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1* '''{{Music/Nevermind}}'''. Coming out in 1991 at just the perfect time for Grunge to take over the airwaves: Pop and Rock had almost become synonymous with how edgeless and synthetic it all sounded, people were reeling especially from the Milli-Vanilli scandal, and a garage band with a killer hook ended up becoming an enormous hit.* For Music/DragonForce, who had previously done pretty standard HeavyMithril-fare (albeit with the guitarwank taken UpToEleven) ''Ultra Beatdown'' was this. Among the tracks were: ** ''Heartbreak Armageddon'', which is about a man spiraling into depression during a messy divorce.** ''Scars Of Yesterday'', which is about the world seen through the eyes of a rape survivor.** ''Reasons To Live'', which is about a therapist who fails to prevent one of his patients from committing suicide.* "[[VillainSong In the Flesh]]" from ''Music/TheWall'', which is a DarkReprise of "In the Flesh?", and where Pink starts fantasizing about being a Neo-Nazi.


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