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1* RonTheDeathEater:** The presence of the ''Steven Universe'' characters causes Voldemort to accidentally appear at the Triwizard Tournament in front of hundreds of witnesses, so the Ministry of Magic under Fudge is unable to deny his return. All that means, however, is that Fudge becomes ''[[ButterflyOfDoom worse than Voldemort]]'', taking the government in a totalitarian direction (the canonical Ministry is corrupt, but not ''that'' corrupt until the Death Eaters take over in Book 7), rounding up anybody who speaks against the Ministry on the logic that they are secretly a Death Eater, [[InsaneTrollLogic even if they're proposing a better way to fight Voldemort]]. The Ministry also tries to send Steven and the Crystal Gems to Azkaban just for existing. It's pointed out that Fudge's policies fail to apprehend any Death Eaters in any way, and in fact are only giving Voldemort more support, as people who ordinarily would not fight for him now think that they have no choice, [[ThenLetMeBeEvil since the Ministry would arrest them regardless]]. In fact, when Fudge is forced to resign, Lucius Malfoy, of all people, becomes the new Minister, and actually [[VillainWithGoodPublicity repeals most of Fudge's totalitarian laws in order to throw off suspicion that he is actually a Death Eater]]. It works, just because Fudge is so bad in comparison.** Averted with Ron himself... though this doesn't mean the fic is kind to him. While he is never presented as evil, and remains on the side of the good guys throughout, he has been severely {{Flanderized}} into a stupid, clueless, doofus with a heavy accent on TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong, and pretty much stripped of all his canon usefulness.


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