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1Creation Wiki is a wiki to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin create, well, anything]]. Sometimes actual projects are made but most of the time it's just aimless shitposting. The wiki was founded in 2014 by [[SelfDeprecation some loser named Chrome after 73,000 other wikis just like it were founded by him]]. The wiki can be found [[ here]].[[SimilarlyNamedWorks Not to be confused with]] [[ the creationist wiki]].-----!!This wiki contains the following shitposts-- err, tropes.* AmusementParkOfDoom: Creation Universe was often jammed with incidents. However, [[SubvertedTrope these incidents were non-canon]].* DrivenToSuicide: A [[CoversAlwaysLie wish breaker]] can cause someone to want to commit suicide if zapped.** Exaggerated that if the person zapped is given an object, they will commit suicide with it. ** Even worse; it is taken UpToEleven that the person uses their body to do it if they aren't given anything.* InsideJoke: There are many fads on the wiki that make little-to-no sense for outside viewers.** A prominent example is Jamesphie (a shipping between the users [=LegendKillerProductions=] and [=PB&Jotterisnumber1=]). A handful of people were going on strike against this fad for being "offensive", but their protests weren't really doing anything to stop it. As of July 2016, the fad is dead, buried and decomposed. Thank god. Back when it was still popular, whenever someone expressed dislike to the fad, the community wouldn't take it well and attack the person who expressed the hatred towards Jamesphie while telling the person to ignore Jamesphie despite it being everywhere back when it was popular.** A user who was named after the namesake shipping joined the wiki when the fad was in its early days. He has been inactive ever since July 1, 2016, but for some reason, people still hate his guts regardless of him not making a single peep.** Speaking of Jamesphie, there is the joke of shipping Sophie with any user in the wiki, with Koolphie being the other notable example. However like Jamesphie, the joke got old. Other examples of Sophie Ship Accounts are [=Igorphie69=], Koolphie, Megatoonphie, and [[UpToEleven Phiephie0]].** "OH (name) WHY/OH X WHY". This fad is a series of reaction images that consists of fictional characters with surreal facial expressions. The images are mainly animation smears. As of August 2, 2016, the joke has been less active, yet a few users are still bashing on it for whatever reason.* MassiveMultiplayerCrossover: A crossover fighting game [[BlatantLies that totally isn't Smash Bros. related]] called Potens exists on the wiki.** Also, a crossover RPG called Verse exists on the wiki made by the same guy who made Potens.* OverusedRunningGag: Too many to list.* SelfDeprecation: Creation Show makes fun of the userbase and the wiki in general... even when the same people being made fun of are the ones writing the show. And those people make the content on the wiki, which is also made fun of.** Some users constantly state how much they absolutely suck. A prominent example is the wiki's founder.* SuicideAsComedy: Referencing bleach is a common way to express disgust towards a particular thing on the wiki. There are two chat emoticons of bleach, one being a carton of Clorox (bleach) and the other a man drinking bleach taken from a Website/YouTube video of, well, a man drinking bleach (bleach2). An edited picture exists on the wiki of a teenaged male holding a glass of bleach, giving a thumbs-up to the viewer.* TyopOnTheCover: [=mynameischrome=] has a page on all the typos he makes.


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