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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛˛Unforgiven was a Wrestling/{{WWE}} pay-per-view event which had been first held at April 1998 as an ''In Your House'' event, and later had been annually held in September since 1999. During the brand-extension from 2003-2006, Unforgiven was exclusive to the ''[[Wrestling/WWERaw Raw]]'' brand. In 2007, the brand-exclusive events ended, and Unforgiven became tri-branded.˛˛In 2009, the event's slot was replaced by ''Breaking Point''.˛----˛!!Unforgiven contains examples of:˛* AssShove: The 2006 event had Wrestling/DGenerationX shove Wrestling/VinceMcMahon's head up Wrestling/TheBigShow's ass.˛* TheBadGuyWins:˛** 1999: Wrestling/TripleH won the six-pack challenge to capture his second World Title. ˛** 2001: Wrestling/{{Christian}} defeated Wrestling/{{Edge}} to capture his first Intercontinental title.˛** 2002: Wrestling/TripleH defeated Wrestling/RobVanDam with help of Wrestling/RicFlair to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. ˛** 2003: Most of the heels have won their matches. Wrestling/{{Test}} defeated Wrestling/ScottSteiner to win Wrestling/StacyKeibler's services as well as Steiner's services. Wrestling/RandyOrton defeated Wrestling/ShawnMichaels. Wrestling/{{Kane}} defeated Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon in a Last Man Standing match. Wrestling/{{Christian}} defeated Wrestling/ChrisJericho and Wrestling/RobVanDam to retain the Intercontinental Title. Wrestling/AlSnow and Jonathan Coachman defeated Wrestling/JimRoss and Wrestling/JerryLawler to win the right to be commentators for RAW.˛** 2004: Wrestling/TripleH defeated Wrestling/RandyOrton to become a 9th time champion, ending Orton's title reign in no more than a month. Wrestling/TrishStratus also defeated [[Wrestling/LisaMarieVaron Victoria]] to retain the Women's title.˛** 2005: [[Wrestling/CadeAndMurdoch Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch]] defeated The Hurricane and Rosey to become the new World Tag Team Champions. Kurt Angle defeats John Cena, though it was by disqualification.˛** 2006: Johnny Nitro defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the Intercontinental Title. The Spirit Squad defeated The Highlanders to retain the Tag Team Championships. Randy Orton defeated Carlito.˛** 2008: Despite the brutal beatdown he received from Shawn Michaels earlier, Chris Jericho took Wrestling/CMPunk's place to compete for the Championship Scramble match and won the World Heavyweight Title.˛* DisqualificationInducedVictory:˛** 1998: Dude Love defeated Steve Austin by DQ after Gerald Brisco announced that Austin lost the match despite Austin making his own three-count. ˛** 1999: X-Pac defeated Chris Jericho (w/ Mr. Hughes) by disqualification after Mr. Hughes attacked the referee.˛** 2000: Intercontinental Champion Wrestling/EddieGuerrero defeated Wrestling/{{Rikishi}} via DQ after Rikishi attacked Chyna for interfering on Eddie's behalf.˛** Averted in the 2002 event. The match between Wrestling/BrockLesnar and Wrestling/TheUndertaker ended in a double disqualification after Lesnar attacked the referee.˛** 2005: Wrestling/JohnCena lost to Wrestling/KurtAngle by disqualification after he hit him with the title belt.˛** 2007: Wrestling/RandyOrton defeated Wrestling/JohnCena by disqualification after Cena wouldn't stop punching Orton continuously.˛* EpicFail: The "Kennel From Hell" match between Wrestling/BigBossMan and Wrestling/AlSnow in 1999. They fought in a Wrestling/HellInACell with a regular steel cage inside, with "[[AngryGuardDog vicious attack dogs]]" between the two cages. Unfortunately, they completely forgot to get vicious attack dogs. The dogs completely ignored the two combatants and started peeing, pooping, and even ''mating'' around the ring. The actual match sucked as well.˛* FaceHeelTurn:˛** In 2002, Wrestling/RicFlair attacked Wrestling/RobVanDam with the sledgehammer, allowing Wrestling/TripleH to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.˛** In 2008, The Big Show turned heel by attacking The Undertaker and freeing Wrestling/VickieGuerrero from his grasp.˛* FinalBattle: The Wrestling/HellInACell match between Wrestling/DGenerationX and [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon the]] [[Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon McMahons]] and Wrestling/TheBigShow, which was the final battle of the [=DX=]/[=McMahons=] feud.