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1->''Just another perfect day...''²²1992-1995 animated series based on the stories of British children's author Creator/BeatrixPotter. Named after ''Literature/TheTaleOfPeterRabbit''.²----²!! This show provides examples of:²* BadassAdorable: Benjamin's dad.²* BittersweetEnding: "The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck": Jemima escapes from the fox with the help of some dogs (two of whom are never shown to speak a human language). These foxhound puppies are hungry and go for food, as well; they end up eating Jemima's eggs before her eyes. She cries all the way back to the farm. The film then cuts into the future where she successfully hatches four ducklings, made slightly sadder by the fact that it is 'only' four, implying that she laid more eggs but failed to hatch them because she was a "bad sitter.".²* BunniesForCuteness: Peter Rabbit himself, his cousin Benjamin Bunny, and their families: all cute bunnies designed to appeal to children.²* CivilizedAnimal²* CountryMouse²* CuteKitten: ''Literature/TheTaleOfTomKitten'' and ''Literature/TheTaleOfSamuelWhiskers'' (''or The Roly-Poly Pudding'') both feature adorable kittens Tom Kitten, Mittens, and Moppet. Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit's mischievous children with Tom Kitten being the story of the former story.²* FramingDevice: Live action segments featuring Niamh Cusack as Beatrix Potter.²* ForHappiness: The mice care ''a lot'' about the Tailor of Gloucester's well-being, and watch over him always.²* LethalChef: Anna Maria in "The Tale of Samuel Whiskers".²* TheOtherDarrin: A few of the voices were later redubbed with American accents, for unknown reasons. Jemima Puddle-Duck in particular went from a mid-range voice to a much higher and flightier one.²* ProtagonistAndFriends²* RascallyRabbit: Many of the rabbits are mischievous and prone to getting in trouble.²----


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