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1'''Warning: Spoilers are unmarked on this page.'''A common criticism of the series is how many of the characters make incredibly idiotic decisions, and end up suffering the consequences of their own stupidity.* In ''Confession'', Matt presses Daigo and Maki for more information, especially Ken since they just saw the Digimon Emperor in the previous movie. Maki then lies to Matt that they keep the Digi Destined monitored.\'''You'd Expect:''' Matt would then inquire about the whereabouts of the rest of the 02 members, especially since they haven't been seen for days. \'''Instead:''' Matt takes Maki's word for it and doesn't press any more questions and leaves.\'''You'd Then Expect:''' Daigo, realizing that Maki is lying, would then quickly tell the truth to Matt that the 02 members are missing.\'''Instead:''' He just shuts up, and only confronts Maki about the lie AFTER Matt leaves.\'''Result:''' The [=DigiDestined=] still remain in the dark about the events going on, and the 02 kids remain missing. Only in ''Our Future'' it was revealed that [[spoiler:Daigo knew about the ''02'' kids all along, but Maki had ordered to keep him quiet about, and he didn't realize the cost of his mistake of not stopping her until it was too late.]]* ''Confession'' is also plagued with PoorCommunicationKills between the entire cast, which consequently causes even greater problems for the [=DigiDestined=] and the tragic events that unfolded.** Joe and TK decided to let the Digimon out from the containment space that was to quarantine the partner Digimon from the infection while Izzy was asleep. TK then finds out that Patamon has become infected with the same infection that drives the Digimon berserk.\'''You'd Expect:''' TK would inform his friends about the infection, particularly Izzy, who could use Patamon as means to analyse the infection. Hopefully, they would be able to find a countermeasure or at least check whether the other partner Digimon are infected as well, and try to quarantine the infected ones away from those not yet infected.\'''Instead:''' He doesn't tell the rest about the infection, and only tells MEIKO of all people, who would no dobut feel guilty since it was her own partner Digimon that was causing the infection in the first place, and is still coping with the guilt over Leomon's death by Meicoomon. [[SarcasmMode Surely it would turn out well]].** Kari gets possessed by Homeostasis, who informs the partner Digimon of the reboot and the loss of their memories. They also find out that they themselves are infected as well, and could potentially go berserk at any time.\'''You'd Expect:''' The Digimon will tell their partners about the reboot, as well as them being infected. This would give the [=DigiDestined=] greater incentive to try and find a solution.\'''Instead:''' They choose to keep quiet about the reboot and the infection, and instead choose to spend their remaining time to bond with their partners. This is also ignoring the fact that they could potentially put their human partners in danger by suddenly going berserk without warning, as shown earlier where an infected Patamon bit TK.\'''Result:''' The [=DigiDestined=] were ill-prepared for the confrontation with a berserk Meicrackmon, as one by one, their partner Digimon succumb to the infection. Even though Izzy was able to create a back-up port to allow to the partner Digimon to preserve their memories when the reboot occurs, the Digimon were unable to make it to the back-up port in time as they all became infected. This means that the partner Digimon's memories were erased. What's worse is that Izzy was only able to create the back-up port when Tentomon finally tells him of the reboot, meaning that the partner Digimons' memories would still be preserved when the reboot occurs had Izzy been informed earlier.* In ''Loss'', the [=DigiDestined=] are being chased by [=MetalSeadramon=] and Machinedramon, who are summoned by an evil version of Gennai. While hiding on Kokatorimon's old cruise ship, they decide to take the fight to the former Dark Masters.\'''You'd Expect:''' Since Meiko has no battle experience, thus it would be too dangerous for her to go with the rest of the [=DigiDestined=], one of them would stay behind to protect her and Meicoomon from Gennai. Especially so since Meicoomon is essential to Gennai's plan. And, in fact that's exactly what they figure, leaving Sora behind to guard Meiko.\'''And then:''' Sora decides to go help her friends in a battle that they didn't need her help with, and just leaves Meiko and Meicoomon alone on the cruise. Without anyone to protect her.\'''Results:''' Gennai ambushes Meiko and chokes her into unconsciousness, causing Meicoomon to go berserk once more and kickstarts the invasion of the human world by Yggdrasil's forces.\'''Making this worse:''' It's only after they've killed [=MetalSeadramon=] and Machinedramon that Sora remembers she ''left Meiko behind''.* The entire storyline of what happened to the 02 team. As ''Our Future'' reveals, they learned of Yggdrasil's plot and went to stop him, vanishing without a trace (which is its own kettle of fish).\'''You'd expect:''' That Takeru and Hikari might notice their friends and classmates have dropped off the face of the earth. Or that over the next several months (given the events of movies 1-3 take place over an entire school term), as Digimon go nuts and rampage about, they might at least wonder ''where the hell they are''.\'''Instead:''' As Tai comments in ''Our Future'', they never thought about it. They weren't suspicious, or concerned, or anything. And when they do finally notice something is up, they make one (1) effort to investigate... and that's it.\'''While we're here:''' Apparently when the 02 kids went to investigate, for whatever reason (''Our Future'' never satisfactorily explains why) they didn't tell Takeru or Hikari, so when they inevitably ran into trouble, they were at half strength, what with having no means of forming Shakkoumon or Silphymon.* In ''Our Future'', after they all warp Digivolve to Mega, the Megas merely watch as Oridnemon tries to destroy the world. Eventually, Ordinemon opens a portal and is about to flee, the Megas ''still'' just watching. Jesmon stops her from leaving and cuts Gatomon out of the fusion, but had he not, Ordinemon would've escaped all due to the Megas just standing there watching her destroy things and then leave.


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