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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:350:Magic is real, here, far away from home...]]˛˛->''"Magic is real here, far away from home.\˛Anything can happen when witches make the rules.\˛Monsters are cool, the moon is our friend.\˛I want to stay with you on Summer Camp Island."''˛-->-- The [[ExpositoryThemeTune theme song]]˛˛''Summer Camp Island'' is an animated series created by Julia Pott, known for her work as a writer and animator on ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'', airing on [[Creator/CartoonNetwork Cartoon Network]]. [[ It premiered on July 7, 2018]], and aired its entire first season for 48 consecutive hours, with a simulcast on its sister network, Boomerang.˛˛The series follows Oscar and his best friend Hedgehog as they experience the several strange occurrences at the [[MagicalLand summer camp]], where horses become unicorns, the counselors are witches, and a variety of monsters appear around the campgrounds.˛˛Vote for your favorite episode [[ HERE]].˛----˛!!Tropes used in ''Summer Camp Island'':˛˛* AnimateInanimateObject: Pretty much everything on Summer Camp Island is alive: trees, doors, the sun and moon, Oscar's pajamas...˛* {{Animesque}}: From blush stickers to kawaii expressions.˛* BalloonBelly: Oscar and Hedgehog get big bellies in "I Heart Heartforde" after they eat too much pie.˛* BeYourself: In "Popular Banana Split", Cinnamon Raisin Toast temporarily gives up journalism and pretends to be interested in sports to date Popular Banana Split. When P.B.S. gets a foodball scholarship to Foodball U., he asks Cinnamon Raisin Toast to come with her. She declines, admitting that she doesn't really like sports, opting to go to journalism school instead.˛* CastingGag: Sam Lavagnino voices Pepper, who's a panda. He previously voiced baby Panda in the pilot and currently voices baby Grizz of ''WesternAnimation/WeBareBears''.˛* ChainOfDeals: In "I Heart Heartforde", Oscar and Hedgehog make a bunch of deals in order to get non-magical toothpaste.˛* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Oscar warns Hedgehog about the camp counselors turning into witches so suddenly.˛-->'''Hedgehog''': Cool!˛* CreativeClosingCredits: Most episodes will have the music "Witches Samba" for the end credits. But some episodes, like "Ghost the Boy", "Hedgehog Werewolf", and "Fuzzy Pink Time Babies", will end with "Witches Lullaby". WordOfGod states that "Witches Lullaby" will be used at the end of [[WhamEpisode "lore-building" episodes]]. ˛* DickDastardlyStopsToCheat: In "Mr. Softball", when the chore wheel lands on Susie and won't budge, Susie, Betsy and Alice challenge the campers to a softball game which is rigged in their favor... until Oscar's team, who has attempted to play things fair and square, decides to use trickery to beat Susie's team at their own game. After the game turns into a brawl involving water balloons and fish, Oscar summons the Killer Whale, who makes Susie, Betsy and Alice clean his teeth without using magic. Oscar even volunteers to help, since his team also resorted to cheating even if it was to try and teach the counselors a lesson.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}: ˛** In "It's My Party", Susie tells Oscar and Hedgehog they get to organize her ''annual'' fifteenth birthday party. In "Fuzzy Pink Time Babies", we discover that [[spoiler: Susie has been fifteen since at least 1892]].˛** In "Director's Cut", Mortimer explains that there used to be monsters in New Jersey, setting up the big reveal about [[spoiler: the island being the only place left with magic]].˛* FreezeFrameBonus: There are several moments in the episodes that will have these moments, such as what objects have faces on them, aliens hidden in the background, a collection of books with funny titles, and junk scattered over the island.˛* FromBadToWorse: In "Time Traveling Quick Pants", Oscar and Hedgehog's constant attempts to correct the past from Oscar failing to get a point and letting everyone see his underwear get increasingly ''worse'' to hilarious effect; mostly because the game annoyed Susie while she was enduring a headache and she ends up causing most of the damage initially.˛* FurryConfusion: Despite there being anthropomorphic characters, there are still normal animals. On top of that, talking sharks are cited as one of the strange, paranormal things about the island...even though our main characters are a talking elephant and a hedgehog.