˛* ForegoneConclusion: It was pretty easy to guess who would win the first-ever Inferno Match between Wrestling/{{Kane}} and Wrestling/TheUndertaker, given that Kane's (then) full-body costume could be padded and insulated to protect him from the flames (whereas the Undertaker's comparably skimpy ring gear would have left him seriously injured had he tried the same stunt).˛* HeroicBSOD: Wrestling/ShawnMichaels experienced one at '08, where he challenged Wrestling/ChrisJericho to an Unsanctioned Match after Jericho punched his wife in the face. He whipped his enemy with a belt, injuring him so grievously that Jericho went into shock. The bell was rung, and an announcer declared Michaels the winner of the fight. By this point, however, Michaels was so consumed with rage that his face had gone completely blank and he was continuing to mindlessly whale away on the unconscious Jericho as if he didn't understand what he was doing. He finally snapped out of his stupor after a referee tried to stop him and he kicked the official in the face; he then had a MyGodWhatHaveIDone? moment and finally agreed to leave the ring.˛* HistoryRepeats: ˛** Triple H was in the World Heavyweight title match in this event from 2002-2004 and was the defending champion in the first two times, losing in the latter. ˛** Kurt Angle was the number one contender for the WWE title in this event in 2001 and 2005.˛** John Cena was the defending champion in this event in 2005 and 2007, and had lost via disqualification.˛* LoopholeAbuse: In the 1998 event, Stone Cold stunned [[Wrestling/MickFoley Dude Love]], and with the referee down, he ''counted his own three-count'', making himself the winner of the match. Subverted when Gerald Brisco announced that Austin had lost by disqualification.˛* LoserLeavesTown:˛** In 2003, the Triple H vs Wrestling/{{Goldberg}} title match had the stipulation where if Goldberg loses, he has to retire.˛** Unforgiven '06 had a variant of loser leaves to other show with the TLC match between Edge and Wrestling/JohnCena. If Cena loses, he will be drafted to [[Wrestling/WWESmackDown SmackDown]].˛* MeleeATrois:˛** 1999: The first ever 6-pack challenge for the WWF Title which featured Triple H, [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]], [[Wrestling/MickFoley Mankind]], Wrestling/{{Kane}}, Wrestling/TheBigShow, and [[Wrestling/DaveyBoySmith The British Bulldog]] (Steve Austin was the Special guest referee).˛** 2000: The fatal-4-way match for the WWF Title which featured The Rock, Wrestling/TheUndertaker, Wrestling/{{Kane}}, and Wrestling/ChrisBenoit.˛** 2003: The triple threat match between Wrestling/{{Christian}}, Wrestling/ChrisJericho, and Wrestling/RobVanDam for the Intercontinental Championship.˛** 2007: The triple threat match between Wrestling/{{Batista}}, Wrestling/ReyMysterioJr, and The Great Khali for the World Heavyweight Championship.˛** 2008: There were three Championship Scramble matches where each title (Raw, Smackdown, and ECW) were on the line and 5 superstars competed.˛*** The ECW Championship Scramble featured Wrestling/MattHardy, Wrestling/MarkHenry, Wrestling/TheMiz, Wrestling/{{Chavo Guerrero|Jr}}, and Finlay.˛*** The Smackdown Championship Scramble featured Wrestling/TripleH, The Brian Kendrick, Wrestling/{{MVP}}, Shelton Benjamin, and Wrestling/JeffHardy.˛*** The Raw Championship Scramble featured Chris Jericho[[note]]Wrestling/CMPunk was supposed to be in the event, but wasn't able to compete due to Wrestling/RandyOrton's assault, so Jericho took his spot[[/note]], Batista, Wrestling/{{Kane}}, Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield, and Rey Mysterio. ˛* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown:˛** In the 2007 event, Cena gave one to Orton, which ended him getting disqualified. Then he put Orton in the STFU while Cena's father [[LaserGuidedKarma kicked Orton in the head the same way Orton had kicked in his head on a previous episode of Raw.]]˛** HBK gives one to Chris Jericho in their Unsanctioned Match in the 2008 event.˛* OutOfTheInferno: Happened with Wrestling/TheUndertaker in their Inferno Match when he jumped out of the ring as it was surrounded by flames and clotheslined Wrestling/{{Kane}}.˛* SeriesMascot: Wrestling/TheUndertaker was on the poster for this event four times (1998, 1999[[note]]though he did not actually appear at the event due to suffering a groin injury and needing time to recover[[/note]], 2000, 2007). Kane and Wrestling/JohnCena were on the poster twice; 2003 and 2004 for the former and 2005[[note]]Wrestling/KurtAngle was also on this poster[[/note]] and 2006 for the latter.˛----


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