. The situation surrounding what happened to their teigu and how it was eliminated should have logically made it impossible for them to merge with their teigu. Thus leaving a massive problem with how [[spoiler:Leone came back.]]²* AuthorsSavingThrow: The Akame versus Kurome story arc put Kurome into a position where she was bound to die. It was made evident that the illness caused by her PsychoSerum was becoming fatal and if she were to fight Akame she'd be too weak to fight back. [[spoiler: This ended up being prevented when Wave stepped in during the Akame versus Kurome battle and was able to use reason to stop Akame from killing Kurome and instead withdrew from the revolution to bring Kurome to the hot springs that can heal her illness.]]²* BadassDecay: Leone was introduced as one of the strongest members of Night Raid. She established herself as a force to be reckoned with by taking out several RedShirts, and even holding her own in a battle against Bols after [[spoiler: her arm was cut off]]. However since the Bolick Assassination mini-arc her performance in fights has been underwhelming. During the Bolick assassination she [[spoiler: got sliced to pieces by Esdeath]], had no participation in Night Raid's first battle with Wild Hunt, and made little contributions other than getting pushed aside by the enemy in the battle with Budo and Esdeath. Though she does seem to be making a comeback as she was able to [[spoiler: turn the table in her favor during her battle with Dorothea which also marked her first time killing a Teigu user.]]²* BaseBreakingCharacter: Given the GreyAndGrayMorality nature of both Night Raid and the Jaegers and the divisive reception of the series (with characters being a main point of criticism) it's not unexpected that many of the main characters would have the fandom at odds. As such many characters in the series are widely loved among fans while being widely disliked at the same time.²** Esdeath; she's either a badass who acts as a worthy adversary against Night Raid, or she is just too boring and predictable to watch as you're always expecting her to effortlessly win her fights. Taken {{Up To Eleven}} with the in-fandom arguments about whether or not Esdeath is just irredeemably evil or an emotional and psychological wreck who's a product of her environment rather than someone who is inherently evil. Opinions are all across the board with varying degrees of vitriol. Do not even ''dare'' to touch upon the topic of her being redeemed unless you want the conversation to erupt into pointless bickering.²*** While the debate rages on in regards to the anime, the manga essentially answered the question toward the end in showing that [[spoiler: Esdeath is indeed [[AlwaysChaoticEvil inherently evil]] and [[EnfanteTerrible has been so since childhood]], and that there was never any chance of redemption for her.]]²** Kurome started off as mostly a boring character no one was really interested in aside from being Akame's crazy sister. However, she ends up garnering a lot of hate for [[spoiler:what she did to Chelsea's corpse after killing her off.]] Afterwards, she starts showing a much more loving side to her through major ShipTease with Wave, but some fans just can't bring themselves to forgive her. [[spoiler:Showing off her {{Yandere}} qualities after turning Run (who was on the verge of death) into another one of her clone fighters hasn't won her any favors either.]]²*** In later chapters, the manga teases the idea that Kurome can be redeemed/saved. This leads to several debates between the fandom on whether Kurome should be redeemed or not. On one side, fans want her to live so she can pursue a [[FanPreferredCouple relationship with Wave]]. On the other hand, some fans feels Kurome can't and/or shouldn't be redeemed after everything she's done, particularly killing fan favorites, [[spoiler: Chelsea and Run]]. The resolution ended up being that [[spoiler: she was indeed redeemed and ended up with Wave, which angered the opposing side of the base even more, while the side in favor of it cite that nearly every character in the series has killed or committed attrocities, and Kurome has more of a FreudianExcuse for it than most.]]²** Mine, of all people, has become this. Despite being a very popular character (ranked #3 in the character popularity poll) among the [[ValuesDissonance Japanese fandom]], she's had her haters since her introduction. Due to her stereotypical {{tsundere}} traits, she was disliked by some fans, but her later actions during the Bolic assassination arc such as [[spoiler:defeating Seryu and becoming Tatsumi's girlfriend]] caused her popularity to increase. However, some people who support other Tatsumi related pairings have accused her of being a CreatorsPet that survives situations in which other fan-favorite characters have died so she can stay with Tatsumi (not in vain, since Mine was confirmed to be Takahiro's favorite character). Her haters remarked on these traits during her battle with [[spoiler: Budo, in that she enters in a coma after using her Teigu's trump card instead of dying like other characters]], accusing her of having PlotArmor that has not been seen before. The fact that she ends up being one of the few characters to [[spoiler: survive to see the end of series]] doesn't help.²** Bols is also one. While he's clearly got his redeeming traits (being a genuinely caring and nice guy, and a dedicated family man), he is disliked by a portion of the fandom for doing his job (burning entire towns and people alive) without questioning anything and continued doing this even knowing that he kills innocent people, which some claim makes him quite hypocritical. It is worth noting, however, that he does admit that he knows karma will catch up to him one day, and that he welcomes death as penance for all the innocent lives he's taken. [[spoiler: If he really deserved to die at the hands of Chelsea or not]] is an object of debate in the fandom too. It also doesn't help that his family are nameless [[SatelliteCharacter Satellite Characters]].²** Tatsumi. On one hand, some fans find him to be a likable character and enjoy seeing his journey from become a small-time adventurer to a harden assassin. One the other hand, some fans see him as just another generic hero, with little to no unique characterization. There is also the fact that many fan wanted the far more popular Akame to be the main protagonist, as opposed being the {{Deuteragonist}}. Many fans even claim Tatsumi is more of a hindrance to Night Raid, than an assets. The fact that Tatsumi tend to continuously [[PlotArmor luck out in same situations that killed off other Night Raid members]] have not gone unnoticed. While many are happy to see [[spoiler: his survival at the end of the manga]] the sheer amount of {{Asspull}} needed to keep him [[spoiler: alive]] didn't sit well for a couple fans who point out that logically [[spoiler: he [[NormallyIWouldBeDeadNow should have been dead]], several times over]]. ²** Sheele has started to become a very divisive character especially after people have become more vocal with their criticisms towards the manga. For some she's a fan favorite since she was the first member of Night Raid to show kindness to Tatsumi, her clumsiness was cute, and she had a sad backstory a lot of readers sympathized with. In fact, the popularity poll had her rank higher than Lubbock, Leone, and even Tatsumi. As such many felt heartbroken when [[spoiler: Seryu killed her in chapter 9.]] However another group of readers see Sheele as a mere plot device that existed [[spoiler: just for Takahiro to demonstrate that AnyoneCanDie]]. Readers in this group find Sheele to be a boring character with nothing much to her other than being clumsy. It doesn't help that most of her screen time and backstory reveal comes right before [[spoiler: her death.]] Some of her detractors have even gone as far to say that her backstory makes her come off just as psychotic and depraved as some of the people working for the Empire.²** Chelsea falls under this category. Her comment on how she believes Sheele and Bulat were "terrible assassins" and killing the AntiVillain [[spoiler: Bols]] certainly won her some dislike from the fan base. In the most extreme cases, many actually rejoiced when she faced her [[spoiler: KarmicDeath]]. However, despite all this, Chelsea manages to be one of the most popular characters, winning 2nd place in the official character poll for the Japanese fan base. There are also those who would argue that Chelsea's [[spoiler: death]] wasn't at all justified, pointing out some of the series more irredeemable characters had [[spoiler: deaths]] that were nowhere nears as undignified, [[spoiler: or painful]], as hers. Additional, many of Chelsea's claims do have [[JerkassHasAPoint valid points to them]], as most of them do in fact come true in later chapters.²** Akame. Her fans view her as a BadassAdorable and enjoy her switching from a cute, awkward glutton to a hardened warrior. Her detractors find her dull in both characterization and battle for wielding a OneHitKill blade and gradually losing relevance despite being the titular heroine.²** Seryu is an interesting case. Sure, she's garnered a significant amount of haters who thought her to be UnintentionallyUnsympathetic due to her hypocritical attitude and [[spoiler:her assassination of Sheele]]. On the other hand, that doesn't stray her from having her own fair share of fans as well; in fact, how can you possibly hate her at any moment that she's showing off her soft side, such as crying over [[spoiler:the death of Dr. Stylish]] and being comforted by Esdeath, playing with children, and [[spoiler:having an AlasPoorVillain moment before the bomb inside her head goes off and kills her as a result]]?²** In ''Zero'' we have Merraid Oarburgh, as fans either love her or hate her, with little room in-between. Merraid is often seem as the prequel series equivalent of Esdeath (despite Esdeath herself making a few appearances in ''Zero''), being an attractive, powerful fighter that is in love with the main protagonist of the their story, and tries to get them to join there side. Some fans love Merraid due to her [[MsFanservice appearance]], the fact that she is [[GirlOnGirlIsHot a lesbian with a lot of "interactions" with other girls, like Akame]], being one of the most interesting opponents that Akame and Elite Seven have to face, and she is the first person to reveal the Empire's true color to Akame. That said, there are fans that dislike her since she is a sexist, PsychoLesbian that regularly forces herself on other girls, whether they are willing or not, and is never called out for it since the story uses DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnFemale. ²* BreatherBoss: Kylie who serves as the VillainOfTheWeek for chapter 63. The previous chapters had Night Raid dealing with powerful Teigu wielding foes such as Wild Hunt, Budo, and Esdeath. However Kylie does not possess a Teigu and [[spoiler: Akame is able to defeat him by the end of the chapter.]] There's also the fact that after the Wild Hunt arc, it's a relief to see a minor villain that isn't irredeemably evil or violently cruel.²* BreatherEpisode: Despite the frequent main character deaths and violence there are a few chapters that allow the characters to settle down and breathe for a moment.²** Chapter 15 (episode 9 of the anime). Following [[spoiler: the deaths of Sheele and Bulat]] the story takes a break from the action in order to introduce the Jaegers during their first official meeting together.²** Chapters 22 and 23 (episode 12 of the anime). After Night Raid's almost fatal battle with Dr. Stylish the story uses these chapters to flesh out Night Raid and the Jaegers more as characters. Night Raid gets to interact with newcomers Chelsea and Susanoo while the Jaegers have some heart to heart moments with each other.²** Chapter 49. The previous chapters focused on Wild Hunt's brutal introduction into the series and the gruesome battle between them, Night Raid, and the Jaegers. After the huge battle in chapter 48 the following chapter is a short chapter that focuses on Tatsumi and Mine's [[spoiler: romantic relationship]] and Night Raid relaxing in their headquarters.²** Chapter 64 is a cooldown after the buildup for Akame and Kurome's final battle together. While the emotional tension is high, it's one of the least action-focused chapters of the series. Instead the chapter is mostly heart to hearts between Akame and Tatsumi, and Wave and Kurome.²** The two bonus chapters featured in volume 1.5 are perhaps the most lighthearted and relieving the series has ever gotten. A lot of fans found it refreshing to see fan-favorites Bulat and Sheele appear in a chapter [[spoiler: after their deaths]] and the two chapters were more focused on the group dynamic between the Night Raiders rather than the trademark violence of the series. The first bonus chapter deserves special mention as Nea is one of the few minor characters in the series that [[spoiler: actually gets a happy ending to her brief character arc.]]²* BrokenBase:²** Some fans are pointing out that they're tired of the constant displays of the corruption of the Empire, claiming that it's done for "shock value" in the same way a SnuffFilm does. Others don't mind at all, since all the displays are a reminder of why the corrupt individuals need to die. And let's not talk about the chapter 23.5...²** In the beginning of the series (before Seryu's introduction), the manga was heavily criticized because the first antagonists (Aria, Ogre, Zank...) were nothing more that a bunch of bastards without redeeming qualities that only cared for torturing, killing and oppressing the poor Empire citizens. Other people actually like this for how it represents the decadence of The Empire and the corruption of Honest.²** An ongoing debate regarding the overall manga is, whether or not, Takahiro is making the right choice regarding how he writes ''Akame ga Kill'''s character deaths. On one side, you have those who love the fact that Takahiro actually has the balls to kill off his established characters; keeping the readers invested as to who lives and who dies. On the other side, you have those who couldn't care less about who is about to kick the bucket, because these characters die off so suddenly that they never receive any proper CharacterDevelopment to truly hit the reader where it hurts.