˛* GeniusLoci: The planet the aliens hail from is one of these. It's as cute as its inhabitants.˛* GoofyPrintUnderwear: In "Time Traveling Quick Pants", when Oscar slides for home, his softball pants slide down, revealing an embarrassing pair of rainbow dinosaur underwear. After subsequent attempts to make the situation right, he gets invited to softball camp, which he turns down when it would mean leaving Hedgehog behind. Oscar gets a do-over and decides to accept the results as they are, and they aren't so embarrassing afterwards.˛* GreenEyedMonster: Oscar had accidentally told an animated basketball that he would make it his best friend if he scored in a basketball game, which the ball did by making him into a basketball star with improbable skills. But then the ball took things too seriously and quickly became extremely jealous of Oscar having Hedgehog as his other best friend. ˛* HasTwoMommies: [[spoiler:Ghost the Boy]] has two dads.˛* HurricaneOfPuns: In "Computer Vampire", when Oscar and Hedgehog get sucked into a computer game and he meets Max as a vampire:˛-->'''Oscar''' [''attacks Max with a carrot'']: Aaah! Please go away!\˛'''Max''' [''after Oscar misses'']: Ha ha ha, "pear"-thetic.\˛'''Pepper''' [''dressed as a strawberry''] This is "berry" grim!\˛'''Oscar''': No!\˛'''Max''': Looks like you're out of juice!\˛----\˛'''Max''': "Orange" you ready to give up?\˛'''Oscar''': Let me go, fruit thief!\˛'''Max''': Hmmm, that sounds "a-peel-ing".\˛'''Oscar''': This word play is incredible.˛** When Hedgehog in a banana suit is carried away:˛-->'''Hedgehog''': This is ''bananas''! I got to ''split''!˛** Earlier, when Pepper finds himself wearing a strawberry costume:˛-->'''Oscar''': Hey Pepper, why are you in a strawberry suit?\˛'''Pepper''': [[BearyFriendly I'm "berry" cute.]]\˛'''Oscar''': Can't argue with that.˛* IWillShowYouX: In "The Library", Stuart tells Hedgehog she can use the elvish dictionary when he's done reading it:˛-->'''Stuart''': Kids today, so entitled.\˛'''Hedgehog''' [''walks away'']: I'll "entitle" you right in your earhole, Stuart.˛* InterspeciesRomance: "Moon Problems" shows a wolf and a goose are married. Though the goose complains that he's "not the wolf [she] married" when he seems to be howling at a moonless night.˛* InvisibleStreaker: Joked about but thankfully not used. After everyone else gains superpowers from ice cream, Oscar is upset because he didn't thanks to his lactose-intolerance. But Hedgehog tricks him into thinking he got invisibility. Oscar assumes he has to be naked thankfully Hedgehog stops him.˛* MagicalLand: The main setting is an island populated by witches, trees that can talk and move on their own, [[FurryConfusion talking animals]], and monsters that live under the beds of the campers.˛* MixtapeOfLove: A character has a box full of mixtapes that they've made for their crush on the king. They end up playing one and singing when they finally confess their love.˛* MundaneObjectAmazement: Heartforde is the only non-magical section of the island, and for that reason it's treated as a big tourist attraction, both by the native denizens and by the campers who want a break from all the magic.˛* MyLittlePhony: Unicorns are pastel and have marks on their flanks, although their appearance is based off the unicorns from ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}''.˛* MythologyGag:˛** Hedgehog wants to become a witch in the series, and in the pilot, Susie's original species was a hedgehog instead of a cat.˛** A few in "Campers Above the Bed": ˛*** Hedgehog has a crush on Max, just like in the pilot.˛*** Monster Under the Bed reads Hedgehog's diary and calls one of her entries disgusting, like in the pilot.˛** In "Spell Crusher", one of Hedgehog's test involves turning Max's hat blue. Max's hat in the pilot was originally blue.