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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:L-R: Killian Dain, Wrestling/EricYoung, Alexander Wolfe; Wrestling/NikkiCross is on the bottom]]²²[=SAnitY=] was a ProfessionalWrestling PowerStable in Wrestling/{{WWE}} performing in their [[Wrestling/WWESmackDown SmackDown]] brand consisting of Wrestling/EricYoung, Alexander Wolfe (Axel Tischer), Wrestling/NikkiCross (Nicola Glencross) and Killian Dain (Damian Mackle). The stable also formerly had Sawyer Fulton (Jacob Southwick), who was PutOnABus after an injury and later released.²²After a series of [[ vignettes]] aired on episodes of NXT, it was announced that [=SAnitY=] would be making their debut in the Dusty Rhodes Classic, though no members of the stable had been revealed. They debuted in the first round of the DRC, with Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton (the former a new addition to NXT and the latter a long-time jobber, who had been teaming together for live events) defeating Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode. After the match, the other two members revealed themselves as Eric Young, the leader of the group, and Nikki Cross, the sole female member and also the most visibly insane.²²The team progressed to the second round of the DRC, but were eliminated by TM-61. In November 2016, Sawyer Fulton sustained an injury and would no longer appear as part of the team, which was addressed by Young stomping and kicking Fulton's jacket. Instead, [=SAnitY=] began an arc where they targeted Tye Dillinger, wishing to recruit him to replace Fulton. Young made his pitch to Dillinger, who rejected him and attacked Young and Wolfe until Big Damo (another recent NXT recruit) attacked Tye to save Young. Young then offered Fulton's jacket to Damo, who accepted it, and would soon be renamed Killian Dain.²²Now back to their original number, [=SAnitY=] went after Dillinger, while Nikki Cross went after Asuka for the NXT Women's Championship. The group would repeatedly battle Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, Ruby Riot and Asuka, with Dillinger eventually defeating Young in a steel cage match, and Cross repeatedly losing to Asuka. After Dillinger went to the main roster, [=SAnitY=] would battle the Authors of Pain repeatedly for the NXT Tag Team Championships, eventually winning at ''[=TakeOver=]: Brooklyn 3''.²²In 2018, the stable was added to the [[Wrestling/WWESmackDown SmackDown Live]] roster as part of that year's post-''Wrestling/WrestleMania 34'' Superstar Shakeup. However, after a feud with Wrestling/TheNewDay for the [=SmackDown=] Tag Team Championship, they went OutOfFocus, not appearing again until ''Wrestling/SurvivorSeries 2018'', as part of Team [=SmackDown=], with whom they scored the only victory of the night for the brand.²²In 2019, Sawyer Fulton debuted at Wrestling/ImpactWrestling as "Mad Man" Fulton, a henchman for Wrestling/SamiCallihan in [[PowerStable oVe]]. In the WWE, meanwhile, Eric Young was drafted to ''Raw'' during the Superstar Shake-up. This, coupled with Alexander Wolfe teasing leaving the company, disbanded the stable for good. Wolfe was later sent to NXT UK, Dain to the main NXT, and Nikki Cross, like Young, was assigned to ''Raw'', where both were re-written as essentially new characters. ²²----²!! [=SAnitY=] contains examples of the following tropes:²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:The stable as a whole]]²* ArtifactTitle: While the A (Alexander Wolfe), nit (Nikki Cross), and Y (Eric Young) still work, the S was for original member Sawyer Fulton.²* AxCrazy: '''All of them.'''²* IronicName: A stable called [=SAnitY=] with four members that have ''[[AxCrazy very obviously]]'' lost all of theirs.²* {{Leitmotif}}: Notably, when the members are working solo, they have their own nation-stereotyped song taking cues from the main stable theme [[ "Controlled Chaos"]]. So far Dain's theme is a {{Djent}} and Irish flute song called [[ "Beast of Belfast"]], and Nikki Cross has a {{Dubstep}} song called [[ "Glasgow Cross"]], which prominently features maniacal screaming and laughter.