²** The Wild Hunt arc. Some fans liked it because it develops characters like Wave, Kurome and Run, others disliked it for the antagonists, very inferior to the Jaegers and without any development, and for the disappointment of the battles of the arc, very rushed or anti climatic.²** The overall tone of the series often has readers at odds. Some like how despite the generally dark nature of the plot it doesn't take itself entirely seriously and makes room for some humor. The humor isn't too bothersome for this group as the series is already over the top enough so the humor feels right at home. On the other hand the humor has many detractors who see it as one of the worst aspects of the series. Aside from the jokes being unfunny, they often interrupt very serious moments. There's also the fact that even though the story is fairly over the top it's still trying to get a serious message across and plays a lot of its darker elements seriously so the humor doesn't work.²** Whether or not Tatsumi or Wave is the more interesting protagonist is a common topic of debate among the fandom. Those who prefer Tatsumi enjoy seeing him go from a naive country boy to a hardened assassin as well as the fact that his actions do in fact have consequences. However they also like Wave less mostly because unlike Tatsumi he doesn't really do anything about the corrupt state of TheEmpire despite openly detesting it and [[spoiler: the fact that he got a happy ending with Kurome made his arc less interesting.]] However others argue Wave is the more interesting protagonist. His supporters often bring up the fact that despite being an antagonist he's undoubtedly the most heroic character in the series and plays a very effective role of contrasting Tatsumi. Whereas Tatsumi becomes more hardened and for some less likable as the series progresses, Wave is more sympathetic because his attitudes on TheEmpire are constantly developing and he retains his idealism throughout the horrible things that happen, something that many fans respect him for and believe a CrapsackWorld like his needs.²** Inevitably the reveal that [[spoiler: the Ultimate Teigu was indeed Shikoutazer as seen in the anime.]] This has some fans worried because they are now fearful that the manga will end on the same disastrous note as the anime adaptation. Others however while disappointed that [[spoiler: the Ultimate Teigu is the same as it was in the anime]] still do not see it as total confirmation that the manga will end the same way as the anime especially considering that both the Budo and Kurome fights had different outcomes and plot points such as [[spoiler: Tatsumi becoming Tyrant]] could change things up. ²%%** the manga ending caused this. the broken base is between those who enjoyed the ending, [[spoiler: given it munch more happy tone and not leaving the overall state of the empire afterward in better condition than what many fan feared.]] then there are those who feel while the ending may have been enjoyable. the shear number of Asspulls and many readers finding Fridge logic with many of the event of the ending not too mention many still feel the manga ending is overall esoteric to the point many regard the the anime ending as superior.²* CargoShip: Pairing Akame and Kurome with meat and cookies respectively isn't uncommon among the fandom with some fans even finding those ships to be more viable than with Tatsumi and Wave.²* CatharsisFactor: After all the shit he pulls throughout the series, [[spoiler:Honest's]] humiliating, grotesque demise is immensely gratifying.²* ClicheStorm: Probably the single biggest criticism of the series overall. The characters and the setting all borrow ''heavily'' from other similar series, and other aspects are simply genre archetypes with little to distinguish them from other works ("The Capital", "The Empire", etc.). The frequent use of video game-like terminology such as "leveling up" despite not even being based on a video game doesn't help. Aside from the fact that AnyoneCanDie, it's often considered to be a bog-standard Shonen manga. ²* CompleteMonster:²** [[EvilChancellor Prime Minister Honest]] is a bloated, grotesque glutton who, [[TheManBehindTheMan manipulating the young Emperor from behind the scenes]], is the [[BigBad source]] of [[Characters/AkameGaKillTheEmpire the Empire]]'s corruption. Honest is [[EstablishingCharacterMoment introduced]] having a man loyal to the young Emperor executed while promising Honest will "care for" the man's wife. Throughout the series, Honest allows murders, rapes, tortures and helps to grow the monstrosity of corruption in the capital so nobles do whatever they want at the expense of the lives of those beneath them. Honest has the military launch brutal campaigns of conquest and expansion and when his evil son Syura returns to the capital, Honest gives him a group of evil criminals, [[Characters/AkameGaKillWildHunt the Wild Hunt]], to attack civilians in the guise of "justice". Aware of his own mortality, {{the hedonist}}ic Honest plans to [[TheCorrupter corrupt the Emperor]] so that even after his own death, the corruption of the empire will go on. By the end of the series, Honest manipulates the Emperor into using the Supreme Teigu and warps his mind so he indiscriminately attacks the enemy troops and his own civilians, killing countless innocents as Honest gloats over the death and destruction. When he fights--and [[spoiler:supposedly]] kills--Leone, Honest reveals that his ultimate goal is simply to live to 130, indulging in the good life all the way, before trying to rape and possibly eat her. After the Emperor is defeated, Honest simply abandons him and attempts to flee.²** [[WellDoneSonGuy Syura]], the [[OverlordJr twisted son]] of Prime Minister Honest, is driven by a desire to surpass his successful father, and puts together the aforementioned group of vicious psychos known as the Wild Hunt in order to hunt down the Night Raid. Syura wastes no time [[RapePillageAndBurn terrorizing the populace in attacks]] where innocent people are butchered and men, women and children alike are raped by him and his squad. Syura himself treats his "playthings" horribly with a tendency to kill them, all the while daring someone to challenge him as he is the son of the Prime Minister and thus [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections untouchable]]. When he actually captures a member of Night Raid, Syura subjects him to hideous torture, including [[CripplingCastration crushing one of his testicles]], to get him to speak. When he encounters the widow of a genuine Imperial war hero, Syura wastes no time raping and murdering her while one of his men has her young daughter right on top of the husband's grave. Spoiled, selfish, and monstrous, Syura is consumed with nothing more than a need to satisfy his own desires and cruelty.²** [[MonsterClown Champ]], a [[WouldHurtAChild pedophile]] and one of the aforementioned Wild Hunt, was imprisoned for being a SerialRapist and SerialKiller. During an early raid of the Wild Hunt, Champ notices a little boy and kills a woman trying to stop him from raping him. Champ comments how he enjoys killing the children before they can become "filthy adults", and later rapes and murders the daughter of a dead imperial war hero right on top of her father's grave while Syura handles her mother. It is revealed that a member of another Imperial Squad, the Jaegers, named Run, has joined simply to get revenge on Champ for slaughtering his class from the days when he was a teacher. When confronted with this, Champ comments [[ButForMeItWasTuesday he's violated and killed so many kids he can't even remember the class]] until his memory is jogged. His only emotion is disappointment that them screaming for Run to save them ruined his fun.²** ''Zero'': "[[MadScientist Uncle Bill]]", real name unknown, is the leader of the Empire's [[Characters/AkameGaKillAssassinationSquads assassination squad]], [[TykeBomb Group of Terror]]. Using the children that weren't skilled enough to be part of the Elite Seven, Bill uses [[PsychoSerum drugs to enhance their skills]] in a painful process that also includes indoctrination into absolute loyalty. Training children with inhuman methods that weren't far from tortures, including leaving them without needed drugs as punishment, Bill didn't care if they died during missions, and even "euthanized" one of them after considering her the weak link of the team. A cold man that doomed [[WouldHurtAChild many children]] to painful lives, including Akame's sister Kurome, Bill's "training" affected her for years.²%%²%% Bring CompleteMonster examples to this thread before adding any: Check the FAQ first to see what would qualify characters for the trope, and if there has been previous discussion on the work.²%%²* CrackPairing: ²** Lubbock x Mez is reasonably popular among the fandom despite Lubbock's UndyingLoyalty to Najenda, both characters being enemies, and only interacting in one scene. This ship would hardly work but some feel as if their witty exchanges with each other during their battle and Mez being one of the few minor villains who wasn't irredeemably evil would have made for a good pairing. There is also the fact the Mez is one of the few female characters that did show signs of attraction towards Lubbock.²** Surprisingly we have Wave X Seryu, even though the two did not have much significant interaction with each other, with Wave generally being disturbed by Seryu's insanity. However he did [[spoiler: mourn her death and promise to avenge her after her demise]]. There are many fan works depicting Wave in a middle of a love triangle between him, Seryu and Kurome.²** As if just to defy everything [[NoYay Aria X Sayo]]. ²* CreepyCute: ²** Pretty much nearly every woman in this series. While they are all attractive, most of them are killers. Each of them had at least one unsettling moment. Notable examples include Esdeath, Kurome, Seryu, Sheele, Leone, and even Akame at times.²** Koro. He is really cute in his inactive form and also seems to enjoy to play with children, apart of behaving like a cute animal. When he enters in his battle form, however...²* CriticalBacklash: Almost every discussion of the series on the internet will involve someone leaving a comment criticizing it. Whether it's people who never liked the series in the first place and need to vent about it or those who feel it's gone through SeasonalRot, seeing criticism for this series isn't uncommon.²* CrossoverShip: ²** Fans of ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' have shipped Leone with Yang Xiao Long.²** Esdeath have been shipped with Bismarck from ''VideoGame/KantaiCollection'', due to their similar appearances and German-motif.²* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: One of the darkest ''shonen'' manga series ever released. The main characters, while likable, are assassins, which is a very shady occupation for a protagonist. Some of the antagonists can be likable and because AnyoneCanDie prepare for several TearJerker. Then in the manga's second arc the apathy is taken UpToEleven with the appearance of villains who are pure evil. Killing off major characters also loses its shock value as the series goes on.²* DesignatedEvil: The Empire is an incredibly corrupt institution filled to the brim with nobles who use their money and influence to get away with any number of unspeakably horrific things. Considering who's in charge, there's no realistic chance of implementing peaceful reforms, so violence is the only viable option for changing the status quo. Since Night Raid can't face the Imperial military in open battle, they have to use guerilla tactics and assassinations in order to be effective. They're not indiscriminate about it either, when we see them taking a contract on some particularly reprehensible nobles Leone states that Night Raid is going to verify the nobles are guilty of what their contractor says they are before killing them. In light of all this, claiming there isn't any justice in what Night Raid does rings extremely hollow. ²* DesignatedHero: Many detractors of the series find that Night Raid falls into this trope. Even though Takahiro makes it clear that Night Raid is morally gray the detractors just don't buy into it. A main criticism the detractors aim towards Night Raid is that seeing as how TheEmpire is ObviouslyEvil (with Wave, Bols, Run, etc. being the exceptions) they are the definitive good guys of the series that the audience is supposed to root for. However because of how they mercilessly kill anyone who opposes them, lack any sort of unique qualities, and don't really allow their exploits to [[CharacterDevelopment change them as characters]] it's hard to see them as sympathetic protagonists and they come off more as heroic sociopaths rather than effective villain protagonists.²* DieForOurShip: In chapter 45 [[spoiler: Tatsumi and Mine are [[OfficialCouple officially]] a relationship]]. This doesn't fell well to fans of others Tatsumi involved pairings, like shippers of Tatsumi/Akame and Tatsumi/Esdeath. For this reason, many fans began to dislike [[spoiler: Mine]] and hoped that she died for the sake of their shipping preferences.²* DracoInLeatherPants: ²** Esdeath is extremely popular for her PetTheDog moments (regardless of how contrived they are), her feelings for Tatsumi, and her loyalty towards her subordinates which leads many people to respect her even more than the heroes. As a result, some fans feel she's redeemable, or see her simply a product of her environment. What these people forget is that Esdeath is a brutal, sadistic SocialDarwinist who simply has no comprehension of mercy or empathy towards those she deems as weak, considers ColdBloodedTorture a hobby, and whose sadism is more a product of her own innate nature since even her father found her willingness to kill unnerving. She's also one of the root causes of the Empire's corruption, supporting the evil Prime Minister simply because his atrocious reign causes perpetual rebellion which provide her with endless opportunities for slaughter and bloodshed.²** Bols. The guy burns down entire villages filled with innocent people, including little girls (something that Chelsea pointed out), and makes it clears that he plans continuing his work as a murderer and an arsonist, despite knowing fully well what he has doing was wrong, so it's not like he's ObliviouslyEvil. His motives are pretty vague, except for a SomeoneHasToDoIt attitude, so it was never really clear if he was TrappedInVillainy or (more likely) consciously decided to be a killer. But is seen as a "good guy" because he [[IHaveAFamily has a family]] that... [[TheUnfettered supports him doing the jobs he hates so much]]. What were [[SatelliteCharacter their]] [[NoNameGiven names, again]]?