˛* OppositeDay: In "It's My Party", when Oscar and Hedgehog decide to throw a party for Susie, Hedgehog convinces the campers to attend her party by suggesting to them to give her {{Stealth Insult}}s that are the opposite of how they really feel:˛-->'''Oliver''': Hey Susie, you're so good at sharing. [''You're really selfish'']\˛'''Lucy''': Susie, everything you do and say makes me so happy. [''We're frustrated by your words and deeds'']˛** This backfires when Lucy whispers how Susie never has to know the truth, so she shapeshifts into Oscar and talks with Hedgehog, who tells her (in disguise) that it was the only way to get guests to attend the party because no one could stand to be around her that much. By the time Pepper gives his speech, Susie catches on to their charade and wrecks the party, and cleans up the site afterwards with a magic spell, telling Oscar not to get used to it. ˛* OurMonstersAreDifferent: The monsters at Summer Camp Island are very nice and well educated (one even went to Harvard).˛* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: Yep, the island has a hidden wereworld population. [[spoiler: Their leader is just a normal talking wolf, while the other werewolves are various other residents of the island, including Betsy, one of the camp counselors, and they get together on a full moon to have parties. Hedgehog actually stays as one of them at the end of the episode.]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking They also like eating shoes for some reason.]]˛* ThePowerOfFriendship: It seems singing a song about how you forgive a friend for doing the exact same thing you had inadvertently done to them causes two magic friendship bracelets to form from the song's music. They ''are'' on a magic island.˛* RealityEnsues:˛** "Monster Babies" revolves around a Alice turning creatures "cuter" because she prefers cute things. She ends up transforming adult monsters into cute babies. Most other series would use this plot to have wacky gags while trying to turn them back to normal. However, Oscar is horrified by the lack of consent in the transformations and it gets PlayedForDrama.˛** In "It's My Party", no matter how amazing Susie's birthday party is, it will not be a enough to get everyone to change their opinion of her, and it definitely doesn't help that she acted like her usual self throughout the party.˛--->'''Hedgehog:''' 'Cause at the end of the day, people just don't like Susie. You can't change people's mind with a unicorn petting zoo.˛** In "Ice Cream Headache", when the Sun reveals that she's upset because nobody noticed her haircut, Oscar points out that it's not like they can look directly at the Sun anyway. This just upsets her even more.˛* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: Doors actually say "knock-knock" when one knocks on them.˛* ShoutOut: ˛** While the unicorns have [[Franchise/MyLittlePony marks on their flanks]], their appearance is based off of the unicorns from ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}''.˛** In "Monster Visit", God Monster is reading a book called [[Literature/MurderOnTheOrientExpress "Murder on the Handsome Aristocrat Express"]]. ˛* SurpriseCreepy: For a show with SugarWiki/SweetDreamsFuel, it also talks about people gleefully violating others' consent or abusing their authority, how much autonomy a person has after a traumatic incident, and how other species are seen as less than human.˛* SugarWiki/SweetDreamsFuel: The entire show has an adorable, laid-back feel that makes for a comfy watch.˛* TastyGold: In "Camp Merit Badges", Susie bites on a merit badge and declares that it's legit.˛* ThereAreNoAdults: It takes place in a summer camp where all the main characters are children. The camp counselors are teenagers who may-or-may-not be legally adults (Susie turns fifteen mid-series, [[spoiler:but she's actually over a century old]], and the other counselors seem the same age as her).˛* TinCanTelephone: Since Oscar and Hedgehog's cabin are next to each other, they have this communication through their window.˛* VicariouslyAmbitious: Hedgehog's father seems to want to push her into being a successful business person so much because he wants her to be more successful than he ended up being.˛* WorldOfFunnyAnimals: Most of the characters are animals with humanoid bodies.˛* WidgetSeries: One of the weirdest things on Creator/CartoonNetwork.˛----˛!!Tropes found in the ''Summer Camp Island Pilot'':˛* LoveTriangle: Heavily implied that Oscar likes Hedgehog, that Hedgehog likes Max and that Max is at least attracted to Hedgehog. In the actual series this is very much toned down, with the feelings Oscar has for Hedgehog and Hedgehog has for Max being more ambiguous and Max not expressing interest.˛* ShoutOut: The small monster that appears bears a significant resemblance to a [[Film/{{Gremlins}} Mogwai]].


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