²* MultinationalTeam: [=SAnitY=] originally featured Eric Young (Canadian), Alexander Wolfe (German), Nikki Cross (Scottish), and Sawyer Fulton (American). After a few weeks, Fulton was removed from the group due to a real life injury. He was replaced by Killian Dain (Irish).²* OutOfFocus: After being called up to the main roster, they didn't do much, and practically disappeared from television after ''Extreme Rules 2018'', barring a one-off appearance as part of the 10-man ''Smackdown'' Team for ''Wrestling/SurvivorSeries 2018''. Hell, ''none of the male members of the stable'' appeared at the ''Wrestling/RoyalRumble 2019''.²* WildCard: Started by harassing Roderick Strong, who for most of his time in NXT has been about as white-meat as a babyface gets. Have since moved on to feuding with brutal heel tag team The Authors of Pain, and now seem to have set their sights on screwing up... whatever Wrestling/AdamCole and Wrestling/TheUndisputedEra were planning on doing. This wouldn't be notable except for the fact that they never seemed to have a pivotal moment that made them faces. Hell, Eric Young completely disappeared for a while and the group was 'together' but not really — and even now, Nikki Cross is often seen out doing her own thing. They either have an aim that only they know, or they don't have one at all. Honestly, either one would fit with their characters, so the details of their plan are anyone's guess.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Eric Young]]²See his individual tropes at Wrestling/EricYoung.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Alexander Wolfe]]²* AscendedExtra: He was a nondescript jobber under his real name when he started, his first TV match being against Samoa Joe.²* BeardOfEvil: Proudly holds a large beard and is purely insane and/or evil.²* TheBrute²* FunnyBackgroundEvent: He has a habit of randomly dancing around and kicking the air like he's in a mosh pit during promos and when the stable get into the ring.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Killian Dain/Big Damo]]²* {{Acrofatic}}: Just look at him at [=WarGames=]. He even did a [[Wrestling/RobvanDam Van Terminator]] jump! He's also been seen using suicide dives to the floor through the middle rope. Keep in mind, Dain's about ''320 pounds.''²* ArchEnemy: In [[Wrestling/DefiantWrestling WCPW]], Rampage Brown.²* BeardOfBarbarism: In [[Wrestling/DefiantWrestling WCPW]], Joe Hendry mocked him for it, claiming it makes him look like [[Franchise/HarryPotter Hagrid]].²* BeardOfEvil: Proudly holds a large beard and is purely insane and/or evil.²* TheBrute: Well over 300 pounds.²* CarpetOfVirility: Well, just look at it. And there's more where that came from on the other side. He's gotten a few "shave your back!" chants.²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: He appears from offscreen and hits Rich Swann ''very hard'', at which point you get to see how enormous he is.²* EvilAllAlong: Initially booked as something of an AntiHero / TokenEvilTeamMate for Pacitti Club in [[Wrestling/DefiantWrestling WCPW]], it turned out that his forcing his way into the position of Jack's representative was a ploy by Adam Blampied; he was on Adam's side the whole time, an ace in the hole.²* {{Expy}}: He debuted on NXT basically the exact same way Wrestling/BraunStrowman did on the main roster - as a late addition to a PowerStable where one of the original members had gone down due to an injury. The fact that he and Strowman are similar in appearance and body type just reinforces this - although, in an ironic twist, Dain bears an even closer facial resemblance to Bray Wyatt than Strowman does. He even uses a running senton like Bray. It's almost to the point that you wonder, had Dain been in NXT a couple of years earlier, whether ''he'' would have been the one pegged to take the open spot in Wrestling/TheWyattFamily as opposed to Strowman.