²** Kurome. She is psychotic assassin that killed possible hundreds of people in the name of the Empire, some of which included her own allies who she killed so she can [[FateWorseThanDeath enslave their undead corpse]]. Some of her crimes included killing a member of Night Raid in a case of AvengingTheVillain and attempting to [[EatenAlive feed one of them alive to a massive creature]] (Kaiser Frog), actions that caused Seryu, the other mentally ill DarkActionGirl of the Jaegers, to be widely despised among the fan base. And to top it off, Kurome doesn't show any real signs of remorse for her actions, even after she [[spoiler: chooses to leave the Empire with Wave]]. This only fixed during the [[spoiler: final chapter]] so that the Kurome wouldn't look completely remorseless about her crimes. However, fans ([[spoiler: and even characters in-series]]) are willing to look over her crimes, all because she's Akame's sister, and because both her and Wave make an [[spoiler: adorable OfficialCouple]].²** Arguably Night Raid themselves can be considered this as well. Despite being the protagonists of the story that doesn't change the fact that they have killed countless people (even if it is for the sake of reform) and often with little remorse towards their victims. Even with that in mind and their misdeeds being acknowledged in-series many fans still root for their success, fear the possibility of their deaths, get sad whenever a Night Raid member is killed, and even hope that the living Night Raid members will have a happy ending after the final battle. Many fan-works usually overlook the fact that everyone in Night Raid is an assassin and usually portray them as regular sympathetic characters.²* EnsembleDarkhorse: ²** Esdeath is by '''far''' the most popular character in this series, it is actually rather easy to forget that she is just TheDragon (making her "technically" a secondary antagonist) for the true BigBad and not the actual main antagonist of the series.²** Night Raid's Chelsea gets special mention. Despite arguably having the least amount of screen time (in the main series) out of all of the Night Raids members (rivaling only Sheele), she ranked #2 in the first official character poll held in Japan, beating Mine who was #3 and being only being beat by Esdeath (obviously) for #1. Due to her popularity, [[BreakoutCharacter she is given a bigger role in the prequel series]], and can be considered the Tritagonist of ''Zero''.²** To say nothing of [[BadassGay Bulat]]. Introduced as one of the stronger members of Night Raid, Bulat got hit hard by MentorOccupationalHazard, getting killed off [[TooCoolToLive by chapter 14]]. Despite his rather short lived role, he was beloved both in and out of universe to the point of ranking in the Top 10 characters in both of the Popularity Polls. In the Fan Data book, another popularity poll was held to determine the most requested "Dream Fights" that never occurred in the manga in Bulat comprised 5 out the top 10.²** Lubbock isn't far behind them, and is frequently considered to be one of the most likable and interesting members of Night Raid. The fact that he managed to [[spoiler: kill [[HateSink Syura]]]] even after [[spoiler: getting [[GroinAttack one of his balls ripped off]]]] certainly didn't hurt his popularity any.²** Wave and Bols stand out as the most likable members of the Jaegers, despite their actions. Run qualifies as well after finally getting some screen-time to build his character in chapters 47 and 48; proving to also be a rather likable Jaeger member who many have jokingly nicknamed as the [[Anime/CodeGeass "Suzaku"]] of ''Akame Ga Kill'' due to his desire to ''change the empire's system from within''.²** Kurome too, once her [[FanPreferredCouple relationship with Wave]] developed and her [[JerkassWoobie backstory explored.]]²** In Zero, Kurome's teammate, Remus, is pretty popular among the fan base due to her statues as TheCutie‎, despite only appearing in just 2 chapters.²** The character, Spear, has a fairly decent sized fan base, despite only appearing for [[OneSceneWonder one scene]].²** Dorothea has a pretty strong following, [[DamnedByFaintPraise or at least as strong a following]] as a member of Wild Hunt can get, due to being the most competent member of the group and putting up the best fight of them all against Night Raid by nearly killing fan-favorite Leone. It also helps that she didn't really partake in the more...[[RapeAsDrama questionable acts]] the group was infamous for.²** Among the minor villains Liver of the Three Beasts and Mez of the Four Rakshasa Demons have gained noticeable attention among fans. This is because unlike other villains outside of the Jaegers they weren't irredeemably evil as the only "evil" thing about them was they served TheEmpire. Despite being enemies to Night Raid both seemed like reasonable people and had a sense of honor to their opponents. Most of their popularity comes from the fact that readers found they put up a good fight with fan favorites Bulat and Lubbock respectively. Like Chelsea, Mez's popularity as rewarded her a bigger role in ''Zero''.²** The unnamed teigu user that fights Akame in Chapter 70 is quite well-liked, despite being killed in the same chapter he was introduced. It's mostly chalked up to his cool PlagueDoctor design, level-headedness, and not being nearly as corrupt as you'd expect a direct servant of the Empire to be. Fans view his late arrival and subsequent quick death as [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter wasted opportunity.]]²* EndingAversion: The manga unfortunately got hit with this by the fanbase once it became apparent that it was going to follow the same plot threads that the Anime did. The primary differences only being who survived in the end. [[spoiler: Tatsumi, Mine, Kurome, and Suzuka all make it out alive in the manga while Run dies since the Wild Hunt arc never got adapted in the anime.]]²* EvilIsCool: ²** One reason why the fans love Esdeath so much. She is powerful, [[IncrediblyLamePun has cool powers]] and a nice design.²** The Jaegers in general also receives this trope.²* EvilIsSexy: ²** Esdeath is an evil person who has a SocialDarwinist philosophy, is very brutal when it comes to fighting her enemies, has no empathy towards those she deems as weak, loves torturing innocent people and considers it to be a hobby. She is one of the reasons why the Empire is so corrupt because she supports the evil Prime Minister, which provides her an endless opportunities to slaughter any rebels she comes across. Despite this, many fans see her as the poster girl of this trope, mainly because fans are attracted by her beauty and design (wearing a fanservice army-like costume and how huge her boobs are) and several factors, such as her tenacious demeanor, her great powers, some of her PetTheDog moments (regardless of how contrived they are) and her loyalty towards her subordinates contribute to the attractiveness of the character herself.²** Mez is the most popular of the Four Rakshasa Demons due to her status as this. ²** In Zero, Akame and the other girls of the Elite Seven can be considered this. The guys in the same group aren't that bad looking either.²* FanPreferredCouple: ²** Wave/Kurome is probably the most supported pairing as of late, given the amount of ShipTease they've gotten after [[spoiler: Wave kicks Syura's ass to prevent him from raping Kurome.]] Support for them certainly have grown after [[spoiler: Kurome kisses Wave]]. [[spoiler: Naturally there was much rejoicing after Wave reciprocates her feelings and he convinces Kurome to abandon the war and live happily together as an OfficialCouple‎]].²** While the canon relationship between [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Tatsumi]] and [[OfficialCouple Mine]] has plenty of supporters, chances are you will find a group fans that prefer different pairings, most notably Tatsumi/Akame and Tatsumi/Esdeath, instead.²** Akame/Leone has been slowly gathering support from the fan base as of late. This seems to be a case of PairTheSpares after Tatsumi became an OfficialCouple with Mine. Also, the great deal of LesYay moments (see their entry for more details) between the two certainly helps.²* FandomRivalry: Fans of ''Franchise/FullmetalAlchemist'' and ''Manga/HunterXHunter'' have not been kind towards this series. Like ''Akame ga Kill!'' both are shounen manga that feature more mature themes with ''Fullmetal Alchemist'' featuring similar themes and characters and ''Hunter x Hunter'' also taking place in a fantasy setting and having AnyoneCanDie as a prevalent trope. However, fans of these series often tend to dislike ''Akame ga Kill!'' as they find the shock value violence, and character deaths prevent it from being mature or well-written and that it tries too hard to come off as mature to the point where it's just "edgy".²* FriendlyFandoms:²** With ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' as both are shounen series that take place in fantasy settings with the AnyoneCanDie tropes being prevalent in both series.²** It's also not uncommon to see fans of ''Akame ga Kill!'' who are also fans of ''Franchise/{{Danganronpa}}''. Similar to ''Attack on Titan'' above, it's another series where AnyoneCanDie is a prevalent trope but it also features a similarly colorful cast of characters, gratuitous death scenes, and brand of humor.²** Also with ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'' resulting from the fact that both series were popular manga that had equally popular anime adaptations airing at the same time.²* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: ²** Despite some of the more polarizing tropes on this page, the series ''has'' done rather well for itself after being publicized in America; both Volumes 1 and 2 both topped in the New York times best-selling manga in their opening weeks and retain high positions even after.²** Leone is a more popular character among Western fans as opposed to Japanese fans. In the popularity poll she ranked relatively low being beaten by [[spoiler: long dead characters such as Chelsea, Bulat, and Sheele.]] In the West however she's just as iconic with the series as Akame and Esdeath are. She mostly caught the attention of Western audiences for her attractive and mature appearance, carefree attitude, and general badassery. The comparisons to Yang Xiao Long form ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' may also play into her overseas popularity as well. Creator Takahiro noticed this while attending an Anime convention in Switzerland, where he was surprised to see how popular Leone was with Western fans. Jokingly attributing her popularity to her [[BuxomIsBetter bust size.]]²* GrowingTheBeard: ²** [[spoiler:Sheele]]'s death made all the readers realize AnyoneCanDie.²** The beard grew even further once [[ThePsychoRangers the Jaegars]] were introduced to the plot and the series began to delve into GreyAndGrayMorality.²* HarsherInHindsight: Many of Chelsea's friendly interactions with Akame become this after it was revealed in Zero that Akame killed many of Chelsea's friends and allies, including [[spoiler: Taeko and Merraid (granted Chelsea didn't like the latter that much)]]. ²* HilariousInHindsight: ²** ''Zero'' reveals that Akame had a surrogate mother named [[Film/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice "Martha"]], 2 years before the movie came out. Harsher part about this is that [[spoiler: Martha died as result of DeathByOriginStory as Akame's first human kill]].²** While Chelsea's friendly interactions with Akame are HarsherInHindsight, they also become funnier as ''Zero'' reveals that [[BiTheWay Chelsea]] does indeed have a crush on [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer Akame]]. ²* HolyShitQuotient: When you're first reading through chapter 1, it starts off looking like a fun, innocent, adventure following Tatsumi's escapades around the capital city and landing a job as the bodyguard for a cute rich-girl. [[DarkerAndEdgier After that...]]²* HoYay: ²** The series had many moments between Tatsumi and Bulat that can be interpreted like this. Tatsumi respects Bulat like a mentor and admired his power. Bulat flirted a lot with Tatsumi during some moments and also went so far to give Tatsumi Incursio in his battle with Nyau and [[spoiler: Tatsumi laments greatly his subsequent death]]. Also Bulat left a great impact in Tatsumi, and in the anime, when Tatsumi fights the Ultimate Teigu is Bulat's voice the one who encourage him to obtain Incursio new form.²** Wave and Run share a generally healthy relationship with one another usually interact on good terms. The most notable instance of this in their relationship is during the first Jaegers meeting when Run walks in and Wave is thrilled that one of his comrades is a "normal person". He then walks up to Run proclaiming his excitement to meet him. While doing so Wave is also holding Run's hands and the anime even adds a glowing yellow background to the scene.²* InformedWrongness: ²** Many see Chelsea as a huge victim of this in her act of [[spoiler: killing Bols]]. Because of the tragic way his death ended up playing out, it's not uncommon to find fans who treat [[spoiler: Chelsea killing Bols]] as some sort of MoralEventHorizon. Even the story blames and punishes Chelsea for her act by [[spoiler: giving her a RasputinianDeath and making her the only member of Night Raid to not FaceDeathWithDignity]]. Chelsea herself even viewed [[spoiler: her painful end as a KarmicDeath]]. The irony being [[spoiler: Bols has made a career out of burning villages, including little children, alive all on the basis that they're under suspicion from the Capital, while Chelsea only ever targeted other killers]]. [[spoiler: Bols was a good friend and family man to his loved ones, but he was still a killer of innocents that needed to be stopped]]. Even worse is that the other members Night Raid never had to kill an [[spoiler: AntiVillain as sympathetic as Bols purely out of luck (Run was killed as a result of BadGuysDoTheDirtyWork, Wave and Kurome OptOut, the Emperor was killed off panel by the public)]], all so that "karma" wouldn't [[spoiler: killing them]] in the same manner as Chelsea. ²** Many people point out that the Emperor was hardly at fault for his actions, being a little kid who didn't know better, listening to a manipulative man. But the series had him [[spoiler:executed at the end of the series for listening to Honest and attacking innocent people as a result MindManipulation from Honest]]. This is made even worse considering that the series tries to justify [[spoiler:sparing Kurome since she was BrainwashedAndCrazy, even though the Emperor was in the same position as her]]. ²* IronWoobie: Leone spent her childhood growing up in the slums of the Capital. She has seen many people she knows and cares about get taken advantage of and even killed in public. She's also one of the longest standing members of Night Raid, having had to deal with the deaths of many comrades and everything Akame and Tastumi have gone through. However despite all of this she constantly remains optimistic and cheerful with hopes that her and the surviving members of Night Raid can go on a boat voyage after the revolution ends and usually brings much needed levity into the despair of her fellow Night Raid comrades. Getting her to break is not easy.