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1%%Good Afternoon Editors, If you wish to add more woobies, please consult the cleanup thread:²%%²%%²%%²%%²²'''UNMARKED SPOILERS'''²²!!''WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil''²²!! JerkassWoobie²* Pony Head and Princess Smooshy get this after the episode "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses". Even though they have tried to hurt Marco and Star, respectively, the punishment they got was ''certainly'' not what they deserved. ²* Brittney Wong. While an AlphaBitch, she doesn't deserve half of what Star's antics put her through in "School Spirit" and [[JerkassHasAPoint she is right to be annoyed]] when Star crashes her own birthday party and upstages her. Not to mention that her guidance counselor session gets interrupted thanks to said counselor working for Tom, while she's having an emotional crisis about her fears of having already reached her peak.²* As of "Mewnipendence Day", Buff Frog becomes one after Toffee convinces Ludo to fire him. It's not hard to feel sorry for the monster afterwards.²* Ludo after he's kicked out of his castle, eaten by a henchman and then banished into another dimension after he blames Star for losing the wand and his castle.²*** "The Hard Way" reveals that Ludo was one of fifty brothers who [[ParentalNeglect never received enough attention from his father]] or any kind of guidance, having to learn everything he knows by himself. And it only got worse from there. '''MUCH''' worse.²* Tom as of "Mr. Candle Cares", struggling with his both his anger issues and his feelings for Star before deciding IJustWantMyBelovedToBeHappy. The fact that [[spoiler:Star technically cheats on him [[EtTuBrute with his best friend, Marco]] is something everyone notices to be something quite hurtful to him, once and if he finds out]].²%%* Mina Loveberry in "Starstruck". Totally obnoxious, insensitive, completely off her rocker, and [[BreadMilkEggsSquick wanting to subjugate all of humanity on Earth]], but she really gives off the vibe of someone whose warrior lifestyle has completely taken a toll on her mind, making many of her thoughts and actions beyond her control, and she's shown to be very lonely in the last scene, naming an inanimate object her new "mud sister". This however, is subverted as of "Monster Bash".²* Jeremy Birnbaum. Despite having rich parents that give him everything he wants, he seems to be pretty miserable for someone of his age. Nobody seems to like him, the closest thing to a friend of his we've seen are his butlers, and in "Trickstar", the joy-sucking magician affirms that he doesn't have much joy in his life to suck out.²* Eclipsa Butterfly, Queen of Darkness. She was condemned for running off for a monster lover, and she was robbed of the chance to raise their young daughter when she was crystallized. Her dark magic can allegedly possess unwilling innocents. Trapped in a frozen crystal, she's AmbiguouslyEvil and only wants freedom from what Rhombulus did to her. Then she offers her powers to her descendant, who twists the deal so that Eclipsa doesn't break free.²* Moon Butterfly. A stern queen prejudiced against monsters, who is nevertheless correct that her daughter is reckless, she has to be a ReasonableAuthorityFigure when her husband refuses to be responsible without her. She was around Star's age when she had to lead Mewni and face Toffee, who killed her mother. All of her actions in the first two seasons center around protecting Star and preparing her for queenly responsibilities, because Moon had no one to guide her, save Queen Eclipsa. When Toffee threatens and appears to kill her only child, Moon becomes frantic and tries anything to save Star.²* To some, Rasticore has shades of this. He gets blown up twice (once by the gift card and another by [[spoiler:Heinous/Meteora]]) and during the time we see him again in ''Yadda Yadda Berries'', he's shown to be very tiny with the big arm, has a hard time trying to at least clean the dishes in the sink (with implied implications that he's bullied due to his current state), and being picked on by Star herself. It's not help that his cameo [[spoiler:in the finale has him still tiny (despite it being a continuity error when his last speaking role has his chest and other arm regrown) and is about to be pushed off a cliff.]]