²* FaceHeelTurn: In [[Wrestling/DefiantWrestling WCPW]], he turned on Jack the Jobber during his title match against Rampage, aligning with B-X.²* FightingIrish: Hails from Belfast.²* FinishingMove: The Ulster Plantation, an inverted sitdown piledriver.²* HappilyMarried: With Nikki Cross on January 17, 2019.²* InsistentTerminology: In [[Wrestling/DefiantWrestling WCPW]], he claims to weigh 23 stone. Not 322 pounds, not 146 kilograms; ''23 stone''.²* LoserLeavesTown: In [[Wrestling/DefiantWrestling WCPW]] he lost against [[Wrestling/AlbertoDelRio Alberto El Patron]] in a career match. Subverted as he did appear at ''WCPW Refuse to Lose'' to try to save Adam Blampied and he did a match against Joe Coffey [[spoiler:[[DownerEnding which he loses]]]].²* TheMentor: Wrestling/FinnBalor had a hand in Dain's training in Ireland. Dain then passed the baton by being one of Nikki Cross's trainers.²* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: A 320+ pound angry FightingIrish whose name is '''Kill'''ian. ''Noooooooo thanks.''²* PutOnaBus: At ''WCPW True Legacy'', [[spoiler:he fought Martin Kirby and lost. When he shook Kirby's hand to congratulate him, Pacitti tried to fire him, but Damo said he was resigning because he'd just signed up with ''NXT'']].²* RedBaron: "The Beast of Belfast". It's even the name of his theme in WWE.²* SwallowTheKey: He ate the key at [=WarGames=] after Alexander Wolfe brought various weapons and plunder inside the cage.²* UrExample: First ever WCPW Heavyweight Champion.²* WildCard: In WCPW, he generally acted in a brutal, heelish manner, but was aligned with Jack the Jobber and Pacitti Club (almost against Jack's wishes) against Adam Blampied and Rampage. But all was not as it seemed.²* WrestlingMonster: He's huge, powerful, durable, and dominant in the ring.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Nikki Cross]]²See Wrestling/NikkiCross²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Sawyer Fulton]]²* TheBrute: As the tallest and largest member, he fills this role.²* DarkerAndEdgier: Slowly got there as his frustration grew with continuously jobbing alongside a tag team partner (Angelo Dawkins) who seemed to be unflappable about it.²** '''''Full tilt''''' with his reappearance as a member of the faction.²* DreadlockWarrior: As a member of the stable.²* {{Expy}}: A large, young man raised in rural America that was a multiple-time collegiate wrestling award winner, recruited by Wrestling/JimRoss out of college and has the real name of "Jacob"? Sounds a bit like Wrestling/JackSwagger.²** He and Angelo Dawkins could've been seen as one to [[Wrestling/BrockLesnar the Minnesota]] [[Wrestling/TheWorldsGreatestTagTeam Stretching Crew]], as they had a similar aesthetic and adopted an amateur wrestling gimmick.²** His newer appearance brings [[Wrestling/TheWyattFamily Braun Strowman]] to mind.²* FarmBoy: Originally.²* NoDoubtTheYearsHaveChangedMe: Well, more like ''months'', but just look at him now in the picture to the right as a member of the stable [[ compared to his previous look]]. Even when the announcers [[TheReveal told you]] that it was Sawyer Fulton, it was a bit hard to believe if you remembered him as the guy pictured in the link.²* PowerStable: Aside of this stable, Fulton is part of oVe (Ohio Versus Everyone), with Wrestling/SamiCallihan and Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist).²* PutOnABus: He suffered a long-term injury and was subsequently kicked out of the faction.²* ThePeteBest: Ended up becoming this for the stable, as a recent episode of NXT saw the stable come down to the ring without him, then had Eric Young make a point of stomping and spitting on his jacket before hurling it out of the ring. This was because Fulton had suffered a legit injury - he was replaced not long afterward by the ''[[TheBrute massive]]'' Irishman known as Killian Dain.[[invoked]]²[[/folder]]²----


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