²* JerkassWoobie: ²** Kurome. She has passed through the same hardships as Akame (sold by their parents, forced to kill, saw many of her friends get killed). In addition she gets forced into an addiction to PsychoSerum by the empire. The final result is a terminally ill Yandere with a big drug addiction, who gets her kicks by murdering and collecting corpses, who owes her loyalty to dead friends who fought for an evil government and who wishes to kill her beloved sister who left for the rebels.²** Mine. In the early chapters of the series she was very abrasive towards Tatsumi and had trouble getting along with her fellow Night Raiders. However before joining Night Raid she was frequently tormented by everyone she met due to having foreign blood. It's even implied that the reason for her {{Tsundere}} behavior is because her upbringing made it hard for her to trust people. [[spoiler: It only gets worse for her after Sheele's death. Sheele was the only member of Night Raid who Mine got along with since both related to each other due to being ridiculed in their younger years. With Sheele dead the one person who she could completely trust is now gone... forever.]]²* LauncherOfAThousandShips: Tatsumi, hands down. He can be plausibly paired with almost every female character in the manga.²* LesYay: In a series where the main cast is 60% female and most of the men are either gay, asexual living weapons, rapists, just simply taken, or dead, this is to be expected. Examples include:²** '''Akame x Leone''': They have by far the most subtext compare to any another pair on this list. The two are often paired together during missions and have considered each other best friends. Throughout the series, Leone often referred to Akame as cute. Akame is the only character, other than Tatsumi, that Leone has either glomped or subjected to MarshmallowHell. ²*** When Leone was recovering from [[spoiler: Night Raid’s fight with Kurome and Bols]] Akame was VERY happy to see Leone mostly recovered from her injuries. In the manga, Leone even blushed at Akame’s happiness.²*** In chapter 49, after seeing Lubbock’s trying to ask love advice from [[spoiler: Tatsumi and Mine, since they are now an official couple,]] on how to get together with Najenda, Leone decided to hang out with Akame, so they can be “lonely together”. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Akame responds by saying that she is never lonely when she is with Leone.]]²*** In chapter 57, when Akame was starting to get upset over the loss of all the Night Raid members of far, Leone gave Akame a CooldownHug. Leone even stated that the hug would have been more appropriate if she were a man. Akame blushes and state that she preferred Leone the way she is and comments on how warm she is.²*** In chapter 62, Leone gives Akame a full body massage after Akame's return from her mission. After the massage, Leone offer to give Akame an additional "erotic massage", shortly before grabbing Akame's ass and complimenting Akame for her "nice texture", much to Akame's annoyance.²*** After Akame's fight with Kurome, Leone can be seen giving Akame another CooldownHug.²*** A [[TearJerker tearjerking]] example in chapter 72, [[spoiler:as Leone is falling to her death, after having her Teigu deactivated and being fatally shot by Honest, her last thoughts are that she can't die yet because she promised Akame that they would each kill one of their targets]].²** '''Akame x Chelsea ''': Chelsea does have a fair amount of subtext pertaining to Akame. Most, if not all, of Chelsea interactions with Akame can easily interpreted as flirting. Shortly after meeting each other, Chelsea (while blushing) is shown playing with Akame's hair (who was also blushing), all the while complementing how cute Akame is. In one flashback in the manga (although the scene was shown briefly in the anime), Chelsea has tried lifting up Akame's shirt, much to Akame's annoyance. In the same flashback, Chelsea's suggested that the two should go shopping together once the revolution was over, all the while holding Akame’s hands. Chelsea’s proposal can be interpreted as her asking Akame on a date.²*** Chapter 36 of ''Zero'' confirms that [[BiTheWay Chelsea]] was attracted to Akame, shortly after meeting her for the first time while disguised as Natala. This implies that she was indeed flirting with Akame in the main series.²** ''' Esdeath x Seryu ''': These two do have a lot of subtext with each other. When Seryu was upset about [[spoiler: Dr. Stylish’s death]], Esdeath gave Seryu a CooldownHug. During the hug, Seryu was noticeable nuzzling Esdeath’s breasts. Also, whenever Esdeath pairs herself up with Seryu, Seryu tends to get excited and blushes whenever she is with Esdeath. [[spoiler: Finally, during Seryu’s final moments, the last person she thought about was Esdeath. Seryu even started crying knowing that she will never be able to see her General again.]]²** ''' Esdeath x Najenda''': Although the two are enemies, they do seem to respect on another. In addition, Esdeath seemed a little too eager at the idea of personally torturing Najenda. Also, during the final anime omake, Najenda was noticeable flirting with Esdeath and gets upset when Esdeath was more concern about finding Tatsumi. ²** ''' Esdeath x Suzuka ''': Since Esdeath is a sadist and Suzuka is a masochist this is to be expected. Although it is mostly one sided, on Suzuka side. During her time with the Jaegers, Suzuka would often fantasies about being tortured by Esdeath. Also, Suzuka seemed rather aroused when she remembered when Esdeath [[spoiler: crushed her face against a wall since Suzuka tried to rape Tatsumi.]] Chapter 67 confirms that Suzuka does indeed have a crush on Esdeath.²** In Zero, there's '''Cornelia x Taeko''': The two were briefly friends before finding out that they were on opposing sides. The two have bathed and had drinks together. Even after finding out that they were enemies, it was made pretty clear they did not want to fight each other.²** In the same series, we have '''Chelsea x Taeko''': The two got along well with each other. Taeko even gave Chelsea a piggy back ride when Chelsea was getting tired from their hike. It is possible that the reason Chelsea likes Akame so much is because she reminds her of Taeko.²** '''Mine x Sheele''': The two seemed to have a very close relationship given the nature of the group. Sheele mentions waking up Mine in the morning and [[spoiler: Mine takes Sheele's death incredibly hard and very personal]] suggesting they teamed up fairly often on missions. Also in a flashback scene, it's implied that Mine helped Sheele dress up in outfits that Sheele wasn't comfortable in. Also in one of the special volume's chapters, Tatsumi implies that Mine is jealous of the fact that Sheele is paying too much attention to Nea and is punched by Mine in response.²* LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt: Averted. After Sheele's death, fans have to realized that no character is safe (aside from Tatsumi and Akame, and even then some fans have their doubts) and that AnyoneCanDie is in full effect.²** In an inversion of this trope, lots of fans expected [[spoiler: Mine to die after she becomes Tatsumi's girlfriend]] to play the StuffedIntoTheFridge trope. [[spoiler: She]] has managed to survive every dangerous encounter since then and has [[spoiler: even fell into a coma after overexerting herself against Budo, when she died in the equivalent scene of the Anime.]]²* LoveToHate: ²** If fan reaction is anything to go by, some of the villains, such as [[KnightTemplar Seryu]] and [[MadScientist Dr. Stylish]], certainly qualify, while others such as [[MonsterClown Champ]] do not and are just unenjoyably hateable.²** Also, Esdeath. She commits mass genocide by killing several hundred-thousand people (many of which were innocent), tortures people for a hobby, encourages her men to rape the people of entire villages, is the one of the main sources of the corruption within the Empire, and makes it painfully clear that she will not perform a HeelFaceTurn. But she is still the most popular character in the series.²** Prime Minister Honest is such a laughably bad villain that some fans enjoy hating him for all of the over the top ways Takahiro tries to make him come off as despicable.²* MemeticBadass: Esdeath. She is by far the strongest character and is often used as a benchmark in-series when gauging the strength of another character.²* MemeticLoser:²** Because his participation in the story was greatly reduced and [[spoiler: he was not able to save Kurome]], Anime!Wave is this.²** Wild Hunt in spades, introduced as the Jaegers's replacement and ended defeated in very disappointing fights. Syura however, takes the cake.²** Budo, both in anime and in the manga. See "Budo is a Jobber" below.²* MemeticMolester: There are PLENTY of examples, specially since about half the antagonists are confirmed rapists. Notable examples include:²** Esdeath: The dominatrix-motif mad general that LOVES to torture and mentally break people for her own sick pleasure. Some of her torture methods are rather "suggestive", based from what little was shown. In the manga, she fully encourages her army to rape the people of a captured village. And then there is the fact that she is trying to get a teenage boy to fall in love with her, by capturing him and holding him against his will.²** All of Wild Hunt²** Kurome: Her Teigu allows her to control the dead bodies of the handsome Natala and pretty-boy [[spoiler: Run]] and turns them into her personal undead slaves.²** In Zero, we have Akame's EvilMentor, Gozuki, who took seven children out into the middle of the woods to live with him and declared himself their "daddy".²** Also in Zero, there's the currently unnamed leader of Kurome's "Group of Terror", who took the remain children and had them experimented on, including drugging them...... while having them dressed only in their underwear.²** Dr. Stylish: In his first appearance he hits Wave, has an army of {{mooks}} with a very weird clothing that somewhat resembles those of BDSM and in Zero, when he gives the leader of the Group of Terror a drug, he says to him that in exchange he wants 10 male prisoners for unknown purposes. Also, in the Theater, he and his army, who run a Girl's Bar, pick up some unfortunates Tatsumi and Lubbock, implying to rape them.²* MemeticMutation: ²** Prepare to see forums involving the word "deathflag" due to the large amount of major characters dying.²** A translation of the title: Akame Kills!²** The imageboards noted how Akame in the anime adaptation kinda physically resembles ''Manga/SeitokaiYakuindomo'''s Shino, especially when making chibi faces, and just ran with it.²** [[ Justice!]] A reference to Seryu's obsession with bringing justice to criminals; the girl can barely utter a sentence without the word justice in it.²** [[ Budo is a Jobber]] [[note]]A meme stemming from the disappointing performance of Budo in the manga. He was hyped as being nearly as strong as Esdeath, but in his battle against Night Raid, he is kicked by Mine in the beginning of the fight, loses his composture during the battle, is beaten by Tatsumi with his power up and ends up suffering a very ignominious death at the hands of Mine.[[/note]]²** Because of the series' habit of using gamer terms, there's been a lot of jokes of [[spoiler: Kurome's death in the anime being a result of Wave failing to max out his affinity points with her.]]²** [[GeckoEnding "Please don't end like the anime!"]] [[labelnote: Spoilers]]Became somewhat HeartwarmingInHindsight since the manga is over and the characters who died in the anime (Tatsumi, Mine and Kurome) not only survived at the end but were given happy endings. So the fans got their wish.[[/labelnote]]²** Dragon Dick[[labelnote:Spoilers]]Since Tatsumi got stuck in Tyrant's body, this has become the default answer for Mine's response to it. This is even more prevalent when she awakens from her coma and she wholly accepts Tatsumi's new body, and even ''have children.''[[/labelnote]]²*** Though the [[spoiler: having children]] bit might be a misunderstanding of her having [[spoiler: the child she was carrying after they get married]].²* {{Moe}}: Practically every female character of the series is this when not [[PunchClockVillain doing their jobs]]... [[ForTheEvulz or hobbies]]. Out of all the characters, Kurome takes the biggest slice of this cake (hence some fans call her [[MemeticMutation Kuromoe]]) with Mine being a close second.²* MoralEventHorizon: ²** Seryu either crosses the line after she [[spoiler:kills Sheele]], OR[[note]]as some believe that killing another killer, no matter how well-liked she may be by the audience, doesn't qualify[[/note]] after she kills an innocent civilian who was ''forced'' to help petty thieves in a robbery, citing InsaneTrollLogic as justification for it.²** Aria, the little girl who shelters Tatsumi in the first chapter; [[spoiler:being discovered to have tortured to death the people she brings to her home; including the two friends Tatsumi was travelling with prior to the start of Chapter 1]]. And what makes it worse? [[spoiler:She even admits during her VillainousBreakdown that she did it just because she struggled with her own hair, and was jealous of how smooth Sayo's was!]]²** The Emperor and even moreso Prime Minister Honest turning the world that the characters live in into a CrapsackWorld, and Esdeath's actions that are specifically committed to furmther the Empire's corruption and thus the suffering of others under its reign. Arguably anything that Honest and Wild Hunt do will be crossing over this.