²²!!TheWoobie²* Marco for most of the show. He's a decent karate guy but labeled as "the safe kid". Star's antics cause a lot of trouble for him, he has confidence issues about talking to his crush, and on a regular basis monsters try to attack this "safe kid". He can't even try to protect Star without getting lectured by her, and he regularly strains himself trying to get her out of danger and mischief she often doesn't immediately recognize. It gets worse when his best friend nearly dies after she confesses she's had a crush on him, he has trouble adjusting to normal life after that event, and his childhood crush breaks up with him because she sees he's not happy. He's implied throughout the show to be insecure about various things including his body, and "Naysaya" outright confirms it. And after all he's gone through, even helping to save Mewni, he's [[DudeWheresMyRespect still treated as a joke]] by the knights and squires when he returns. In "Running With Scissors", he finally gets all the strength he could ever want, only to lose his strong body. By the end of the series [[spoiler:the scissors he earned from Hekapoo are worthless anyway as all of magic is destroyed.]]²* Star has this in some episodes. In a general sense, she's a nice, friendly girl who cares for others and wants to help, but her spells have an unfortunate tendency to backfire and result in various problems. For this reason, she was sent away from her home in the first place. Sooner or later, she becomes well aware and guilty of the issues and misery she causes, and her best friend Marco tends to be hit with the worst of it. Other notable instances are in "Cheer Up, Star" when her crush Oskar doesn't call her, in "Storm the Castle" when she has to destroy the wand to save Marco's life, and '''''especially''''' in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" when she cries after losing the spellbook and Glossaryck to the clutches of Ludo, and still overcome with heartbroken feelings of jealousy over Jackie going out with Marco.²* Marco's parents in "Storm the Castle" when Marco gets kidnapped and Star refuses to let them come along and rescue him because she was told to "come alone". AdultFear is very much in play, so that they drop their cheerful demeanor and tell Star they're to blame for not keeping tabs on her and Marco's antics.²* Dennis, Ludo's brother as of "Ludo, Where Art Thou?" He's the only member of his family that is concerned about Ludo. Not only is he utterly concerned with his brother's well-being but he also disappears to another dimension and is subjected to the same parental abuse Ludo faced every time he shows concern for him and when he finally finds him he's saddened to see how crazy his brother is. Poor guy needs a hug.²* Festivia can now go on the list. From what we've learned, she was an UnwittingPawn for her adopted father, ''King Shastacan''. He adopted her and claimed she was ''his'' daughter and heir to the throne. She then had to lead during a time of war, all the while not knowing that she had replaced the rightful heir.²** Now that the ''Book of Spells'' has been released, it has been revealed she wasn't a pawn for Shastacan, but rather the [[NotSoOmniscientCouncilOfBickering Magic High Commission]], who told her that both of her parents had been eaten by monsters when she was just a baby.²²!!WoobieSpecies²* ''Monsters'', after "[[WhamEpisode Mewnipendence Day]]". Especially seeing as most monsters we've seen have been either animalistic beasts or PunchClockVillain types who didn't seem too bad, with only a few like Toffee being truly evil.²²!!WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds²* Miss Heinous, for various reasons. In her first appearance she's shown to use a brainwashing device on herself to get rid of cheek marks that sprout when she's scared, the same device she was using to subjugate "Princess" Marco. Being the headmistress of a school for wayward princesses isn't easy when all your charges are rebels, some more murderous than others, and royal parents are waiting for you to stamp out the individuality from their daughters. She then loses control of the school thanks to Marco and Star inciting a rebellion, is run out with her butler and has to live in poverty. Can anyone blame her for sending an assassin after Marco and Star? It gets worse in "Monster Bash", as it's revealed that Miss Heinous is actually a brainwashed Meteora Butterfly, the half-Mewman, half-monster daughter of Eclipsa. She was brainwashed just for being born what she was, and Mina evidently had orders from someone to eliminate her if she ever regained her memories and powers.²** This was expanded in "Butterfly Trap" in which she was thrown away as a baby by Eclipsa's mewman husband and the Magic High Comission, in "Skooled" it was revealed she was then raised by the robotic St. Olga, who abused her physically and emotionally, spent her entire life convincing her both her royal and monster traits were disgusting and unlikable and brainwashing her using the St. Olga video. Her desire to take over the throne (which we now know is rightfully hers) seem, in face of everything mewman and magic authorities have done to her [[RootingForTheEmpire seem almost entirely too acceptable, appropriate and fair]].


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