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2 [[caption-width-right:350:We don't get it either.]]
5->''"Soupe Op-é-ra!"''
7''[[WidgetSeries Really weird]]'' [[UsefulNotes/{{France}} French]] StopMotion TV show, created by Marlou Films, which ran from 1991 to 2000. In each episode, fruit appears in a basket in a black, empty room. Then an opera woman sings "[[TitleDrop Soupe Opéra!]]". This sets off the background music, which is made up of [[TheNineties very '90s drums]] with assorted weird noises. Then the fruit starts moving, cutting itself up to form animals. Once assembled, they perform an action, like eating the food or making even more weird noises. This repeats four times throughout the episode. [[NoPlotNoProblem There's no other plot]].
9It can be viewed [[ here]]. And believe us, it has to be seen to be believed.
11The series was also shown on Cartoon Network in the United States and Latin America as part of their Small World block from 1996 to 2001. However, no USA recording has ever resurfaced online, but some Latin American recordings have.
13Not to be confused with a SoapOpera, although that may be where the show gets its name.
17* JumpScare: The knives that come out of nowhere at 1:30 in [[ this]] video.
18* NoPlotNoProblem: A rare non-video game example.
19* {{Planimal}}: The animals are all made of fruits and vegetables.
20* RepetitiveAudioGlitch: This happened to the opera singer's voice one time.
21* ShoutOut: After it's created, a rabbit [[Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland checks its pocket watch and runs away]].
22* StockAnimalDiet: The mouse eats cheese after it's created, as does the rat.
23* TitleDrop: The opera singer singing "Soupe Opéra!"
24%%* WidgetSeries: A definite WTF (Weird Thing from France). See the description.