²** Nyau [[spoiler: killing Spear and turning her face into a mask]] for his own personal amusement.²** Team Wild Hunt [[spoiler:raping and killing Bols' wife and child on his grave]].²*** Champ in particular crossed it long before the events of the manga when he [[spoiler: raped and murdered all of the students in Run's class.]]²** In ''Akame ga Kill! Zero'' the Leader of the Group of Terror taking a few children who didn't get into the Elite Seven and injecting them with PsychoSerum in states of undress nonetheless. ²** It's hard to say if or when [[MoralSociopathy Esdeath]] ever crosses it, but a good choice would be [[spoiler:creating a Russian winter that blanketed the entire Empire]], knowing very well that such an act would kill many soldiers on both sides. This alone subverts one of her [[AFatherToHisMen few redeeming traits]] while also emphasizing one of her [[TheSocialDarwinist more villainous traits]].²* {{Narm}}: ²** While some like the manga's sheer darkness, many believe that it tries way too hard to be "edgy", combining a rather strange and naive adherence to Shonen codes (see ClicheStorm) with an almost exploitative bent when it comes to the depiction of the Empire's corruption. ²** The introduction of Wild Hunt only makes the statement above much worse. Although their actions were truly monstrous, the fans only viewed them as failed shock value and think that Takahiro really tried to demonstrate (another time) that the Empire is a corrupt place by making a group of crazy rapists. And this seems increased by the figure of Champ, a clown who rapes children.²** Prime Minister Honest is hard to take seriously as a villain. Despite being the BigBad and the reason for most of the conflicts in the plot, he's a FlatCharacter that comes off as comically evil. Nothing about his motivations has been revealed 60+ chapters into the manga, his exaggerated overweight appearance makes him look goofy to some people, and he's usually seen shoving food into his mouth. A lot of readers just can't help but laugh whenever he appears because of how hard Takahiro tries to get the audience to hate him in contrast to the ridiculous things he does while he's on panel. He's also been responsible for some of the most comical evil faces in the entire series which often gets a good laugh out of fans just because of how over the top they look. Special mention goes to [[spoiler: him crying over Syura's death for one panel only to quickly decide he'll have a new son]] and proclaiming he'll go "anorexic" due to all of the Empire officials who want to hand him over to the Revolutionary Army.²* NauseaFuel:²** Chapter 23.5, in friggin' ''spades''. You know it's NauseaFuel when a guy satisfying his fetish for eyeless girls by [[EyeScream making one]] is ''not'' the chapter's Crowning Moment of {{Squick}}.²** Also, pretty much anything Champ says or does. ²* NeverLiveItDown: Considering the over the top nature of the series' violence and many controversial writing choices, there are few moments that fans will '''NEVER''' forget.²** The entirety of Chapter 1. Not just the MoodWhiplash, but its entirety.²** Seryu [[spoiler: killed Sheele]]. She did some other stuff too, not all of it bad, but nobody seems to remember that.²** What most fans remember Chelsea for is [[spoiler: getting decapitated and her head being mounted to a pike just like a lollipop.]]²** Chapter 23.5 is often used to label the author Takahiro as a "sadist" and the pinnacle of how ridiculous the violence in the series has gotten. A bonus chapter that had no baring on the main plot or characters is one of the most talked about in the entire series!²* NoYay: Anything from Wild Hunt, seriously...²* OneSceneWonder: ²** Lubbock's battle with Mez of the Rakshasa Demons was one of many one-off battles during the Bolick Assassination arc. Despite lasting for only one chapter, it's one of the most talked-about and remembered battles in the series. Most loved it for being Lubbock's SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome, Mez being one of the few minor villains in the series who had a likable personality and wasn't irredeemably evil, and the witty remarks between the two during their battle.²** Many of the unnamed teigu-users within the Revolutionary army. The most recurring of the teigu-users is the female soldier that currently owns Sheele's Extase. Not only is it exciting to see some of the previous teigu back in action, but many of the current wielders have rather unique characters design, such the female soldier that wields Daidara's Belvaac and the doctor that owns Dr. Stylish's Perfector. ²* {{Padding}}: The Empire in Danger arc and the Wild Hunt End mini-arc have been seen as this by some readers. Audiences felt that the only reason Wild Hunt was introduced into the story was just to keep Night Raid and The Jaegers busy before the final arc. This is because unlike other story arcs it didn't really focus on Night Raid's progressions in the revolution nor did it continue their conflict with The Jaegers.²* ReplacementScrappy: While no one particularly dislikes him there are some readers who saw Susanoo as an inferior replacement for Bulat. Since Susanoo appeared immediately after [[spoiler: Bulat's death]] some thought that his only purpose in the story was to [[TheAce give Night Raid another ace]] since like Bulat he was immediately established as a strong member of Night Raid. However he lacked what made Bulat an EnsembleDarkhorse and felt more like a recurring gag character than a fully realized supporting character. He's also the only major character in which we learn nothing about his past. More baffling was that he was introduced in the same chapter as Chelsea who despite [[spoiler: dying quickly after her introduction]] had more screen time than him. It didn't really help that Susanoo's role ended up falling short of the bargain when [[spoiler: he was killed off quickly after Chelsea]] making people question why he was even introduce to replace Bulat in the first place.²* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap:²** There are some readers who didn't like Mine very much when the manga started. She was perceived as an annoying {{Tsundere}} who felt out of place in the setting of a dark fantasy, and many did not like her initial abusive treatment of Tatsumi. However some ended up warming up to her after [[spoiler: her battle with Seryu where she emerged victorious, and following this dropped a lot of her initial {{Tsundere}} traits going through CharacterDevelopment and eventually developed a romance with Tatsumi.]]²** When the manga began many thought that Tatsumi wasn't very interesting and [[SpotlightStealingSquad kept taking the focus off of Akame who was the title character.]] As the manga progressed readers eventually began warming up to his role as the protagonist especially after the battle with Budo and Esdeath where [[spoiler: he became strong enough to withstand Maha Padma and even land a hit on Esdeath]] which really showed how much stronger he had grown since the manga's beginning.²* RootingForTheEmpire:²** Many fans find the Jaegers to be much more likable characters compared to Night Raid, especially since some of its members include FanPreferredCouple, Wave and Kurome, and the mega-popular Esdeath.²*** It's safe to assume that the majority of fans were rooting for Wave when he was fighting Tatsumi during the Battle of the Sisters arc. Not only was he the underdog in that fight, but he was fighting to save the woman [[spoiler: he loves]].²** UpToEleven in Zero. Especially since the main characters this time around are [[VillainProtagonist Villain Protagonists]], and the "antagonists" include Akame's [[spoiler: ParentalSubstitute, Martha]], the {{Adorkable}} Taeko, and returning EnsembleDarkhorse Chelsea.²* TheScrappy:²** You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who likes Prime Minister Honest as a great villain. While hating him is an IntendedAudienceReaction, the hate he actually gets is not for the reasons he's meant to be hated for, but rather for how over-the-top, [[FlatCharacter one-dimensional]], nonthreatening and downright annoying of a villain he's depicted as being. Basically he gets the fictional character equivalent of XPacHeat: he's supposed to be a villain who the audience [[HateSink hates and wants to see get his comeuppance]], but instead they just want him to go away and stop wasting panel space that other, better villains could've used.²** General Budo is despised for being yet another boring, [[FlatCharacter one-dimensional]] villain in a series that has a bad habit of creating these; that and for holding on to an IdiotBall the size of an iceberg. What's worse is that the character was obviously supposed to come across as a ''sympathetic'' AntiVillain meant to stand in contrast to the other psychotic villains; instead, thanks to a combination of bad writing and lack of memorable PetTheDog moments he is instead rendered into yet another bland, forgettable villain.²* SeasonalRot: While the series was somewhat acclaimed in his starts for have the balls [[AnyoneCanDie to kill the good guys]], many people think that the series has gotten worse when the Wild Hunt arc started. Reasons includes the introduction of an uninteresting group of enemies whose only function in the story is [[HateSink to kill and rape people]] to later be defeated in lame ways, [[spoiler: the death of Lubbock]], which many found unnecessary and only for shock value, [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter the waste of the character of Budo]], hyped as the trump card of the Empire and who was introduced as the opposite of Honest, and the [[ShipToShipCombat pairing wars]] between shippers of Esdeath x Tatsumi vs shippers of Mine x Tatsumi.²* ShipToShipCombat: Between the fans of Tatsumi x Mine vs Esdeath x Tatsumi shippers. One side accuses the other of being a pairing that came out of nowhere and with zero development. The other says that Tatsumi never wanted to be with Esdeath, as he is disgusted with her sadistic nature and her willingness to help Honest's corruption and depravity just for her desires, plus indicating that Mine at least has some short of sane relationship with Tatsumi. The pairing wars however seems to end in chapter 56, [[spoiler: when Mine falls into a coma and stays out of the series]].²** At the end of the manga, [[spoiler: with Esdeath dying alone in her final battle with Akame and Mine recovering from the coma and accepting Tatsumi despite his new aspect, Mine is the official winner of the pairing wars.]]²* SnarkBait: Every single discussion about this series on the internet is bound to have someone leaving a comment criticizing this series. The anime adaptation only made things worse, and on many online discussion boards it's often used as an example of a "bad manga adaptation".²* StrawmanHasAPoint: ²** Wave's decision to try a stop Akame and Kurome from fighting each other at all cost is seen as an immature and selfish decision, while Tatsumi's decision to let the sisters fight to death is seen as the mature and right decision. However, a few fans agree with Wave, that you shouldn't stand aside and let your friend kill, or be killed, by their sister, especially if there is a chance the fight could be alright avoided. The story makes it look like that Wave was in the wrong for wanting to avoid casualties. However, considering that [[spoiler: he does end up being right with his act of saving Kurome]], it is a bit debatable on whether this was a case of intentional misdirection or a case of AuthorsSavingThrow.²** Chelsea's opinion that Night Raid shouldn't get involved with Danger Beast attacks is meant to be portrayed as cold since this might lead to more innocent citizen getting killed. However, Chelsea does point out that Jaegers the will eventually take care, so there was no need to risk their lives and the chance of possible exposure. Sure enough, Tatsumi had a run-in with Esdeath and was spotted by Syura. Also, as soon the Danger Beast threat was taken care of the Jaeger quickly turned their attention to Night Raid.²* TakeThatScrappy: The series has several of these moments.²** [[spoiler: Wave punching Syura in chapter 46 brought a smile to several readers.]] Probably surpassed even the famous scene where [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Simon punched Rossiu.]]²** [[spoiler: Several Wild Hunt members who met their end in chapter 48 got this reaction. Especially the [[PaedoHunt clown.]]]]²** [[spoiler: Syura getting garroted in chapter 52 was sweet, sweet catharsis.]]²** To top it all off for Syura, after [[spoiler: his death we're treated to a scene where Honest cries over his son's death... only to quickly get over it.]] There are many people who labeled this as Honest's best moment in the manga.²** General Budo spends a majority of his first few chapters being [[CharacterShilling hyped up]] by just about everyone, and having an insufferably smug sense of self-righteousness. Come chapter 53 we ''finally'' get to see him in action... only to see him get his ass [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom knocked clean through a wall]] by the much more diminutive Mine, in the beginning of the fight no less.²** [[spoiler: Finally Honest himself. Kicked hard in the gut, disemboweled, thrown off a balcony, and finally carved up a Golden Corral/Logan's Roadhouse special.]]²* TearJerker: Lots of deaths generate this reaction to readers. For a nonviolent example, Tatsumi having a dream where his late friends tell him to move on is also sad.²* TooCoolToLive:²** [[spoiler: Bulat and Sheele; both were among the more powerful and nicer of the Night Raid, the former even being considered on Esdeath's level]].²** [[spoiler: The newcomers of Night Raid, Susanoo and Chelsea, also apply]].²** [[spoiler: As of chapter 52 part 2, Lubbock has joined the list of casualties, courtesy of Izou]].²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: In general, many characters that were killed off sometimes get called out for this. Particularly if you're a firm believer that these people never received any proper CharacterDevelopment to truly feel anything towards seeing him/her go.