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1* BrokenBase: Even more than [[Film/AFairlyOddMovieGrowUpTimmyTurner the first one]]. Most people agree that the first one was better though.* [[JustHereForGodzilla Just Here For David Lewis]]: The guy does a decent job of playing Mr. Crocker.* UncannyValley: There's something about CGI Cosmo and CGI Wanda on the poster that seems . . . off.** Is it the [[GlasgowGrin smiles that run past their eyes]]?* WhatAnIdiot: Crocker, it is probably not a good idea to antagonize the giant talking gingerbread men by eating one of their heads.** It's also not a good idea to stop and tie your shoes in the middle of [[TooDumbToLive a rickety bridge that's about to fall with said gingerbread men trying to cut the rope holding the bridge up.]]


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