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1* SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome: Just search for any hip-hop performance by Jordyn and it's bound to be awesome.** [[ Her hip-hop solo from episode 6, for example]].** The last half of the "Sabotage" episode, [[TakeThatScrappy if you hold a particular disliking to Hadley and Yvette]]. [[spoiler:Everything that Hadley had built up gets destroyed as her solo fails to impress the judges, she gets called "roadkill" by Abby, and she just barely manages to avoid elimination.]]** In one episode, Brianna laments about being bullied at school. [[spoiler:She went on to win the whole season.]]** [[ Brianna's African solo]]. It'll give you ''chills.'' * EliminationHoudini: Hadley at the end of the "Sabotage" episode. Considering she had already failed to impress the judges with her solo (made even worse since she had the power to choose the dances for the week and ''gave herself that solo'') and got put in the bottom 2, ''and'' she had been called roadkill by Abby, getting eliminated would've been the final nail in the coffin. But no, she avoids it by the skin of her teeth, and Elisabeth (the other person in the bottom 2) gets the boot instead.** [[LampshadeHanging Elisabeth even states during her meltdown that Hadley was worse than her and deserved to go.]]* {{Narm}}: Elisabeth's post-elimination meltdown. '''''Full stop.''''' It is ''way'' too over-the-top to be taken seriously.* NightmareFuel: Yvette's evil snicker after Elisabeth is eliminated and Hadley is spared.** Can be seen as a MoralEventHorizon crossing, allowing us to see the person she really is and what she'll do to win.* TheScrappy: Elisabeth. Even other contestants find her penchant of getting emotional extremely annoying.* SignatureScene: Abby calling Hadley "roadkill" after her episode 5 solo.* TearJerker: The scene in which Brianna laments about her being bullied at school. The poor thing broke down in tears before she could even get into the topic.** "I'm an outcast sometimes."** Apparently there was an anti-Brianna club founded at her school. Damn.


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