²** Chelsea is a huge victim of this trope, followed closely by Susanoo. Chelsea had some interesting interactions with the cast, particularly Mine. Despite being built up as having as much kills as Akame, and being considered the only true assassin of Night Raid, she [[spoiler: gets killed off by Kurome]]. It almost seems like they brought her in solely to expose some of Kurome's abilities. There are debates as to why people should feel sorry for someone they barely knew, while others defend her development, claiming she had more than Bols.²** As stated in Chelsea's entry, Susanoo suffers from this trope as well. Despite being introduced alongside Chelsea he had considerably less screen time than her and unlike Chelsea didn't even have any interesting interactions with anyone in Night Raid. In fact the most interesting aspect of his character, being an organic Teigu that has existed long before any other character in the series is almost never explored as we learn nothing about his past. Instead his character comes off as a plot device that just existed to give Night Raid a boost [[spoiler: after Bulat's death and after his own death, raise Najenda's death flag.]]²** Izou, a member of Wild Hunt, was hyped by Syura to be strong enough to cover any losses Wild Hunt might gain. Not only does he fight with a normal sword in a world where everyone has a Teigu, he also killed [[spoiler:Lubbock]]. So what do we see when this guy finally gets a real fight? [[spoiler: He's struck down in a few pages by Akame, in a very one-sided fight]].²** Doctor Stylish also could count as that. He was introduced as the most brilliant scientist of The Empire, was involved with many factions of this (the Jaegers, Ogre, Syura, Bolic...) and also was the only of the Jaegers that wasn't fooled by Tatsumi's facade. He could be an interesting antagonist, but [[spoiler: he was the first of the Jaegers to die in his first battle with Night Raid.]]²** Budo can be considered this. While he was undoubtedly one of Night Raid's most powerful opponents, he somewhat fall short on his contributions to the story. Despite all the build up and attention towards his heroic traits, as well as his hatred towards Honest, [[spoiler: ultimately nothing came of it, and Budo decide to deal with the corruption after the rebellion was taken care of.]] What is even more jarring, was that he could have been the perfect ally to Wave's "change the Empire within" campaign. Budo was the most powerful and most influential officer within in Empire not to be a part of the Empire's corruption. In fact, he openly opposed the Empire's corruption, he even put himself in charge of protecting the imperial politicians who wanted to change the Empire for the better. Also, Budo was shown starting to develop some form of respect towards Wave after Wave's fight with Syura. Instead, Budo was reduced to nothing more than another opponent that Night Raid had to defeat. [[spoiler: What is even more upsetting, Night Raid considered Budo apparent death a good thing, instead of the fact they possibly killed one of the few men within the Empire that tried to keep the corruption from getting worse.]]²** Surprisingly, Seryu also seem to get this treatment from a couple fans. Many felt that she was [[spoiler: killed off]] too early in the story, and would have liked to see how she reacted to the advents in the later arcs, like dealing with Wild Hunt. There is also the fact the story has never fully covered her backstory, with many fans interested to know how she ended in her psychotic state.²** While she isn't dead, many readers find that Najenda isn't as important to the plot as she should be. Her character is the leader of Night Raid, has witnessed the corruption of TheEmpire firsthand, has connections to the Revolutionary Army and a rivalry with Esdeath. Instead of her character being used to flesh out the conflict between the Revolutionary Army and TheEmpire or playing a part in the most significant fights in the series she usually only appears whenever Night Raid needs an effective battle strategy or the plot requires an info dump. As for her rivalry with Esdeath it simply amounts to being an InformedAttribute that only amounts to the two making snide remarks with one another during battle.²** Akame, the title character herself, also falls under this trope. Many feel that she would be a much more interesting protagonist than Tatsumi, but she is instead relegated to the {{Deuteragonist}} role and as a result is left underdeveloped as a character. ²** In Zero, we have Taeko. During her time in the story, she was set up as the Akame's [[EvilCounterpart Good Counterpart]] and possible TheRival. She even gain the the statues of HeroKiller, or in this case VillainProtagonist killer, after she [[spoiler: killed Akame's teammate Cornelia]]. However, Taeko, [[spoiler: herself, was killed]] shortly after, and during her first [[spoiler: (and only) fight with Akame]].²** The Four Rakshasa Demons, except for Suzuka, were hyped up to being this elite team of teigu hunters only end up being nothing more than MonsterOfTheWeek for Night Raid to kill off. [[EnsembleDarkhorse Mez]] ends up being the worst offender of this, as she became an instant fan favorite with her [[BadassAdorable cute design]] and AffablyEvil personality. ''Zero'' tries to fix this by giving her a bigger role in the prequel series, but in doing so, the series also reveal quite a bit of interesting information that ends up making up her role in main series a huge loss of potential. The prequel series reveals that she is, technically, Akame's step-sister, as Mez is the biological daughter of Akame's adoptive father and EvilMentor, Gozuki. This connection alone could have set Mez up as an interesting {{Foil}} to Kurome, and her relationship with Akame could have been a good gateway for Akame's character development. ²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: Takahiro has a tendency to introduce elements into the story that could lead to interesting plot events and even some CharacterDevelopment for the main cast but almost never capitalizes on the possibility of potentially interesting plot ideas. A few examples have included....²** The entire series is built around the idea of a group of anti-heroes who use extreme measures to overthrow a corrupt Empire. It isn't the newest idea, but the series still had potential to {{Deconstruct}} the shonen series, or offer unique twists by having the cast be firm anti-heroes you root for, but still think are terrible people. The thing is, the antagonists are so over the top evil, that the concept of AntiHero protagonists are thrown out the window, and the protagonists are morally right in every way except for the fact they kill people. For example; Tatsumi's introduction to the group has him learn his friends were brutally tortured by the noble family that were helping him, and despite having no signs of being evil, the daughter of the nobles who did it is revealed to be a AxeCrazy HateSink, making Tatsumi's execution of her justified. The heroes never face anyone who is remotely an AntiVillain, nor do they kill any innocent people that would warrant them being seen as morally gray. Basically you have a series where the writer tells you the heroes are not good guys, but then writes the antagonists as so evil that the protagonists come across as upright individuals by comparison.²** When Seryu was introduced, it seemed like she would add a good deal of ambiguity to Night Raid's actions, showing that their methods can also result in good, innocent people suffering, spawning a tragic CycleOfVengeance. She seemed like a good person, with perhaps a bit too much of a BlackAndWhiteMorality perception of the world, but after several chapters of just HateSink villains, it was genuinely refreshing to have a likeable character outside of the heroes. Instead, she turned out to be one of the biggest psychopaths in the series, and she becomes one of the largest HateSink in the series.²** Seryu meeting Wild Hunt could have been an interesting plot point, since not only does Wild Hunt openly antagonize the Jaegers, but they complete conflict with Seryu's views of Justice. Despite working for the Empire, Wild Hunt has attacked people who sided this the Empire, including the Jaegers and [[spoiler: Bol's wife and daughter]] and, knowing Syura, chances are he would have tried to rape Seryu, [[spoiler: like he when he tried to rape Kurome.]] This could have lead to some interesting CharacterDevelopment and it might have been the thing that makes Seryu realize the Empire is not what it seems. Instead, [[spoiler: Seryu is killed just before the Wild Hunt arc]] and most of time in the Wild Hunt arc is mostly spent developing Wave, Run, and Kurome, who were already considered [[AntiVillain anti-villains]] at the time.²** After Syura losses his fist fight with Wave, Syura spent a good chunk of his time trying to figure out the best way to kill Wave off in secret. Despite all the foreshadowing that Syura would do something very drastic in his attempts to kill Wave, nothing really comes of it and [[spoiler: Syura is killed off by Luboock before he can try do anything against Wave.]]²** The entire "change the Empire from within" subplot is rendered moot after [[spoiler: Run's death and Wave choosing to OptOut to protect Kurome]]. Despite having a lot of focus on it, nothing major came out it, and one can easily write the subplot out of the story altogether. Run desire of revenge for the murder of his students and Wave devotion to his unseen mentor was already enough of a catalyst for their actions and could of easily move the story along in the same manner.²** Kurome using Yatsufusa to turn one of the Night Raid members into her undead puppet. Despite all the {{Foreshadowing}} at the beginning of the Jaeger arc, this actually never comes to pass now that [[spoiler: Yatsufusa is destroyed]]. It certainly would have been interesting see how the other members of Night Raid handle fight a former friend turned undead puppet. While Akame and Najenda do briefly face this issue, the puppets they face were {{Posthumous Character}}s whose relationships (at the time) weren't fully explored.²** The Teigu themselves can be considered a wasted plot point since all we ever learn about them is they were made a really long time ago, there are 48 of them, and they are powerful enough to kill people. It's baffling that one of the most important aspects of the series has hardly been explored and seeing as how the manga is reaching its climax we may never even learn what all of the Teigu are. Had Takahiro went into more depth with the Teigu we could have learned about the First Emperor's odyssey to create them, the identities of their previous wielders, and historical battles where they have been involved which would paint a better image of how TheEmpire ended up the way it did. It doesn't help that Takahiro had the perfect opportunity to delve into the history of Teigu with Susanoo, a character who is not only a living Teigu but has also existed long before any other character in the series. [[spoiler: Unfortunately Susanoo is killed off before he can even tell Night Raid anything about the history of Teigu.]]²* {{Troperiffic}}: See under ClicheStorm. There are plenty of people who enjoy this series unironically, despite, or perhaps because of, its derivative nature. ²* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic: ²** Seryu, the mentally-ill orphaned girl who sincerely believes that she is working for a "just cause", cares about her colleagues and innocent children, and even gets a [[AlasPoorVillain sympathetic death]]. However, a significant portion of the fandom continues to despise her largely because of her hypocritical attitude and for [[spoiler:killing off fan-favorite Sheele]].²** Great General Budo. The character was clearly meant to be an AntiVillain that would fill in the GreyAndGrayMorality, who readers would connect with due to his hatred for the corruption of the Empire. However, the character is rendered unsympathetic, considering that he was little to no memorable PetTheDog moments and doesn't give a solid reason on why he chooses to deal with rebellion first as opposed to the corruption.²** Merraid Oarburgh from ''Zero'' was clearly meant to be likable. Merraid was likely the creators' attempt to recapture what made Esdeath such a popular character. Like Esdeath, Merraid is a [[MsFanservice sexy]], morally ambiguous antagonist that is in love with their stories protagonist (Akame). The creator apparently believed that Merraid would be so popular that they had her featured twice in a row on the cover art of the manga volumes of ''Zero''. In-universe, it's heavily implied that Akame reciprocates her feeling on some level, and respects her as a WorthyOpponent (not unlike Tatsumi and Esdeath's relationship). Merraid is even given [[spoiler: one of the most peaceful deaths in the franchise]]. However, the fact that Merraid is a sexist, PsychoLesbian whose hobbies include purposely trying to break up any heterosexual couple she comes across, and sexually harassing and even raping any girl (Akame herself being one example) she can get her hands on, certainly rubbed some fans the wrong way. It doesn't help that the story uses DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnFemale and NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization in an attempt to lessen her crimes and plays it off as {{Fanservice}}. ²* VanillaProtagonist: Tatsumi exhibits many traits of a typical shonen hero (naivete, potential, merciful nature) as opposed to his experienced but jaded teammates. ²* ViewerGenderConfusion: Hands up everyone who thought Nyau was a girl? Turns out he's a young boy.²* WhatAnIdiot:²** Seriously Bolic, did you really think that trying to rape a woman who: A) isn't dead and B) has a healing ability, in the middle of a death battle is a [[TooDumbToLive good idea?]]²** Great General Budo despises Prime Minister Honest and ''openly'' plans on "dealing with him" for the sake of the Empire. A group of revolutionaries just so happen to have the exact same plan as him and are plotting a rebellion again Honest with a group of very skilled assassins (i.e Night Raid). One would expect that Budo would at least flirt with the idea of allying himself with this revolutionary group who has the exact same end goal as him. Instead, Budo opposes the revolution, stating that ''he'' alone would kill Honest.²* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids: ²** The bloodshed, gore, grimdark setting, {{Tear Jerker}}s and [[AnyoneCanDie numerous characters being killed off left and right]], you think this is a {{seinen}} work right? Well, the manga was published under the Gangan Joker magazine, which is a shonen magazine.²** It sometimes feels like a shonen version of ''{{Manga/Berserk}}'' with many of the major characters dying, {{Crapsack World}}, extreme badassery, etc.²** Given their similar fighting scenes and amount of {{Shout Out}}s, it also resembles what ''Franchise/{{Naruto}}'' would look without the ninja flavour.²* WinBackTheCrowd: After many readers were disappointed with the Wild Hunt and Wild Hunt End mini-arcs and the battle with Budo, many thought that chapter 61 was a return to form for the series. With Wild Hunt and Budo out of the picture, and Mine [[spoiler: removed from the story due to her coma]] this allowed Takahiro to focus on the core plot rather than shock value violence, or the romance sub-plot. Aspects such as Akame having a more important role in the plot, the story actually focusing on the war and the Revolutionary Army's efforts to fight the Empire, and Wave and Kurome's story arc finally get some much needed closure were all met with positive reception among most fans.²* TheWoobie: It could be its own page. Woobies include all of Night Raid, some of the Jaegers, and whole lot of minor characters. Notable examples include:²** [[BreaktheCutie Tatsumi]]: It's like the series LOVES to crush any sense of hope he has.²** Akame: She and her sister were sold away by their parents, was forced to kill people for the Empire ever since she was a child, loses multiple comrades in the prequel AND series, has said sister that would love to kill her[[spoiler: and, in the anime, is forced to kill Kurome and is the only one in Night Raid, [besides Najenda], alive at the end of the series.]]²** Lubbock: Gets little respect from his comrades and suffers a huge InferioritySuperiorityComplex. To top it off, left his life of comfort to work for the woman he fell in love with, goes above and beyond to prove his love for her, and ultimately DidNotGetTheGirl. Not because she didn't return his feeling, but because [[spoiler: he was killed before they can establish a relationship]].²** Sheele: Her clumsiness made it hard for her to keep a job or even make friends, found out that the only thing she is good at is fighting and killing people, and is just happy to useful, even if it meant killing people.²** Chelsea: Like Lubbock, her background revealed that Chelsea had good chance for living a comfortable life, but she just couldn't stand the corruption around her. She is the SoleSurvivor for two previous groups that she was a part of. Plus there's her [[spoiler: UndignifiedDeath and the desecration of her corpse]]. Also, there's the heavy implication that she wanted to tell her feelings to Tatsumi after the mission that [[spoiler: lead to her death]].²** Wave: Much like Tatsumi the series LOVES tormenting him. It's made even worse with the fact that he's the only major character who hasn't killed anyone on screen, and is arguably the OnlySaneMan in the series. He wanted to protect his comrades only for him to [[spoiler: blame himself for the deaths of Bols and Seryu]], had to witness Run, his comrade and close friend [[spoiler: get turned into a lifeless puppet]] and wants to settle down with Kurome but knows she's in a spot where it's unlikely for him. He would only reach the apex of his torment in the Wild Hunt mini-arc where [[spoiler: the death of Bols' wife and daughter]] made him truly realize how corrupt the Empire was, and almost saw Syura [[spoiler: attempt to rape Kurome.]]²** Bols: While his job had him kill countless people, it's hard to deny that many people have treated him horribly. The guy has literally been reduced to wearing a mask on his face just because he's afraid to show himself and because of that people think he's some monster. There's also the fact that he's aware of how messed up his occupation truly is and he even has some sense of awareness that the Empire is corrupt. However in the end he just wants to make his family happy, even if he isn't happy with what he has to do to make them happy. Only made even worse when [[spoiler: after his death, his wife and daughter are killed by Wild Hunt on top of his grave.]]²** The Emperor: He wants to make TheEmpire a prosperous country where people are happy. However, Prime Minister Honest is secretly manipulating him into making things worse... and he doesn't even know it. Despite the fact that Honest is using him for his own means and lying right in front of his face, he still trusts him and believes him to be a kindhearted man. [[spoiler: TakenUpToEleven when we find out that Honest killed his parents but lied to him about the cause of their death.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Anime]]²* AngstWhatAngst: ²** During the second half of the anime, the surviving members of Night Raid usually take the death of their comrades.... surprising well. Only Tatsumi, and to a lesser extend, Mine, seems to be the only ones to mourn [[spoiler: Chelsea's death]]. Nobody seem to give a crap about [[spoiler: Lubbock's death]], including Najenda, with exception of [[spoiler: keeping Luddock's goggles as a TragicKeepsake]]. Tatsumi doesn't seem all that bothered that [[spoiler: Mine died]] just one episode after [[spoiler: her]] death. ²** Akame seems perfectly fine with the ideal [[spoiler: of living a life of isolation and loneliness]] by the end of the anime, as well as pretty much [[spoiler: losing all her friends.]] In manga, it's heavily implied that Akame has a fear of [[spoiler: losing all her friends and being alone]], as evident by the fact she nearly broke down crying at the idea of this in chapter 57.²* AntiClimaxBoss: Pretty much any antagonist after [[spoiler: Seryu's death]] can be considered as this. This includes[[spoiler: Syura, Budo, Kurome, Run, Honest, and (arguable) the emperor.]] Despite all being established as powerful threats and major players in the series, they all were defeated [[spoiler: (with the exception of Run, whose fight was dropped altogether)]] in less than one episode. While some of their fights are fairly decent, they ultimately fall short of the antagonist's creditability and built up. The worst offender of this in the anime is:²** [[spoiler: Esdeath:]], of all people, is a special mention amongst the antagonists. [[spoiler: Throughout the series, Esdeath was built up as a nigh-invincible villain that can take on all of Night Raid at once. However, during the finale, Esdeath was defeated by ''just'' Akame in less than ''one'' episode. This is especially upsetting for manga reader since it was established that if the rebellion has any chance of defeating Esdeath they will need 50,000 soldiers and ten teigu users "including" Akame, if they have any hope of defeating Esdeath.]]²* AssPull: To say that this series has a lot of them will be an understatement:²** The fact that [[spoiler:Akame is inexplicably able to defeat Esdeath for good in the anime's finale, despite the series taking great amounts to build her as a downright nigh-invincible villain who could take the entire Night Raid and laugh at their faces]].²*** In the anime, Akame's [[spoiler: trump card]] definitely can be considered this. [[spoiler: What makes it an ass pull is the fact Akame stated in earlier episodes that her Murasame does not have a trump card. Also, if a trump card does exist, there was no indication of Akame trying to figure out what it is, or an foreshadowing of one existing. Also, if Akame did find out about Murasame's trump card, why did she not use it other situations when it was really needed. What makes the trump card so frustrating, is that there was no clear explanation on what its powers are and its limitations; it was just introduced as a DeusExMachina for Akame to use in her battle with Esdeath.]] ²** In the anime, the giant experimental danger beast that came out of nowhere in the middle of [[spoiler: Akame and Kurome's final fight and destroyed Kurome's two most powerful puppets, Natala and Doya. Ultimately, it was just introduced as a way to give Akame the advantage she needed to defeat Kurome.]]²** Just pick any death of a Night Raid member, especially during the last six episodes of the anime, and, chances are, you would find some group of fans calling their death this.²*** [[spoiler: Lubbock's death in the anime thanks to the Maid's actions. It looks like if the anime introduced the Maid, who only appeared during the episode where Lubbock dies, just to wound him and gave Syura a chance to introduce him in his pocket dimension, who was the thing that will finally cause Lubbock's demise.]]²*** However [[spoiler: Leone's]] death in the anime deserves an special mention for how ridiculous was. In first place, she corners [[spoiler: Honest and is about to kill him, but the Prime Minister use a Teigu ring that he hasn't wore before and uses it to destroy Lionelle and shoot Leone in the belly. Leone kills him anyway, but later she encounter Akame and after a brief talk she disappear in front Akame and go to an alley to die, when she could try to find a doctor to cure her wounds.]] The death felt so forced that many fans were pissed of the manner it was executed and called it a poor excuse to kill [[spoiler: Leone]] in the final episode.²** Prime Minister Honest's [[spoiler: Teigu Erastone which is a ring that can destroy any Teigu that the user chooses.]] A lot of viewers felt that the only reason that it was introduced is that [[spoiler: the writers needed a reason to kill off Leone since Lionelle's regeneration abilities make it hard for anyone or anything to kill her.]] Made even more apparent when in the previous episode Honest was being attacked by Akame and Tatsumi using Murasame and Incursio but [[spoiler: didn't think to use the ring to destroy those two especially since they'd be more of a threat to him then Lionelle.]] It can even be argued that Honest was better off [[spoiler: using it on Grand Chariot when Wave helped Tatsumi fight Shikoutazer given how annoyed he was at Wave's betrayal.]]²* BrokenBase:²** Tatsumi's and Wave's (in)action at the Akame/Kurome fight in the anime. Some viewers didn't want either of them to be there, since it ruined the fight between the two sisters--especially since both of them didn't do anything. Others, however, were glad that they respected Akame and Kurome's wishes [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou to fight one-on-one with each other]], and even more viewers appreciated that Tatsumi was there to [[spoiler:comfort Akame when she broke down crying, and that Wave took care of Kurome's body after questioning why he was fighting in the first place]].²** On that note, [[spoiler: Kurome's death and Run's survival, which is the opposite of their status in the manga, to the point where it looks like [[HoYay Run is taking Kurome's place as part of a couple with Wave in the end.]] The issue certainly isn't helped given what Kurome did to Run in the manga, so fans of his who hate her are pleased with this while her fanbase that doesn't care about him are infuriated.]]²** [[spoiler:Lubbock's death in the anime.]] Was it infuriating because it felt rushed and occurred much earlier than it did in the manga, or was it still very saddening and shocking due to the way his death was executed?²** The anime's original route (starting from the last part of episode 19) leaves many manga readers angry over how rushed and forced it was. The things that upset many fans are [[spoiler:the skipping of Bolic's arc and the battle of Night Raid with Esdeath (which was later animated, but much more rushed), the sudden death of Lubbock and Mine in the following episodes, the fact that Budo and Syura were left as shallow villains instead of serious antagonists with proper backgrounds, the inclusion of the Mecha Teigu, Tatsumi's death in episode 23, the anticlimactic way that Esdeath is defeated and the demise of Leone in the last episode]], among other things. However, a group of other fans actually like the final episodes because of the mystery of not knowing who is about to die and because minor characters who receive very gruesome deaths in the manga[[spoiler:, such as Bols's family and the three girls in the infamous chapter 23.5,]] were spared in the anime.²** Other things that leave some fan pissed are the removing of some manga scenes in the anime, like Tatsumi and Bulat training with the tree Danger Beast and many scenes with the Jaegers, including one in which the group tells Esdeath their reason for fighting for the Empire, because that makes the characters more human instead of murdering psychos. Other fans don't care very much because these scenes are meaningless for them.²** [[spoiler: The Emperor's death by execution in the final episode of the anime.]] Some thought it was a fitting fate for him because [[spoiler: he killed countless people while using Shikoutazer]] and would have been the target of political ridicule since his blind loyalty to the Prime Minister led the Empire to become a CrapsackWorld. Others think it was too harsh because he was an impressionable child that had no idea the Prime Minister was manipulating him and as such could have been redeemed or given a lighter punishment that allowed him to think about his mistakes.²** The anime has created a huge divide among anime viewers and manga readers to the point where the anime and manga might as well be two different fandoms on their own. Some anime viewers were actually pleased with the way the anime turned out and didn't mind the differences between it and the manga. As such, those who enjoyed the anime don't really have any interest in reading the manga. Manga readers on the other hand however were heavily displeased with the changes made and are disappointed that a majority of the anime's viewers never even read the manga. Some manga fans have even gone as far as to make it their mission to get anyone whose watched the anime to read the manga.²** Creator/AdultSwim's Creator/{{Toonami}} recently announced the anime as being their first acquisition from Sentai Filmworks. Some think that Toonami should've picked a better show. Others are just glad that Toonami has finally picked up a show from Sentai Filmworks, period.²* CriticalBacklash: Despite its popularity and positive reception among casual viewers, anime reviewers usually tend to hate this show.²* CriticalResearchFailure: [[spoiler: The gun that Honest uses to inflict lethal wounds on Leone is a flintlock pistol. He is able to shoot multiple bullets in one round and doesn't need to reload. However, a real flintlock pistol can only shoot one bullet per round and usually demands lengthy reload times with 15 seconds being the minimum and that is if you're an expert. Realistically, Honest would have not been able to inflict fatal wounds on Leone and even if he had enough bullets Leone would have killed him before he could fatally wound her.]] ²* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: Just like with the manga, for much the same reasons.²* FanPreferredCouple: If there's one thing the anime original ending contributed to the fandom it was the Leone x Run pairing gaining traction. This comes from the fact that in the penultimate episode [[spoiler: the two have to team up to save citizens from Shikoutazer's destruction]] and have some very friendly remarks towards each other, leading viewers to believe they would have worked out in a romantic relationship.²* FandomRivalry: The anime has generated a few these itself...²** With ''Anime/KillLaKill'' as both are action series involving black-haired female sword fighters and both include over-the-top battles. However, fans of ''Kill la Kill'' do not like how ''Akame ga Kill!'' takes itself more seriously and fails to embrace its more over-the-top elements. Fans of ''Akame ga Kill!'' however often criticize ''Kill la Kill'' for not taking itself seriously enough and coming off as just plain weird. It doesn't help that ''Akame ga Kill!'' ended up replacing ''Kill la Kill'' on Toonami.²** In the West it has developed one with ''Manga/{{Parasyte}}''. Both are 2014 anime that were picked up by Sentai Filmworks and weren't only considered two of the most popular shows of the year but two of the most popular shows the company has licensed. Both shows feature gratuitous amounts of violence, action-packed fight scenes, and the use of character deaths to develop the main protagonist. However, fans of ''Parasyte'' have been rather critical of ''Akame ga Kill!'' because they find that unlike ''Parasyte'' the violence is simply for shock value and that it's completely shallow. The rivalry was only further amplified when both shows aired on Toonami as Sentai's first anime. Though not all ''Parasyte'' fans have been hard on ''Akame ga Kill!''²* FanonDiscontinuity: For many, the entire ending of the anime, which zoomed ahead of the manga, skipping many events and [[GeckoEnding creating its own end to the story.]] The fact that [[spoiler:nearly the entire cast was killed off]] did not help matters. Suffice to say, very few fans are happy with how the anime ended.²* FriendlyFandoms: Despite the rivalry there have been an increased amount of ''Akame ga Kill!'' fans who are also fans of ''Manga/{{Parasyte}}''. This is a result of ''Parasyte'' airing on Toonami in the time slot after ''Akame ga Kill!''. This lead people who were watching ''Akame ga Kill!'' on Toonami to check out ''Parasyte''. As such most ''Akame ga Kill!'' fans who watched it liked how it offered the same level of violence as ''Akame ga Kill'' but on a more mature level and with a more thought-provoking plot.²* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: While the anime was met to a very controversial reception, it still became a hit in the United States especially while it was being simulcast and especially after airing on Toonami. In Japan, the anime suffered from lackluster DVD/Blu-ray sales. However, in the United States it performed well in streaming numbers during simulcast but most notably became one of the most requested anime to air on Toonami. During the first episode premiere it became the most watched anime premiere on Toonami, which has aired other popular anime such as Anime/KillLaKill and LightNovel/SwordArtOnline. Thankfully the success wasn't short lived as subsequent episodes frequently broke 1 million views and Sentai even gave both halves the series a limited edition release. ²* HarsherInHindsight: Chelsea's comment on how she firmly believes that Tatsumi's kindness will be the death of him becomes this after [[spoiler: Tatsumi sacrifice himself protecting the lives of several Imperial civilians during his battle with the Emperor]].²* HeartwarmingInHindsight: Shortly before her [[spoiler: death]], Kurome tells Wave that she "wish that they could've been closer in a different situation". In the manga, Wave and Kurome have indeed have become much closer than their anime counterparts, to a point where it's heavily implied that have romantic feeling for one another. In the manga version [[spoiler: Wave was actually able to save Kurome during her final fight with Akame, and convince her to leave the Empire with him]]. The two actually [[spoiler: do go on to becoming an OfficialCouple as a result]].²* LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt: You wouldn't expect the main character of a Shonen series to die, especially after getting a power up from ThePowerOfFriendship. [[spoiler: You'd be wrong.]]²* MemeticMutation: ²** In the English dub, Mine says the line "I'm about ready to kill a bitch" after almost being eaten by Kasier Frog. Among people who were watching the dub on Toonami it instantly gained traction especially on Twitter. Most people who live tweeted for the anime would begin their tweeting for the week's episode with that line.²** Akame ga Lives [[spoiler: and everyone else dies.]] Due the ending of the anime where [[spoiler: practically all the characters (except Akame, Najenda, Run and Wave) dies[[note]]And Najenda has a terminal condition so she'll die too eventually[[/note]],]] this phrase become quite popular during some time.²* {{Narm}}: ²** In the first episode, Akame slits a guard's throat. The guard then proceeds to explain to the audience that this is "a fitting fate for one such as me... whose true nature is rotten" (not in an internal monologue, mind you - he actually says this [[ArtisticLicenseBiology while there's a dirty great hole in his windpipe]]) before slumping over, dead. It's exactly as silly as it sounds.²** The fact that the anime [[spoiler: killed off main characters on an episodic basis episode 20 onward]] made it hard for people to take the anime seriously. For some it came off as a botched attempt at not only ending the show but making the anime feel DarkerAndEdgier to the point where viewers compared it to the equally {{narm}} worthy attempts at shock value in ''Manga/ElfenLied'' and ''Manga/FutureDiary''. The fact that [[spoiler: the show tried to make a big deal out of getting the audience to feel something for deaths that were mostly rushed and forced made some audiences laugh at them rather than actually feel sad about them.]]²** Syura's dub voice is hard to take seriously. Unlike in the original version, where he sounds menacing and insane, in the dub he has a voice who would fit better to a minor villain or a comic relief character, thing who ends making him hilarious. If that is not enough, during his dialogue in the 14th episode with the prostitute whom he just had sex with, when she mentions Honest in a disrespective way, Syura's dialogue is (literally): "Excuse me, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch]]?", who causes more laughs than fear.²* NarmCharm: From episode 6, Seryu is a LargeHam extraordinaire. She's got machine guns in her tonfa. Sheele destroys them and chops her arms off. But Seryu's got machine guns in the stubs where her arms used to be. Sheele destroys those too. Then it's revealed that she has a machine gun ''in her mouth''. Ridiculous enough on its own, but Seryu's expressions throughout the fight just push it waaaay over the line. However, despite how ridiculous it may sound, at the end of the battle, [[spoiler: Sheele is ripped in half by Koro thanks to the gun in the mouth and Seryu's last crazy face is quite terrifying, turning what could have been a silly battle into NightmareFuel material.]]²* NeverLiveItDown: Fans were so displeased with the anime original ending that it's gotten to the point where many manga readers are fearful that the manga's ending will go down the same disastrous route. Things such as [[spoiler: the wholesale slaughter of the main cast and the Ultimate Teigu being a giant robot]] frequently come up in discussions about the manga simply because readers are hoping '''none''' of those occur in the manga.²* NightmareFuel: [[spoiler: The Emperor pulling out a gigantic mecha that resembles [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV Golbez]], and whose chief method of attack is essentially a beam-nuke. Complete with mushroom cloud. The Emperor's SanitySlippage is none too pretty either]].²* TakeThatScrappy: If there's one thing fans agree they enjoyed about the anime it was [[spoiler: seeing Leone bash Prime Minister Honest's head into a bloody mess.]]²* TheScrappy: Najenda is not very well liked among the fans who have only watched the anime. A lot of anime fans were already disappointed that she ended up being a case of TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter since despite being Night Raid's leader she had hardly any participation in fights or the main story. But a lot of fans were not pleased with [[spoiler: how she handled Lubbock's death in the anime. Despite Lubbock's UndyingLoyalty to her she barely seems to care about him when he dies. The fact that she survived the anime over more well liked Night Raid members and even some of The Jaegers despite her lack of importance in the anime did not go well with fans either.]]²* TooCoolToLive: ²** [[spoiler: Unlike the manga where she is just forced into a coma due to the overuse of her Teigu, Mine does not survive past episode 21]].²** [[spoiler: Leone manages to hold herself in until the final episode, but dies right before the epilogue after her Teigu was destroyed by Prime Minister Honest.]]²** [[spoiler: Even fan favorite Esdeath wasn't exempt to the wholesale slaughter of the main cast in the anime. She dies after being cut by Akame's trump card during the final battle.]]²* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: Let's just establish right away that the anime deviating from the manga from episode 19 onward was NOT well-received.²** With Episode 19 making multiple changes, such as shortening the Borick Assassination Arc by removing [[spoiler: Wave's battle with Akame, Mine and Lubbock, Esdeath's development of Maha Padma and her battle against Najenda, Susanoo, Leone and Tatsumi and Susanoo's HeroicSacrifice.]] The anime did rectify this somewhat by having [[spoiler:Su's HeroicSacrifice and Esdeath's use of Maha Padma]] later used in episode 21.²** Episode 20 completely skips the Wild Hunt mini-arc, has [[spoiler:Syura as an AntiClimaxBoss, and has Lubbock dying in a completely different way than in the manga.]] The fans are ''pissed''.²** The battle with Akame and Kurome [[spoiler: ends with Kurome being killed off rather than Wave saving her and getting her to defect with him. Needless to say, the Wave/Kurome shippers are NOT pleased.]]²** The ending. Suffice to say, a good portion of the fanbase say the show flew off the rails toward the end, with multiple character deaths in a row not featured in the manga. Most's not good.²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: ²** Many fans of the manga are ''very'' upset that [[spoiler:Syura]] did almost nothing in the anime (besides fight Lubbock) and that his impact in the anime was reduced to nothing but him being a VillainOfTheWeek. It really didn't help that the anime felt like it was building up to the Wild Hunt arc, [[AbortedArc only for it to fall flat]].²** The same could be applied to Run. During the anime, his secret plans were included in the anime storyline, implying that he would have an important role in the future. However, because the elimination of Wild Hunt in the anime original route, Run character became flat and he didn't play a role of importance except in a scene when he fights to Night Raid, making it rather confusing that [[spoiler: he was even SparedByTheAdaptation at all.]]²** Same can be said with Wave he does not get a proper fight and just helps Tatsumi deal with the Emperor. While he does get some development with Kurome it's nothing like in the manga [[spoiler: in which they become an OfficialCouple]], and in the end [[spoiler: he helps out the revolution despite suggesting otherwise along with Run at the end]].²** Similar to Wave and Run, most manga fans were not pleased with Mine's reduced role in the anime. Unlike the manga where [[spoiler: she becomes an OfficialCouple with Tatsumi]] her only meaningful interactions with him are ShipTease moments and in turn she lacks the CharacterDevelopment form the source material. As a result many viewers found that the anime made Mine come off as a generic {{tsundere}} with not much else to her.²* SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome: One thing that is universally praised about the anime is the animation in regards to the various Teigu. Many anime viewers liked how the animation staff created tons of unique character animations for the various Teigu they use which made animated fight sequences all the more interesting. Special mention goes to the [[spoiler: final battle between Akame and Esdeath]] which features some of the most fluid animation in the series but also has both characters put their Teigu to good use in terms of animation.²* WhatAnIdiot: ²** [[spoiler: Leone in episode 24. Let's see. She has been wounded by a gun in the stomach and she could move. One would expect that see at least try to find a medic to treat the wound. What Leone's do?, after told farewell to Akame, go to an alley to die. [[SarcasmMode A very brilliant decision.]]]]²** The palace maid in episode 20 [[spoiler: stabbing Lubbock as a result of Syura manipulating her which in turn lead to Lubbock's death.]] Not only did she choose to trust an obvious psychopath but also chose to follow him to "save" her parents even though [[spoiler: they were already dead.]] Some have even gone as far to say that Lubbock [[spoiler: wouldn't have died]] if she didn't blindly listen to Syura or didn't appear in the anime at all.²** Dr Stylish doing a break-in to the Night Raid base. What does he do? He goes without getting to tell to the other Jaegers, [[spoiler: causing his demise]]. This was justified in the manga, since Stylish wanted to experiment the Night Raid members and having them all for himself (plus he didn't trusted Esdeath due considering her love for Tatsumi a weakness), but since the anime removed the scene when he mentions those details, he ended up looking like a moron.²[[/folder]]


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